Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 31 My name is…..Shi Qi.

Ning Meng was lost in thought for a long time.

She entered Shi Qi’s name on the browser again, and what popped out was how many people in the country were named Shi Qi, as well as all kinds of strange news.

In any case, she could see from a glance that they all weren’t related to him.

“(Sigh).” Ning Meng held her chin. The kid had grown up. As someone who had only been his grandmother for a few months, why did it feel extremely weird to her?

Speaking of this, she still felt something strange.

Ning Ning’s face was very similar to her original face, just like when she saw the old lady’s face in the beginning.

She asked the system why this was, but she didn’t get any answer.

Was it because the host shared a similar face and physique which allowed her to transmigrate into her body? She didn’t understand what triggered a transmigration, and after thinking about it for a long time, she eventually forgot about it.

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She really wanted to climb the walls of the Shi Family residence just to see what was going on.

But when she thought about the Shi residence, she recalled that the security was supposed to be strong and after what had happened last time, management certainly must’ve gotten stricter.

If she were to go right now, she would have been spotted before she could even reach the gates.

By then, she would have been exposed. If Shi Shanjin were to know that his mother, who had passed away long ago, had been possessed by a stray ghost for several months, would he peel off her skin?

Ning Meng quivered. It was better to go to school obediently.

She hoped that Shi Qi wouldn’t grow crooked. Best if he became a beautiful youth. This way, she would feel gratified even in her dreams.

Perhaps she’ll be able to watch his Wedding of the Century in the news in the future.

Ning Meng gradually fell asleep with this thought.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

On the day of reporting to school, Ning Meng got up early.

She hadn’t gone to school for many years, so every time she saw news of the college entrance examination on Weibo, she would miss that time of her life.

Now that she was really going to school to study again, she didn’t know how she would fare in the tests.

She had been reading books for the past two days and fortunately had Ning Ning’s memories. After doing a few papers, the results were similar to before, so she felt relieved.

If she suddenly dropped into becoming an underachieving student, she wouldn’t be able lift her head up.

The old city district was a bit far from the southern part of Sunan, so the dean drove over to pick them up early in the morning.

The dean was called Lin Yousheng. He was a middle-aged man who looked very refined. He also looked like a scholar, unlike the influential figures that appear in ordinary TV dramas.

He and Liang Fengmei were conversing throughout the whole journey, only occasionally asking her a few words.

When he arrived, he had also brought a lot of things for her, appearing evidently very caring, Liang Fengmei only said that he shouldn’t have done so because it wouldn’t be of any use..

At around ten o’clock, they arrived at City One Middle School.

Ning Meng obediently followed behind him, eyeing him and Liang Fengmei from time to time.

Liang Fengmei obviously didn’t have any feelings for him, but judging the gaze the dean cast towards her from time to time, she was afraid that he still had feelings for her.

Then again, she had heard that men had deep memories of their first love.

She secretly asked the system: “Is the dean married?”

If he was acting like this even after marriage, then he was undoubtedly a scumbag and she would have to separate him from Liang Fengmei, otherwise, it wouldn’t be good for her mother to get involved with him.

The system came out after a while and said: “Let me see… he’s had a divorce last year, and the reason… was because his wife cheated, in the end, he obtained custody of his son.”

Ning Meng felt relieved.

She still remembered that Ning Ning was no longer alive. If she left a year later, wouldn’t Liang Fengmei be left alone? If she had lost her daughter after losing her husband, she would probably be devastated.

It was better to be accompanied by someone who loved her in her later years than to have no one at all.

Lin Yousheng was very fond of Ning Ning’s well-behaved appearance. He said softly, “Ning Ning, in order to ease the pressures that third years have, on the second day of school, we are going to watch the shadow play1 , fortunately, you’ve just caught up in time.”

Ning Meng was surprised: “Are you referring to the ancient shadow play?”

Lin Yousheng smiled, “Yes, it just so happened that a shadow play troupe came to Yanjing to perform, and our school invited them over to perform right in the auditorium.”

It sounded like a lot of fun.

Ning Meng had only ever seen shadow plays in books and old movies and felt that their workmanship was very intriguing. The narration of the stories were very clear, and the voice overs weren’t inferior to others.

It was a pity that in the current modern times, there only existed very few ancient craftsmen, and they can only be seen performing in certain ancient city scenic spots.

She put on a smile and said: “Then I certainly have to watch it.”

Lin Yousheng was also very nervous about her, for fear that she didn’t like the topic he raised, that it would not be worth the gain if she hated it.

As soon as she entered school, she couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

City One Middle School was regarded as the best public school in Yanjing Sunan District. It was also highly ranked in the entire Yanjing. Ning Ning was considered fortunate enough to have gained admission.

From her perspective, this school did not lose compared to other noble schools.

Not only did they have to put down a large amount of money to enter this school, it was definitely more difficult to enter too.

Liang Fengmei didn’t quite understand this. She only knew that she had happened to run into Lin Yousheng at that time, and this old friend mentioned it in retrospect.

Lin Yousheng, however, put this matter to heart and looked for opportunities.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

After coming out of the administration building, Lin Yousheng took Ning Meng to the academic building of the third years.

It was school enrollment day yesterday. Now that students were already in class, she would have to greet the head teacher first before joining the class.

The weather was a bit overcast and she had been watching this school all the way.

She could see that they had good resources. The academic buildings were all very beautiful. And as far as the structure of buildings were concerned, the building for third years was separate from that of the first and second years.

Aftering passing by the hallways which overlooked the flower beds, further inside was the office.

