Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 24 Did Great Grandson fall in love?

Li Chun cleaned up the old lady’s room and was about to head downstairs.

Unexpectedly, at the entrance of the stairs, she saw Master Qi leaning half of his body over, not knowing what he was looking at. She slowed down her footsteps, but Master Qi hadn’t even noticed her.

And he looked really entranced.

Li Chun was taller than him as an adult. Leaning down and looking out at a position higher than him, she only saw the old lady and the weasel playing. There seemed to be nothing else special.

She stood up straight and said, “Master Qi, what are you looking at?”

Shi Qi was suddenly taken aback. When he turned his head, he found her face leaning close to his and stepped back from surprise. If Li Chun hadn’t caught him in time, he would have fallen down the stairs.

His face flushed red: “It’s nothing.”

After speaking, he quickly glanced at the living room, and was relieved when he saw that they hadn’t been noticed. At the same time, another strange feeling surged in his heart.

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It was possible that, as the omnipotent male lead of the novel, he yearned for love earlier than others did.

Thinking of this, Ning Meng couldn’t help but want to enlighten him.

Yet now that he wasn’t speaking directly to her. Going head on will definitely not work, so she can only do it secretly.

She called Li Chun over and instructed: “Go and buy some books about enlightening puppy love.”

Li Chun was surprised when she heard this and asked curiously: “Old Madame, why do you need to buy these books for?”

Ning Meng sighed and explained to her in a low voice, “Seventeen has been acting strangely these past two days. I suspect Seventeen must’ve fallen in love with one of the little ladies at school, and he must be feeling unhappy because that girl doesn’t like him back.”

She ended this with a nod, feeling that what she had said made sense.

Li Chun couldn’t say anything in response. Thinking of the stairway incident, she felt something that there might’ve been a misunderstanding, but she couldn’t say this, so she could only respond: “Alright, I will go out and buy them this afternoon, Old Madame. Don’t worry, perhaps Young Master Qi will only keep to himself for a while. .”

Ning Meng let out a long sigh, “It’s not easy to be a grandmother. I have to worry about my grandson’s relationship problems.”

Li Chun nearly laughed out loud at this.

After settling this matter, Ning Meng went to watch other things, and turned on the TV series that she had watched halfway through.

After connecting to the Internet, she surfed around Weibo for a while. After all, it was really boring not to know anything that was going on outside everyday. She couldn’t even run around, and there were only a few snacks she could eat.

Today’s hot search on Weibo made her a little dumbfounded, because it was actually news about ghost marriages.

She naturally knew what ghost marriages were. That is, the wedding between two dead people. However, in the present moment, this tradition seems to have been banned.

Could it be a new movie?

When she clicked in, it wasn’t the case at all. Instead, she was introduced to a village. The news said that this village has always had a custom of holding ghost marriages. Now that there were not enough women in the village, they had to retrieve corpses from the outside.

However, some people wanted to take advantage of them and stole corpses that had not been buried to sell them and earn huge profits.

In the end, the police had cracked down on them.

Ning Meng browsed the news casually. Because the cover looked horrifying, displaying red wedding dresses and white halls, she soon shut the page off.

As a result, her interest in watching TV shows waned, and she simply found a position to nestle on the sofa and drowsily fell asleep.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

In the afternoon, as soon as Li Chun heeded the old lady’s instructions and went out, someone else came by the cottage.

Ning Meng was still a little surprised when she heard Li Xia notify her.

She has been in the cottage for such a long time and realized that rarely did anyone visit her, which made her think that she was an expert hermit.

When they went downstairs, a woman on the sofa was fidgeting.

Ning Meng was supported by Li Xia and sat opposite her.

The woman forced a smile, and took the initiative to speak: “Old Madame, I tried to visit you last time but I heard you were sick, so I left.”

Ning Meng thought for a while, it seemed as if she had had memories of this person.

At that time, she hadn’t transmigrated into this world, and the old lady had passed out because of a ghost. Coincidentally, this woman had come to visit her but was unable to see her because of this incident. .

Ning Meng nodded, “I remember, Now that I’m old, my memory’s not as good as it was and I tend to forget things. Can I help you with something?”

