Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 10 Shi Qi saw his grandmother’s body become blurry

Shi Shanjin stood at the bedside while Ning Meng dragged Shi Qi off to the washroom.

There was no lock on the washroom but it still had the sealed tape stuck by the police. The blood stains also hadn’t been cleaned, appearing ghastly at first glance.

Fortunately, the corpse on the floor had already been moved away. Otherwise, it would only look more terrifying.

The washroom was just a small space. Even if Huang Li had slipped down in carelessness during her shower and collided with the wire, she wouldn’t have died in such a terrible manner.

Clearly there was an unknown force that used that wire to create her wound, but the police were unable to uncover it.

Ning Meng narrowed her eyes. 

The system had given her Yin Yang eyes that could see through the blackness appearing in the washroom, and it was even more dense than what she had just seen outside.

She assumed that this was the pen fairy at work and the traces she left behind were comparatively more evident.

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“….You are just a spirit right now, practically no different to a ghost. Even if they wanted you, you would be of no use to them.” The system’s voice gradually turned soft, as it silently mocked her.

Ning Meng: “….” 

Unreconciled, she continued to ask: “Then what about Shi Qi, he’s also fine too.”

After a long time, the system finally spoke out: “I’m not omnipotent ok…”

After saying this, it didn’t make a sound and started to pretend it was dead.

Seeing that it feigned its existence whenever she asked it for crucial information, Ning Meng had concluded her understanding of it and didn’t ask any more questions.

Amidst her conversation with the system, Shi Shanjin had already walked out of the dorm. 

It was unknown what he had done but the dark air in the room had gradually dispersed outside, disappearing from view. 

Although Shi Shanjin could only detect where the yin air was, he still had ways to deal with it.

Since the fairy was not here, the yin air was easily manageable.

The yin air inside the room also dispersed out, letting the scorching heat of summer finally permeate the room.

Ning Meng kneaded Shi Qi’s soft and white little hand and sighed with rue. “It was so pleasantly cold a while ago. Having ghosts arounds is really more comfortable than having air conditioning.”

Shi Qi allowed her to knead him as she pleased.

He discovered that this benevolent grandma had a certain habit. And that was that she liked to knead him. From his face to his hand, she had kneaded all of these places before.

He completely had no idea why she liked to knead him so much.

Meanwhile, the director at the side was still speaking: “Right now, we can only seal off this building. Fortunately, only fourth year students who had just graduated live here and they’ve already moved away.”

Originally, there were only a couple of students who hadn’t gone home, but once this matter broke out, all of them left. Those who didn’t go home, even rented a room outside the school.

The responsibility for the disaster caused by their students was borne by the school.

If this were to affect the students who had planned to apply for their school after finishing their high school exam in summer, it would definitely leave a series of impacts, and perhaps their school ranking would also plummet.

Shi Shanjin asked: “Mom, what did you want to see?”

Ning Meng was still eyeing the dormitory until she heard him call her and straightened herself. “I’m just very curious so I also brought my grandson to take a look.”

The director standing at the side couldn’t help but twitch the corner of his mouth.

He originally thought that the Old Madame had some level of skill. After all, the Shi Family held so many secrets, it must’ven’t been easy to be able to marry into their family.

Who would’ve expected that after being here for half a day, she wasn’t able to contribute to anything. 

After leaving the dormitory, the group of people then headed onto the corridor.

The corridor of the dormitory building was very shady. There was also a little dampness at their feet and the smell of something that was aged.

When they reached the outside of the building, the heat of the sun felt stuffy, assaulting them as soon as they left the air conditioned room.

Because the infirmary was just behind them, they first headed there.

The infirmary and the dorm shared only slight discrepancies. They both looked to be very normal, apart from the bed that had blood stains.

Once they entered the room, the director’s face appeared a bit distorted.

The deaths of the two people who died in the dorm and the classroom were still considered to be normal, but the student who had died in the infirmary in front of her roommate was unbelievable no matter how many times he heard it.

However, in modern society, this was considered to be a normal matter already.

Su Jianhua had been keeping up at the side, wiping away his cold sweat.

He had heard the scenery that his daughter had described, but now, looking at the scene of the crime, he felt it extremely terrifying. He could only stand outside the door, for fear that he might provoke something.

Ning Meng followed Shi Shanjin and stepped inside, taking a few glances at the bed. 

Turning around, her eyes widened when she realized something amiss. There seemed to be fingerprints on the bedhead railings. As though it was clutched very strongly before abruptly disappearing. 

She looked towards her eldest son but Shi Shanjin didn’t seem to feel anything out of place, nor was he able to see the fingerprints.

The system cleared up her doubts for her: “Your son’s eyes aren’t that good.”

Ning Meng cursed silently. Why did she have such good eyes as an old grandmother?

This place seemed to be no different to the dormitory. There weren’t any clues found and the only fingerprints she discovered, couldn’t even be seen by other people.

