Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 1 Transmigrating Into a Grandma

If someone ever asked how it felt to become an old lady.

Ning Meng felt that she could totally answer this question.

The facts were too terrifying. She had tried her best to digest this reality, reaching her hand out towards the light coming through the window.

Wrinkles, shrivels, and sagging skin.

She gulped, reaching out another hand from the bed to touch it. With two hands placed together, it became even more evident.


It wasn’t that she was hallucinating. The sensation really felt like an old tree bark in autumn. 

Even if she had fallen ill and was hospitalized for a long time, she still remembered that the condition of her skin was good. It was envied by many people for being white, tender and feeling smooth to the touch.

Even if she hadn’t been exposed to sunlight and her skin had gotten worse, it should still have the elasticity of a young girl’s skin. How was it possible for wrinkles to have formed?

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Soon, her subconsciousness disappeared.


After an unknown amount of time had passed, she felt herself being crammed into a small space. The space was pitch black and rendered her immobile.

Silence also surrounded her yet after a while, a small voice appeared, gradually growing louder and finally forming a sentence.

“Old Madame? Are you awake?”  

“Old Madame hasn’t awoken, let her rest for a while longer.”  

“The doctor said the old madame is of old age and mustn’t be provoked, so we should take more caution from now on.”

One sentence became a few sentences but it wasn’t raucous, just gradually enough for a person to hear clearly.

Not long after, the voices disappeared again and silence returned to her ears.  

Ning Meng regained her consciousness in the darkness and opened her eyes.  

Seeing a layer of dusk in front of her, she looked at the top of her head with a bewildered face. Blinking her eyes, she found that her sight was a little blurry.  

Had she turned into a zombie? Rising from the morgue?

Thinking of this possibility, goosebumps quickly surfaced on her skin. Surrounded by corpses and shut all alone inside, plots of zombie horror novels leapt out in her imagination.

Soon, she realized something fishy.  


When the delayed sensation finally hit her brain, despite having blurry vision, she could feel that this room was beautiful and exquisite. The mattress underneath her also felt very soft and comfortable, a light fragrance lingering at the tip of her nose.

Her body stiffened as she laid in thought.  

Maintaining the same posture for a long time has caused her body to turn a little rigid. Ning Meng shifted a bit, trying to turn over but couldn’t even budge after a long time.

A peculiar feeling arose in her heart once again.

The window curtain fluttered, letting in a small ray of light. Although it was very weak, it was enough to let her see the hand in front of her.  

And that hand was filled with wrinkes.  

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧


Ning Meng let out a long breath, finally letting the reality of becoming an old lady sink in and coming back to her senses.  

However, just then, a voice rang inside her head: “Hello Ning Meng…..I am your system.” Its arrival had come so suddenly and at such an odd time.

Ning Meng’s head that had just sobered up, crashed once again. 

A ghost had appeared!  


Nevermind turning into an old lady, now, even a strange voice had appeared inside her head. Was she really in a dream right now or was it something else?

The voice once again reminded her: “You can talk to me in your head….”

She controlled her emotions before asking: “Who are you?”  

“I’m a system from the Jinjiang Transmigration Group…..Due to your original body terminating earlier than your predestined lifespan, there was only one body left that was deemed appropriate to put your soul into in haste…..”

As for the rest, Ning Meng could figure it out.

She read novels so she naturally knew what a system was, however, she never imagined that such a matter would happen to her so she was somewhat suspicious.

The system was a little anxious. It was still just a new recruit so if this host were to complain, it was going to be thrown into recyclement, and it already wasn’t easy to have found this opportunity….

Ning Meng stayed silent for a while, her head turning around several times before she coldly asked. “What’s your purpose in finding me?”  

“You had a virtuous character and did good deeds in your previous life so originally, this life of yours was supposed to be one of enjoyment, however, an accident had taken your life earlier than planned and this was something our transmigration group did not handle well….” The system hurriedly broadcasted the past events.

A transparent display screen appeared in front.  

The screen displayed her figure, and like a science fiction movie, it started playing her entire life.

