Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 49.2 Finally got it (2)

Ning Meng turned to the system to ask for help, “How do we disrupt this dance, it’s too strange.”

The system only gave an answer after a long time, “Stop the ringing of the bell.”

Shi Qi evidently also shared the same thoughts. Not too long later, they found the source of the sound.

It was a bell made of stone.

It was very big in size and it was hung on top. However, it was being obstructed by a temple that was on the verge of collapse. If one weren’t attentive enough, they wouldn’t be able to spot it.

Liu Xuan pointed at the bell, unable to speak coherently, “Th-th-that…”

The bell in front of her was swinging by itself.

It was as if there was an invisible hand shaking it and the bell would ring unceasingly, emitting heavily clear sounds.

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When she threw a stone, there wasn’t even the slightest bit of reaction. Yet, Shi Qi was able to destroy it with just two throws….This world was clearly treating her unjustly, it was not the least bit fair at all.

Liu Xuan also couldn’t believe her own eyes but she wisely didn’t speak this out.

Shi Qi threw the stones away and pulled Ning Meng to the center of the temple. The people had also already stopped dancing.

However, there was still a pool of blood on the ground and it looked very dark in the night, appearing extremely scary. Moreover, they had even converged towards the center.

Suddenly, a person in the middle of the circle moved.

Liu Xuan stared intently at him and saw that the person was wearing what Uncle Li was wearing during the day. Thinking that it was him, she quickly called out, “Uncle Li? Have you sobered up yet?”

After waiting for some time, Uncle Li finally raised his head but as his head dangled up, a vague voice escaped out from underneath the mask but he hadn’t spoken at all.

Shi Qi stood at the side, watching with cold eyes.

Ning Meng saw him remain motionless as she remained obediently still like a sitting duck. This place was so creepy it was better not to make any reckless moves.

She also didn’t know where that dagger was hidden.

Unable to hold back her curiosity, she asked the system, “Can I really hold that dagger? Won’t I be killed before I can even grab a hold of it?”

The system responded, “Anyone can grab this kind of thing.”

It was really just as amazing as it was written in the book. The dagger had been suppressing a ghost for several hundred years and the aura of the expert who sealed him still existed. Even if it had completely dissipated, the aura that tainted the dagger made it unapproachable to other wild ghosts.

It could be said to be a very good method of protecting one’s life.

Ning Meng had always thought of herself as weak. Apart from staying close to Shi Qi’s side, she couldn’t do anything else other than have the ability to see ghosts.

Sometimes, she would also think that if she didn’t possess a pair of yin yang eyes, it would’ve been better.

However, after ruminating it again, if she didn’t have these eyes, she wouldn’t even know what was happening when they went ghost hunting. As such, it was still better to see them right in front of her.

Then, she’ll find something to protect her life and properly spend the last half of her life. She’ll bury the dagger before she dies and continue onto the next life.

Ning Meng couldn’t help but nod to herself, feeling that her plan was nothing short of excellent.

Ning Ning’s body was doomed to encounter a car accident in May so during the long time that was left, she couldn’t entirely depend on Shi Qi. Instead, it was better for her to take action first.

Apart from rousing Uncle Li, all the others remained motionless, sitting on the ground, as if they had turned into statues.

Liu Xuan didn’t dare come close and only asked at the side, “Uncle Li, do you know what’s going on?”

Uncle Li didn’t respond to her as he was still pulling off the mask and some blood had started trickling out of the edges.

And once it started, it was difficult to stop. More blood started to seep out, staining his clothes but he remained completely blank.

Once the mask had been torn off, even the skin of his face had been torn along with it.

“AH——” Just as the scream left her mouth, Liu Xuan quickly covered her own mouth.

She took a few steps back out of fright and bumped into a pillar. The cold sensation on her back sobering her up instantly as she looked on with terrified eyes.

Liu Xuan was certain she did not see wrongly. Uncle Li had torn off his own face.

Ning Meng had also sucked in a cold breath. Shi Qi had been one step too late in covering her eyes and had felt somewhat unhappy.

The bloody-faced Uncle Li held the mask in his hand, swaying as he stood. He walked towards the exit of the temple as if having not noticed their presence at all.

Soon, his figure disappeared into the night.

His departure was like a signal because as soon as he left, the remaining people tore their masks off, ripping off their face.

Then, they all walked outside.

Ning Meng watched with bated breath, biting her tongue to stop herself from retching, “Wh-….what’s going on? Why did they all suddenly…”

Are these people still able to go on living?

She remembered that the scar faced man who had his face ripped off, had died on the spot. Why were these people still able to walk?

Shi Qi turned her face to the side, “Stop looking. We’re here for another business.”

Ning Meng blinked, unable to shake off the image of everyone ripping their masks off. Her heart was beating very quickly as she responded, “…..Oh.”

She poked Liu Xuan, asking, “Are you alright?”

Liu Xuan was brought back to her senses and had swallowed, “It-It’s nothing.”

She abruptly took out a small mirror to look at her face and was pleasantly surprised to find out that the patterns on her mask had grown less.

Liu Xuan stopped there for fear that she would turn like Uncle Li and the others, unable to control herself from ripping the mask off her face.

She looked at Shi Qi, “Senior, what should we do now?”

Shi Qi softly spat out a few words, “Find the mask.”

Ning Meng was confused, “Why are we going to look for the mask?”

Shi Qi’s gaze twitched slightly and he explained, “Since the mask she wore disappeared, but everyone in the village has one, it means that hers must have been fixed and wouldn’t go missing.”

It was clear that these people were brought here by the mask and it could be said that the mask was intended for Liu Xuan to wear and she would have been brought here as well.

However, an accident had happened in the middle. She had thrown away the mask.

Liu Xuan also knew the meaning in his words and heaved a long sigh of relief. She was really fortunate….it felt as if she had a new lease of life.

At this time, a sound rang from the outside.

The group went to the door to take a look and saw a stone tablet that had cracked.

Shi Qi’s gaze did not look too good. He knew what the scriptures on the stone tablets were for and now that they had been broken, the intended effect would be impacted.

Following the sound, black mist started to discharge off the ground.

Shi Qi immediately made his resolve, “Go inside.”

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