The woman hurriedly said: “My name is Li Hui and my mother is Zhang Youyue.”

When the name Zhang Youyue was mentioned, Ning Meng was taken aback for a moment, and then quickly remembered.

The old madame used to run away from home whenever she was angry. One time, the eldest son was not at home and she had walked far away. She had almost gotten into a  car accident on the road when another old person had rescued her.

This person was Zhang Youyue who had come out to sell vegetables.

Although the old lady of the Shi family had a bad temper, she was not a person who didn’t know how to repay kindness. At first, she tried to give them money but Zhan Youyue did not want to have any of it. So eventually she settled with asking her to come to the Shi Residence if she encountered any problems.

Now that her daughter is here, could something have happened with their family?

Ning Meng asked, “Is your mother alright?”

Hearing this question, the corner of Li Hui’s mouth turned bitter, and she shook her head and spoke in a low voice, “My mother passed away last month. “

Ning Meng was a little surprised.

Zhang Youyue was nearly a year younger than the old madame, and in her memories, she looked very strong and powerful. How could she have died so suddenly?

Li Hui didn’t speak further of this topic and changed the subject: “Old Madame, I heard my mother say when she was alive to look for you when I needed help.”

Ning Meng said, “Tell me.”

Li Hui lowered her voice: “My brother drowned to his death at the beginning of this year. Last last month when my mother was alive, she helped arrange a ghost marriage for my brother, but the body suddenly disappeared last month and we couldn’t find it no matter how hard we tried.”

Ghost marriage?!

Ning Meng’s eyes widened immediately. She didn’t expect the news she saw in the morning to come knocking at her door in the afternoon. It even existed in the metropolis area too.

Seeing her face of disbelief, Li Hui was at a loss.

She licked her dry lips and explained: “Our village has had this custom since a long time ago. In recent years, the population has decreased because more people leave the village to find work. My mother also felt pained because my brother was just too young when he drowned, so… …she wanted to find a partner for him through this.”

Their village wasn’t considered much in Yanjing. Her mother would have to walk a long dirt road even when she came out to sell vegetables and it would take a few hours of driving to be able to see some tall buildings.

To be able to encounter and rescue this person was their family’s good luck.

Before her mother died, she mentioned this person, saying that she could ask her for help. Li Hui didn’t think much about it at first, but after she came to inquire about it, she realized that the Shi Family were famous. They were so famous that anyone you asked in the street would know about them.

Li Hui also hoped that she could receive help this time.

Li Xia didn’t feel this case strange at all.

The Shi family had seen plenty of things and although she had never seen ghosts before, the old lady ran into one herself, which proved that they truly existed.

Ning Meng’s heart was beating fast as she asked the system, “Are ghost marriages terrifying?”

The system responded: “In the normal word, it’s naturally not terrifying. But in this world…”

It omitted the rest of its words. Ning Meng knew that supernatural events occured in this world, because it was not a normal world.

The more scared she was, the calmer her face became, “And then?”

Li Hui was taken aback for a moment before saying, “Our home is currently a mess and we don’t dare to call the police… My mother had mentioned you before she passed away, so I wanted to ask the old madame’s help to find the corpse…”

The corpse was lost, how could she feel at ease? During this period of time, she couldn’t sleep soundly at night, and was often awakened by her nightmares in the middle of her sleep.

In their village, it was considered to be very unlucky to lose the corpse of someone who was going to be involved in a ghost marriage.

Ning Meng thought for a while and asked, “Where did your ghost marriage….corpse come from?”

Afraid of the old lady’s misunderstanding, Li Hui hurriedly explained: “We all agreed with each other’s relatives, and we didn’t steal it. There are villages nearby and our village often had dealings with each other. We also planned to cremate them, and place the ashes in the same tomb.”

It’s just that before their family could even hold the ceremony for the ghost marriage, the woman’s corpse that needed to be cremated had disappeared.

Li Hui said dryly: “My brother was cremated not long after his death, but the other corpse had gone missing, and it always made me feel uneasy….”

