Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 37 A New Paper Doll

As expected, the auditorium was quiet and even dark.

Ning Meng felt guilty but also scared. She lightened her footsteps, walking slowly inside.

This time, her purpose was to head over to the backstage. Even though no one was there, a light was lit up.

She saw several paper dolls placed there as well as tools, as though it was almost nearing completion.

Ning Meng swept a glance at them and didn’t find the one that had scared her.

The paper dolls in this place didn’t look the same. Some were drawn ugly whereas the others were drawn especially lifelike. It was probably because their makers were different and their craftsmanship weren’t the same.

She surveyed from top to bottom and finally discovered a particularly lifelike paper doll sitting quietly on the corner.

The paper doll wore a flowery dress and had an ordinary appearance that looked a little delicate and pretty. Its eyes were shut, looking as though it were asleep.

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In the end, Ning Meng still decided to turn around and walk away, not daring to make any big sounds. Her little run started producing creaking noises on the ground.

And just as she turned around, the paper doll started moving as well.

The flat paper stuck to the ground and slowly started crawling using its arms and legs. It was extremely nimble, appearing right behind the person within just a short moment.

The system urged, “Run quicker, run quicker, the paper doll’s chasing you.”

Ning Meng couldn’t turn her head in time and just started sprinting. In the end, she didn’t expect to stop right before the auditorium entrance.

And that was because the paper doll had already crawled and appeared right in front of her.

Its flat body was stuck onto the door as its eyes stared right into hers. Its mouth moved as though it was speaking but it didn’t emit any sounds.

Which also made sense, if one didn’t have any vocal cords, where would the sound come from?

Ning Meng looked at the paper doll’s agile appearance and pinched her palms. She could only step back as the paper droll drew close to her.

Perhaps, seeing that she was a living being, a glint flashed through the paper doll’s eyes.

As though it was a real human being.

Ning Meng watched it approach her, assuming the posture that could be seen in movies and shut her eyes, yelling loudly, “Lord Laozi, please come save me at the speed of light!!”

After a long time had passed, she secretly cracked an eye to take a look and saw that the paper doll was scared by her and really did stop in its tracks.

She couldn’t help but converse with the system, “I didn’t think that I actually have this kind of ability.”

The system responded, “….Your great grandson is behind you.”

Ning Meng turned her head and actually saw Shi Qi standing behind her wearing an odd expression. She reckoned he was thinking that he had never seen such a person like her.

She had completely destroyed her profoundly mysterious impression as a grandmother.

There weren’t any lights turned on in the auditorium and the door wasn’t shut tightly earlier, revealing a sprinkle of light and illuminating Shi Qi’s exquisite silhouette.

Shi Qi’s gaze fell onto her and he kindly reminded her, “Are you not leaving?”

Ning Meng coughed twice and calmly retracted her hands, straightening her posture before she started speaking, “I’m going. Of course, I’m going.”

With Shi Qi right here, she felt reassured that the paper doll definitely wouldn’t dare move.

She passed through the doors and cast a glance towards it. As expected, there was a talisman stuck on the paper doll’s back which was probably the reason why it had stopped moving.

After waiting outside for a long time, Shi Qi didn’t follow her out.

The system responded, “Your great grandson is probably taking care of that paper doll.”

Ning Meng nodded, “You’re probably right. After all, he’s a decent and proper youth right now. He really didn’t grow up crooked.”

Inside the quiet auditorium.

Shi Qi turned to the paper doll, his expression turning solemn as he softly said, “Don’t scare her. The matter will be resolved soon.”

He ripped the talisman off and the paper doll quivered.

Very quickly, a paper doll streaked across the ground and quickly vanished from the outside, and reappeared back in the corner.

As though it had never moved an inch from its place.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Qiu Keke didn’t return home in the afternoon, instead, she stayed in the canteen.

She had gotten into an argument with her family and didn’t want to go back so she ended up eating something in the canteen and brought along a set of mock paper with her.

She didn’t want to go back to the classroom either because the doors to the classroom were locked in case students were to lose something.

By the time she had finished going through half of the mock paper material, she lifted her head and discovered that she was not the only person present in the canteen, another long haired girl was also there.

The school canteen was generally only visited by students whose homes were far away or impoverished students. Since the meals couldn’t compare to the shops outside, there were many students who would visit this place every time, sometimes even staying here for the entire afternoon.

That girl was lying on the table, appearing as though she was asleep so Qiu Keke didn’t place much attention on her.

After finishing the mock paper, it was almost time for students to go to class. Seeing that the girl maintained the same posture from before, she decided to wake her up.

Qiu Keke carefully walked over and knocked on the table, but she didn’t get any response.

She then called out, “Classmate? Classmate? Class is about to start.”

After repeating this about 4 to 5 times, the girl still hadn’t moved nor did she even make a sound. It was as if she had died in her sleep.

Qiu Keke finally reached out a hand and gently pushed her, “Classmate, class is about to start. I’m sorry to disturb you.”

How could she have expected that a simple action that she made, had caused the girl to be pushed to the side, laying at a crooked angle and even still without a response.

Qiu Keke inwardly exclaimed, she couldn’t have pushed her broken right?

Feeling it odd, she used a little more strength, but the girl appeared as though she had lost consciousness. She didn’t show the slightest reaction making it seem as though Qiu Keke was acting a one man show.

Qiu Keke finally detected something wrong and tested out her conjecture. She discovered that she was still breathing but was just unable to wake up.

