Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 20 Was his bed partner human or…?

The yellow talisman paper disappeared on Liu Yunyun’s lips.

She was originally still swearing, but when she saw that she couldn’t make a sound, she revealed a panicked look. What did this person do to her? How did a piece of yellow paper render her speechless?

The gaze she cast at Shi Shanjin immediately became alarmed and she hurriedly recoiled.

She ran into the room in a panic, and coincidentally bumped into Yang Tianxun who had just found the floor plan, “Hey, what are you doing? If you have nothing to do, why are you running inside? Stop hindering me from handling official business and get out of the way.”

Liu Yunyun whimpered and pointed to her mouth.

In the end, she couldn’t help but burst into tears. Originally, she had a good countenance, and the silent tears of ordinary women would always arouse pity. However, the more panicked she looked, the more unsightly she appeared.

But she really couldn’t help it, snot even almost came out of her nose.

Yang Tianxun frowned, unable to understand just what it is she was trying to do..

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However technologically advanced they claimed society was, in the end, it was all nonsense.

Thinking of this, her heart thumped loudly as she ran to sit on the chair at the far end obediently, distancing herself a few meters away from Shi Shanjin.

Seeing her settle down, Yang Tianxun immediately took the floor plan and smiled apologetically: “I’m sorry, Mr. Shi, she has always been like this. If she has somehow made you unhappy, please put the blame on me!”

He handed over the floor plan, “This is the floor plan of the neighborhood. My house is on the first page. It’s this one.”

Shi Shanjin nodded slightly and took the paper from his hand.

The internal floor plan was naturally different from the one released by the sales building outside, and one could clearly see some arrangements such as the structure and the area inside.

Shi Shanjin sat down and knew at a glance that the house indeed did not have good Feng Shui.

Ordinary houses were designed to be four sided,even if it wasn’t completely like that, at least the format was there. However, this house did not fit the bill. The design of the entrance was narrow, and the hallway was long.

The innermost was the kitchen, with a small fork in the middle. The two bedrooms were arranged side by side. The master bedroom was at the innermost and the only balcony in the house was situated there.

Naturally, Yang Tianxun would not buy a small house for himself. The interior area was quite large. The living room was in a round shape. The whole house was like a vase with a round belly. The doorway was the mouth of the vase, and the neck of the vase was the road leading to the living room, which was very narrow.

It was the first time that Shi Shanjin saw such an outlandish design.

He flipped to see the design of the other buildings, and his brows scrunched even tighter.

Generally, one must look at Feng Shui when dealing with real estate development and design, even if one didn’t look at it, it was a very common design. However, this neighborhood was really one of a kind, every building adopted the same structural design.

The other floor types were different from this one, but they weren’t inferior to this one. They all had the same small doorways with the balcony located in the bedroom, far from the living room.

Yang Tianxun kept staring at him. When he saw his expression turn unsightly, his heart dropped down with a clunk. Was there really something wrong with this floor plan?

He usually did not pay attention to the design of the floor plan because it was handled by the designers who were invited by the company. This neighborhood was outlined by a foreign designer who was involved in the whole process of composition, and had been hired for an expensive price. Construction had only started once the layout had finished.

Never would he have thought that a problem would crop up now. 

He asked nervously, “Mr. Shi, what is wrong with this floor plan?”

Shi Shanjin raised his head and waved Shi Qi over.

Shi Qi was not by his side, but was staring at Liu Yunyun, or rather, to be more precise, staring at her tail.

After he opened his yin yang eyes, he was able to see many more things.

Liu Yunyun still couldn’t speak, she merely glared at the child in front of her. When his green eyes looked over to her, she felt a slight chill running down her back.

Shi Qi suddenly smiled at her, the corners of his mouth raised slightly.

Seeing this, Liu Yunyun stepped back and stared at him cautiously, for fear that he might also do something terrible.

Shi Shanjin called out: “Shi Qi, come here.”

Shi Qi retracted his smile, glanced at the woman who was in fear, before trotting to the uncle’s side: “Uncle.”

Shi Shanjin pointed to the floor plan, “Look at this, where do you think it doesn’t look right?”

He had brought him here to take the opportunity to let him learn because learning by theory wasn’t as effective as putting it into practice. Furthermore, it was also a good opportunity to see how gifted he was.

Shi Qi shifted his gaze onto the paper and observed it carefully.

After a while, he realized that this was the same as the house they were currently in, and he looked up to survey the room again.

In fact, when he first entered, he felt uncomfortable inside. He felt a chill seeping into his bones worse than before he entered the building, and just as he entered the door, he saw a wisp of black air running inside.

It’s just that the black air disappeared after he entered.

Shi Shanjin encouraged: “Just tell me what you think.”

Yang Tianxun, who was on the side, also saw that he had meant to teach this child. Although he was a little dissatisfied that he was being ignored, thinking that he would still have to depend on them to solve the problem, he held his dissatisfaction back.  

He let out a deep breath.

Shi Qi thought for a while, and was a little hesitant: “I felt something come in but I don’t know where it went. There is only one entrance here and no exit.” So the black air he had seen coming in, certainly hadn’t gone out yet. 

He was a little nervous, fearing that he might’ve said something wrong.

“You’re right.” Shi Shanjin nodded with satisfaction, and turned to Yang Tianxun, “This house was designed with narrow feng shui, blocking the qi. If it was living qi, it would’ve been fine but all you have here is dead qi.”

“Dead…dead qi?” Yang Tianxun was a little stunned, “We haven’t had any deaths here”

Shi Shanjin put down the floor plan, “There are no dead people, but there are a lot of ashes.”

