Chapter 27 An Accident in the Cottage

The red thread continued to float outside, taking form mid-air.

Shi Qi walked ahead, his eyes glued to the front for fear that it would disappear.

Soon, they left the village and came to the field behind the village, and not far from the field stood a mountain.

Shi Shanjin stared at the mountain, feeling a little surprised.

From where they stood, the surface of the mountain was surrounded by clouds and mist, verdant and lush, it looked like an excellent place to bury tombs. If this were the ancient times, not mentioning the emperor, but nobles would probably use this as a resting place.

He didn’t expect that a small mountain village would have such a good place like this.

Recollecting himself, he continued to follow Shi Qi.

Li Hui followed them from behind, completely unaware of what was going on. She only knew that the child said there was a red line, but she couldn’t see it.

As expected of experts, even a child could see the extraordinary.

Li Hui once again felt that she was fortunate because she had really found the right people this time. Everything her mother said in the beginning was right.

Shi Qi walked in the forefront, his face taut.

As they continued to walk straight ahead, the color of the thread turned into a deeper shade of red and appeared even more clearly. The direction of where it extended to was also more visible and it was headed towards the mountains.

Seeing that they were getting closer and closer to the mountain, Shi Shanjin asked, “What is this mountain called? What is its history?”

Li Hui hurriedly said, “This mountain is called the Dragon Mountain. I’m not sure why it was called this but my ancestors have been referring to it this way for generations. It’s probably very old. I heard the elderly in the village say that this mountain has existed there since they were young. And it has always been there.”

Dragon Mountain?

Shi Shanjin raised an eyebrow. They dared call the mountain with such a grand name? If it couldn’t assume the mightiness of such a grand title, they would’ve lost their luck.

Based on what he could see, they made too much fuss about this Dragon Mountain.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, the group of people crossed the fields and reached the foot of the mountain. The top of the mountain looked hazy, leaving only the waist of the mountain to be seen.

Shi Qi stopped all of a sudden and turned around, saying: “The red line is still going inside.”

There were too many trees inside to see the road so he got confused and wondered if he should proceed ahead.

Li Hui hesitantly said: “Mr. Shi, the people of our village basically never go near the mountain. Someone came here before and spent a night inside. By the time he left, he realized that he was stuck in the same place. We…”

Their village thought this mountain to be a bit unlucky because what the man had encountered was what they referred to as ‘ghost hitting the wall’1Ghost hitting the wall means going around in circles because of the interference or barrier put up by ghosts..

Her words got caught in her throat, because after seeing Shi Shanjin remain silent, she understood what he meant. It was impossible not to go inside, unless she didn’t want to find the corpse any more.

Shi Shanjin noted down the surrounding scenery and told Shi Qi in front: “Get on my back and just point the way.”

This mountain looked difficult to walk on, a child would definitely not make it.

Shi Qi was stunned, his little face looking incredulous.

Seeing him turn blank, Shi Shanjin frowned and urged: “What are you still thinking about, come on up quickly. There’s no time to lose.”


Shi Qi no longer hesitated, and climbed up on his sturdy back, “Keep walking, turn right at the sixth tree…”

As soon as his voice fell, Shi Shanjin walked ahead.

However, he stopped when he walked past the first tree, his face appearing a little grave.

Because someone had set up an array here.

In the back mountain of a small mountain village, someone had set up an array, and linking it to the feng shui of the mountain he saw, it was clear to see.

That the people who were involved in this matter, were of the same line of profession.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Shi Residence, Cottage.

Today, Shi Qi didn’t take the weasel with him when he went out so Little Yellow was naturally lured by Ning Meng’s beckoning to watch the TV series with her.

The protagonists in the TV series were sincerely exchanging words of endearment, because the two were about to be separated.

“You must wait for me to come back, I will return to marry you!”

“I will wait for you! You must come back and marry me!”

The two then kissed as though they loathed the idea of parting. They didn’t even hear the warning honk from the car behind them, completely engrossed with each other at the moment.

Ning Meng suddenly said, “Why do I feel that this TV series has suddenly become mentally retarded… It was obviously not like this in the beginning?”

The system said: “It was the very same in the beginning.”

It seemed that she had really retrogressed and didn’t even notice it. Ning Meng lamented in her heart. Was it because she had become an elderly for a long time that even her tastes have changed?

She had changed the plot of the story, not knowing when the old lady would die of old age.

At this moment, the weasel suddenly jumped off the sofa.

Ning Meng was taken aback by it, and quickly sat upright, asking, “What’s wrong, why did you run off?”

She was wearing reading glasses to watch TV, so she could clearly see changes of the weasel.

Its originally soft fur was pricked up and it stared intently at the door, soon running out like an arrow leaving the bow string.

The weasel had never acted like this before. It had always been lazy. If it was not lying down on its back or lying down on its stomach, it was basically being carried by people to move around, and it always had to be carried by Li Xia.

The system was also uncertain: “Maybe it saw something dangerous. Generally, this is how they react when they encounter an enemy. You should probably stay here and not go out.”

Shi Shanjin and his father had set up several arrays in this cottage, a few of which were for cultivating the body while the rest were protection arrays.

Although Ning Meng didn’t know what happened, she also felt something was wrong.

How could this happen? Shouldn’t the Shi residence be very safe? Who would dare to come here to provoke them unless they actively seeked death?

Li Xia happened to see the weasel running out, “Why is Little Yellow running so fast?”

