Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 28 Someone burst in

Shi Shanjing had no problems in navigating such an ordinary maze.

Li Hui only felt that she was following him in circles so she ultimately stopped in her tracks. When she looked back, she could no longer see the scene outside.

She had never been to this mountain either, only passing through it as a child.

At that time, she was still young and dared to do anything. She ran inside with the boys and with her brother in the village, and in the end, was picked up by the adults anyway.

Later on, the adults started forbidding them from going inside that area to play.

As such, Li Hui knew very little about this mountain.

Shi Qi’s eyes were fixed on the red thread.

The red thread seemed to have disappeared just now, and it suddenly reappeared after uncle had stopped, making him heave a breath of relief.

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She hadn’t touched the ground nor did she bled, so the culprit probably thought that her corpse had a use but didn’t expect for someone to report to the police to take it away.

He checked the woman’s date of birth and her eight characters.

Although she did not have pure yin, she was still a top notch yin girl. Her eight characters were in line with the requirements of some people.

Shi Shanjin suddenly remembered something and asked, “How many days has the woman gone missing?”

“Counting today, it should be about forty-nine days.” Li Hui calculated and said affirmatively.

Last last month, before she had met the inlaws, the corpse had already been dead for 13 days. Then, last month before she could even find the Shi Family people, up until today, the total came to 49 days.

Shi Shanjin cast a gaze to a certain place in the mountain.

Seven weeks or forty-nine days…The day where the dead return to their grave.

Did the other party want to refine the soul or did they want to do something else with it?

Refining the soul was a fairly simple process. If it was another case, such as taking this opportunity to call upon a soul, or even resurrect someone, then, those processes would be quite troublesome.

Shi Shanjin faintly felt that it was the latter case.

Both soul-calling and resurrection required other things. It was not enough to have one yin girl. In fact, in the previous records, the highest number was hundreds of them.

“Uncle, are we still going inside?” Seeing him sink into his thoughts and being unresponsive for a long time, Shi Qi couldn’t help but ask.

Still lost in thought, Shi Shan replied, “En, let’s go in.”

He turned to the person behind him, “Li Hui, you can go back now. Don’t worry about getting lost.”

“This…” Before Li Hui could even finish speaking, she saw his expression, and immediately said: “Okay, I understand. Mr. Shi, please pay attention to safety.”

No matter how stupid she was, she could see that something was wrong.

How could a corpse run into the deep mountains? Someone must have gotten it in. She didn’t know who that wicked person was, to go so low as to even steal a corpse.

Once her figure disappeared from view, Shi Shanjin took out his cell phone.

At this moment, it was far more serious than he thought. He might need someone to bring something over because Shi Qi was still far too young and only could only have an effect on ghosts.

He didn’t expect, however, that when he took his mobile phone out, no signal could be found.

Shi Shanjin frowned, feeling uneasy in his heart.

He didn’t know where this anxiety came from.

Shi Qi was still waiting for his answer when he suddenly saw the red line moving, and exclaimed: “The red line has become thinner!”


Shi Shanjin couldn’t care about anything else anymore. He asked Shi Qi to get on his back because the mountain road was too difficult for children to walk on.

With large steps, he strode into the mountain.

.✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

In the cottage, Ning Meng looked at the black hole in front of her, aghast.

It felt like the whole world had changed. Even if it was a supernatural world, something like this shouldn’t even happen, it’s simply turned into a Xuanhuan genre.

She asked the system: “What in the world is going on?”

It was clearly fine and peaceful this morning, why did people suddenly start disappearing, and something as outrageous as this happen?

The system’s voice also didn’t sound very good: “Someone must have prepared this a long time ago, but was not discovered. And today, they’re taking action.”

Even Shi Shanjin couldn’t detect this…

Ning Meng couldn’t believe it. The person on the other side must be very powerful, and he must have known that there was something here, otherwise he wouldn’t have attempted to come in.

The stairway was too scary, she didn’t dare to stay there any longer.

Although she was now in the body of an old lady, perhaps because of the outbreak, she didn’t feel that there was a big problem.

She asked the system: “What the hell is going on today?”

The system did not respond to this, and instead said: “Quickly enter the room.”

Ning Meng didn’t dare to stop. After a while, she entered her room. After entering it, she felt a lot more at ease.

It wasn’t like the outside where she felt that someone had been constantly watching her. There was also the feeling of being sucked away any time soon.

The system then said, “There must’ve been someone who broke the cottage array, set up an array by himself, and lured away all the other people.”

Ning Meng couldn’t help but think of Li Xia, “Is she still alive?”

The system answered: “She should be alive. I haven’t detected her death yet.”

This room was the room that the old lady and the old man shared. Ning Meng assumed that it would be quite sturdy, lasting her at least a while.

Just as she was thinking this, the window suddenly snapped open.

A yellow figure flashed past, and Ning Meng was able to determine that it was the weasel since she was still wearing her reading glasses. It jumped in from the window and called out sharply.

Its voice was so sharp, Ning Meng’s ears started hurting. She stroked it, saying: “Be quiet, there might be someone out there.”

