Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 22 Exposed

Yang Tianxun closed the door and smoked hard on the sofa.

The two big white geese regarded the place as their own home, quacking here and there, and ultimately shitting in his leather shoes.

Life was very good.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, Liu Yunyun who was lying in a coma, woke up quietly. She looked blankly at the empty home, and two geese.

Then, she screamed: “Ahhhh-Yang Tianxun, get the goose out of here!”

Yang Tianxun glared at her, “I’m the one who wants to kick you out!”

Thinking that he had been sleeping with a weasel everyday for the past 6 months, goosebumps and cold sweat broke out all over his body.

How could it be a weasel?

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Yang Tianxun sneered, “Would it possess you had you not provoked it? Why didn’t it possess someone else then!”

Liu Yunyun bore unspeakable bitter suffering. She remained laying on the ground thinking about what she had encountered six months ago. She didn’t know what went wrong, her face appearing extremely ugly, and her hair was in a disarray.

After a while, she froze.

Yang Tianxun saw this clearly, and ferociously clutched her neck, “Hurry up and say it!”

The two big white geese ran over, yelling at the two people, but were glared off by Yang Tianxun. Sooner or later they were going to be turned into stew…No. it’s better to throw them away rather than drinking something of unknown circumstances.

Liu Yunyun struggled against his hold. After he let go of her, Liu Yunyun kept coughing nonstop. She confessed what had happened previously in a poultry shop after mulling it over, because there was a possibility that it could have happened there.

She previously seemed to have sensed that she was being followed, but she didn’t take it to heart and soon forgot about it.

Seeing that Yang Tianxun didn’t seem to take into consideration their old feelings at all, Liu Yunyun’s heart soured. She also knew that they wouldn’t hold any shred of goodwill  towards each other after what had happened today.

Slowly, she started talking.


Inside the car, the weasel was placed at the back, together with Shi Qi.

Its sitting posture was the same as that of a human’s, only, it was a little more special, looking at its bald tail, it cried incessantly.

When Shi Shanjin turned his head back, it pretended as though nothing had happened.

Shi Qi was amused watching it.

The weasel hated him so much for actually burning his pretty tail bald. Seeing him smiling at itself, it bared its fangs at him.

It looked so cute that Shi Qi didn’t think its appearance looked scary..

The only dangerous thing was that its claws were a bit sharp, and they could cut the skin if they were not trimmed.

Shi Qi asked in a low voice, “What is your name?”

Shi Shanjin reminded him in amusement: “Once it leaves the host, it wouldn’t be able to speak..”

So that was the case. No wonder Shi Qi felt that it was odd that it hadn’t said anything to him after staring at him viciously for a long time.

He reached out to touch it and said, “How pitiful.”

He evidently forgot what had happened before.

The weasel was originally still glaring at him, but when it saw his little hand approaching, it yelled and jumped up, slamming its head onto the roof of the car, and getting dizzy.

Shi Qi retracted his hand, looked at it, and apologized in a low voice: “I’m sorry, I just forgot…”

Thinking about it this way now, his body seemed to be abnormal.

Hearing the noise behind him, Shi Shanjin glanced at the rearview mirror, and reminded: “Wait till we return and I’ll make you a pair of gloves so that you can touch it.”

Shi Qi wondered: “Are we keeping it at home?”

“Of course. Otherwise, if it goes out and commits evil, we’ll have to catch it again. That would be troublesome.” Shi Shanjin said flatly.

Upon hearing this, the weasel showed a miserable expression.

It hugged its tail, curled up in the corner, and reminisced its wanton life before with mournful eyes.

Shi Qi looked over and thought of the words it said before ‘it didn’t steal the chicken’. After thinking about it, the chicken it might have eaten was already prepared for it so there was indeed no need to steal it. After all, the host’s lover had money to do so for it.

But possessing another body was wrong.

Shi Shanjin’s expression remained unchanged.

The weasel also knew that it was useless to pretend to be pitiful, and returned to its original state, staring at Shi Qi viciously, its dark eyes gleaming.

When evening descended, the car arrived at the Shi family mansion.

They first went to the room in the basement. Shi Qi watched as his uncle took out a pair of very strange gloves which exuded a weak light.

Then the glove was soaked in a powder of unknown substance for a while, before it was finally washed off with water, the surface becoming dim.

What Shi Shanjin referred to when he mentioned making gloves, was actually putting something on the gloves.

Shi Qi didn’t see what the powder and water were. When it finally reached his hand, the glove was dark in color with inconspicuous lines on the surface.

He slipped them on gently, and the seemingly large gloves unexpectedly fit his hands.

Shi Shanjin said, “Go and try.”

The weasel was sitting on the chair, looking like a lazy uncle. Those who didn’t know any better would’ve thought it had come to heaven.

Seeing that Shi Qi was about to reach out and touch it, the hair all over his body pricked up. It jumped down from the seat and ran around the room.

A child like Shi Qi couldn’t outrun it so he eventually got tired and was sweating profusely.

In the end, the weasel stopped by himself, because Shi Shanjin’s eyes were too scary. It was afraid that it was going to be cooked.

If you think about it, if fur was burnt then it could only remain burnt. But if life was lost, that would spell the end for the weasel. 

Shi Qi also gritted his teeth, not daring to touch too much, and only carefully touched a piece of its tail.

Thinking that a part of its tail was already burnt bald anyways, it probably wouldn’t hurt to get burnt bald a little more.

The weasel’s long neck turned taut as misery shaded his face. 

When Shi Qi was holding the tail with his gloves on, the scream and burning he expected did not happen, making him smile faintly. Pleased with the outcome, he proceeded to touch the top of its head.