It even vanished in a puff. The weasel liked her very much, so Li Xia decided to go out and take a look at what was going on. Perhaps it was hungry.

Before Ning Meng could call Li Xia, she disappeared outside the door.

And it was the sudden kind of disappearance too.

The road outside the door was straight, so one could see people walking off, but Lixia disappeared the moment she stepped out.

Ning Meng felt uneasy and stood up: “I have to go and check.”

Li Xia and the weasel disappeared one after another, and she couldn’t just sit idly by. Although it might be useless to go out, she still had to give it a try.

The system reminded: “There’s something that feels wrong. Don’t go out, just look from inside the door.”

Ning Meng nodded, and slowly walked over.

For some reason, she suddenly felt uneasy in her heart even though what she saw in her eyes was normal.

After a while, she stood by the door.

Ning Meng’s heart trembled. Li Xia had really disappeared. In such a short period of time, she couldn’t see where her figure was.

Unreconciled, she shouted out: “Li Xia, are you there?”

There was no response, there wasn’t even an echo.

Li Chun had gone shopping early in the morning, and hadn’t returned yet, but Ning Meng suddenly felt that it was great that she hadn’t come back.

Ning Meng stayed in place, feeling that everything had gone off track.

The weasel ran out suddenly, and Li Xia had stepped out and disappeared. The matter definitely wasn’t as simple as it looked. She didn’t know what was going on outside.

The system said: “Give your eldest son a call.”

“Yes, yes, I would’ve almost forgotten to do that if you hadn’t told me.” Ning Meng patted her head and called Shi Shanjin.

But what she and the system did not expect was that the call could not get through. She could only hear a female voice prompt from customer service. She tried calling him a few more times, but the result remained the same.

In desperation, Ning Meng could only send a text message.

Hoping that Shi Shanjin could read it soon.

The outside looked just as usual, but Ning Meng felt that as though there was a human-eating monster outside, it was extremely terrifying.

She nestled on the sofa and asked the system: “Don’t you have any workarounds?”

The system said: “I am only a system responsible for transmigrations, with no such special functions. I’m sorry.”

Ning Meng said, “Sigh, no need to apologize.”

I’ve already died once anyway, dying once more isn’t a big deal.

It was calm outside, and it didn’t look like anyone was going to arrive. Ning Meng couldn’t help but relax.

She thought to herself. Why would anyone come to the cottage?

The assets of the Shi Family were all inside the main residence, leaving only an old lady like her residing in the cottage, planting flowers and vegetables. There was no benefit to raiding their cottage so what was their purpose?

Was there something special about this old lady? Did she carry a treasure with her?

Ning Meng suddenly asked the system, “Is there anything special about the old lady of the Shi family?”

The old man of the Shi family liked her so much. It stood to reason that a wealthy family shouldn’t be attracted to a fisher girl. The old man not only fancied her, he was even faithful to her, keeping no other mistresses by his side.

The system thought for a while: “There is nothing special to her. If I would have to list one out, it’s that her physique is relatively yin, which is the same as your previous body, so you were able to possess her.”

It was also easier to open her yin yang eyes.

Ning Meng was stunned for a moment. The system had never told her this before. She also never knew that her original body had more yin.

In the midst of her thoughts, the system suddenly shouted: “It seems that something has come in. Go upstairs and head to your own room.”

Ning Meng had no time to hesitate and hurried upstairs.

It’s just that the old lady’s body couldn’t walk fast. She was also feeling extremely anxious, wishing she could just grow wings and fly up to her room.

The stairs appeared right under her nose.

She breathed a sigh of relief and raised a foot to walk up. Fortunately, the cottage wasn’t built too high, and she quickly reached the last step.

The moment she lifted her foot, the picture suddenly changed, and there was darkness before her eyes.

When Ning Meng opened her eyes, she found that she was in the hospital, still lying on the bed, and a young lady nurse was giving her a needle.

She watched wide-eyed as the needle grew bigger and bigger.

The gentle face of Miss Nurse also turned rotten in an instant, dripping with blood. Her eyes sunk in, and the eyeballs inside were withered and shriveled.

She was still wearing a nurse’s uniform, but her exposed skin was grayish-black.

Lying on the hospital bed, Ning Meng was stupefied. Using her hand, she blocked the needle from piercing her. This change was too great. What was going on? Did she just turn into a ghost?

A voice suddenly rang beside her ear: “Ning Meng, Ning Meng, wake up quickly.”

The sound of the system gradually became louder, and finally condensed into reality.

Ning Meng suddenly found that she was back at the stairs of the cottage. At this moment, she was still on the second-to-last step, her foot had not been raised.

She finally heard what the system was saying, “What happened?”

The system said: “You were having an illusion just now. Quickly go upstairs.”

Hearing this, Ning Meng promptly lifted her foot to climb up, but her balance threw her off and she fell to the ground. She crawled forward slightly, the sense of urgency behind her weakening a little.

She finally saw what was waiting below the stairs.

If she had gone upstairs a step too late, the big black hole behind her was probably going to swallow her, and it would’ve been very dark inside, giving people a gloomy picture that they were going straight to hell.

Ning Meng sat on the ground, cold sweat seeping her back.

Everything that was happening today made her blood run cold.

What’s going on? Why did she suddenly experience a hallucination? She was an old lady who was soon going to be buried in the ground, who would take so much trouble to harm her?

There weren’t even any ghosts, but it felt more terrifying than the appearance of one.

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