Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 29 Searching for a suitable body

Shi Shanjin originally thought that the Dragon Mountain was a good place.

But once he walked inside, he found that the faintly entwined malicious yin air completely blocked the flow of auspicious qi

There used to be a river inside, flowing from outside the mountain, through the mountain, into the fields below the mountain, but now, there was an obstruction in the middle, breaking the flow of running water.

Before he could even walk inside, he felt something out of the ordinary.

Shi Qi frowned: “Uncle…I’ve been getting the nagging feeling that something’s wrong…”

He couldn’t explain why, but he kept having this feeling in his heart. When he was just at the foot of the mountain, he was already feeling this way, he just never mentioned it.

Shi Shanjin stopped and said, “What you feel isn’t wrong. There is indeed something unusual here, something that’s man-related.”

The trees along the road were not grown naturally, but planted. Moreover, they strictly followed certain rules.

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The paper crane stayed in the air for a few seconds, before slowly whooshing off into the green trees ahead, disappearing from the sight of the two.

Shi Shanjin said: “Slow down and wait for its response. You will learn this kind of talisman in the future. It’s not difficult. You usually use it to find a path.”

Shi Qi silently noted this down.

Because he was currently attending school, he didn’t have a lot of time to learn how to draw talismans. He could only learn to draw one or two each time, and uncle would always say that it was ‘not bad’ after he finished.

Regardless, he always felt that the talisman he drew was terrible, otherwise, why would uncle keep repeating the same two words?

Shi Qi made up his mind, resolving that he definitely had to learn more.

Shi Shanjin slowed down and walked forward, waiting for the paper crane’s reply, but after waiting for nearly half an hour, a reply never came.

At this, his expression turned heavy.

Obviously, the talisman must have encountered something, otherwise, it would not fail to return.

Shi Qi watched him pause in place and asked, “Uncle, what’s the matter?”

Shi Shan shook his head, “Nothing, let’s keep going, watch the red thread carefully.”

They followed the red line throughout the whole journey because this was the only information left from the bride’s side.

This bracelet was worn by the woman for a long time when she was still alive. It didn’t have much spiritual qi but it was contaminated with her scent. He has also seen a drop of bloodstain on the flower.

If one didn’t look closely, one wouldn’t be able to notice it at all.

It was also precisely because of this drop of blood that linked the bracelet to the corpse. If it weren’t for Shi Qi’s yin yang eyes, he might have spent a lot more time decoding this matter.

Half an hour later, a cave came into view.

This cave was triangular in shape and looked very peculiar. The edges revealed that it was not young nor newly made.

And it looked like someone had come here a long time ago.

One couldn’t see the contents from the outside, its visibility very low. Yet, light could clearly shine in, but appeared to be blocked by someone.

The red thread that Shi Qi saw with his eyes, stretched straight into the cave.

Shi Shanjin put Shi Qi down and did not rashly barge inside.

Lying on the ground outside the cave were the two paper cranes he had just released, They had reverted back to the appearance of the talisman paper itself and lost its function.

Shi Qi couldn’t see the inside of the cave clearly, “Uncle, what’s inside?”

Shi Shanjin replied, “I also don’t know.”

He looked up and saw that the originally sunny weather had turned into a cloudy sky, dark clouds swirling above their heads as if indicating that troubles were coming up ahead of them.

The abrupt arrival of overcast skies made Shi Shanjin frown.

A black cloud appeared in a place where the malicious yin air was strong, as though telling him that something bad was about to happen, and he faintly felt that he would not get any results from this journey.

Shi Qi suddenly said: “This place makes me feel uncomfortable.”

Especially when the air was blowing out of the cave just now, it was like a cold air had suddenly wrapped around his body, before it quickly disappeared.

Shi Shanjin responded: “Go wait outside. If someone comes, use the talisman… No, it’s better for you to come inside with me.”

Halfway through the conversation, he changed his tune again.

Since the red thread led them here, it meant that the corpse was residing here. However, he couldn’t figure out what was contained inside, only assuming the other party must have set up some traps.

The two eventually ended up entering the cave.

Shi Shanjin thought that they would encounter some booby traps inside but he didn’t expect to have entered the cave very easily. The other party seemed confident that no one would find this place, so he didn’t prepare much.

Shi Shanjin was familiar with most of the things he prepared and was able to solve them without much problems cropping up.

After walking in the damp cave for nearly ten minutes, the view before them immediately cleared up, and the cave immediately became bigger.

Shi Shanjin turned on the phone’s flashlight and shone a path, rotating it inside.

Shi Qi immediately saw a dark shadow at first glance.

He tugged Shi Shanjin, and whispered: “There’s a dark shadow over there.”

Shi Shanjin shifted his gaze over, and didn’t see the black shadow that Shi Qi was referring to. Instead, he saw a female corpse with strangle marks on her neck. It was the corpse that Li Hui was looking for.

To avoid any problems, he took out a fine thread and wrapped it around the body.

Using the talisman once again, the paper crane quickly flew up carrying the corpse, swaying it as it departed from the cave.

Shi Qi stared at it stupefied.

It turned out that paper cranes also had this function.

Shi Shanjin looked around inside the cave, and saw that nothing was left here. It seemed that the other party had brought everything with him to guard against the unexpected.

He lowered his head and said, “Let’s go.”

The quiet black shadow in the corner rushed out, twisting as he moved, and brimming with yin air, colliding into the two of them.

Before Shi Qi could even say anything, he reached out to block it.

Through the light of the phone, he saw that the black shadow he touched had suddenly become fainter, and a sharp cry rang in his ears.