The hair on its body seems to have been burnt a lot, one chunk was bald while another remained fine, making up for an appalling sight, its attractive index plummeting.

The weasel stopped calling and bit her trouser leg with its mouth.

Ning Meng was already nervous. Now that she was being bitten by it, she couldn’t help but say, “Little Yellow, don’t bite my clothes. We are about to get caught.”

The weasel let go of her and circled around her.

Ning Meng stroked it again.

She felt that she must’ve run out of luck today.

Even though she had read the novel a long time ago and expected such a result, it still felt very scary.

The weasel called out loudly again out of the blue and bit Ning Meng’s trousers, digging both front paws, and pulling her forward.

Ning Meng could only follow it, and asked the system, “What does it want to do?”

She couldn’t understand the weasel’s behavior, but it shouldn’t hold any harmful intentions towards her.

Soon, one woman and one weasel stopped outside a room.

The weasel let go of its mouth, and walked around behind her, pushing her inside and moving around constantly appearing frantic.

The system said: “Hurry inside. This is Li Hui’s room.”

Ning Meng hadn’t reacted yet, but her hand pushed the door open and she hid inside, shutting the door closed and leaned against it, panting for breath.

It felt as though the oppression she was feeling had disappeared as soon as she entered the room.

She looked around while the weasel stopped by the bedside, its mouth and legs pushing the big black bag on the ground.

She still remembered the pixiu that Li Hui took out that day. It turns out that she didn’t take it away and left it here.

The system suddenly became excited: “Quickly go hold the pixiu figure.”

It spoke so anxiously that Ning Meng didn’t have time to think about anything. She ran over to the bedside, and opened the bag, holding the glowing pixiu figure in her arms.

The figure of pixiu was so big that she couldn’t hold it.

She could still see the glowing light on the surface, which gave people a very comfortable feeling, and made a lot of her restlessness dissipate.

I wonder if Shi Shanjin saw my text message.

Ning Meng frowned, but also suspected that it would have been useless regardless whether or not he saw it. The other party was able to break his array, proving that he was a lot more formidable than him.

The system whispered: “The array just now must have been aimed at you. If you get sucked in, it will be over for you.”

She also felt scared, but fortunately, she was a few steps faster.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, one could see from the windows that the sun had already risen to the sky, signalling that it was already noon.

Perhaps thinking that ghosts would not come out at noon, Ning Meng couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Nothing had happened earlier after all.

The weasel broke free from her embrace and kept spinning around the room, not knowing what it was feeling anxious for..

Apart from her breathing, only the sound of the weasel’s footsteps reverberated in the room. There also didn’t seem to be any noises coming outside the room.

Ning Meng kept her ears sharp. She could always feel that something was wrong.

Logically speaking, it shouldn’t be so quiet outside. When she climbed the stairs just now, there was a small noise coming from behind.

She trembled and asked the system: “Did someone come in from the outside? The one who did all of this?”

What did this person want to do? What was he trying to achieve?

She always felt that she would not be able to hide today, or even if she could hide for a while, she could not hide for a lifetime.

Ning Meng pulled out a piece of paper from the cupboard and scribbled a few lines, considering it as her testament.

The system suddenly said: “Yes…someone is about to come in!”

As soon as its voice fell, a series of footsteps sounded outside, but stopped at the door after a few seconds.

Ning Meng’s heart instantly leapt to her throat, making her almost unable to breathe. She held the pixiu in one hand and pulled the weasel that was wandering around in front of her with the other.

The weasel seemed to be aware of something too, obediently staying still in her arms, but it revealed a fierce expression, baring its teeth at the door of the room.

The door was gently pushed open.

“Who is it?” She squinted her eyes and saw only black clothes. Then, everything turned dark before her and she lost consciousness.

The system in her mind yelled out: “Ning Meng!”

It became anxious, and almost instantly carried out a special plan as Ning Meng’s soft body instantly hit the ground.

The weasel laid on her chest, sniffling strongly and producing small squeaks

The big Pixiu figure remained standing there, and beside it laid an old person who had completely stopped breathing..

A hand stretched over.

The weasel jumped up fiercely, biting the hand before it was flung away and crashed against the walls, “Bastard.”

The pixiu appeared as though it was emitting a light before a hand touched the area between its brows.

It didn’t take long before the lustrous pixiu turned into a lump of powder from top to bottom as though it had been pounded.

Immediately afterwards, the hand stretched out to the person on the ground, pausing for a moment, before a slightly puzzled voice rang “…Is the soul gone?”

After a while, the neck of the elderly on the ground was cut open, and a bloody gash appeared immediately.

A small white jade porcelain bottle about two fingers long, was placed below the gash, allowing blood to trickle in and leaving a bright red stain on its mouth.

Not long after, the porcelain bottle was filled to the brim..

The faint footsteps gradually faded away accompanied with the sound of the door closing and the person vanished without a trace.

The room recovered its silence once again.

The author has something to say:

Sigh. Let’s observe a moment of silence for Ning Meng.

17 will only come back to see a testament she left behind.

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