There were five classes on the first floor, and Grade 3 Class 1 was located on the first floor.

The head teacher of Grade Three Class 1 was called Chen Yan and she was someone who was quick to act. She had been working in City One Middle School for eight years and had achieved a special teacher award and other credentials during her time.

She already knew of Lin Yousheng’s arrival, and asked him for relevant information while looking at the girl behind him from time to time.

Since Ning Ning was able to enter the first class, it could only mean that her grades were definitely top notch.

Even though it was actually more than that, owing to the fact that she also had connections, but the bulk of the point was that her grades were excellent. Besides that, there was also another Shi family kid in the class anyways…

She had seen the child’s entrance grades and didn’t consider it to be bad. Her grades met her standards, and she looked pretty well-behaved, so it shouldn’t be difficult to guide her.

Lin Yousheng said: “Ms. Chen, I will be leaving this child with you then.”

Chen Yan smiled, “Don’t worry, dean.”

Lin Yousheng turned around and exhorted a few more words to Ning Meng before finally leaving with Liang Fengmei, leaving Ning Meng alone.

Chen Yan asked, “You’re called Ning Ning right? Come with me. Everyone in the class is present today. Don’t get stage fright later. If you have any problems, let me know.”

The number of depressed students at present were many, in fact, there was one in her class last year.

Ning Meng replied, “I understand. Thank you teacher.”

Chen Yan stopped at the door of the class, turned around and told her: “My surname is Chen, you can call me Ms. Chen from now on. You don’t need to be nervous.”

How could Ning Meng not be nervous? She hadn’t attended high school for many years.

She couldn’t even think of how to introduce herself. Did she only need to mention her name or did she have to mention a couple of interests and strengths…

It was currently break time right now and many students were outside.

The window of Class One was open, and a boy stretched his head out to see an unfamiliar beautiful girl standing with the class teacher.

He immediately turned around and shouted: “Our class has a new transfer student!”

In an instant, several people next to him all came over.

“Is it a guy or a girl? Do they look good? Quickly let me see. It’s a girl.”

“I saw her, she’s quite a pretty girl, tiny too. Aiya, I really want to pinch her, she looks like my younger sister who just entered junior high school this year!”

“You look so perverted, move to the side, let this old lady take a look!”

A crowd instantly formed by the windows, and the majority of them were looking to join in the fun. Because class was too boring, fresh bloods like transfer students were something that could pique students’ interests.

Ning Meng was listening to Chen Yan’s instruction when she cast a glance at the window and met with several pairs of sparkling eyes. She pressed her lips and smiled slightly.

The people behind the window also smiled.

Why was the new transfer student so cute!

Currently, the class was having a break so there was 20 minutes of time to spare. Chen Yan checked her watch, and saw that there was enough time to go in. Without wasting any more words, she led her into the classroom.

Only a few people in the classroom had gone out.

Ning Meng followed Chen Yan to the podium, feeling very nervous to death. She thought to herself that she had lived as the old madame before and was now going to be attending class with a group of boys and girls.

The people below were waiting for the head teacher to speak, curious to know her name.

She did not possess an exquisite beauty, but rather looked like a delicate, pretty daughter from a humble family. She also had a petite figure which provoked a protective sense in them.

“Next to me is the new transfer student this semester.” Chen Yan knocked on the desk before turning to her again, “Ning Ning, please introduce yourself.”

Ning Meng didn’t look at all the people in the classroom, “Hello everyone, my name is Ning Ning. I hope to get along with everyone in the days to come.”

The people below them applauded and welcomed her, making her unable to help but smile secretly..

There was only one vacant seat in the classroom. Chen Yan pointed to the last row next to the window, “You can sit there first, we’ll be changing the class seats in two days so you can change your seats again by then.”

The people in the classroom also glanced over to where she pointed.

After a few seconds, they all turned their heads back and stared at the girl on the podium in unison.

Ning Meng was confused by their reaction and looked over.

Among the two tables over there, one table was empty while the other was filled with books, but the person behind the book was looking out the window, and his profile looked very beautiful, much like the delicate teenagers that could be found on Weibo.

No…perhaps he was even better looking than them.

She didn’t expect that the person sitting next to her would be a handsome guy.

Ning Meng walked over obediently, and everyone greeted her with enthusiasm along the way, making her a little flattered.

Because of the commotion, the boy who had been staring out the window turned his head.

After sweeping her a careless glass, he abruptly halted, a deep light flashing through his green eyes, looking as bright as the stars.

Ning Meng suddenly became nervous, “Hello, my name is Ning Ning.”

To tell the truth, this was the second time she had seen a person with green eyes. Paired with a beautiful face, he looked like the darling of the heavens, making people unable to shift their eyes away.

Back then, Shi Qi had a delicate and cute face, and this person looked like a beautiful boy who came out of a painting.

Perhaps after ten years, the little brat would have a good-looking countenance, probably even better than the one before her eyes, she thought to herself silently.

A gust of wind blew in through the open window and messed up his dark hair.

After a long while, he stood up and looked at her condescendingly, lowering his voice, saying: “Hello, my name is… Shi Qi.”

Ning Meng was taken aback for a moment, feeling a little overwhelmed to react.

The girl behind her thought it strange, so she poked her and whispered: “Are you okay? Shi Qi usually talks very coldly.”

Ning Meng recovered her senses, almost scaring herself to death, and replied in a daze, “It’s n-…nothing…”

Was this person in front of her, her great grandson???


What a…coincidence.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

17: Aren’t you my grandma???

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