Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 3 Yin Yang Eyes

Seeing him comply, Ning Meng felt relieved.

She was afraid that the plot of the novel was going to be irrevocably fulfilled by some unknown force. Fortunately, even though the system sounded weak, nothing had happened so far.

As soon as this matter was resolved, the boulder pressing down on her chest had vanished, causing the old granny’s body to slowly recover.

Later on, Ning Meng, who was forced by the pair of sisters to lay down the bed the whole day, finally discovered that her vision was getting better. 

Even though there still seemed to be a veil covering her eyes, the entire room was enveloped in a warm yellow light. It wasn’t too bright nor was it too striking, instead, it gave people a comforting feeling.

The system popped out again like a ghost: “This is the qi of the array. After you transmigrated, you have come to possess yin yang eyes.”

Ning Meng was greatly alarmed: “Yin Yang eyes? Will I be able to see ghosts from now on?”

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Each and every move she made required a great amount of effort which, compared to the young, were on opposite extremes. The old grandma also didn’t have a good vision, mistakenly identifying Li Chun as Li Xia and making a fool of herself.

After getting a good rest, she had managed to recover substantively and her vision had also become slightly clearer, seeing a lot better than a blurred view.

Seeing Lichun energetically run around all day and night, the bed-stricken Ning Meng was incessantly envious. If she made any excessive movements, dizziness would hit her and it simply felt like she was going through sheer hell. 

Ning Meng sighed on the inside.

Oh how nice it was being youthful!

She looked around the room which appeared more gorgeous than what she had seen yesterday with a murky sight. It had a reserved luxury to it but one could easily tell that it was out of the ordinary with just one glance. 

The novel described this Shi Family as a true affluent and powerful family and although Ning Meng’s previous family could also be considered to be rich, it didn’t give off the same feeling that this family did. In fact, just by comparison, her family was more like a nouveau riche. 

The Shi Family was deserving of its prestigious noble reputation.

She sat up from the bed, took a few breaths, and expended a lot of effort patting her back,

At this time, Li Chun coincidentally pushed the door and entered, holding another bunch of flowers which were beautifully cut, and Ning Meng, who liked plants, nearly had her eyes glued to it.

Li Chun arranged the flowers inside before coming over to help her, “Old Madame, you shouldn’t be recklessly moving around. The doctor said you need more rest.”

Ning Meng waved her hand and narrowed her eyes, saying, “Li Chun, hand me that mirror over there.”

On this day, she finally had a firm grasp of knowledge. Li Chun was a simple person, while Li Xia was a bit more sharp. Although Ning Meng had the old lady’s memories, she was still afraid to get caught and be placed in a research institute, regarded as a freak. 

Li Chun took the small mirror and abruptly reacted, “Old Madame, why do you need to look into the mirror now?”

Having been ill for a few days, her complexion appeared unsightly and wouldn’t get better any time soon. If the Old Madame who was always predisposed to liking beauty were to receive a shock, her temper… 

Ning Meng touched her own face, “I just want to take a look. Give it to me, I won’t get angry.”

The dry and wrinkly skin caused her to have goosebumps on the inside.

After waiting for a long time and not seeing any action taken, she could only harden her face: “Li Chun.”

Distraught, Li Chun could only give her the mirror.

The mirror had an ancient taste to it. It had a goose egg shape with decorative wooden outlines and auspicious clouds wrapped around the handle area. It even carried a touch of fragrance.

Weighing it in her hands, Ning Meng felt that a lot of the old lady’s possessions were quite old. 

Take this mirror as an example. This was given by the old grandma’s mother-in-law, just like a rumored heirloom being passed down. It was at least a few hundred years old.

Antiquities were most likely to provoke things that were of dark and evil nature, however, the old things in grandma’s room were extremely warm to the touch, it was evidently different.

This old mirror was also surrounded by a layer of warm yellow mist.

The system explained seriously: “Generally, auspicious and propitious qis are warm in color, among them, warm yellow is the most peaceful and rare. Dark and evil qis have cold colors, such as black and gray. As for malicious spirits, it tends to be more varied.”

Then this ancient mirror must be really amazing.

Ning Meng shook her thoughts away, and held the mirror close to her face. Opening her eyes, she was prepared to take a good look at herself.

The face in the mirror was that of a very ordinary elderly’s face.

The exposed forehead and corner of the eyes carried wrinkles, making her look amiable, however, her general appearance looked surly and unreasonable. 

The owner of this face had now changed. With eyes that were still as innocent as a baby, and when looked closely, appearing to be ignorant of the world’s affairs, a perplexed light flashed across her face.

Ning Meng stared at this wrinkled face, frowning slightly and feeling that something was amiss. After a long time, she had finally found the reason why.

——This face…looked like hers.

When she was in her freshman year, the school made it mandatory for them to join a club and it just so happened that she was interested in the drama club so she signed up and entered it.

There were many beauties in school and her small and soft-looking jade face didn’t have a striking kind of beauty.  She also didn’t know how to establish a relationship with them so she naturally couldn’t play the part of the main lead, usually obtaining only the little cannon fodder roles.

