Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 43 The so-called Yin Women

The small paper dolls were indeed very small, standing only at the height of the size of a palm..

Faced with Shi Qi’s hand, they could only struggle weakly.

Ning Meng rescued them from his clutches, and the two little paper figures immediately moved far away from Shi Qi, hiding beside her. They laid on her palms, eyeing him secretly.

She said quietly: “Don’t provoke him.”

If he became unhappy, he would have them burned and that would be terrible considering there wouldn’t be another like them to be found in the future.

Shi Qi, “…”

Her voice wasn’t soft so he was able to hear her words.

Ning Meng, who was completely ignorant about it, teased the paper dolls before turning to Wen Sheng, “Then what are you going to do from now on?”

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If Grandpa didn’t speak, he didn’t speak, and those people were already in prison, no one could threaten them and order them to carry out nefarious things.

In fact, he and his grandpa wanted to apologize to the two girls, but if they started telling them the reason why, the girls would eventually realize what was going on so in the end, they decided to let this matter pass.

The sky outside had already turned slightly dark.

Wen Sheng took the initiative to speak: “I’m going back to take care of grandpa…Thank you for your help.”

If it weren’t for them, he and his grandfather would still be controlled by those people, and they would be drawing paper dolls day and night, committing crimes every day.

Just the thought of life in those days left him with lingering fears.

Ning Meng smiled slightly: “Then I wish you a good life in the future. By the way, thank you for the paper dolls.”

Wen Sheng smiled shyly, a dimple appearing on his face before he opened the door and left the cafe.

The two paper dolls also held Ning Meng’s fingers, trying to climb onto her.

Ning Meng watched for a while before turning to ask, “Which color do you want? Should I leave this little sister to you.”

Shi Qi frowned, “I don’t want it.”

Ning Meng put the male paper dolls in her palm again, “Then should I give this little brother to you?”

Shi Qi shook his head again.

Both were so ugly he didn’t want it.

Ning Meng put down the little paper figures, covered them, and said while staring at him, “You can’t ask for both of them. He clearly said one was for me.”

Shi Qi opened his mouth and said after a long time, “I didn’t want two.”

The system took the initiative to pop up: “Aiya, what does your great grandson lack? He has no shortage of things like paper dolls so just take them all.”

Ning Meng’s eyes brightened.

She stared at Shi Qi and asked in a low voice, “Then if you don’t want any of them, I’ll take them all…”

She never had anything like this before, they looked just like Thumbelina.

Shi Qi nodded, “Take them.”

Ning Meng turned her head and poked the little paper dolls. The girl was smaller than the boy. They would fall down with just a single poke before turning over to once again climb back up on their feet.

She stared at them for a while, and still decided to give him one.

It was him who helped Wen Sheng, and it was him who Wen Sheng had thanked. It was not good for her to reap the rewards when she was just a passerby. She would look too stingy.

She was very magnanimous, how could she bend her waist just because of two little paper figures.

When Shi Qi left the room first, she secretly instructed: “I will put you in his hoodie later. You must sit still and don’t get blown away by the wind.”

The male paper doll laying on her hand nodded obediently.

She secretly placed the paper figure in her bag and prepared to carry it home, fearing that it would be seen by others when it moved.

Seeing that Ning Meng had not come out yet, Shi Qi waited outside. When she chased him out, she secretly stuffed the male paper figure into Shi Qi’s hoodie.

The little paper man immediately grabbed onto the hood.

Ning Meng smiled at it, and made a few gestures, and the little paper doll hid inside shyly, revealing just the head outside.

The two of them parted opposite the coffee shop.

Ning Meng’s house was nearby, but Shi Qi needed to go back by car. And his car was waiting at the school gate where two men in black awaited.

They opened the car door for him, “Master Qi.”

Shi Qi acknowledged in a low voice.

By the time he returned to the cottage, the sky had already turned dark. Li Xia had been preparing dinner when she saw him arrive and smiled, “Master Qi.”

He just sat down, and Li Xia saw the contents of his hoodie sharply, and asked curiously: “Master Qi, you have something in your hoodie…”

Shi Qi reached in and took it out.

The little paper doll writhed in his hands, appearing extremely unhappy that it was discovered. If one could see the expression on its face, it would certainly look very aggrieved.

The weasel crawled out of its nest, sniffing. When it saw the little paper doll, it started barking at it in unease.

The little paper doll was a little scared, it didn’t dare to move, and fell silent.

Shi Qi put it on the table, feeling certain that it must have been secretly placed by Ning Ning from before without his attention, “Be good.”

The little paper doll sat there obediently, motionless.

Shi Qi stroked the weasel again, and whispered: “Little Yellow, you must really want to see her, but unfortunately, it’s still too early.”

We would just scare her.

We can wait until the college entrance examination is over, he thought.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

After Ning Meng returned home, Liang Fengmei unexpectedly said something.

She ran back to her room under the pretext of doing homework, put the little paper doll crawling in her bag on the desk and stared at it.

