Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 46 She cared the most about me

Ning Meng felt guilty. Being caught by her grandson was really too embarrassing.

She had just screamed out from fright together with Qiu Keke and if he knew that it was because of him, it would have damaged his impression of her heavily, “Why are you here, Shi Qi?”

Shi Qi said: “I saw you from a glance.”

Ning Meng: “…” This answer was really sarcastic.

The sound of small footsteps gradually sounded from behind, alerting them the two girls from the bathroom had walked over.

Liu Xuan’s face was very ugly as she asked, “Were you eavesdropping?”

She didn’t tell her matters to anyone, and had been prepared to let it rot in her stomach. Now that she was forced by her deskmate to confess tonight, she didn’t think she would be eavesdropped on.

When her deskmate saw the senior high school sisters, recalling the matter from before,  she asked suspiciously: “Senior sisters, why do you care about Liu Xuan’s affairs so much?”

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Nkw Dwyd pyke, “Rv’p dsdl sq uswa cwpkdlpp.”

Ning Meng’s nose twitched, but she couldn’t smell any scent on her body, so she asked the system, “Does she have the scent of death on her?”

The system said: “She does. It’s the black air you see.”

Fearing that she would not understand, the system quickly explained: “Dead air, of course, is the breath of a dead person. It is a bit like resentment, but it is a bit different. It smells almost rotten. The intensity of the stench of dead air indicates that it is not far from death.”

In Ning Meng’s eyes, Liu Xuan’s facial features were no longer clearly visible. A thick layer of black air lingered, and its color was very dark.

If she hadn’t seen her before, she would never believe that an ordinary girl would become like this.

Shi Qi pulled Ning Meng to his side and said lightly, “Is that so? Looks like you don’t need to solve the mask problem then.”

Qiu Keke walked to his side silently.

Liu Xuan’s eyes widened in disbelief: “Do you know how to solve it?”

The deskmate next to her was calmer than her, and said politely: “Senior, do you know how to save my friend? Can this matter be resolved safely?”

She didn’t believe it at first, but now that she thought about it, Liu Xuan simply didn’t have any reasons to lie to her. Moreover, she had already seen how she had been behaving the past few days. If she hadn’t been frightened to the extreme, she wouldn’t have acted like this.

Ning Meng tugged Shi Qi’s sleeve, “You… your face was so pale last time.”

Not expecting her to say this, Shi Qi was stunned for a moment before breaking into a smile, and saying in a low voice, “I was just feeling a bit unwell at that time.”

He turned to Liu Xuan and returned to his usual indifference: “I need to know everything that happened.”

Liu Xuan couldn’t believe it, but her deskmate persuaded her with a low voice: “You should just take the chance. I’ve heard them say that this senior’s background isn’t ordinary. He might know something about it.”

Her words sounded also like psychological comfort.

In the end, Liu Xuan had no choice but to agree. She said, “Find an empty classroom. I can’t confess it all here. I hope you can also believe me.”

The school only closed at twelve o’clock every night, and it was currently only ten o’clock. They still had a lot of time to spare.

The classroom was empty and dark, looking terrifying.

Ning Meng asked Shi Qi secretly again, “Are you really going?”

She couldn’t help in this matter, but she didn’t want her grandson to be injured. After all, one’s safety took precedence above all matters  She could only say that she was acting selfish.

Shi Qi frowned slightly, but quickly let his facial muscles loose again, stiffly saying: “Since we are all classmates, we should naturally help each other out.”

Qiu Keke pursed her lips. He was obviously saying this insincerely.

She was just a bystander, so Shi Qi certainly did not go because of her, she had already seen through everything.

The group of people went to Liu Xuan’s class as all the people there were gone. The last person was told by Liu Xuan to unlock the door, so she only needed to turn on the light.

After everyone sat down, Liu Xuan sorted out her thoughts and said, “I…”

She started but stopped again, thinking for a few minutes before she reopened her mouth and said, “Let’s start from a month ago.”

Ning Meng leaned closer towards Shi Qi subconsciously.

They were sitting by the window and it was dark outside, only this classroom had its lights on, there was a weird eerie feeling.

Shi Qi cast her a light glance but said nothing.

Liu Xuan didn’t notice their movements and said to herself: “It was National Day a month ago. I was idle at home and had nothing to do. A few junior high school classmates invited me to go out and play, saying they were getting together, and then they chose a place.”

She had never heard the places before. They said it was because they were not too popular, so a lot of people didn’t know, but it was actually quite a fun place.

That place was a very long river, so long that one couldn’t see the start or the end with just a glance.

That night, they stayed in a village by the river, planning to go to the river the next day to barbecue, fish, and play camping. Moreover, it was cool near the reservoir, so there was no need to worry about the heat.

Liu Xuan had never experienced the country life before, and felt very excited at the time.

The people in the village only knew that they came here to experience the country life. Later, when they learned that they were going to the riverside to play the next day, they told them not to run around or enter the water.

Liu Xuan and the others didn’t take it to heart. They didn’t plan to go into the water, because there was a lot of news about drowning this summer, so they didn’t dare to try.

They took their tent and food to the river the next afternoon.

After setting up the camping site, they were very curious about the river and prepared to explore it before fishing and eating.

So a few people walked up the river which was surrounded by dense woods, and which became sparser as they continued further ahead, but they still couldn’t see where the end of it was.

However, they found a bridge that stretched across the opposite of the river, and there was also a forest on the opposite side, similar to the side they were on.

Curious, Liu Xuan went onto the bridge with them.

With just a glance, one could tell that the stone bridge was very old, the stone surface carried many traces and messy leaves on top.

Several people took a few photos on it, and all were going to the other side of the bank to take a look. Was the other side similar to this one? Or was it a bit more fun?

