Chapter 36 Grandma loves being nosy and vegetables

Several thoughts swept over Shi Qi’s mind countless times before he ultimately heaved a deep breath and shut his eyes, no longer inquiring.

He turned to the window and saw an empty glass. However, when he reached a hand out to touch it, sure enough, he felt a bit of powder as well.

It was the exact same case earlier, the chill feeling that touched his body soon disappeared swiftly.

In these ten years, with the help of his uncle, he was able to gain a sufficient understanding of his own constitution. Every time something of yin nature touches him, they would either unable to stand him, would burn to nothing or run off.

However, what was completely contradictory was that these yin things also liked his constitution.

The little ghosts at home who didn’t have a mind of its own, especially love rubbing against him. In these kinds of situations, he could only wear gloves to be able to touch them.

Now, he was able to find another way. Applying clear bottled medicine on his hands also gave him the same effect as wearing those special gloves but he still wasn’t too used to it.

Shi Qi spread his fingers out before clenching them tightly again.

The thing that appeared on campus must be related with the shadow play troupe. If they had minded their own business, he would not have cared for it. If they overstepped their bounds, then that would be an entirely different matter.

Occasionally scaring some people should be considered normal.

However…he glanced at the quivering Ning Ning and in the end, placed the same thing on the window sill.

On the wall below the window sill, a paper doll was stuck.

The paper doll put on a malevolent face and had wanted to continue climbing up but as if it had come into contact with something, it bounced back from the impact and floated down to the ground.

Very quickly, it got back on its feet and started running.

The window sill regained its peace and quiet, just as it had been before, and the other people in the classroom had not a single idea of what had just occurred.

Even though Ning Meng was pretending to be calm right now, on the inside, she was still thinking about that paper doll.

After a long time, she finally mustered the courage to look over but saw that the paper doll had already disappeared, the same as what had happened before, vanishing without leaving a trace.

In the end, she asked the system, “Why did the paper doll run over here? Did it want to eat me?”

In the beginning, the paper doll only smiled quite strangely. Then, it started terrifying her.

Ning Meng suspected that if she weren’t seated beside her great grandson with superhuman abilities, she reckoned that the paper doll would have just broken through the window and bitten her.

How did she get caught up in this matter?

The system explained to her, ‘Your body is of yin nature, this is why yin things are naturally attracted to you. Now that I think about it, the reason why that old man from earlier wanted you to visit them less was probably because of this reason as well.”

Ning Meng fumed, “I knew they weren’t any proper shadow play troupe. They actually had these kinds of things.”

Secretly drawing on the eyes and having these paper dolls run around scaring people. How could any proper shadow play troupe do such a thing?

Fortunately, the paper doll had already ran off. She had looked over several times and saw that it had never reappeared, so at long last, she was finally able to do her mock papers in ease.

If she wasn’t able to score well in her exams, she would have put all the blame on that paper doll.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

In the next few days, for some odd reason, Ning Meng no longer saw anything out of the ordinary, her taut nerves finally also loosened up.

In this period of time, she never dared to get close to the auditorium. Whenever school would end, she would take advantage of the highest flow of students leaving and run out at the same time.

Because she was afraid that she would be eyed when she was left all alone.

The business of the snack shop had dropped a little, however, it was still considered just as good.

Liang Fengmei’s craftsmanship wasn’t at all bad. Plenty of the students were repeat customers, moreover, they had already eaten things from the supermarket several times and no longer thought it fresh.

Ning Meng would occasionally be helping out at the snack shop after school and would even see her classmates coming over and chatting.

The life of a third year wasn’t as nervous as she imagined it to be.

On the whole, it was still Ning Ning’s memory that had provided her with such big help. Listening and understanding what was going on in class as well as possessing Ning Meng’s memory had somehow inexplicably aided her in doing what she needed to be able to do.

When a small test was conducted in class, she even managed to score in the top ten.

What was also unexpected to her was that Shi Qi managed to get first place and was several points ahead of second place. She also saw that her classmates looked accustomed to this and Shi Qi didn’t mind when he was being asked the answers.