Before the end of semester’s art show, she had gotten the role of the female lead’s grandmother who was rude, unreasonable in character and was responsible for breaking up the couple in the show.

And so, when she went onstage, to give the feeling of realism, the members used their excellent makeup skills to turn her into a senior. After donning a wig, her appearance made them laugh for a long time.

The face in the mirror right now looked almost identical to when she finished her makeup back then, the only exception being her temperament.

It was like waking up from a dream and crossing into the future of being old.

Seeing the old lady still staring at the mirror in a daze, Li Chun’s heart leapt.

After being ill-stricken, not even mentioning elderly people, even a girl of seventeen or eighteen years old would have an ugly complexion. This was for certain.

Ning Meng placed the mirror down at the side and said, “It’s nothing, I’m just taking a look.”

There were too many strange things in the world, take for example the fact that she had even transmigrated.

It wasn’t strange to find people who looked alike. Moreover, it wasn’t a big deal, it was just a little awkward. However, it was a little bit better than staring at a completely unfamiliar face. 

Besides, the system looked to be very shy and it didn’t force her to do anything. For now, everything seemed to be going fine.

Ning Meng thought to herself, throwing this matter at the back of her head. She then suddenly raised a question: “Has Seventeen arrived yet?”

Li Chun responded, squinting her eyes at her, and mischievously said: “Yesterday, the young master said, if no accidents were to occur, he’ll let Young Master Qi come over today and allow him to live in this cottage from now on.”

Even if the old lady had misunderstood and was now attached to calling him Seventeen, as servants, they weren’t allowed to refer to him the same way.

Once Ning Meng heard this, she slapped her thighs and as a result, she didn’t feel much sensations on her soft limbs.

She pouted. The sooner it was, the better, because if she was close to him, there would definitely be less accidents happening.

Her previous family background was slightly rich and she treated this wealthy Shi Family as if she was watching the TV series of a novel. The novel casually described Shi Qi’s life as being bleak but in the end, he turned into that kind of character because he had definitely gone through a lot. 

The unknown was always the scariest.

Ning Meng couldn’t help but start connecting the crafty plots and schemes, her heart turning cold.

While sleeping, she had gone through all of the old grandma’s memories and had now become familiar with this Shi Family. 

The novel didn’t mention Shi Qi’s real age so she tried to think back. The third son left the house almost 8 years ago and judging by the circumstances at that time and taking everything into account, the child should be at least 7 or 8 years old right? 

It should be fairly easy to raise a little bean.

She casually asked, “How old is Seventeen?”

Li Chun hurriedly replied: “Seven years old. He is the same age as Young Master Cong.”

When Ning Meng heard Shi Cong being mentioned, she didn’t know what to think. 

Shi Cong was the child of her second son and the old grandma had really liked this child, doting on him excessively. However, he usually didn’t like coming to the scottage, after all, there were much more amusing things to play with in the main residence.

However, Ning Meng didn’t have any good feelings for this child.

The first reason was due to the behavior of the child towards the old lady in her memory. She felt that the brat was too mischievous and he was way too arrogant.

Because of that brat, she had eaten a lot of losses, so she still preferred an obedient child.

Secondly, Shi Cong and his older sister added a heavy stroke to Shi Qi’s dark childhood. In the future, when Shi Qi had gotten hold of the Shi Family, their endings were quite miserable.

Old people were predisposed to having a headache when they think too much so Ning Meng rubbed her temples and laid back on the bed again, speaking unhurriedly: “Let me know when he arrives.”

She needed to give the parentless child a bit of familial affection. If she were able to live long, without even needing Shi Qi to treat her well, as long as he didn’t scare her, she was going to be fine with it.

Li Chun responded, tucking her in, and softly closing the door, leaving.

Even though she was lying in bed, Ning Meng couldn’t fall asleep.

Ning Meng called out to the system: “What has the grandma’s oldest son been doing recently?”

The system answered: “Wait, I’ll go take a look…..”

Within just a few seconds, the system came back and replied: “Two days ago, a man came over to find your eldest son, saying that his daughter had been playing the pen fairy with others in school, and something went wrong.”

“The pen fairy?” Ning Meng was shocked.

She knew that pen fairies were difficult to deal with. Various novels and horror films have used pen fairies as villains more than once, and were even one of the most well-known games of calling spirits. 

In the end, the pen fairy was not a fairy at all, but a ghost.

The system nodded: “The three people living in the same dormitory as his daughter have already died. Moreover, they all died in different ways, their deaths miserable and grim. The next one is going to be his daughter.”

Ning Meng immediately understood.

They hadn’t succeeded in sending the pen fairy away, instead, they were caught by it.

The author has something to say:

The old grandma’s life is basically a Mary Sue novel


The male lead is finally appearing in the next chapter _(:з」∠)_

Anyways, don’t even try calling the pen fairy.

T/N: I used to be into horror movies involving Ouija boards but I haven’t watched one in a long time. Good times~

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