Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 21 It’s time to go home

Shi Qi only saw that the tail looked fluffy and was wagging back and forth again, which elicited the urge in him to grab a hold of it.

As soon as he followed his impulse, the tail abruptly recoiled, and smacked his wrist, however, it looked as though it had caught on fire, its fur turning bald.

Liu Yunyun shuddered out of the blue, as though she had gotten an electric shock.

Yang Tianxun, who was standing in front of her, happened to see this. Puzzled, he couldn’t help but ask: “What’s wrong? Are you cold?”

Liu Yunyun also didn’t know what was wrong with her. She shook her head: “I don’t know.”

She only felt a sudden cramp. When she turned her head back, she saw the green-eyed child standing behind her, and immediately cast him a glare.

Shi Qi was currently staring at the bald tail but in Liu Yunyun’s eyes, it looked as though he was entranced with staring at her rump.

Liu Yunyun was infuriated, “So vulgar at such a young age, I can’t imagine how much worse you’d get once you grow older.”

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It was not unusual to encounter a weasel spirit. The northeast side called them Great Yellow Immortals, bringers of disaster.

Shi Qi asked curiously: “Uncle, what is it?”

Shi Shanjin responded: “Weasels, people call them the Great Yellow Immortals.”

He also asked: “Why were you holding it earlier?”

Shi Qi blushed.

Shi Shanjin smiled: “I’m not reprimanding you. I just want to know what happened.”

This child had a special ability, but he still wasn’t aware of it. Last time, he was able to easily make contact with the female ghost and directly intimidate and burn her. Shi Shanjin was even able to see a fire appearing at that time.

Shi Qi whispered: “…the tip of the tail was burnt bald.”

“Hahaha.” Shi Shanjin laughed loudly. Looks like the same had happened this time. He was able to leave a burning effect on various spirits and ghosts.

Yang Tianxun, who had been listening to their conversation at the side this whole time, looked as though he had received an imperial edict. He had not the slightest clue as to what they were talking about, but seeing him laugh so heartily, he leaned forward curiously and asked, “Mr. Shi, were you able to find a solution?”

From the time he walked into their house up until now, he hadn’t seen him smile, thinking that he might really have facial paralysis, just as what was said about him on the Internet.

The only way to cure it was to naturally find its natural enemy.

Shi Shanjin nodded and irresolutely said, “Go to the food market and buy a live big white goose.”

Yang Tianxun’s eyes widened: “Big White Goose?”

What did this have to do with a big white goose? From beginning to present, he could only feel his confusion growing bigger and bigger.

However, he did not refute, walking a short distance to call his driver’s phone: “Xiao Li, go to the nearest food market and buy a live big white goose.”

“How many gooses should I buy, boss?”

Yang Tianxun thought for a while, “Two, you must buy the best looking ones. I don’t want the sick or the weak one, and they have to be big white gooses, do you hear me?”

So that if one dies, the other can be put to use..

The driver responded quickly: “I understand, boss, I will be back as soon as possible.”

Yang Tianxun let out a long sigh of relief. He really didn’t care if it was a big white goose or a big black goose. As long as it broke his own streak of bad luck, he would buy anything. He was fed up with his current situation of lacking sleep and feeling mentally weak.

Liu Yunyun didn’t have any good impressions of Shi Shanjin. Hearing his order of buying a goose, her hatred for him grew even more.

She had never liked animals since she was a child, and she also didn’t like poultry, so growing up, she only ate processed food. This time, a live animal was definitely going to be brought home.

And it was definitely going to make a big ruckus.

The driver came quickly and knocked on the door holding two big white geese.

Yang Tianxun hurriedly opened the door, revealing the driver sweating outside and saying, “Boss, this is the big white geese that you wanted.”

The two big white geese were tied together and quacked at him with a loud and clear voice. Looking at the color of the coat and seeing that it was glossy and shiny, it looked to be of good quality.

Yang Tianxun nodded with satisfaction: “I’ll give you a bonus this month.”