The weasel who was preparing for a heroic sacrifice, also realized that nothing had happened to it. It hugged its tail in pleasant surprise, not caring about Shi Qi touching the top of its head.

Shi Qi stood up and shouted, “Uncle.”

Shi Shanjin smiled, “Carry it back to the cottage.”

“Am I giving it to grandma?”

“It’s for you. This is your reward.”

Shi Qi’s eyes lit up. His uncle’s meaning was clear. Now the weasel belonged to him.

The weasel probably understood his meaning too for it hugged the chair leg and refused to let go.

If it was taken away by this child, it will be stroked every day. Sooner or later, it was afraid that before its tail could even be burned off, it would be stroked until all its hair fell off.

Shi Shanjin rubbed Shi Qi’s head and said, “You can give it a name.”

Shi Qi frowned, and pondered for a long time, before saying seriously: “Then I’ll call it…Little Yellow.”

It sounded good and was easy to remember.

The weasel trembled.

Shi Shanjin was also amused by Shi Qi’s expression, “Then it’ll be called Little Yellow, you can take Little Yellow back. You know the way back yes?”

Shi Qi nodded, “I know.”

Before leaving, Shi Shanjin recalled something and reminded him “Come here tomorrow after the roosters calls in the morning, you’ll be learning how to draw talismans.”

There were a few chickens being raised in the cottage which were usually taken care of  by Li Chun. Shi Qi had seen them a few times. They were all shiny-looking and quite loud.

Although he didn’t know why it had to be after the rooster called, he still obediently acceded.

Thinking that he was going to learn how to draw talismans soon, a faint expectation built up in his heart.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

The sky had already turned dark, and there were bright lights on the road leading from the main residence to the cottage.

Shi Qi struggled to hold the weasel that was half the height of an average person and watched it look sullen. He stretched out his hand to touch its head, and whispered, “Little Yellow, my grandma is a good person.”

The weasel was unmoved.

It had already heard this sentence being repeated several times along the way. It stretched out its paw and counted, it seemed to have heard this three times already, so this was probably the fourth time.

Its ears were about to grow calluses.

Shi Qi kneaded its ears again, “Don’t worry, my grandma likes soft things the most. She will definitely like you.”

After saying this, he solemnly ordered: “Don’t scratch her, or I will burn all your hair off.”

The weasel glanced at him before shutting its eyes to sleep.

After a while, the cottage came into view with the lights still on, and Shi Qi quickened his pace, jolting the sliding weasel back up again.

The weasel was still a bit too big for him to carry.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Ning Meng still hadn’t gone to sleep. She was lying on the sofa and watching videos on her computer.

She wore her newly fit reading glasses this time, squinted and ate melon seeds, watching with gusto.

The TV series in this world were much better than what she had seen in her previous world. There weren’t many rules and regulations restrictions to adhere to, and the actor’s skills were flawless. The plot was addictive to watch, it kept yone wanting more.

When the advertisement came on, she asked the system: “When will the kid come back? I want to go to sleep. I’m already dozing off.”

Shi Qi was picked up early this morning, and she hadn’t received any news from them all day. The agreed matter to open his yin yang eyes had actually taken a whole day, sounding quite troublesome.

After having not seen him for a whole day, I’m starting to miss him.

Ning Meng thought as she continued to eat melon seeds.

The system said: “He has just arrived outside the door. Pay attention to your image.”

Ning Meng was shocked: “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

She quickly turned off the computer, tidied the messy melon seeds, took out a book from under the computer, and opened it in front.

Fortunately, she was able to read the content with her reading glasses on.

“Master Qi, you’re back… Is this a weasel?” Li Chun’s surprised voice suddenly rang out.

Ning Meng’s ears twitched, but still didn’t manage to catch what she was talking about clearly. 

The system translated it for her: “Your grandson has brought a weasel back.”

A weasel? Ning Meng was surprised, why did he bring a weasel back for? What did Shi Qi do today?

Shi Qi put the weasel down, and looked around. Unable to find the person he wanted to see, he then asked, “Sister Li Chun, where is grandma?”

Having attained freedom, the weasel ran straight towards the sofa.

Ning Meng was just pretending to study when she saw a yellow thing jump on the sofa, rubbing against her leg.

“How cute.”

She said as she stretched out a hand to rub it.

I finally know why so many people are addicted to stroking cats and can’t extricate themselves. Such fluffy cute animals were really enjoyable to touch.

It’s just that the tip of the tail looks a little bald and ugly.

Hearing the voice come from the other side of the sofa, Shi Qi did not wait for Li Chun to answer, and immediately ran over, wanting to tell grandma what he had accomplished today.

Grandma will definitely praise him.

The scene on the sofa came into view, but Shi Qi was stunned in place.

He couldn’t believe what he saw in front of him.

Ning Meng leaned out, squinting at him and asking with a smile, “Seventeen, come here. Why don’t you tell grandma what you did today?”

Shi Qi opened his mouth but couldn’t say anything. 

Seeing him appear stunned in place, Ning Meng was puzzled and asked the system: “What’s wrong with him? He looks out of it as if he had just seen a ghost.”

The system said: “Maybe he did see one today. Today your eldest son took him out and he might’ve seen one so by the time he came back, he wanted to find the warmth of family.”

Ning Meng thought to herself, she must be the warmth of the family the system was referring to.

The weasel was also lying on the sofa, exposing half of his head. Its jet black eyes stared at him as Ning Meng beckoned to Shi Qi.

However, what fell into Shi Qi’s eyes was a completely different scene.


I think I’ve just seen a ghost.

Maybe… I’m hallucinating?

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

Ning Meng: Great grandson, quickly return to your grandmother’s embrace!

Makes me recall the wolf that pretended to be a grandmother

Little Red Riding Hood 17 and her wolf grandmother Ning Meng 

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