Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 2 Aiyo, My Pitiful Grandson

The sudden sentence that had been blurted out, rendered the three people who were standing beside the bed, stunned.

Li Xia was the first to snap back to her senses first, feeling that the old madame must’ve lost a screw after running into a ghost.

The doctor who had only reacted later, immediately responded: “The Old Madame is fine. There’s no problem at all. She just needs a couple days of rest. Do take note of her diet.”

The doctor knew that nobody could withstand the Old Madame’s temper once she was provoked, and he didn’t want to suffer the aftermath of that, so he quickly bade his farewell and left after giving his instructions.

After merely yelling out a sentence, Ning Meng could already feel exhaustion washing over her.

Feeling all her strength leaving her, she narrowed her eyes and reclined back on the bed, stretching her head to see what the two little ladies looked like.

Li Xia took a pillow and placed it behind her, allowing her to sit up slightly.

When she was bored from sitting in the hospital bed, she would watch some healing and funny videos online. The pretty nurse sisters would also take care of her, bringing her some leisure books to read, among which, included some novels.

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During this year, this kind of cruel and vicious male lead who didn’t have any regard for others, was very scarcely found. Moreover, it was a feel good novel which soon shot up into the golden rankings not long after, entered the vip chapters2In Jinjiang/jjwxc, a certain number of chapters are free before the later chapters are locked under vip which require payment to be read..

The comments below the novel were all of positive evaluation as the readers expressed their love for the extraordinary male lead.

The Shi family in the novel was a famous hundred year old family in Beijing, reputed for being a noble Feng Shui family.

The family existed at the beginning of the last century, their main residence built at that time, but during the chaotic Republic of China period that came later, the people in power of the Shi family were able to figure out this disaster and stood by the right people.

It was hard to believe that a story like Cinderella marrying into a wealthy family would exist, however, this old lady was a genuine living example.

This old lady was a very ordinary fisherwoman. During the war, she was separated from her mother and had encountered the Shi Family people. Afterwards, not only did she marry into the wealthy, her husband didn’t even keep a mistress.

It was really strange.

Ning Meng admired it at first when she read this.

After marrying into the Shi family, the old lady gave birth to four children in a spurt of energy, and all of them were even sons to boot. The mother-in-law of the Shi family valued sons more than daughters back then so when she saw her birthing many sons in accomplishment, she was treated like a treasure and never lacked any good things from thereon.

However, there were always matters to regret. The second son died shortly after he was born. This incident made the old lady sad for a long time and it took her several years to recover. The two sons that came after, were born healthy fortunately.

But when the remaining sons grew up, troubles arrived. The third son broke off relations with the family for a bar prostitute who was also of foreign descent, and from then on, he never returned nor were there any news received from him.

Eight years later, a small green-eyed boy appeared in front of the Shi family. After confirming his identity as a child of the Shi Family, from thereupon, Shi Qi’s name was written under the Shi Family tree.

And this person was the male lead.

The above was just a background of the novel. The story of ‘Wealthy Ghost Young Master’ starts only fifteen years later after Shi Qi returned to the Shi Family.

In just a short fifteen years, the entire Shi family had fallen into the hands of Shi Qi. Not one person could go against his decision or word.

Everyone knew that his methods were merciless..

Calm and collected, killing people without a drop of blood and thousands of ghosts expelled by his hand. 

——Moreover, Ning Meng’s current identity was Shi Qi’s grandmother.

Shi Qi inherited the beautiful countenance of his mother.

The deep set mixed facial features made him appear exquisite. His pair of green eyes contrasting against his black hair, made him seem like a sprite that emerged out of the forest.

And it was exactly this appearance that stirred the old granny’s dislike.

Before the old granny ever laid eyes on Shi Qi, she felt that because he was the flesh and blood of her young son, she should raise him herself, however, once she saw his mien, she immediately changed her mind.

Shi Qi had inherited too little of his father’s features, so from beginning to end, the old granny was always reminded of the foreign woman who had snatched away her young son. Having not seen her son even when he was at death’s door, this little grandson didn’t even elicit the slightest bit of nostalgia. 