The driver was overjoyed and asked, “Boss, what are you going to do with the geese? If it’s too much trouble to deal with it yourself. Do you want me to kill it for you?”

I need it alive! Yang Tianxun took the geese from his hands and waved him away: “It’s ok. I will do it myself, you can go back first. If I need anything, I’ll call you.”

The driver nodded and left, feeling a bit puzzled.

His boss was famous for being a hedonist. If he was not always eating outside, then it would be because Miss Liu had cooked something for him. Why did he suddenly ask him to buy some geese? Strange.

Yang Tianxun closed the door.

The two geese were very big, and very noisy. They flapped their wings in his hands, quacking nonstop and even pecked him.

Caught off guard, Yang Tianxun let go of them after being pecked with a ‘Yeowch’.

The two geese had their left and right feet respectively, tied together so once they reached the ground, they ran and jumped on three legs. If it wasn’t because they were too heavy, they would have flown all over the place.

Yang Tianxun couldn’t care less for his arm, and hurriedly caught them before heading to the living room: “Mr. Shi, the geese you wanted has already been bought.”

Then, a strange thing happened. When the two geese arrived in front of Shi Shanjin, they became quiet, only occasionally letting out a quack.

Upon seeing this, Yang Tianxun felt that Shi Shanjing was really unfathomable and that he did not find the wrong person.

In fact, he had heard a lot about the Shi family, but they were all about the Shi family’s Second Young Master. If he hadn’t heard of them from a friend, he wouldn’t even have known that the Shi family was involved in this line of business.

But in reality, it wouldn’t even matter, because he knew that a lot of people couldn’t even afford to hire them. He had only managed to invite them this time thanks to that block of wood, and was now feeling fortunate that he had decided not to sell it.

Shi Qi had seen geese before, and they were all raised by his neighbors to be sold. But he didn’t know what other uses they could provide.

“Don’t come here!” Liu Yunyun shouted.

Yang Tianxun’s expression did not look good as he explained: “She has been afraid of animals since she was a child, so she is afraid of the geese. Don’t mind her, Mr. Shi.”

Shi Shanjin didn’t say a word. He merely untied the geese, grabbed one by the neck, looking at it carefully, before saying, “Bring her here.”

Yang Tianxun did not understand.

The corner of Shi Shanjin’s lips twitched: “Your lover.”

Liu Yunyun shook his head: “Mr. Shi, I’m really afraid of animals, don’t make me go there. Yang Tianxun, I’m not going. I’m not going!”

She was not as strong as Yang Tianxun, and was ultimately dragged over after a while.

Shi Shanjin pinched the rump of the goose, and the big white goose jumped up as though it was on fire, quacking nonstop, rampaging, and even directly colliding with Liu Yunyun.

Then, something strange happened.

Shi Qi watched intently.

The big white goose looked as though it had seen something on Liu Yunyun’s body. It kept surrounding her and quacking, its voice growing louder. In the end, the other big white goose that was taking a break, ran over and started quacking together.

The two big white geese kept calling out together, their voices shaking the sky.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, the geese finally calmed down.

Yang Tianxun, who was also surrounded by them, looked emaciated. He felt as though he had gone deaf, and Liu Yunyun whom he was supporting, fainted directly.

Shi Shanjin saw that it was almost time, and said, “Wake her up.”

Yang Tianxun pinched her hand, and Liu Yunyun slowly woke up, but her face looked lifeless.

Just when he thought she had been scared stupid, Liu Yunyun suddenly opened her mouth and said, “I didn’t even steal your chicken…”

The room turned quiet.

Yang Tianxun froze in place, quivering.

Shi Qi could actually hear the aggrieved tone from its words.

He shifted his eyes and saw that the tail stood erect as though it had encountered an enemy, the hairs on its end pricking up and looking very alert

Originally, he could only see a tail, but now the whole figure appeared blurrily. Liu Yunyun’s face looked similar to what he had seen in the picture. The human face and the animal face were intertwined, appearing very strange.