Shi Shanjin’s thread was still wrapped around his hand, and he threw it straight over and pulled it fiercely, but before he could tighten it, the shadow disappeared.

“It looks like her soul had already been used.” Shi Shanjin withdrew the thread and said flatly, “Let’s go.”

He figured that the other party had wanted her corpse for some reason, and had also naturally used the soul as well.

Based on what he felt earlier, he knew from the touch that the woman’s physique was yin, and crooked people liked this physique, because it attracted ghosts the easiest.

He also knew in his heart that his mother was also of yin physique.

That was why, the physique of his generation in the Shi Family was also slightly leaning to yin, which was more conducive in the line of Feng Shui and was naturally better than ordinary people.

Shi Qi took one last glance at the place before turning around and leaving.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

After an unknown amount of time had passed, Ning Meng realized that she was floating mid-air.

Just like the day she was in the hospital ward.

She hurriedly asked the system, not knowing whether it was there: “System, are you still there? What’s the situation with me now?”

Very quickly, the system came out: “I just brought your soul out temporarily, otherwise that person would have taken it away, and you probably wouldn’t be able to live.”

Ning Meng still had lingering fears.

When the door was opened, she felt a pain that struck her brain. She could only see a little black corner of his clothes, and didn’t even manage to see what the person looked like.

The flustered feeling she had, felt exactly like imminent death.

By the time she had opened her eyes once again, she was already floating mid-air. The room was silent and when she walked out of the room, she saw that everything had gone back to normal.

The old lady’s body was laying on the ground, sporting a bloody gash on her neck.

She surmised that the person she had encountered, had done it to take the blood of the old lady. She didn’t know what his intention for doing it was but the reason was probably due to her physique.

Now that she thought about it, perhaps the old man was just looking at the old lady’s physique.

Ning Meng felt a burst of lingering fear.. She always felt that if the system hadn’t brought out her soul, she would have immediately been taken away by the man in black.

And horrible things would certainly happen to her.

While she was in the midst of her thoughts, the system said: “I have submitted the information, and am searching for a suitable body for you. It may take some time.”

It really didn’t expect what had happened today, and this event was not even mentioned in the original book, so it could only wait until a suitable body was available before it could transmigrate her over.

A matter like this must have been a result of their mismanagement.

Ning Meng wondered: “Do I still need to possess another body again? Don’t I just die just like that? Do I need to travel through time to reincarnate?”

The system explained: “This time, it was a mistake. We hadn’t expected it to happen. According to the statistics of our Transmigration Department, you have to live in this world for 80 years, so we are going to make it up for you. You can be rest assured.”

Ning Meng understood its words.

She didn’t know what great deeds she had accomplished in her previous life to be able to live until a hundred years old. She also did not expect to be involved in an accident and lose her life before she could even reach the remaining 80 years. And now, she was going to start a new life again, enough to live for the remaining 80 years out.

Thinking of the awkward Shi Qi, she sighed with sorrow.

She had already finished planning how she was going to raise the child, how to find a girlfriend for him and other long-term ideas to become a qualified grandmother.

How could she have expected something like this to happen?

Ning Meng first glanced at the weasel lying at the side. It suffered a lot of injuries and even had some blood on its mouth.

However, the fact that it was still alive, allowed her to heave a breath in relief.

Although she had only interacted with the weasel for a short period of time and it was always causing a ruckus, it didn’t get angry with her when she kept stroking it so after some time, she had developed good feelings towards it.

Ning Meng couldn’t help but smile every time she saw it sitting on the steps of the backyard staring at the brood of chickens. It was really cute.

The system was still searching, when Ning Meng turned around in the room.

The note she left on the cabinet was still there. But that person hadn’t noticed it. Ning Meng stared at it for a while. Perhaps there was a chance that they would find her testament once they came back?

She flew outside silently. And saw that the cottage appeared as usual.

If she hadn’t experienced it herself, no one would have known that something horrible had happened in the cottage. Not only did someone break in, that someone had also committed murder.

Li Xia was lying on the ground in the yard, appearing to have lost consciousness.

Seeing that she was still breathing, Ning Meng felt relieved. What she feared most was discovering that Li Xia had been killed without any mercy, fortunately, that person did nothing.

Thinking of this, she promptly flared up in anger. They didn’t even provoke the other party. Did they need to be ruthless? Not only did they swagger into their home, they also killed her without any qualms.

If it weren’t for the system, she was afraid that her soul would have been captured by the other party by now, and she didn’t even know what kind of bloody atrocities he was planning to do to her.

The whole cottage appeared very quiet. Only a few chickens in the backyard were clucking out fearlessly with not a clue of what had just transpired.

Ning Meng sat at the big doorway.

Although she didn’t know why she was not afraid of the sun, she had nowhere else to go now.

As soon as she turned around, she could see the empty living room. The computer screen showed the video she had pressed pause on and scattered melon seed shells were laid out on the table.

She didn’t know when they would come back and whether she would be able to see them one last time.

Just as she was thinking this, she heard footsteps coming from the outside.

“Someone’s back?” Ning Meng floated up in pleasant surprise and went over to take a look, “Is it Li Chun or is it Great Grandson…”

Before she could even finish her words, her whole figure seemed to have been sucked away. Her transparent body faded, her consciousness gradually dissipated, and the surrounding air became warped.

The system’s voice faded: “I found you a body, but we have to leap through time…”


Go home, go home, go home

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

Little Yellow could only watch the backyard and drool everyday since he’s not allowed to eat them.

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