The reason why the Shi family can become a noble Feng Shui family was that the heirs of their bloodline possessed Yin Yang eyes3(3) Ying Yang eyes give you the ability to see the supernatural..

In the study of Feng Shui, having Yin Yang eyes was akin to a tiger growing wings4Tiger that has grown wings: extra boost.

When Shi Qi first arrived, he didn’t have these yin yang eyes so naturally, people didn’t believe that he was a genuine member of the family, however, the results from a test proved that he was indeed a child of the Shi Family.

The Shi Family members didn’t put him to heart, hence, the other two grandson and granddaughter who had been spoiled since young, often came to the cottage to scold and beat him. 

The old granny didn’t notice it at all, even occasionally putting on an unsightly appearance whenever she saw him. The servants naturally didn’t put him under their eyes as well so in all aspects, he was pretty much ignored.

Over time, Shi Qi developed a grim mindset.

It didn’t take long until Shi Qi returned to the main residence.

From then on, the impression that the old granny had left behind in his heart was that of an evil grandma. Unfortunately, before he took over the Shi Family, the old granny had passed away.

Towards her, Shi Qi had never once addressed her as ‘Grandma’.

In the novel, the author simply wrote words and words of condemnation towards the old granny for treating her own grandson in a horrible way while allowing her other grandson and granddaughter to beat and scold him.

Ning Meng was also very irked when she read this in the beginning.

However, now that she had become the old granny herself, the situation was completely different.

The old granny had fallen into a coma this time because she had started a quarrel with her eldest son over Shi Qi. However, never in her wildest imagination did she expect that in the fit of her anger, she would encounter a ghost on the way back and was frightened to the point that her soul had returned to the Western Paradise5Western Paradise is like heaven for Buddhists..

At present, the old granny was currently trying to get Shi Qi to stay over at the cottage.

Originally, her body was supposed to recuperate at home, however, because her ire was provoked greatly this time, adding on to the news of the son she hadn’t heard a peep from in a long time, passing away, it was too much for her to take in at once, and so, a mental knot had formed in her heart at once and being angered into fainting was just the start of it.

At that time, she had a falling out with her third son and very much regretted it later on when she hadn’t heard news from him in a long time. However, she refused to yield and remained silent. Now that her son was gone, leaving only a grandson behind who had suffered so much, she naturally wanted him to stay with the Shi Family.

The last of the old granny’s memories stopped at Seventeen, who was Shi Qi himself6Seventeen (十七) and Shi Qi (時戚) are both pronounced as shiqi..

Because she regarded Shi Qi as Seventeen.

If it weren’t for the fact that she had seen his appearance, there wouldn’t have been a string of subsequent abuses that followed after.

Ning Meng wasn’t the Virgin Mary, but now that she had taken over this body, she knew that she couldn’t act too out of character because if something went wrong, her end would be being dissected at a laboratory.

If she treated Shi Qi compassionately, he probably wouldn’t do anything to her in the future right?

Moreover, according to the description of the novel, she wouldn’t be able to live past that time.

So she could still rejoice for now. Fortunately, she had only transmigrated before anything could even happen so she could change the direction of the story.

After figuring this out, Ning Meng felt at ease.

In any case, the Shi Family was a big family, and the two remaining sons of the old grandma followed her will, so she didn’t consider child-rearing to be a difficult task.

Having said that, the name she kept trying to commit to memory was Seventeen, so in the future, she had to stick to calling him this. At least in this way, she would be able to pull the distance between them closer.

The system’s voice rang exactly at this time again: “Because the time and space in this cottage of yours doesn’t allow supernatural beings like ghosts to enter…..you could only stay here.”

In fact, this is one reason. The other reason was because under Shi Qi’s destruction, this time and space would quickly collapse, meaning that the situation would change. 

Ning Meng recalled an important point that she had forgotten.

This was a novel of both feng shui and supernatural genres.

She didn’t know much about Feng Shui but she was more than familiar with the supernatural.

The novel ‘Wealthy Ghost Young Master’ was of Shi Qi breaking Feng Shui, drawing out supernatural beings, exorcising evil spirits and achieving the ending that he wanted.

