Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 11 Aiyo, my great grandson

Shi Qi had clearly seen it.

Just as they came out of the building, because the weather was a bit hot, grandma had let go of him and fell back one or two paces behind.

And because of this one or two step distance, just as grandma stepped into the sunlight, Shi Qi saw her figure becoming fuzzy.

In an instant, her whole person became a blur, the edges were unclear, just like mosaics he had seen on TV.

Vague and indistinct.

But very quickly, as soon as he blinked, the scene that he had just seen earlier seemed to have been a product of his own illusion, everything had turned back to normal.

Ning Meng saw him look lost in thought. Even calling him didn’t snap him out of his trance, so she couldn’t help but ask the system: “What’s wrong with the brat? He wouldn’t have turned stupid, would he?”

The system replied: “How could that happen. If he turned stupid, this world would have collapsed. He’s just a kid, it’s normal for them to go off in a daze.”

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Shi Qi could only respond with: “It’s nothing.”

He really must’ve seen it wrong. He thought to himself, however, his heart couldn’t help but be filled with suspicions.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Unaware of what Director Wang had been saying outside.

“Mom.” Shi Shanjin called out. “We should leave now.”

Ning Meng’s legs quivered. “Aiyo, I’m such an old woman. Let’s go go go.”

The few people made a detour and headed towards the academic building.

This academic building they were headed to belonged to the literature department. Due to this incident, the building had been sealed off, so the other students had to rush to other academic buildings to take their classes.

The academic building didn’t have any elevator, so Ning Meng had to climb up the stairs. Even with her son and grandson supporting her, it exhausted her to death.

Being an old person was really difficult.

When they finally got to the floor of the crime, Ning Meng’s legs had already quivered several times. She laid on the chair to rest while Shi Qi kindly massaged her legs.

If she hadn’t known that he was going to become such a terrifying person in the future, she wouldn’t have been able to figure it out judging from the current appearance of this child.

Who could’ve expected that such an adorable child would be able to order around thousands of ghosts?

Although the classroom looked a little worse off than the dormitory, it was a bit better than the infirmary. Perhaps it was because the space was too big but the black air didn’t seem to be too dense.

The classroom still had all sorts of decorations from before, appearing quite festive. But never did anyone expect that such an incident took place in this room.

Ning Meng squinted her presbyopic eyes at the mess in the classroom.

It was at this moment that she had suddenly seen a ball of black shadow in the corner.

This black shadow was a bit fuzzy and she couldn’t determine what shape it was. In any case, it was shrunken at the corner and because it looked even darker than the thin black air at the side, she was able to see it more clearly.

Ning Meng asked: “What is that?”

The system replied: “It’s a ghost.”

Ning Meng gulped, feeling frightened yet curious at the same time. She wanted to walk over to it but didn’t dare do so.

It was currently still bright outside but how could there be a ghost sitting at the corner?

She quietly urged the system, “Why don’t you describe how it looks to me…”

The system’s voice also became weak. “Her tongue is especially long, probably because she’s a hanged ghost…She’s wearing ordinary clothing like a little lady. En, she’s currently looking at you too.”

Ning Meng: “!!!”

She asked in a stutter: “Wh-wh-why is she looking at me for?”

The system thought for a moment before replying. “Probably because she could sense that you are of the same kind as her and wants to become friends with you.”

Ning Meng responded: “Rubbish system.”

She was currently a human. She didn’t want to become friends with a long-tongued hanged ghost, it was too frightening for words….

Director Wang was currently pointing at the blackboard, saying: “This was where we found it. The rope was extremely thin and it was only used for hanging the streamers. After the police had set the corpse down, the rope broke immediately.

At that time, he had even heard that the police had been startled by it. After all, that kind of rope was unable to withstand carrying the weight of a complete adult.

Because in any case, it was only an ordinary colorful rope sold from a store outside. It was completely different to mounting climbing ropes, so it was clear as day that something fishy was at play.

However, irregardless of whether it was capable of supporting that weight or not, everybody had seen with their own eyes that Du Li had been hanging from it.

“Mr. Shi.” Director Wang called out. “Have you found anything new?”

His voice had just fallen when Shi Shanjin turned out in front of him and took out something from his pocket, throwing it at the corner.

Director Wang was stunned. He watched the object seemingly hit something before falling down to the ground.

However, Ning Meng heard a shrieking sound.

The shriek sounded sharp as though the hanged ghost was scared of her oldest son.

Thinking of this, she felt relieved. Although she knew that her son’s eyes couldn’t provide much help, he at least had the ability to capture ghosts.

Everyone only heard Shi Shanjin coldly say. “Come here.”

Other people couldn’t see it, but Ning Meng could see what was happening as plain as day. The ball of dark shadow slowly arrived in front of her oldest son before it came to a halt.

It was a pity that her eyes didn’t work well as she was unable to see its appearance clearly.

Director Wang took a few steps back and whimpered. “Mr. Shi. Who were you talking to just now?”