Fortunately, she had brought her phone with her and immediately dialled 120.

Ever since hearing people from Class 6 speak of that incident, she felt that this girl’s situation was no different to what had happened to the girl from the story, it was extremely strange.

While waiting for 120 to arrive, she hurried to go look for a teacher.


Ning Meng who had just come out of the auditorium, bumped into another person and fell down. The person who had collided into her also let out an “aiyo” and fell in front of her.

It was Qiu Keke and she had on a panicked look.

“Keke?” Ning Meng went over to help her up and curiously asked, “Why are you running in such a hurry? What’s wrong?”

Qiu Keke rubbed her leg and accepted her help. She whispered, “We have to quickly go back to class and see whether there’s any teacher in the office.”

Ning Meng supported her all the way to the academic building, “What’s going on?”

“Another girl had lost consciousness.” Qiu Keke’s expression looked a little solemn but also a little nervous, “This time, I personally saw it happen with my own eyes.”

She recounted the events that she had experienced earlier to her.

Ning Meng’s breath quickened and she thought for a moment before speaking, “Keke, you should go to the office first. I’ll go to the canteen, the doctor is probably on their way.”

Qiu Keke acknowledged, “Alright.”

The two people then parted. The sounds of the ambulance rang outside and security quickly let the car inside, even leading the way for them.

Ning Meng saw this and quickly sprinted towards the canteen.

The distance to the canteen from where she was, wasn’t far away so she managed to arrive within a short while. The girl remained lying in place while Qiu Keke’s book was placed at the side.

Ning Meng’s pace slowed down and she gulped as she walked over to her.

The system told her, “She has lost her soul.”

Ning Meng asked, “She lost her soul?”

The system slowly explained to her, “Humans have three immortal souls and seven mortal forms, the mortal soul belongs to the yin side and the immortal soul belongs to the yang side, so it’s easy to lose one’s immortal soul. Losing the immortal soul would cause abnormalities to appear. She has probably only lost her immortal soul which caused the symptom of unconsciousness to surface.

Before she could even do anything, doctors and nurses burst into the canteen and quickly placed the girl on the stretcher and quickly disappeared right before her eyes.

One nurse fell behind and interrogated her, “Classmate, do you know what had happened? How did the girl lose consciousness just now?”

Ning Meng shook her head, “I also don’t know. My classmate was the one who called you and she had gone to find the class teacher, I came to look after her.”

Seeing that she couldn’t get any answers, the nurse no longer spoke further and quickly ran outside, disappearing before her eyes as well.

In an instant, only she remained behind in the canteen.

Ning Meng mulled over the system’s earlier words and felt a bit caught off guard. What kind of nonsense was losing your soul in school? Was there something in school that had frightened them to that extent?

Two paper doll figures quickly surfaced in her head and she immediately changed her train of thought, thinking that it wouldn’t be a surprise if they were frightened by those figures.

Ning Meng asked, “Then, how do we find her soul? Do we call out for it?”

She had heard the old man say before that when children are frightened, their souls would leave their body. At this time, they would need to call their souls back. This was usually done by someone who was older and was carrying one of the child’s personal items in the place where they had lost their soul or at a wide and open field and they would call their name out loudly.

In the past, she didn’t believe in such a thing, however, now that she had seen ghosts existing with her own eyes, there was nothing she wouldn’t believe in.

The system gave her another response, “That’s impossible. It’s different from losing your soul out of fright. She had lost her soul under normal circumstances. We need to find the person who stole her soul.”

Ning Meng replied, “….Where do I start looking for them?”

Her yin yang eyes couldn’t even see where the soul was. It could only see ghosts as well as other weird airs, she couldn’t even see supernatural beings.

The system responded, “Start looking for your great grandson.”

Ning Meng’s eyes grew wide and she only replied after a long time, “What you said makes sense but he doesn’t call me grandma anymore. Sigh. I’m just reduced to being a childless elderly.”

She sat in the canteen, lamenting with sorrow for a while before returning to the classroom.

Several people had already arrived in the classroom and Qiu Keke was also back in her own seat, it was just that her expression did not look too good.]

When Qiu Keke saw her, she promptly asked, “Ning Ning, was she already sent to the hospital?”

Ning Meng nodded, “She’s already been taken away by the doctors.”

Such a thing had occurred in school and in such a peculiar way, not only happening once but twice, as such, anyone would easily start imagining scary matters.

She comforted Qiu Keke for a while before returning to her own seat when the class bell rang, but she also discovered that her great grandson was actually not back yet.

Midway through the class, Shi Qi had finally returned, his face appearing a bit pale, making him look like a sickly prince.

The teacher also didn’t ask him for any reason and allowed him to return to his own seat.

Ning Shen sighed deeply, muttering to herself that good students were really treated differently.

However, recalling the scene that Shi Qi must’ve seen in the afternoon, she wanted to cover her face. She was a great, glorious and righteous grandma. How could she have acted so foolishly?

Fortunately, Shi Qi didn’t seem to have caught her in the act.


I didn’t expect

That Granda was actually a Taoist.

Why didn’t the Taoists accept her.1Referring to when Ning Meng was shouting for Lord Laozi to save her.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

The system in this novel is definitely of no use. It’s just there to relieve Ning Meng’s boredom and occasionally provide encyclopedic use but its practical abilities are nil.

The system’s thoughts have always been in line with Ning Meng’s.

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