“Shi Qi ah, our school’s top 1, I reckon that our school principal is hoping that he would become the top scorer in the college entrance examination next year and would be happy to death if that were to come true.”

“Mm… he scores first place every time we have a test, we’ve all gotten used to it.”

“In the beginning of school, his grades were already great so this kind of situation is pretty normal. He hasn’t deteriorated at all in the past two years so the teachers like him very much.”

“So whatever question you don’t understand, just ask him.”


Ning Meng initially felt a bit of disbelief hearing her classmate’s words. This child’s grades were just like that written in the novel, and he usually didn’t look arrogant or impatient.

However, this also made sense, because she would always see him writing and drawing after school, finishing mock paper after mock paper, so it would only be weird if his grades were not up to par.

After getting to understand the situation a bit, Ning Meng no longer cared about it.

She originally hoped that the little brat would grow up normally and avoid doing anything malicious written in the novel, looking at it now, he seemed to be on the right track.

At the very least, the Shi Family hadn’t fallen and he was still studying properly.

She didn’t know how Shi Shanjin was currently faring but he also treated her well at the start.

Ning Meng kept pondering these random matters during the whole class that by the time she came back down to earth, the people around her had already delved into a new topic.

“….Really…….why does it sound so scary hearing it… terrifying…”

Faintly catching onto these few words, it looked as if their expressions weren’t too good.

She walked over and inquired while they exclaimed in surprise, “What’s going on?”

She had already been in this class for many days and had gotten familiar with many of her classmates. Moreover, she had a good character so most people found it easily to get along with her.

The girl’s name was Qiu Keke and she was usually very clever. Any time there was any class news or matters going on in the school, she was always basically the first to know.

Nobody could figure out how she managed to always get a hold of these news.

Qiu Keke also liked Ning Meng’s tender and petite appearance, sometimes even taking the initiative to give her candy or tease her.

However, she clearly didn’t seem to be in such a mood at the moment. Qiu Keke’s face was a little wan as she whispered, “Ning Ning, you certainly wouldn’t know….that at Class 6 upstairs, for some reason, a girl had suddenly become a vegetable.”

She had heard of this matter from a friend in that class.

Class 6 was located on the second floor and Class 1 was at the end of two corners of the long hallway. Each school building had two staircases on both ends and Class 6 was on the other end.

Ning Meng certainly didn’t know so her eyes grew wide as she asked in pursuit of the matter, “Suddenly? What do you mean suddenly, aren’t there usually foreshadows for matters like this?”

Qiu Keke also nodded, “That’s right. Generally, there should have been signs of it but it was different this time. According to her roommate, that girl had suddenly fainted in front of their dorm entrance and never reawakened, remaining in the same state when she got sent to the hospital as well.”

Fortunately, it was midnight at that time so everyone was asleep.

Her roommate had gone to the toilet at midnight and was coincidentally behind that girl. Two people, one in the front and one in the back, didn’t share any words.

By the time they returned, the roommate saw that she merely stood outside the entrance and didn’t go in. It was the middle of the night and certainly a little scary so she thought it weird and asked out loud, pushing her a bit.

This push caused the person to immediately fall over, never to reawaken.

She was immediately frightened to death at once and nearly couldn’t react in time. Afterwards, she mustered the courage to check whether she was alive and finally breathed out a sigh of relief. She immediately called out other people from the dorm and also roused the housekeeping aunty in the same building.

After she was sent to the hospital, the doctors quickly determined that she had become a vegetable. Moreover, they even felt that she was a new type of vegetable, different from the current existing ones.

And news of this matter had only been spread this morning.

The people surrounding the group couldn’t help but rub their arms. Goosebumps had arisen after hearing her story and they all felt it too terrifying.

One girl inquired, “Why did she fall over with just one push? That sounds impossible. There’s no way a person would be that weak. Moreover, anyone standing in front of the entrance would scare people under the situation you just described.”