She reached out a hand to touch it but didn’t find anything special with it.

When they got to the entrance, she asked the same question she had asked the day before: “Did anybody die in this school before? In recent years.”

Director Wang was still complaining to Shi Shanjin about this matter and was suddenly taken by surprise when he heard this question, his expression turning frozen.

He replied: “Old Madame, our school is a very good school. How could people have died here before?”

How did dead people correlate with whether a school was good or bad? Ning Meng couldn’t see through his expression but she did feel suspicious about his answer.

She bent her waist and asked Shi Qi: “Were you able to see anything in the dormitory earlier?”

It was this kind of question again.

Shi Qi’s heart sank because he could only see a normal looking dormitory and didn’t see any other things.

He parted his mouth but ultimately shook his head.

Ning Meng sighed. Since his yin yang eyes hadn’t been opened, he wasn’t able to see anything and hence, wasn’t able to provide much help.

This dormitory was a very ordinary dormitory and it didn’t appear to have any problems. Now that she was in an old lady’s body, she couldn’t see as well as she used to before.

However, Shi Shanjin was suspicious towards the question that her own mother had asked repeatedly. “Are you sure nobody has died in this school before?” 

As the head of the Shi Family for many years, the aura he emitted was naturally different from Old Madame Shi, even his tone had turned sharp.

Director Wang wiped his forehead.

His expression turned somewhat stiff but he insisted. “No. How could there be one? If there was, I would’ve definitely known about it.”

Ning Meng stood behind them and felt that something was odd.

Was this Director Wang hiding something?

Before she could even speak, her oldest son had also noticed something fishy.

Shi Shanjin’s expression turned cold, and he yelled in a low voice: “Director Wang.”

Director Wang quivered in fright. Even though it was currently summer, cold sweat seeped from his back and his actions of wiping his forehead became faster and faster.

Someone had just arrived at the side and saw his expression, asking: “Director Wang, what’s going on?”

Liu Ji was a newly transferred deputy director. Apart from the accident that happened, he simply had no idea what had transpired.

Shi Shanjin hardened his face. “You know the consequences yourself.”

Director Wang wore a bitter face and after a long time had passed, he spoke through gritted teeth. “Actually, I’m not too clear myself. I’ve only been here for 17 years and I heard that a similar event to this had happened to the school before.”

Talking about this matter was always taboo for the school so it had always been sealed. Apart from a few select people that knew what happened, the rest had no knowledge of it.

Not to mention, he, who had just been a director in school for only several years.

Liu Ji nearly scared himself half to death. “If something like this happened in school before, why wasn’t there any news about it?”

If he had known this earlier, he wouldn’t have come here even if you had beaten him to death. It was too sinister. This school definitely had problems.

Ning Meng stood behind them, listening to them echo each other and her lips twitched. “Didn’t you just say that nothing had happened.”

Director Wang stiffened, he felt more and more that this old grandmother was such a busybody.

She was already so old, yet she still came out for a stroll. Wouldn’t it have been better for her to just stay at home?

However, Shi Shanjin understood the bureaucracy that went behind this matter so he simply asked. “What happened in the accident before this?”

Shi Family did not keep up to date with all the matters that happened in Yanjing, especially something like this matter that the school had kept hidden.

The Shi Family only cared about those who had come up to their doors.

Director Wang knew his mistake at this moment and said. “I’m also not too sure. When I arrived, I checked the school’s previous information and found that there was data missing for certain years. When I went to ask the school principal, he divulged this matter to me.”

The school principal also hadn’t told him the details of the matter, merely telling him not to care too much about it.

He always felt that there was something sinister to it but adopted an attitude that ‘curiosity would kill the cat’, so he placed this matter at the back of his head and eventually forgot about it.

Director Wang also added. “The principal had recently gone to another school for exchange and I am afraid that it would take several days before he can return.” 

Ning Meng felt as if her horizons were broadened. A matter like this had already happened yet the school principal still had the heart to go for an exchange. Was he being lax because something like this had happened before and he didn’t think too much of it now that it had happened again?

Shi Qi, who was listening at the side, understood bits of the matter.

Shi Shanjin’s complexion did not look good and he cast a glance at his own mother. Fortunately, her mother had come with him this time.

Ning Meng was also unaware of their thoughts. She was still thinking of how to open Shi Qi’s yin yang eyes so that they could simply see what kind of ghost the pen fairy was.

Shi Qi suddenly secretly tugged the hem of Ning Meng’s clothes.

Ning Meng bent down and asked. “What’s wrong?”

Shi Qi appeared dazed again. His dark green eyes reflected his grandmother’s figure.

Recalling what he had just seen, he had wanted to ask. Why did his grandmother’s body suddenly turn blurry…but now returned to normal?


I have a grandmother.

And I’m afraid that she has supernatural powers.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

Huk! Come on, old ghost, show yourself!

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