Yang Tianxun’s face immediately became ugly.

Recently, there has been a lot of hubbub in the neighborhood about buying a house and putting ashes in it. He had naturally heard of the commotion but didn’t care much. In any case, if he can’t put any ashes here, he only needed to make money to buy another house.

But did he actually have it here now?

He looked down at the floor plan. With the words he had heard just now, the more he looked at the house, the more he felt that the house was really unlucky. The entrance was so small and the inside was so big, and why was there only one balcony?

Was the designer out of his mind? The balcony was even placed in the master bedroom. A space of more than two hundred square meters was made to look like a horrible mess like this and even implicated him.

“I’ll have them take it out immediately. How outrageous!” Yang Tianxun was furious, his life and health were in danger, so he was naturally feeling restless

Hearing this, Shi Shanjin raised an eyebrow but said nothing.

Yang Tianxun asked tentatively: “Then Mr. Shi, was I having nightmares because of this reason?”

Shi Shanjin said lightly, “No.”

Yang Tianxun was stunned again. If it wasn’t then why did he talk so much nonsense?

Shi Shanjin didn’t care, and glanced at the structure of the house lightly, “If the qi doesn’t have a way out, it will only affect your health. There are other reasons that could cause nightmares.”

In the long run, you will only lie in bed and get up earlier.

He asked again: “What dreams did you have?”

Yang Tianxun had long been waiting for him to ask this, and quickly replied: “In fact, it was just a dream. I dreamed that Yunyun and I were lying on the same bed and sleeping. But all of a sudden, she started screaming because an animal had started wrapping around her. However, I couldn’t see what animal it was clearly. And this dream happens every night.”

In the beginning, he treated it as a normal nightmare and didn’t take it to heart.

But afterwards, he dreamt the same dream for several days, so he had no choice but to take it seriously and even investigated the meaning behind it, however, he was unable to find any explanations for it.

Later, when Liu Yunyun was asking him, he realized that she had been having the same dream for quite a long time and it was also related to him. 

Thinking of this, Yang Tianxun said: “Mr. Shi, let Yunyun speak.”

Shi Shanjin smiled half-heartedly, “She’s been allowed to speak for a long time now.”

Hearing this, Shi Qi snickered in his heart.

Liu Yunyun, who heard this not far away, was overwhelmed with shame. However, she did not dare get angry. She secretly opened her mouth and tried to produce a sound. “Ah.”

Sure enough, she was able to speak, and so, she immediately heaved a breath of relief..

No one had been giving her the time of the day so she could only continue eavesdropping on what this person was saying. However, all she heard was dead qi, living qi, and paranormal activities. Listening to it only made her confused.

Yang Tianxun waved his hand, “Come and tell Mr. Shi about your dream.”

Liu Yunyun was a little frightened, but she didn’t dare to refute. She walked over slowly, causing Yang Tianxun to look unnerved, “Hurry up.”

Shi Shanjin did not urge them either.

“I… I started dreaming half a year ago.” Liu Yunyun quivered as she covered her mouth and whispered: “In the beginning, there was just a yellow animal, and then soon, that animal’s tail started entangling around me. The more it wrapped around me, the tighter it got….until I was almost unable to breathe…”

She didn’t know why she started dreaming of this thing. She usually never came into contact with any animals, not even ordinary pet cats or dogs, not to mention animals she had never seen before.

A tail?

Shi Shanjin caught onto this word. It seemed that what Shi Qi had seen before was true. Seeing him staring at Liu Yunyun in a daze, he asked: “Shi Qi, what are you looking at?”

Shi Qi hurriedly returned to his senses and hesitated for a while before speaking, “I only saw a light yellow air around her lower body awhile ago, and I couldn’t see her legs.”

His voice was soft and waxy, carrying the liveliness of a child.

The average person would’ve had their maternal instincts kick in to show affection, but Liu Yunyun only felt her blood run cold.

Shi Qi was not lying, he did indeed see that when the woman was walking over, the long tail suddenly moved and wrapped around her waist.

It was also at this time that a light yellow air gradually appeared, turning into a rich color, and surrounding her legs.

He hesitated for a moment, unable to find the words to describe what he was feeling, his small faces wrinkling.

Liu Yunyun ran away in horror, distancing herself far away from them again.

At this moment, the long tail loosened again, and the pale yellow air disappeared.

Shi Qi finally knew what to say, and he opened his bright eyes: “It’s like a fog. But it’s gone now.”

Yang Tianxun’s face looked really ugly when he heard that the person he was sharing a bed with may not be human. Perhaps, the reason he was having nightmares was because of her.

Thinking of this, the look in Liu Yunyun’s eyes became worse.

On the other hand, Shi Shanjin seemed to have suddenly thought of something.

The room was overtaken by silence again. Yang Tianxun didn’t dare to disturb him when he saw him thinking, but he thought in his heart that he really found the right person this time.

He had gone looking for a few famous Taoist priests before, and in the end they did nothing to earn their keep, each one more useless than the previous, only knowing to deceive him and ask for money. Ultimately, they all ran away without a trace.

Not far away, Liu Yunyun felt really scared in her heart. She ran back to Yang Tianxun’s side and without even taking note of his current expression, she whispered something in complaint.

Shi Qi stood behind her and saw that the long tail was wrapped tightly around her waist once again. The tip of the tail came out, dangling in front of his eyes, and began to emit a yellow mist.

Seeing that no one was paying him any attention, his face turned taut and  he put on a solemn expression.

Then he carefully reached out a hand and grabbed a hold of the tip of the tail.


Huh, it’s a bit soft.

I can make a scarf for grandma with this.

It should be very warm.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

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