Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 30 Ten Years Later?

Ning Meng once again woke up and found herself lying in a dark alley.

The alley was short and narrow, and not far in front was an overturned trash can, saturating the air with an unpleasant smell that made the tip of one’s nose itchy.

She stood up and took a look at her current appearance.

Wearing a T-shirt on top and ripped jeans on the bottoms, her whole person emitted a non-mainstream kind of vibe.

Did she transmigrate again?

Ning Meng pinched her nose. She did not dare go out without having full knowledge of the situation. She secretly asked the system: “What’s the situation? Where am I? Who am I?”

The system’s voice sounded vague: “You’re awake? This body temporarily meets the requirements, but you can only live for one year. I will try my best to find a new body in the meantime.”

Bursts of pain then assaulted her head.

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She also didn’t know how the original body came to have died in that kind of place.

Quickly turning in a corner, there were various commonly seen snack bars and supermarkets on the sides of the road, and there were even children running around outside.

Very quickly, she arrived at the site of the red dot.

Before Ning Meng could see what the shopkeeper was like, a middle-aged, slightly chubby woman inside, took a feather duster and rushed towards her, “Dead girl, where did you die off to that you only came back now?”

Reflexively, her legs broke out into a run.

Perhaps it was because she was possessing a young body that she was able to shake off the woman. However, in the end, she didn’t have the energy to run anymore and stopped at the end of the road.

“Ning Ning, where are you running off to again? Your body is so dirty, no wonder your mother was angry, hurry back and admit your mistakes then take a shower.”

The proprietress of the hardware store at the side was moving a small stool and eating melon seeds with the proprietress of the building materials store next door and seeing this, she spat out melon seed shells.

On this street, Ning Ming’s mother, Liang Fengmei, was the spunkiest. She often yelled at her children and they had all gotten used to it.

Ning Meng reacted. It turned out that this person was the mother of her body.

In her daze, Liang Fengmei had already caught up with her and grabbed her ears directly, “I won’t let you run again. Take a look at your current appearance. Which gutter did you crawl out from?”

Ning Meng wailed: “It hurts…”

Liang Fengmei’s eyes pricked up, “I want you to feel the pain! Look what you’ve done to your new clothes. It looks like you rolled in a pit of mud! Do you still want to live?”

The two proprietresses at the side advised: “Aiyo, Mother Ning, let her go back and take a shower first, otherwise, she’ll feel uncomfortable.”

Ning Meng didn’t dare speak any more. She only lowered her head and followed Liang Fengmei from behind, while secretly surveying the surrounding scenes.

She has never had any parents since she was a child. Although this middle-aged woman seemed to be scolding her fiercely, every word she uttered revealed her concern, making her heart feel sour as she listened.

If she were to know that her daughter had just passed away, she would have probably collapsed.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Once they reached home, Ning Meng was pushed into the bathroom.

After getting used to the days of being served by others in the Shi Family, she was originally feeling a bit absent-minded. Fortunately, she had lived through such a life before and could quickly adapt..

Liang Fengmei placed her pajamas outside.

Ning Meng slipped it on and simply ran into the opposite room.

There were a lot of dolls piled up in the room on the floor whereas a neat stack of books and various materials were placed on the desk by the window.

She quickly laid down on the bed and summoned the system: “You can give me the memories now.”

The system responded: “Get ready.”

A white light flashed in front of her, and Ning Meng only felt that her brain was about to blow up, but it changed after a while.

The transparent screen in front of her started to play a movie again, and the main character inside was this body’s original owner.

The real name of her current body was Ning Ning..

Her family operated a snack shop. When she was young, her father had died from a fall during work and ever since then she and her mother, Liang Fengmei, mutually relied on each other.

Their home was in the old part of the city which was about to be demolished. Liang Fengmei was waiting to receive the demolition money to buy a new house and live a better life.

Ning Ning’s grades were very good, but she was not very popular in school, and everyone in the class generally avoided her.

Firstly, it was because she was good-looking, but her family background was poor. Secondly, when the most handsome boy in class confessed to her and was rejected, the whole class of girls began to hate her.

Isolation and ridicule had become a common part of her life.

In the end, Ning Ning couldn’t bear it and told Liang Fengmei that she was going to transfer schools. Before summer vacation had started, she successfully passed the exam at the City One Middle School. As such, she was going to enter the third grade by the coming semester. She had even obtained a scholarship due to her excellent grades.

Liang Fengmei was originally the flower of the village. She also had a high school degree. No one would have thought that the classmate who had chased her back then was now the dean of City One Middle School.

Ning Ning’s ability to enter the school, naturally also held a part of his contribution.

Although Liang Fengmei had a sharp mouth, she was actually quite good to her.

Her daughter had never told her about her experiences in school, and people in the school didn’t dare do anything, only giving her the silent treatment. As such, Liang Fengmei always thought that her daughter who had good grades, was also as similarly popular as her.

The matter had occurred this morning.

Ning Ning went out to buy materials, and was dragged into the alley by two little gangsters. In the end, she hit the wall amidst her struggles and died from the impact.. The two gangsters ran away when they saw this.