Standing in front of the entrance without going inside very late at night would definitely incite someone to ask what was going on. It was also clear that the roommate had only taken action once she had seen that the girl didn’t respond to her.

The force behind the push wasn’t strong but the person had definitely fallen down to the ground.

Qiu Keke spread out her hands and explained, “I also don’t know what the real reason is. This is just the news I received. That girl’s roommate had already returned with her mother, she was probably frightened by the incident.”

All the female students thought that it was pardonable. If they were in her position, they would have no doubtedly be scared as well.

Fortunately, the class bell had rang so all the girls returned to their seats.

Ning Meng also sat back in her seat with a wrinkled face. She asked the system, “System, what do you think caused this situation? Was it man-made?”

The system said, “I don’t think it’s man-made. At present, the average man’s abilities cannot lead to the current situation. It could only be due to her physical condition or someone making mischief.

Hearing its explanation, Ning Meng was more inclined to believe the second reason.

Unrelated to the other matter, the paper doll incident she had experienced a few days ago made her feel that the shadow play troupe staying on campus wasn’t as simple as they looked.

However, nothing had happened later on. The paper doll also didn’t reappear before her and she naturally didn’t have the guts to go to the auditorium and ask why the paper doll had come to life.

Ning Meng unwittingly sank deeper into her thoughts, not even noticing that the person sitting beside her had returned.

Shi Qi took the initiative and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Huh?” Ning Meng recovered her senses and thought for a moment. Then, she narrated the events that Qiu Keke had told her and added, “I suspect that this matter is definitely not as simple as it sounds.”

What kind of person would suddenly turn into a vegetable?

According to Qiu Keke’s words, her roommate was in the bathroom with that girl a minute ago  and by the time they returned, she had suddenly changed. This was too quick beyond words.

Shi Qi didn’t speak for a long time after hearing these words, his expression suddenly turning serious as he said, “You shouldn’t poke your nose into this matter.”

Ning Meng glared at him, “I’m not nosing around. I’m just making guesses. We’re all classmates, Great…..Deskmate, let me tell you. As humans, we can’t act so cold-heartedly.”

Fortunately, she had stopped herself from calling him those words.

Shi Qi suddenly smiled, his delicate appearance looking even more moving, appearing even more handsome than his usual expressionless face.

He stopped himself from saying what he was initially going to say and changed his words, “Ok.”

Ning Meng was a bit flabbergasted. Did she just hear him obey her? Was it because she had played the role of a grandma for too long that she had gained the legendary dignity?

Several thoughts flooded her mind and she no longer kept the conversation with Shi Qi, obediently taking out her books and listening to class.

The English teacher was still in front reading out a reading comprehension piece with steady


Ning Meng was still thinking of that matter, she felt that she needed to go to the auditorium and take a look whether it was done by those people or done by the paper dolls.

At the side, Shi Qi tilted his head looking at her, seeming to have seen through her thoughts.

She was thinking that, in the big afternoon, ghosts and such certainly wouldn’t dare to come out.

The system also felt that her idea was good.

School was quiet in the afternoon and there was not a single person in front. Ning Meng walked on the road feeling a bit nervous and afraid that something would suddenly pop out of nowhere.

She carried a bag and dashed towards the auditorium.

There were only a few days left until the end of the month, which was also when the shadow play troupe was due to perform. In these two days, several students saw that they had started working overtime to finish making their tools. Everybody was going to have lunch in the afternoon and there would usually be a period of rest after having lunch, at this time, nobody would be in the auditorium.

Although the story of the girl from Class 6 turning into a vegetable had already started circulating, the school didn’t let this matter ferment. Several people didn’t know the truth and only thought that the girl was in poor health.

The entrance to the auditorium was very cold. Ning Meng stood there and gulped before sneakily eyeing her surroundings.

Good. Nobody’s here

She retracted her gaze and advanced ahead in a manner that appeared as though she was not afraid of dying.


I should have known.

Grandma loves involving herself in other people’s businesses.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

17: Sigh. So cowardly yet still insistent on thinking that she can save the world

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