The sound of the flowing river rang in her ears.

Liu Xuan was at the end of the group, approaching the bridge pier when she stepped on something inadvertently and fell to the ground.

She picked it up for a look and saw that it was a mask.

The entire mask was black, and there was nothing on it, only the facial features have been cut out, revealing the hand holding the mask, and it had been scratched a lot.

Several people approached curiously. Liu Xuan’s feet didn’t hurt, she smiled and put the mask on her face, asking them if it looked good on her.

The mask has no patterns, and the eyes were also revealed to be moving around. It didn’t fit well, and it was all black. Of course, the girls said it didn’t look good.

Unhappy, Liu Xuan threw the mask away, got up and went back to the original camp with them, forgetting about the mask after a barbecue.

After returning from camping, she didn’t take this matter to heart.

Shortly after, school started.

Liu Xuan didn’t dare touch her face, “We have a full-length mirror at home. I bought a new dress that day and when I tried it at home, I saw a flash of black mask on my face.”

It really happened so quickly she didn’t even see it clearly.

At that time, she didn’t think much of it at all, she assumed she had just been hallucinating and her mind was on the new dress, so she forgot about it in a blink of an eye.

Later the next day, she went to school and looked in the mirror. In the bathroom, she saw the mask again, exactly the same as the one she found on the bridge.

This time, it stayed for a longer period of time, ten seconds to be exact, allowing her to see it clearly.

Liu Xuan said: “I was shocked at the time, and then the mask disappeared, but I couldn’t forget it. The third time was when I met you in the bathroom. What I saw this time was that patterns began to appear on the black mask.”

She stopped, wondering how to describe the pattern.

Shi Qi suddenly said, “Draw it.”

Liu Xuan was taken aback for a moment.

She naturally knew about this senior. It was spread throughout the class when she first entered the high school that there was a particularly good-looking senior in her school.

And because they were on the same floor, there were girls who went to the bathroom together every day, hoping for just one encounter with him… though she heard that none had been successful in bumping into him.

Her deskmate elbowed her, pulling Liu Xuan back to her senses, ane she quickly responded, “Okay.”

Even though there wasn’t much to speak about her drawing skills, she was still able to draw simple ones.

She quickly drew the pattern on the draft paper and turned to show them, “It’s like this. This is the pattern that appeared at the beginning.”

Ning Meng stretched her head to look.

On the white paper was the outline of the mask, as well as the facial features. It was a very simple and casual drawing. The patterns were striped and outlined on the left side of the mask.

Liu Xuan turned it around again and said while drawing: “After a few days, I found that the time to see the mask was getting longer and longer, from a few minutes to an hour…the number of patterns alo started growing.”

Ning Meng stared at her face, still only seeing a layer of black air.

That mask must be unknown, maybe it was cursed, maybe it was worn by a ghost, in any case, it was not a good thing.

Shi Qi stretched his hand and took the piece of paper and fixed his eyes on it.

There were more and more patterns, not repeating, but overlapping, covering the entire mask in a disorderly manner with complex lines.

Liu Xuan licked her lips and found it dry, “It started staying for a few hours half a month ago. Now it’s there all the time. I’m like a person who wears a mask all day.”

Now that she saw it everyday, she could even remember the appearance of the mask from memory.

Every time she asked the others, what they saw was her original face, regardless of whether she asked someone she knew or not.

Sometimes she thought to herself, she wanted others to tell herself that what they saw was normal, that what she was seeing was only an illusion.

Sometimes she felt that what she was seeing, was the truth, what others saw was nothing but an illusion, and one day she was going to lose her face.

Over time, she stopped asking others, letting the hard truth rot in her stomach alone.

She spoke lightly, but the people who listened to it could feel their blood running cold.

Liu Xuan was still speaking, “I wanted to go to that place to retrieve the mask, but I don’t remember how to go to that place, and those classmates of mine are all in boarding school, so I can only contact them during the holiday.”

Which coincidentally happened to be tomorrow.

She felt that the key to the matter must lie in that mask. As long as she found the mask that she threw away, she would definitely be able to solve her problems.

Shi Qi put down the paper, fixing his gaze on her black air-enveloped face, and calmly spat out a few words: “If you were a few days late, you wouldn’t have had any hope of being saved.”

Liu Xuan froze in shock.

Only her deskmate and Qiu Ke could see her true countenance, and only felt that the fear on her face had become more serious.


She’s the same as she was before.

Always caring about this and that.

However, the one she cared the most about is still me

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

Ning Meng: 17, what are you thinking about everyday, you don’t care about national affairs at all!

Let me explain something here

Ning Meng is an ordinary person. No matter which world she came from, she only has a pair of yin yang eyes thanks to the system. Apart from being able to see ghosts, she has no other abilities.

When ordinary people encounter these matters, they would think it weird. She also never asked for 17’s help nor does she put herself into dangerous circumstances. The shadow play arc put the entire school in danger so she was unable to escape it. Even if she didn’t exist, 17 would still help settle the matter for the school.

She is the female lead, so the story revolves around her and 17. There will always be supernatural occurrences and there can’t be someone else who would always proactively ask 17 for help. That would be too cliche. Even though this is pretty cliche _(:з」∠)_ I’ve already tried my best to stop writing cliches…

To sum it up, Ning Meng is an ordinary person who’s afraid of ghosts. Even if she gains an ability, the most it could be is writing simple talismans, completely different from 17’s natural constitution.

I’ll apologize to those who were looking for an overpowering female story, this story is a doting love story hahaha

A reader told me today that she had a nightmare from my previous story, saying that I was an up and coming superstar in the supernatural realm. I was happy reading that since I’m a bit unconfident…I’ll do my best to become a big boss as soon as possible _(:з」∠)_

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