Moreover, not only was she unable to find it, she couldn’t even find any signs of stealing. Recently, people in the village have become a little worried, and rumors started to spread.

Hearing her explanation, Ning Meng finally felt relieved.

The one she saw on the Internet today had directly asked the corpse to kneel at the hall. It scared people to death. Their faces were blue and white, and seeing it made her feel like she was going to have nightmares.

Li Hui glanced at the old madame secretly, and said: “I heard my mother say that you like antiques, so I brought the oldest one I have from home today.”

At this, Ning Meng now realized that there was a big black bag that had been unopened, lying at her side.

Li Hui opened the mouth of the bag, and took out a dark yellow animal figure from the inside. It had a round base, and was carved very vividly.

Ning Meng was able to see its image clearly through her reading glasses. From the texture and pattern, it looked like an old object, and the surface was filled with a light yellowish air.

She secretly asked the system: “What kind of animal is this, is it very good?”

The system nodded: “It is indeed very good. This pixiu has been enshrined with incense, and is now surrounded with a propitious aura, so it will continue to emit a warm yellow glow in the next ten years. It is of excellent quality.”

Ning Meng heard the meaning in its tone, and it seemed that this old object was indeed very good.

Li Hui saw that the old madame hadn’t answered for a long time and thought she didn’t like it, so she said: “Old lady…if it’s not convenient for you, forget it…”

She was at the end of her rope. If she had no choice left, she could only go to the police.

Ning Meng glanced at her and made her resolve, saying, “I can’t do it for you, but my eldest son can.”

Li Hui’s eyes lit up, “Really?”

Ning Meng nodded, “But he is not at home now, stay here for a while and when he comes back in the evening, I’ll mention it to him.”

Feeling her heart that had been feeling anxious all day, drop down abruptly, Li Hui repeatedly thanked her: “Thank you…Thank you thank you, old madame!”

“Your mother saved me, so you don’t need to say thanks. You should take this Pixiu home, it’s a good thing,” Ning Meng said.

Li Hui said something along the lines of not wanting it and if she didn’t accept it, she would just leave it here.

She didn’t need any good things, because she thought it was better to send it as a personal favor to the old lady. After all, looking for a corpse was a very big responsibility..

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

It didn’t take long for Li Chun to return.

With several books in her hand, she walked to the sofa and said happily, “Old Madame, I have bought several of the books you instructed me to.”

Ning Meng flipped through the pages one by one. Although the target audience of these books were young adolescents, Shi Qi was considered to have matured early, so it should be fine for him.

She beckoned, and Li Chun’s ear immediately neared her mouth.

Ning Meng shook the books: “Put these books on Seventeen’s bedside… Don’t casually leave it anywhere, and make it look too deliberate.”

Li Chun immediately responded, “Don’t worry, old madame!”

Although she didn’t know why the old lady suspected that Master Qi was secretly in love, after all, he was only 7 years old… But she liked doing this kind of thing the most.

After happily settling the few books in place, Li Chun went downstairs.

In the evening, Shi Qi returned from school.

He stood at the door for a while, only to step inside the same time someone was coming out.

Seeing a woman he didn’t recognize appear on the sofa, his eyes lingered on her a little longer, before it finally settled on his smiling grandma.

The figure of the young long-haired girl was still there.

Shi Qi pursed his lips and couldn’t help thinking about the decision he made yesterday. After observing for a few days, he had obtained no new information..

Ning Meng waved to him as usual, and shouted: “Great grandson.”

Shi Qi was taken aback, biting his lip.

Ning Meng then saw him run towards the stairs with his bag on his back, and secretly glance back at her before going up the stairs.

Seeing her look at him, Shi Qi’s face turned taut again, his eyes casting another glance at the shadow before he quickly turned around and disappeared at the top of the stairs.

Within a few minutes, he turned back and peeped at the people on the sofa.

Ning Meng sighed to the system, “Look at this, aren’t I an elderly abandoned by my grandson?”

The system responded: “Pretty much yes.”


I think,

Perhaps she only means well…?

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

Later on, 17 saw the many physical and mental health books laying around in his room

Commemorating the first time Li Chun caught 17 secretly peeping hahahah

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