That was how she was able to possess her body.

Ning Meng felt distressed when she looked at her. Just like this, a perfectly good girl was gone from this world.

The system said: “You are now living her life for her. She was originally going to die in a car accident before the college entrance examination one year later, so you still have to repossess another body a year later.”

These words didn’t make her feel at ease.

Banging sounds resounded on the door, shaking the dust off the walls.

Liang Fengmei yelled, “Troublemaker, quickly come out and watch the store for me!”

Ning Meng had yet to have even laid down for a while when she heard this and sighed. The other party was clearly her mother, so she couldn’t do anything.

“Quickly come out and watch the shop! If you don’t come out, I’ll throw all your toys away!”

She was going to play mahjong with three other housewives at the house next door. If she came too late, they might have enough participants, and she would have to sit at the side and watch them the whole afternoon. How could she play to her fullest if that happens?

Ning Meng opened a little crack and said, “I know, I know.”

Liang Fengmei opened the door directly, patted her on the head, and said, “Come out quickly. If I find that you made another mistake in giving change again, I’ll peel your skin off.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” she answered obediently.

The last time someone gave ten yuan, Ning Ning gave back more than sixty yuan of change, nearly causing Liang Fengmei to kill her.

Seeing her respond obediently, Liang Fengmei took off her apron in content and smoothed her hair in the mirror before rushing off to the next door excitedly.

It had become her habit to play mahjong with a few people next door every afternoon, and now that it happened to be summer vacation, she was able to hand over the duty of watching the shop over to her daughter.

Ning Meng changed out her pajamas and walked out of the room.

The snack shop wasn’t big, and the house was quite old. It sold things in the front while they resided in the back. The big room was where Liang Fengmei lived, and the other small room was hers.

This shop could even be considered to be older than her.

She could still hear the sound of mahjong in the nearby store, and soon became drowsy, lying on the cashier side sleepily.

The same familiar people lived within the old city district, so never would there appear a case where someone would refuse to pay. Sometimes, people would even pay for things the next day after getting the item.

Experiencing an abrupt change in her surroundings from the Shi Residence to this place, Ning Meng was still struggling to adapt.

Recalling the footsteps she heard before she possessed another body, she didn’t know whether the person who arrived was Li Chun or Shi Qi because she couldn’t even get one last look at them.

She also didn’t know if they had seen the note she had left.

The sound of a cell phone rang all of a sudden.

There were so many things on the table that she only managed to find it under the ledger after fumbling around  for a long time. On the screen of the phone was the name of the dean of City One Middle School.

Since there was no screensaver, she answered the call directly.

The voice on the other end sounded loud and clear: “Fengmei, Ning Ning’s student registration has already been transferred, so just come and enroll her after school starts in two days.”

Ning Meng thought for a while and said, “Uncle, my mother has gone out and is not at home right now.”

“Oh, it’s Ningning. Then tell your mother and ask her to call me back.”

“Alright. Thank you, Uncle.”

After hanging up the phone, Ning Meng wondered if the dean still had any feelings for Ning Ning’s mother. After all, Liang Fengmei’s husband had already passed away for more than ten years.

But these were adult’s businesses, not hers.

Thinking of what had happened before she died, Ning Meng couldn’t help but ask, “System, what has become of the Shi family after I left? Was Shi Qi still able to grow up properly?”

The system explained: “We jumped too far ahead in time. The current trajectory is not necessarily the original one, so I can’t see it from my end.”

Hearing what it said, Ning Meng couldn’t help but sigh.

There was no computer here, so she had no source of information at all. Even if she were to ask the people around here, they certainly wouldn’t know who or what the Shi Family was.

Catching a glance of the phone on the side, her eyes lit up immediately.

She may not have a computer, but at least she had a mobile phone. And although this phone was old, it was still a smartphone and could even be used to connect to the internet.

She secretly logged into a browser and entered Shi Shanjin’s name, rendering a large piece of related news to quickly pop up.

Even though Shi Shanjin didn’t care about business affairs, there was no news about him at all. Apart from the usual, there was not the slightest information on him at the Feng Shui section at all.

If she didn’t know about him, she would’ve immediately thought that he was just another rich man.

She scrolled all the way to the end but nothing unusual seemed to have happened to the Shi Family.

This made sense. The death of an old lady wouldn’t leave much impact since old madame Shi didn’t even interfere with the Shi Family business, only living a leisurely life.

When she was about to exit the browser, Ning Meng suddenly stared at the time displayed on the screen, and didn’t recover after a long while.

Was it currently ten years in the future?

Was this the time leap the system had mentioned before? Jumping ten years ahead in an instant?

Then wouldn’t Shi Qi be seventeen years old now… She had only raised him for half a year, and the little kid suddenly became seventeen. Ning Meng suddenly felt it a little hard to imagine.

The author has something to say:

You don’t need to imagine it because you’ll know it when you see him haha

Whatever happens when 17 comes back home in the past and what happens when he sees her again will be written as memories

We now have the rumored 10 year time skip, let me hear you cheer!

Tomorrow, Ning Meng will start attending school

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