Chapter 5.1 A Grandma Like You (1)

After quite a while, Shi Qi shook his head, his small face concealing his original curiosity.

Shi Shanjin nodded, and did not force him, instead, he took a notebook from the shelf.

This case of the fairy pen this time wasn’t as simple as the previous cases.

He looked at the photos of the scene, and the ways the victims had died were different from those he had seen before. It wasn’t that he hadn’t taken cases like the pen fairy before, but he hadn’t seen a ghost that had such a strong resentment.

There could even be a possibility that the man’s daughter was going to lose her life. 

After an unknown amount of time had passed, he then remembered that there was still another person in this study.

Shi Shanjin lifted his head to look at Shi Qi and found that he was staring at him without blinking. His green eyes reflected his casual tall posture, but it also carried another meaning that he could not decipher.

He didn’t like the look in this kid’s eyes.

The test results had already come out long ago. There was no mistaking that he was third younger brother’s child, but he still felt some unease. He always felt that taking him in would be an ominous decision, so he had put off this decision until the present moment.

When he turned his gaze towards him again, the child had already lowered his head. His slender black hair covered his small white face, and his nape carried a blue mark left by Shi Cong.

Shi Shanjin pursed his lips in silence before speaking, “Tomorrow, you’ll be getting a haircut and going to the cottage to live there.”

Since the old lady wanted to raise him, he would let her do so.

Back then, when his third brother cut off familial relations for a woman, and gave up a bright future, he had probably known the Shi Family’s standing in Beijing, but he still actually vanished without a trace, and went off to live somewhere else.

If this child hadn’t come back, he probably wouldn’t have known that his third brother had already passed away.

Since his younger brother had died, it was natural for Shi Qi to move back home. In any case, he was also a descendant of the Shi family.

When Shi Qi left the study, he went back to his room wearing a stiff face.

He had heard from a few servants mention that the cottage was the place where the old madame was living. From the window of his current room, he could just coincidentally see a corner of that place, and most of the view was blocked by flowers and plants.

On the way, he encountered several servants who bowed their heads as though they didn’t see him, and fled quickly in small steps to escape him.

Shi Qi clenched his hands and lowered his head, looking at his thin wrist revealing blue veins.

His complexion was unlike the brother and sister pair’s, theirs were white and tender with a ruddy complexion, and not a single vestige of having experienced starvation.

Having gone through plenty of experience, he understood how to get the highest bargaining chip at the lowest cost, and how the weak have been able to obtain much more attention since ancient times.

There will come a day where he would live a better life than they did.

Shi Qi opened up five fingers and smiled silently. Pieces of his hair covered his eyes.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Ning Meng slept through another day in the cottage.

By the time she woke up and turned over in bed, she found that the sun was already setting outside, and that the building was much cooler.

She didn’t call for anyone, intending to wear clothes and get up all by herself. Who would’ve expected that after not moving her arm outside for a long time, she struggled to wiggle back and forth, spending a long time dawdling.

After she got dressed, her whole person was already panting for breath.

Ning Meng wiped away her sweat, the sensation of her dry skin making her sigh.

If someone were to ask her what she didn’t like about being an old lady, it was that it was definitely inconvenient to move. Fortunately, the old madame was not your average elderly person. After getting married, she had lived a life of luxury. Her family constantly worried about her and now, her son had also hired a doctor to take care of her body.

It was her first time living as an elderly. At first, she thought it was quite simple, but now that she was really experiencing it, she realized that it wasn’t as simple as it looked.

A true portrayal of her current situation was that she only had to open her mouth to be fed and reach out a hand to be dressed1Open a mouth to be fed and reach out a hand to be dressed means to become lazy as a second nature.

After Ning Meng had a good rest, she put on a coat.

As she prepared to look into the mirror to comb her hair, she realized that she did not need to do so. Her hair was short and smooth, and there wasn’t much of it left. She also didn’t need to put on makeup, it was simply a lazy person’s ideal situation.

Even though she retained the old grandmother’s memories, she had only been laying in bed these past two days and had never gone out before, so she was a little curious about what lay outside the bedroom.

After gently pushing the door, she did not step out.

The structure of the cottage had more of a country taste. The wooden railings were carved with patterns, and some hooks hung down the corridor, carrying a few small pots with orchids. It appeared like a fairyland from a magazine.

Walking back and forth the corridor, aside from a few rooms, all the other rooms were openwork and paired with glass, one rocking chair was placed inside the glass room.

For people who were recuperating from illness, this was the best place to be in.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Li Chun went upstairs in a humming mood. Just as she lifted her eyes, she saw the Old Madame standing at the entrance remaining motionless. This immediately shocked her and she quickened her pace to walk over to her. 

She placed the porridge down on the table by the door and asked, “Old Madame, why did you get up on your own? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Ning Meng shook her head, “I’m feeling fine already. I want to go downstairs.”

Li Chun said: “Why don’t we take another day of rest? The doctor said you need to recuperate more.”

“If I continue recuperating, I’m going to start having atrophies.”

She already moved slowly to begin with. After sleeping for two days, she felt that it would be better to walk for a bit. Had she lied in bed any longer, she would probably continue staying in that bed forever.

Seeing that she couldn’t change her mind, Li Chun sighed. “Then drink your porridge first and I’ll help you walk downstairs.”

Ning Meng felt mentally tired. 

She truly did feel fine moving around but she couldn’t bear worrying the two little ladies, so she heeded their good intentions and obediently drank the porridge.

The porridge prepared according to the doctor’s instructions had warm color and was contained in an exquisite porcelain bowl. The yam placed on top as garnish, looked very adorable, boosting the person’s appetite.

Although Ning Meng had been drinking porridge these past two days, this new bowl of porridge has really aroused her gluttony.

Li Chun suddenly spoke: “By the way, Old Madame. When you were sleeping, Young Master came over and left again after.”

Ning Meng hummed in response. In her memories, the eldest son, Shi Shanjin really respected the Old Madame. Since he had angered the Old Madame, causing her to bump into a ghost on her way back to the cottage, if he hadn’t visited her, he would’ve been considered to be an unfilial son.

Thinking of the two days she had spent lying in bed, she suddenly asked, “Li Chun, prepare two computers.”

Li Chun looked at her in surprise, “Old Madame, didn’t you claim that….trifling with those playthings would only cause one to lose his lofty aspirations?”

She recalled that the Young Master had prepared one for her before but was reprimanded by the original Old Madame. In the end, they couldn’t even bring out their cell phones, only keeping them within their own room to read the news online. The only thing they couldn’t do was divulge the news they had read.

She was also a celebrity chaser, but she never dared to speak nor did she dare mention it in front of the Old Madame for fear that she would get herself kicked out.

The second madame was an international celebrity. The old madame didn’t like her much back then and if it weren’t for the fact that she had given birth to Young Master Shi Cong, the Old Madame probably wouldn’t have placed her in her eyes.

Hearing her words, Ning Meng wanted to cry but lacked the tears.

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