Chapter 18.1 The thing that can open his yin yang eyes (1)

Ning Meng’s heart almost jumped out of her chest.

She was originally an old lady, so being taken by surprise at this moment almost literally took her breath away. She didn’t even dare to move, only stifling herself back. If she hadn’t been speaking with the system previously, she would’ve already started shaking.

If she were to die here, people might laugh their head off from the sheer ridiculousness.

The system responded: “Don’t make a sound, and don’t open your mouth.”

Although its tone sounded normal, she could hear the sense of urgency in it and thought that the person who had just touched her must not be anyone ordinary. 

Thinking this way, Ning Meng’s whole body became even more tense, and her life flickered before her eyes. The old lady’s body really couldn’t withstand such a high tense state.

The hand lifted itself away from her shoulder again.

Ning Meng exhaled a sigh of relief, but still didn’t move. She was afraid that this was just a hack like those seen in TV, so she decided to wait for a while before moving. 

Before she could even calm down, a face leaned in front of her abruptly.

If the system had a body, it would probably jump up. It cried out: “Don’t move! Don’t open your mouth!”

It had given the same two instructions.

Ning Meng thought it odd. She was now integrated with the system, and besides, she had already died once. Even if she died again, it wouldn’t matter much. Being able to live longer was already a fortunate matter in itself.

Fortunately, she was able take in another breath of air, and was currently holding it back. Moreover, she could sense that breathing wouldn’t incur any problems. 

Even though there weren’t any hands on her shoulders at the moment, after a while, there seemed to be faint breathing in her ears, and her neck felt cool, as if there was a cool breeze blowing, so she knew that the ghost hadn’t left at all.

It quickly disappeared again. And this time, because Ning Meng had already experienced it, her breathing was a lot calmer than before, however, her heartbeat still ran very quickly.

If this body she possessed had a heart attack, she would’ve already been lying on the ground.

She turned her wrist, wanting to shift the small round mirror to see what the hell was behind her.

However, she first asked the system just in case: “Can I turn the mirror? To see what’s behind me?”

The system was currently very calm: “Don’t make your movements obvious, and don’t open your mouth.”

Ning Meng mustered her courage and turned the round mirror slightly. Fortunately, she only tilted it slightly and was able to easily tilt it back.

She lowered her eyes to look, and this look almost cost her her soul. 

This round mirror was different from the ancient copper yellow mirrors. It was made with modern technology and was very high-definition, so she was able to see the complete face of the “person” reflected in the mirror.

That face was lying on her shoulders, half-squinting and sniffing at her nonstop.

What scared her the most was the fact that this face could not be called a face at all.

Though its facial features were present on the face, they appeared very flat, as though they were randomly painted on. It also looked terrifyingly crude, just like the paper figures burnt during worship. The face was multicolored, appearing increasingly horrifying in the dark.

Its long messy hair stuck close to her shoulders, and Ning Meng could feel its eyes turning from the mirror, but all she saw was its hollow dark eyes, and its expressionless face, looking extremely stiff.

Perhaps because it was unable to smell anything on her after sniffing for a long time, the face had left her shoulder.

Ning Meng finally breathed a sigh of relief. Being stared at by such a horrifying face made her whole body tense. She always felt that if she slackened a bit, she would have immediately been exterminated. 

Unexpectedly, in the next second, its face suddenly leaned in front of her.

Ning Meng: “…” I really want to swear.

Now that it was standing before her, she realized that this face had a body attached to it, however, it was just as flat as its face, as if it had been smacked flat.

Even though she thought this way, it was still very scary to see its face up close.

She couldn’t help but close her eyes, her heart was unable to take it anymore, and she felt her head turning dizzy, feeling as though she may faint any second. 

After some time had passed, she finally heard the system say: “Okay, it’s gone now.”

Ning Meng immediately slumped down to the ground, cold sweat breaking out all over her back.

She asked the system what it was just now.

The system said: “Those are ghosts who specialize in checking people who come in, just like guards. You naturally need to have an identity if you want to enter. You’re fortunate enough to have your eldest son sprinkle water on you, otherwise, you might have stifled yourself to death from waiting.” 

What it didn’t say was that ordinary people would be able to go in, but because her current case was very special, that examiner was able to feel it but was also unable to do anything. 

Ning Meng opened her mouth but was unable to say a word. 

Before arriving here, Shi Shanjin had sprinkled water on her and Shi Qi. She had even asked what it was at that time, learning that it was also the same water gathered from the last Tomb Sweeping Day, but no willows were added, so its efficacy was not as potent..

She asked while still shaking in fear: “I can turn around now, right?”


Ning Meng exhaled and turned around. The whole market came into view, no different from what she saw in the mirror. The only thing that was scary was that it was visible in the dark.

She stood up and stayed where she was, not daring to wander anywhere. She didn’t know where Shi Shanjin and Shi Qi had gone.

Taking advantage of this interval, she asked the system: “Why did you tell me not to open my mouth earlier?”

The system said: “Once you opened your mouth, then the breath of the living would’ve left your body. The ghost market was originally for the purpose of dealing with ghosts. Although you are now a ghost, the possessed old lady still has the breath of life and ghosts like this kind of thing the most.”

This was also why ghosts liked to steal a person’s vitality which eventually made that person weak and in the worst cases, led to death.

Ning Meng understood this, and was thankful that she was able to hold her breath in. Otherwise she wouldn’t have known what would’ve been waiting for her.

After waiting for a long time, the majority of the shadows in front of her have also left yet she still remained waiting for Shi Shanjin. 

However, she also realized that she couldn’t see faces clearly and was only able to see shadows. Unsure of whether it was because her eyes were bad or something else, after pondering it over, she felt that it was better not to see clearly, otherwise, she may end up frightening herself senselessly. 

Just when she was lost in a daze, a hand had suddenly landed on her shoulder again.

Ning Meng’s heart almost jumped out of her chest. When she flipped the mirror around, she saw Shi Shanjin and Shi Qi and felt relieved. She had gotten so surprised she nearly couldn’t calm herself down.

Shi Shanjin pointed to his mouth and supported her to walk forwards.

It wasn’t until they were some distance away from the place just now that he said: “Sorry, mom, I came late. Were you okay just now?”

Ning Meng shook her head, “I almost—”

Halfway through the conversation, seeing that Shi Qi was looking at her worriedly, she changed her tone, saying: “I almost thought you weren’t coming, it’s fine now”

Shi Shan nodded and supported her: “You should speak quietly from hereon, and don’t touch anything later.”

Ning Meng naturally nodded.

She didn’t dare to touch the things here, if the seller was a ghost, it would be a disaster.

Shi Qi ran to her side secretly, took her little finger, and whispered, “Grandma, are you okay?”

Ning Meng straightened her back, pretending to be serious, “How could anything happen to grandma? Shouldn’t we be talking about you? Did anything happen with your uncle?”

Shi Qi opened his green eyes and shook his head several times like a rattle.

As soon as he entered, he found himself next to his uncle. When he accidentally touched the thing that was sniffing him, the other party immediately ran away as though his body had caught on fire. 

Later on, he came to know that the identity of the person who was checking him, was a ghost.

The uncle told him that, as its name implied, the ghost market was naturally a market for ghosts. It was just that humans were greedy and wanted to get benefits from this side.

If one wanted to enter the ghost market, they must at least have a certain identity. Not even mentioning pretending to be a ghost, but you can’t have the breath of the living in your body. The water they sprinkled before provided exactly this function.

Ning Meng calmed down and pinched his face. The little boy really made her worry.

The three people walked slowly in the middle of the street.

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