The little paper doll was not shy, and was just moving about.

After watching for a while, she decided to do her homework. The little paper doll might have seen her thoughts and was struggling to hold a pencil.

Unfortunately, because of its small stature, it was unable to drag it and was instead being pressed down by the weight.

“How pitiful.” Ning Meng rescued it and put it aside. “Don’t move around otherwise, I’ll put you in water.”

Liang Fengmei suddenly opened the door and came in.

Ning Meng was taken aback. She covered the little paper doll with a book, feeling a little nervous.

“Why are you so close to your books, if you turn into a hunchback, what are we going to do?” Liang Fengmei placed a glass of water on the table and patted her on the back, “We’ll be having dinner later.”

Ning Meng obediently replied: “Okay.”

With the help of a tall book, the paper figure twisted on the table, but Liang Fengmei couldn’t see it so she turned around and left the room.

The red and green dress originally looked ugly, but on it, it looked cute which made her unable to stop paying attention to it, playing with it for a long time.

Since tomorrow was a weekend, there was no need to study until late tonight.

Because of the paper doll, she couldn’t finish much of her homework. In any case, there were still two days of the weekend, but after having dinner in the evening, she didn’t waste any more time.

At their third year of high school, most of the assignments consisted of doing mock papers. And at times, several papers were given for just one subject.

Halfway through the homework, she carelessly stretched her arms and accidentally broke the cup on the table.

Liang Fengmei came in after hearing the sound, and exclaimed: “I told you not to put the cup on the edge but you insisted, now look what you’ve done, it’s broken.”

Ning Meng didn’t retort, cleaning it up immediately.

Liang Fengmei pushed her aside, “Go go go, I’ll do it, you’re very careless, so you might cut your hands.”

She wiped the water stains dry and swept away the glass shards.

Liang Fengmei suddenly went back to the room and said: “Next time you do this, don’t use glass cups anymore. You’ve already broken several cups at home, and you have no idea how distressing it is…”

Seeing her start to ramble non-stop, Ning Meng quickly interjected, “Ok ok ok.”

At this, Liang Fengmei closed the door in content.

The system reminded: “Your paper doll is swimming in the water.”

Ning Meng hurried to look in a panic. As expected, there was still a puddle on the table that Liang Fengmei hadn’t wiped just now and the little paper man’s leg was dipped in the water.

She took it out and wiped it dry with a paper towel but it was still soft.

After thinking about it, she could only place it on the window sill and opened a gap. The summer wind was hot, so the wind might be able to dry it.

Within a few minutes, the paper doll really did turn dry.

After returning to normal, it began to move around again. Seeing that its owner didn’t notice it, it sneaked off the window sill and ran around on the ground.

There was a computer in the room, which Liang Fengmei had bought for Ning Ning, saying that it was for the purpose of checking information. Naturally, Ning Meng hadn’t used it much.

Since she had nothing to do tonight. She opened her browser and searched for information about paper dolls.

There was an article saying that one should not draw eyes on paper dolls which was exactly what the old man had said. The attached picture above looked terrifying and she quickly exited the window.

Ning Meng stared at the screen in a daze when the system’s words about having a yin body suddenly resurfaced in her head and she typed a few new words in.

Several web pages popped up immediately.

After checking, it turns out that there were several types of yin women, each of which were different. There were eight-character pure yin women and there were four yin women. The timing and year of their birth were also taken into account.

If the physique was too yin, they would easily attract certain evil yin beings, some of them could even communicate directly with spirits.

But she had no idea which type she was.

However, after reading the explanation, she finally knew why those people liked this physique. There were always rumors that women are yin in the first place, and upon placing them in paper dolls, they would certainly become more yin, which were most suitable to be ordered to do things.

As for what the person who had killed in her first life wanted to do, she still had no clue.

Ning Meng turned the computer off and was about to look at the window sill, only to find that the paper doll was not on it. When she pushed the window open, it was completely dark, and she couldn’t see anything.

She muttered, “It wouldn’t have been blown away by the wind, would it?”

It wasn’t easy to have gotten it and it would be impossible to find another one in the future. Moreover, she was planning to take good care of it. If she had lost it like this, she would only feel heartbroken.

The system informed her, “Look down.”

Ning Meng followed its words and lowered her head, seeing the little paper doll in the green skirt come into view.

The little paper doll was lying on her slippers, pulling the plastic flowers on it, acting very naughty. Seeing her looking over, it wanted to climb up her legs.

Ning Meng’s calf felt itchy because of it, and she bent over to lift it, reprimanding angrily, “How bold of you to try and run around.”

The little paper doll held her finger in a fawning manner.


If she likes them,

She can take them all.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

Ning Meng: All paper dolls like me once they see me

Speaking of rural non-mainstream ghosts, how could 17 say such nonsense, daring to say that little paper dolls were ugly, even if they were, they wouldn’t be uglier than his doll with the cotton-padded jacket.

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