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Chapter 48.3 She’s really cute (3)

Shi Qi took a fruit knife and peeled the fruit slowly, his movements graceful and fluid, looking pleasing to the eye.

Ning Meng stared at his hand in a daze.

Her great grandson wasn’t ordinarily good-looking, his hands were also good-looking. When holding the knife, he looked more wonderful despite being cold, cheerless and his slightly curved knuckles were particularly attractive.

Shi Qi looked up, seeing her stare at his hand. He handed the apple over, “Do you want it?”

Ning Meng shook her head, “No.” She was just looking at his hand.

Shi Qi didn’t speak, and stared at her figure for a few seconds. Now, her figure was more visible to him, only the facial features were a little fuzzy.

But it was much better than not being able to see her face before.

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Shi Qi interrupted her, “No need, there’s no need to sleep tonight.”

Liu Xuan’s words were stuck in her throat, she clenched her palm, why can’t she speak as easily as the senior sister…

Ning Meng also turned her head curiously, “What did you find?”

The system once mentioned to her that a physique of excess yin would have a greater chance of manifesting weird circumstances. In other words, there was a higher chance of obtaining something due to the reaction with her physique

After the village turned dark, there was no sound, not even the barking of a dog. It was very quiet. Moreover, she felt that the temperature in the village dropped down several degrees, but Liu Xuan, who was next to her, had no reaction at all.

Which went to say that only she felt this feeling.

Or in other words, only when yin air was present would she feel cold.

This village was really the same as she guessed, there had to be something unusual, and this place only contained this one village, how the temple over there was built was another question.

Liu Xuan could only stay silent and put the kerosene lamp in the bedroom.

The bedroom window was open, and the curtains were blown up by the wind. She went to close the window, but she didn’t expect to be shocked by the scene before her, only recovering her senses after a long time.

Cold sweat started to form on her back, and the goosebumps arose on her skin.

Liu Xuan blinked, the same scene was still there, and she ran back to the living room.

Ning Meng looked at the panicked her, “What’s the matter?”

Liu Xuan pointed to the bedroom and stammered, “Outside the window… there are so many… so many people!”

The bedroom faced the back of the village, which was the direction of the river.

When Shi Qi and Ning Meng walked to the window, they saw a string of figures walking into the depths, and a faint, crisp bell sound came and echoed.

Ning Meng almost didn’t jump up: “A group of people in the middle of the night… are they humans or ghosts? Why are they all going there?”

This scene looked too weird, half of the moon was covered by dark clouds, so only a little light was still shining down, illuminating the other side beautifully, and pulling out a long figure.

One after another, almost a certain distance formed between the two, showing tall and short, uneven heights. In the dark, the end of this long group of people couldn’t be seen.

It looked like some kind of ritual.

Liu Xuan had already walked over from behind, with a pale face, “I didn’t have this situation last time…What are they doing?”

Shi Qi suddenly said, “Everyone in the village is probably there.”

As soon as his voice fell, the door opposite the living room creaked and was pushed open, the sound reaching them.

Ning Meng suddenly had a guess: “Are they going to the river, over the bridge, and then to the opposite mountain?”

There happened to be a temple on the mountain…maybe it was the source of everything.

The dagger that had a suppressed ghost was there. One didn’t even need to think to know that it certainly had something to do with the people in this village.

Maybe that temple was built by people in this village.

Shi Qi went back to the living room and opened the curtains in the living room a bit, the outside scene catching the eyes of several people.

This window faced the road in the village, so they were able to see the view of the opposite side.

The opposite door was wide open, as was the diagonally opposite one. There were people standing in the middle of the road, walking forward in the same posture.

The sight of it made one’s scalp numb.

Ning Meng asked weakly, “Wh-…what are they doing?”

She had already squeezed to Shi Qi’s side, using his height to block her figure, her heart beating so fast. She heard Liu Xuan’s voice: “Maybe they’re… sleepwalking?”

Despite giving a plausible explanation, even she was unable to convince herself.

The dark clouds dispersed and the moon shone, making the people visible to their view, appear more distinct.

Liu Xuan’s eyes widened and she blurted out, “He’s wearing a mask on his face!”

It was the black mask she was looking for, a villager was wearing the mask with a pattern looking exactly like that on her face.

She took out the mirror and looked at it tremblingly.

Liu Xuan’s lips trembled: “Will I…become like them…like a walking dead…”

One by one, Ning Meng also saw it.

Everyone was wearing a mask on their face. The patterns on the mask were very irregular, but they were basically the same as those painted by Liu Xuan before. They were colorful but looked extremely scary and strange under the moonlight.

One couldn’t see the expressions underneath, only saw them walking forward wearing masks, mechanically like a robot.

As time ticked by, the last person in the line walked out of range and gradually disappeared from their sight.

Shi Qi closed the curtains and said calmly, “Let’s follow them.”

As soon as he turned around, he naturally saw Ning Meng who was hiding behind him, but didn’t expose her, only asking in a low voice.

Since he was a child, he had faintly guessed that the wild ghost possessing his grandma could see stray ghosts, otherwise she would not be so afraid…

However, he felt it weird.

Though she was a ghost herself, she was also afraid of other ghosts, it sounded really contradictory.

Seeing him looking at herself, Ning Meng stood up straight, cleared her throat, and righteously said, “Yes, let’s follow them.”

Liu Xuan wanted to cure herself, so naturally, she could only agree to follow along.


So cute.

If only she could loosen her grip on my clothes.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

17: I only peep silently, not speaking

Ning Meng: 17, you big arse

The secretly peeping 17: Ning Ning’s feet are so cute

Shamelessly boasting, I’m also very cute

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