Shi Shanjin remained expressionless: “You possessed someone else’s body. That is a sin in itself.”

Liu Yunyun twitched, and Yang Tianxun became even more afraid. He knew that something was wrong no matter how hard he tried to convince himself otherwise.

Shi Shanjin took out a piece of talisman paper, and took out a bowl that was half-filled with water from the kitchen and the talisman paper burned in the water.

Such an unreasonable sight made Shi Qi unable to shift his eyes away.

After a few seconds, the talisman paper had burned to ashes and sunk slowly into the water.

Shi Shanjin fed this water to the big white geese before patting them on the head. The big white geese quacked back enthusiastically as if they were encouraged.

As it yelled, Shi Qi saw that the weasel on Liu Yunyun’s body became more and more obvious.

Finally, what happened next was a blur to him. The yellow shadow jumped out of her body and ran away quickly, intending to jump out of the window to escape.

Shi Shan remained unmoved.

This was a twenty-story building, and if it decided to jump down, there was only death waiting for it.

Shi Qi saw the weasel lying on the windowsill. It looked down first before looking back at them again, appearing as though it was about to burst into tears.

It looks a bit pitiful. He thought.

The big white geese ran after it, flapping its wings to try and get on the window sill, unfortunately, they couldn’t get up, so the two geese stood at the bottom, quacking at the weasel.

Liu Yunyun lost consciousness again and fell limp on Yang Tianxun.

It didn’t take long before she woke up and looked blankly at Yang Tianxun who was trembling, “What’s the matter? Why are you…”

Yang Tianxun’s voice sounded a little sad: “Mr. Shi…”

Shi Shanjin said, “It’s gone.”

Yang Tianxun immediately heaved a breath of relief, his whole body turning limp. Anyone who learnt that their bed partner was possessed would feel similarly afraid.

Shi Shan said indifferently, “She is lucky that she didn’t run into someone who has been cultivating for a long time, otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to survive until today.”

Most of the people possessed by the weasel eventually become mad. They would slowly lose their minds, and turn hysteric. Time naturally turned them into madmen after a long period of being possessed.

“Yes, yes, Mr. Shi is right.” Yang Tianxun listened, nodding his head unconsciously, his forehead and back were covered with cold sweat, soaking his clothes.

Shi Shanjin ignored them and stepped forward to grab the weasel from the window sill.

Its tail was behind, and it turned out that the tip of the tail was bald with burn marks. He didn’t expect Shi Qi to have such an amazing constitution.

The weasel still wanted to struggle, but was paralyzed after being prodded. It drooped its head, putting oh a pitiful appearance as though it had resigned to its fate.

The two big white geese followed at the same pace, trying to peck the weasel.

When Shi Qi looked at it, he recalled the phrase “I didn’t steal your chicken” and thought it was a bit funny.

“We can go back now.” Shi Shanjin walked towards him.

Shi Qi nodded.

When the weasel was being carried, its height reached Shi Shanjin’s chest. It glared angrily at Shi Qi and looked as though it wanted to reach out its claws to scratch him.

But when it thought of its bald tail, it could only lay in Shi Qi’s hands angrily.

Although Shi Qi was curious, he didn’t dare to reach out to touch it, for fear that he would burn all the hair off its body, that would be a disaster.

At this moment, Yang Tianxun had already recovered, his face still a bit pale: “Mr. Shi, I will send you downstairs!”

Shi Shanjin said, “No need.”

Yang Tianxun was anxious to hear these words. He couldn’t wait to stay away from the weasel, “What about the big white geese in the house?”

Shi Shanjin looked at him, “You can eat them.”

Leaving this sentence behind, he took Shi Qi, and the two of them plus a weasel, left the house together.


I’m finally going back to see grandma.

I can’t wait.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

Weasel: I really didn’t steal any chicken to eat. (cries angrily)

In fact, weasels are very cute, especially white weasels. The white ferrets are super duper cute!

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