Watching it from the perspective of a bystander was a whole new experience in itself.


There was no doubt that she had definitely transmigrated from the body of a college student into a 60 year old granny because at the present stage, only this body met the requirements of having an enjoyable life.

Ning Meng laid on the bed still fidgeting when the system reappeared again.

It asked shyly: “Can you give me points?”

Ning Meng reached out to press 10 points and saw that the transparent screen rippled like a wave before vanishing promptly.

The door was opened all of a sudden.  

She immediately resumed her sleeping facade as footsteps stopped beside her bed before turning towards the window.  

Hearing the window curtains being pulled, she cracked a small gap in her eyes to secretly take a look, and in an instant, the room was filled with bright light.  

The little lady standing not far from the bedside, currently had her back towards her, handling something she couldn’t see, her every move laced with gentleness.

Ning Meng secretly peeked at her actions.  

The door was carefully pushed open and in came a little lady who was carrying a bunch of flowers. The two people stood side-by-side.

It was currently summer, and Beijing’s sun was scorching hot. The air also seemed to carry a lot of aridity. A branch reached in from the windowsill, its body embellished with small white flowers as the cicadas chirped clamorously.

“Hey, don’t touch those flowers. Master already told us not to move it from its position.” 

“Oh, I almost forgot. These are fresh so only the water needs to be changed.”

Potted plants weren’t allowed inside the room but they needed to have other plants so they could only rely through irrigation to arrange the flowers.

Li Chun looked out the window and heaved a sigh. She lowered her head and carefully changed the water in the vase. 

The old madame had come from a fisherman family and was accustomed to her home. After she had gotten married, she moved to live in the big residence but felt that it was devoid of character. After endlessly complaining, the eldest inheriting young master of Shi Family built her a new cottage.

Even though this cottage wasn’t comparable to those villas, its interior wasn’t lacking, its features elaborate and noble.

Not knowing when the old madame would awake, they feared that the young master would blame them if she continued her slumber.

Li Chun thought to herself as she arranged the flowers lost in a daze.

After Li Xia finished her work, she leaned over to mutter in a small voice: “Li Chun, say, what time do you think the Old Madame is going to wake up. Was it worth it for her to dispute with the Young Master over a child?”

Li Xia shot a glance at the bed and heedlessly said. “Back then when Third Young Master left, Old Madame didn’t say anything but she was definitely regretting it inside. Now, after receiving news of Third Young Master’s death, she naturally wants to bring her grandson home. If it weren’t for Third Young Master’s blood, there wouldn’t have been a need to coax the Old Madame in this matter.”

Third Young Master was the Old Madame’s son.  

Her words were spoken quite casually, however Li Chun didn’t feel that this was the reason why. 

Just the slightest check on Third Young Master’s matters would reveal everything. Because the matter back then had been blown out of proportion, to the extent that it had even gotten on the news. And the news of eight years ago was completely different to the news of today where most of the events being reported were real.  

A few days ago, a child appeared in the main residence. He looked to be about 7 or 8 years old, and was holding onto Third Young Master’s belongings in order to be recognized. People said that he looked a bit similar to the Third Young Master, saying there was a possibility that he could be his child.  

However, Eldest Young Master’s intentions were vague as he only asked a small room to be tidied up for him to live in.

Li Xiao inadvertently spoke: “Eldest Young Master has already dealt with the ghost that had collided with the Old Madame.”

Having gotten wind of the news, the old madame wanted the child to be brought to this cottage but the eldest young master didn’t agree. Old Madame had gone to take a furtive look but in the end, she encountered an audacious wild ghost and was met with a mishap.

“I wonder where the ghost came from.” Li Chun muttered.  

The Shi Family was a noble feng shui family and ghosts only existed within specialized areas of the main residence to be used for certain matters. On the other hand, the cottage where the Old Madame lived in, was the most peaceful place.

The wild ghost that the old madame had run into was also pretty brave to actually dare come to this place.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

The two people were seemingly unaware that the person lying on the bed, was already awake.  

Ning Meng listened to the few minutes of gossip, only managing to catch a few fuzzy words.

