Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 26.2 I want to see her face (2)

After leaving the small building, they set off to the village where Li Hui resided.

The driver had never been to such a place. At first, he wanted to use the GPS, but the name of the village did not even appear on the navigation system. It can be seen that this village was not very well known.

Shi Shanjin also knew why no one would concern themselves with the matter of ghost marriages for so many years. He reckoned that since the police rarely even went there to take a look, how could they investigate these mysterious matters?

He didn’t know what use it was to steal a corpse but there was a big chance that the intent behind it was malicious.

As they set off from the urban city, signs of human habitation gradually decreased. In the end, they could only see the trees in the wild, and not a single house could be seen after driving for more than ten minutes.

The car finally stopped in front of a section of gravel road. The driver got out of the car and checked the road ahead. Once he returned, he said, “Master, I’m afraid that the road ahead will be very bumpy.”

His meaning was obvious, he was afraid that they wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

Li Hui was a little embarrassed, and whispered: “Mr. Shi…”

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He clearly remembered how he was treated during the first few days of his arrival in the Shi Family, and his uncle’s attitude towards him was completely different from now.

And last night, when he called her grandma, she seemed to be genuinely happy…

Shi Qi pursed his lips, his eyes falling on the trees that were quickly flashing by. The sight of endless green fields made him calm down a lot.

The car really ended up jolting a lot.

Li Hui had been showing them the way, because this road was divided into many small winding roads, turning here and then turning there.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, she finally revealed a smile: “It’s this way, keep going straight ahead, and we’ll soon reach the village.”

The driver let out a sigh of relief on the inside.

He had never driven such a difficult road before. Thinking that the village was really hidden, he reckoned that they probably didn’t possess many modern things inside.

Ten minutes later, rows of small earthy yellow houses came into view.

The car arrived outside the village, Li Hui took the lead to get off the car and explained the reason for their arrival with the onlookers at the entrance of the village.

“Girl Hui, who are these people? Why did they come to our village with you? Is there anything wrong?”

“This car doesn’t look like something ordinary people can afford. I saw it last time when I went out to the big city, it costs a lot of money.”

“Look at those people, they are also very handsome. The kid’s eyes are even green, how beautiful, not at all like the brat I have at home.”

Li Hui quickly explained: “Uncle, I asked them to come and help me find someone, everyone already knows…”

Hearing what she said, the villagers showed an expression that they understood.

The corpse of the female bride in their family was lost, and the village had lent her a hand to find it, feeling that she had been very unlucky.

As soon as their elder brother left, his mother soon followed, and now there was only one daughter, Li Hui, in the Li family who ran back and forth to get matters settled, so they could also empathize with her.

Shi Shanjin stood by the car, surveying the whole village.

There weren’t many houses. Both sides of the road were regarded as the main body. From where they stood, they also couldn’t see the end. The houses also extended from behind, and there were multiple houses that spanned across the field.

It looked very ordinary.

Shi Shanjin felt that something was wrong, and this feeling was very strong.

Li Hui had run back from the entrance of the village with a red face and said: “Mr. Shi, I will show you the way.”

A group of people walked into the village under the watchful eyes of many villagers.

Soon, Li Hui’s house appeared in front of them, no different from the houses they had just seen.

“This is my home.”

Shi Qi followed in behind, and arrived at the living room. On the long table were two black-and-white photos of the deceased, an old woman and a young man.

Li Hui originally wanted to let them sit down, but Shi Shanjin took the initiative to ask if the woman’s family had given them anything else.

He emphasized: “It is best if the woman has used it when she was alive.”

Li Hui thought for a while and took out a box from the room, “This is the bracelet and necklace that Liu Hua’s family prepared for her to wear but now that the corpse is lost, it’s useless.”

Liu Hua was the name of the woman, and she was an only daughter, so giving a bracelet and necklace was considered pretty good.

The dark yellow bracelet and necklace were placed on a piece of red cloth. It could be seen that it had gone through many years. Although the pattern looked lacking, the people here would consider it to be a good object.

Shi Shanjin took it and carefully observed it.

After a long time, he squatted down, held the bracelet in front of Shi Qi, and asked, “Can you see anything special? Or anything at all?”

Perhaps this child would see something different from what he could see.

Shi Qi squinted, fixing his gaze on one of the carved flowers, and said: “There’s…a red thread coming out of this place.”

Shi Shan raised an eyebrow, a red thread?

He remembered the talisman that Shi Qi drew not too long ago.

Because he was just getting started, he drew the simplest talisman, and it was also the most common talisman that was able to render a malicious spirit frozen for a period of time.

Shi Qi’s drawings were considered acceptable at that time, there was nothing that looked broken, only crooked and not as exquisite.

After he left, he tried the power of this talisman.

The Shi family raised ghosts and Shi Shanjin had his own agreement with them, which allowed him to carry out some experiments on them. At that time, he found an ordinary little ghost.

The talisman was able to successfully render the little ghost frozen in place.

The time it took to freeze ghosts was different for each piece of talisman, depending on the talisman drawer’s power of control. Those that could be seen in zombie movies were a little unbelievable. Unless it was a special talisman, it was completely impossible to have a talisman freeze a ghost for hundreds of years.

In order to test how long it would take for the paralysis to wear off, he never took it away.

Unexpectedly, what surprised him was that when he went there the next day, the little ghost was still there, and the talisman was fluttering, showing signs of loosening.

The effect was completely beyond his expectations.

Thinking back to when he had just started and had only managed to freeze them for half a day, and was even praised by his father for a long time. If his father could see Shi Qi right now, he would probably be regarded as a rare treasure.

He was still thinking about something when Shi Qi spoke again: “It looks like the red thread is connected to something…”

Shi Shanjin asked, “Can you see where the other end is connected to?”

Shi Qi hesitated for a moment before pointing towards the door, “It’s connected to the outside, like the streamers that were hung in school.”

Shi Shan thought about it for a while, before turning to ask Li Hui: “Is this bracelet the woman wore when she was alive?”

Li Hui didn’t know why he asked this, but she answered obediently: “Yes. Liu Hua’s parents bought it for her before, and it was only taken off of her after she passed away.”

Shi Shanjin’s face became solemn. It seemed that Liu Hua’s death held a great secret, rather than being killed by the people in his line of business.

Connecting it to the loss of the corpse 13 days after her death…

He said in a deep voice, “Shi Qi, lead the way and see where this red line goes. We may have to go to a special place.”

Shi Qi nodded nervously, responding crisply: “Okay.”


I want to see

What that face looks like……

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

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The elderly who was left behind to look after the house – Ning Meng

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