Ning Meng leaned back on the bed for a long time, slowly combing through the information.

Although the novel didn’t describe the old granny’s character in detail, there was one feature that stood out and that was she was fickle. She had stronger authority than her two sons which explains the matter of her dispute with the eldest son.

And because she was of old age, it was normal for her to have abrupt changes in her mood.

The system whispered: “Shi Qi is only a few years old. If he doesn’t experience the bitterness of being bullied, he wouldn’t go berserk in the future.”

Ning Meng nodded.

Shi Qi was such a young child. He should be properly raised so he doesn’t stray off the right path. As for the thousands of ghosts that would come later in the future….it was better to think of another alternative. 

Thinking this way, she heaved a breath of relief.

Lin Xia waited for the old granny to settle down.

She asked Li Chun to bring up the bowl of porridge over to feed her while she headed downstairs softly and quietly.

The cheers and laughter in the main residence and the cottage were not the same because Eldest Young Master and Second Young Master lived there together with their wives who liked to compete with each other, so the main residence was always brimming with spirit.

Li Chun’s disposition was a bit fidgety. She held no interest in the tricky relationships of the Shi Family so the responsibility of matters regarding that place was left for her to handle.

She respectfully notified: “Young Master, the old madame has just woken up.”

On the other end of the phone, Shi Shanjin responded calmly.

Li Xia quivered before quickly recounting all the things that had just happened in detail. At the end, she also mentioned that the old granny’s mood seemed a little dispirited.

“Pay close attention and take care of her.” Shi Shanjin last said before hanging up the phone.

He picked up his coat from the hanger at the side and was about to walk out when the man sitting in the living room finally couldn’t sit still and quickly stood up: “Young Master, the matter of this pen fairy7Pen fairies refer to games like Ouija boards where people try to communicate with the dead through a medium…”

Shi Shanjin stopped in his tracks, “Don’t worry about the pen fairy. Go back and place a round mirror on the door of your daughter’s room. Hang it on the door facing the outside.”

The man nodded like a sieve: “Alright Alright Alright!”

Recalling the horrifying pictures of the death of 3 girls in his daughter’s dorm, his heart shivered from the cold.

As long as he could get rid of that pen fairy, he would do anything.


Li Chun and Li Xia had just finished tidying up when they saw the Young Master going up the stairs and they immediately nervously waited at the side.

After opening the door, Shi Shanjin looked towards the bed. The old granny was nested in her quilt appearing as if she was sleeping in peace.

He raised his eyebrows and took a few steps forward.

Sure enough, the old granny on the bed was clearly awake, but she pretended not to be, a tiny gap remaining in between her squinted eyes.

Shi Shanjin sighed in his heart, “Mother, don’t torment yourself, I’ll take the child back, your body can’t withstand this again.”

Ning Meng opened her eyes immediately once she heard this.

System: “Old granny’s character is very rude and unreasonable, but your eldest son is very filial.”

Ning Meng imitated the haughty appearance of the old granny she saw in her memories and confidently said: “Bring Seventeen back.”

She started weeping: “My poor grandson doesn’t even have a proper name, nor is he even surnamed Shi….”

Shi Shan paused for a moment before repeating: “Mother, he is called Shi Qi.”

The old granny shut her eyes and pretended not to hear, only continuing to howl: “Aiya my grandson … now that your father has passed away, there’s no one to take care of you.”

Seeing her behavior, Shi Shanjin no longer tried to explain.

It was evident that the old granny had misunderstood the child’s name to be the number Seventeen, but it was better to treat it as a nickname since ugly names lengthened the child’s life8Ugly names lengthen the child’s life 賤名好養活: Back in the old days, parents used to give their child ugly names that didn’t make sense so that ‘ghosts’ wouldn’t take their children away, allowing them to grow into an adult safely and smoothly..

The Shi Family had always chosen names based on their extrapolations.

And the Qi from Shi Qi… did not bode well at all.9The Qi 戚 used in his name means grief or sorrow.

The author has something to say:

Shi Qi is the male lead 

The road of child-rearing has begun.

Let me emphasize once again: There will only be familial love in the first transmigration.

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