After having obtained information from them, she anxiously thought to herself, feeling like this situation sounded somewhat familiar.

She asked the system: “What were they just talking about?”  

The system replied: “They were talking about your body having run into a ghost and getting into a mishap.”

Ning Meng shivered at once. She was most afraid of ghosts. She promptly shifted her sight to the quilt covering her body.

It was currently summer and strong sun rays could be seen from the outside, however, the room was extremely cold. It was not the same coldness felt in an air-conditioned room because she simply didn’t even see an air-conditioner anywhere.  

Even if she was covered with a blanket, she didn’t feel the slightest bit hot and sweaty, instead, it had even felt comfortable.

What kind of amazing high-tech was this?  

As if having sensed her doubts, the system popped out again. “There’s an array in this room which is beneficial for your body.”  

Ning Meng repeated: “Array?”

“En….There are several square objects in this room and there’s a saying that squares are more appropriate than circulars. Also, the arrangement of the plants on the cupboard, actually produces a balanced yin yang, giving the efficacy of warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer, which is especially beneficial for the body of the elderly.”

The system couldn’t stop as soon as he started speaking: “A lot of arrays in feng shui use external objects. Through time, place, people and arrangement, effects are manifested to reach the desired purpose. Although this array is ordinary, its usage is appropriate. The feng shui master who decorated this place has done well.”  

Ning Meng suddenly asked: “Are you a Feng Shui system?”  

The system shyly responded: “I only secretly learnt a bit…”  

Ning Meng: “……”  

Taking advantage of the fact that they had not realized she had awoken, she stretched out her arms under the quilt.

From head to toe, all other explanations had to be thrown out the window for it was completely an old lady’s body with a little bit of weight on it.

The system was right. She really wasn’t dreaming.  

Hearing the weak movements in bed, the two girls turn around.  

Li Xia coaxed: “Old Madame, were you pretending to sleep to scare Li Xia? Li Chun just prepared some food to eat, why don’t you wake up and take a look?”

After saying this, the old lady still didn’t open her eyes but her lids had already been quivering. Li Xia felt it slightly funny.  

Ning Meng also wanted to open her eyes but she was afraid of having her cover blown. Even though the system was here with her, what if she was sent to become a lab rat, then her new lease in life would’ve ended before it could even start.

Hold on a second….what did the little lady call herself….Li Chun and Li Xia?  

She measured the two people without batting an eyelid, feeling stormy waves billow in her heart.

The system was currently resting in her consciousness and when it felt that fluctuation in her emotions, it remembered the memories that it hadn’t transmitted: “Hold on, the memories are currently being sent….”  

A transparent display popped up once again and the sreen had changed.  

Ning Meng became immersed in it.

Li Xia and Li Chun were originally just playing around but seeing the old madame behaving like a person with dementia, they became frightened.

They quickly pressed the bell beside the bed and called the doctor over.

The doctor had been going over this side a lot more these few days so he quickly managed to arrive in time. After checking, he expressed a look of confusion. “It’s reasonable to say that the old madame should have gotten better. Has the food and drink you’ve been delivering these days prepared accordingly?”  

“It’s all according to the doctor’s prescription. She was just fine a while ago and only suddenly became like this.” Li Chun was a bit flustered. ”Doctor, is the old madame’s current appearance….that of someone with dementia….”

Who would’ve thought that the old madama would suddenly run into a wild ghost.  

Ning Meng had just finished receiving the multitude of memories and coincidentally heard this sentence. She then replied brimming with spirit:. “I don’t have dementia!”  

She had assumed that transmigrating into the body of a grandma was already miserable enough in itself, but didn’t think that she would transmigrate into the story of a feng shui supernatural story. 

And become the male lead’s…..grandma.  

Not only was she old in age, she was even a bit maleficent. 

T/N: I’m back with a new BG series! This time, I picked out something that was quite unique (imo). If you like a male character who’s sweet to the female lead, then this might hit the spot for you. There will also be diary entries written by the male lead at the bottom of each chapter which I found really cute. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did~

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