He and Liu Ji at the side, exchanged glances, feeling their hair stand up on end in unison.

Shi Shanjin replied. “It’s not to you.”

The ball of dark shadow stood in front of Shi Shanin and even though he was unable to see it, he had a way of knowing it so as he coldly asked. “Who are you?”

Ning Meng was standing a bit far away so she couldn’t hear what was being said clearly, she was only able to catch a few vague words.

As such, the system gave her hand. “It’s Du Li.”

Ning Meng was flabbergasted. She didn’t think that the ghost was actually Du Li who was killed by the pen fairy. She could still remember the horrible way she had died.

Shi Qi suddenly tugged on her hand.

She bent down and heard her say in a soft voice. “Grandma…Did you hear someone speaking just now?”

Shi Qi’s little face wrinkled into a ball.

He had clearly only seen uncle speak up and no one around him had opened their mouths, but it was as if he could hear something, yet he couldn’t hear it clearly.

On the other hand, Ning Meng appeared to be pleasantly surprised. “What did you hear?”

Shi Qi pursed his lips: “I couldn’t hear it…clearly.”

The system heaved a sigh. “If he hasn’t opened his yin yang eyes, he wouldn’t know what’s going on. However, because his constitution is special, he was able to sense it.”

Ning Meng pinched his face and said. “You must’ve heard wrong. Grandma was just muttering to herself earlier.”

Even though she said this, Shi Qi still harbored a sliver of disbelief.

On the other side, after having heard something, Shi Shanjin suddenly turned to Director Wang and said. “Is Du Li’s body still present?”

Director Wang’s body was currently ice cold. On the inside, he admired yet feared this Mr. Shi as he replied. “It’s still in the autopsy center.”

Although the police have ruled her death to be suicide, there were still some suspicions floating around, hence, it was still being conducted under investigation.

After he said this, Ning Meng looked at the dark shadow that had suddenly stood up and twisted.

She took a few steps back, asking. “What does she want to do?”

The system replied: “Oh, she’s angry. Since her dead body is being dissected, she’s naturally not happy about it.”

That seems to make sense. Ning Meng thought.

Shi Shanjin reached out a hand to swat Du Li’s dark shadow and she retracted back, forming a ball on the ground, muttering a few words. 

He twisted his head to talk to Director Wang. “She said. The one who killed her was a female ghost wearing a red dress.”

Director Wang was incredulous. His eyes widened in the shape of saucers and after quivering for a long time, not a word came out of his mouth.

The impact of this news was too great. Fortunately, Liu Ji at the side, returned to his senses first. He asked in a stammer. “The….Wh-wh-wh-wh-who is she?”

Shi Shanjin looked at them as though they were idiots. “Du Li.”

“Du-Du-Du….Li?” A bang resounded and it turns out, Director Wang had fainted on the ground, never to wake up again.

Liu Ji’s face also paled and he wasn’t able to spit a single word out after a long time.

Seeing that Du Li did not harbor any killing intent and her son was also present at the scene. Ning Meng pondered for a moment before deciding to go over with Shi Qi following from behind.

Her legs were fragile, so her speed of walking was relatively slow. Shi Qi was even a bit quicker than her. However, she watched wide-eyed as the boy was tripped by the black shadow and had fallen to the ground.

As though it had encountered something frightening, the dark shadow immediately shrieked and cowered. But taking into consideration Shi Shanjin’s presence, it didn’t dare to escape.

Shi Qi quickly climbed back up his feet.

He raised his head to look at his surroundings but ended up seeing his grandma standing at the side and chuckling, her eyes narrowed so much they were barely visible.

His face turned red and he finally had an expression that a child should have.

Shi Shanjin looked down towards his feet. Although he couldn’t see what the ghost looked like, he could still feel what it was.

Shi Qi was not only able to touch her, seeing that the ghost was this frightened, did he have any other special qualities?

Recalling the matter that had happened previously in the study, Shi Shanjin felt that the boy wasn’t as simple as he looked.

“What kind of grandmother are you. You’re really terrifying.” The system said.

After Ning Meng had chuckled enough, she ignored the system and waved towards Shi Qi, saying. “Aiyo, my little Seventeen. Quickly let grandma see. Where did you trip over? Does it hurt?”

She was unable to suppress her smile because Shi Qi just looked too cute. 

Thinking that the amazing male lead in the future was currently a little child who would blush after tripping over, she couldn’t help but lament.

Shi Qi’s hands clutched the corner of his clothes as his face turned into a complete tomato shade of red.

He walked over and thought to himself. ‘Grandma, don’t assume that I didn’t see the corner of your mouth hook up.’ 

Both people had their own respective thoughts yet they were completely unaware that Shi Shanjin was currently wondering whether Shi Qi was carrying something with him that allowed him to touch Du Li’s body.

However, the truth of the matter was, though Shi Qi was truly able to touch her.

He wasn’t carrying anything with him. 


I have a grandmother.

She doesn’t only like to knead me.

She also likes to watch me trip over.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

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