Deep Kiss

Chapter 27. Extra

Chi Xiuyuan and He Shuyu had been together for several years. Their relationship was known to everyone, and naturally, they received mixed reviews.

He was used to it at school, and he was so open about it that the people who were talking about him at the beginning were not able to say anything.

After he had focused on his studies, he spent his summer and winter internships at the hospital. He rarely stayed at school, but he always came first in every exam and topped all the competitions at school.

In the eyes of some people, a school bully was a word for a strong person, not to mention that he was also handsome.

As time passed and his knowledge broadened, he had an attractive temperament about him and was often blocked by people confessing their love for him.


After being blocked a few times, He Shuyu found out about it, and she had two custom-made rings made. She put a band on his finger and often picked him up from school, so the confessions finally stopped.

When Chi Xiuyuan was packing up his things to leave after his thesis defense, Wang Ziyu, who was in the same group as him, put his hand on his shoulder and said flirtatiously, “Aren’t you going to have dinner together? Is your girlfriend checking up on you again?”

He and Chi Xiuyuan had been classmates for several years, and their relationship was quite good. They were both friends and competitors, so they could occasionally tease each other.

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Originally, many people had ridiculed him for being kept, but he didn’t take any offence. Instead, he settled down and participated in various competitions. He became Professor Sun Zikei’s (an authority on surgery) disciple thanks to his excellent abilities.


Those who said jealous words had to shut up. After all, everyone knew that Professor Sun was notoriously strict and did not show favouritism. So to say that he accepted Chi Xiuyuan as his disciple because of someone’s face would be an insult to him.

When Chi Xiuyuan left the building, he sent a message to Lu Cenxiao that he would be there soon. The latter replied with an OK and said that everything was fine.

He drove to the Junrui Hotel, and when he passed a traffic light, he put his hand in his pocket and gently fondled the small box in his pocket, which was half the size of his palm.

He was very nervous.

He Shuyu was dragged out of the office by Luo Zhiyao after the meeting. She had already married Shen Yuen years ago.

“What are you pulling me for? I still have a few documents to sign.” He Shuyu said helplessly.

“Come on, even if you don’t eat or drink, you won’t be able to finish signing all the company’s documents. Can people who have a boyfriend not be in such a mood? Today is your birthday.”

Luo Zhiyao opened her mouth and started to dislike her, so He Shuyu decisively kept her mouth shut. She didn’t want Luo Zhiyao to end up lecturing her again.

During the journey, Luo Zhiyao checked the time several times, which frequently made He Shuyu frown, “Is it just a birthday? Why do I feel like you’re a bit nervous?”

Her keenness instantly made Luo Zhiyao realise that she had almost exposed herself. She hastily adjusted her expression, pretending not to care. “I don’t know if Enen has gotten on the plane yet, so of course I’m nervous.”

Shen Yuen had left the country some time ago and had bought a flight back today.

He Shuyu didn’t want to hear her spreading dog food, so she didn’t chase after the joke and ask.


When they arrived at the Junrui Hotel, He Shuyu looked at the balloons floating around outside the hotel and raised her eyebrows, “I’m not a three-year-old kid anymore. Why do I have to go through all this trouble for my birthday?”

It was not like they’d never had a birthday celebration before, but they’d always just had a meal and left it at that.

“Isn’t it because you’re going to be thirty?” Luo Zhiyao dealt He Shuyu’s age a severe blow without mercy.

The latter wasn’t offended in the slightest and snapped back, “If I remember correctly, you seem to be a few months older than me.”

Luo Zhiyao froze, her expression slightly resentful.

There was no good result as they hurt each other. He Shuyu laughed lightly and walked into the hotel first.

Just before she reached the door, she realised that something was not quite right. The hotel floor was covered with a red carpet, and there were rose petals falling from the air.

She blinked as a small drone floated in front of her with a red piece of paper.

[Dear Ms. He Shuyu, please move forward]

He Shuyu thought of something, and with a little smile on her lips, she followed the red carpet inside.

There was a large garden behind the Junrui Hotel. Whenever she walked to a certain intersection, someone would hand her a rose and send her a blessing.

He Shuyu found it a bit of a novelty, and by the time she reached the glass flower room, she was holding a bouquet full of roses.


Some of the delicate flowers were still dripping with dew. The man standing in front of the glass flower room turned around when he heard her footsteps.

He had purposely dressed up, wearing a burgundy suit today. He Shu Yu had rarely seen him dressed so formally, and there was astonishment flashing through her eyes.

“Chi Chi, after spending several birthdays with me, how come I haven’t seen you so solemn before?” He Shuyu teased, with a light smile.

Every once in a while during her life with her little boyfriend, she would be amazed by him. He was stunning.

Chi Xiuyuan walked over towards her with the last rose, and gently dropped a kiss on her cheek under He Shuyu’s burning gaze.

“Happy birthday, my queen.”

He handed over the rose, took her hand, and knelt slowly for a moment. Then, he took out the ring he had long prepared and kissed the back of her hand again, “Dear Lady He Shuyu, will you marry me and make me your partner for life?”

He had thought about this moment for a long, long time, making and eliminating many plans until He Shuyu’s birthday came.

He quietly measured her finger in the middle of the night and went to have the ring custom made, not wanting to wait any longer and wanting to be with her forever.

He Shuyu had thought it was only Chi Xiuyuan’s intention to surprise her, but the surprise before her eyes was far beyond her expectations. Her eyes widened slightly, surprised and touched at the same time.

At the same time, the glass flower room in front of her unfolded into a 3D projection, showing a record of their life together. Each frame was very patient. It was filled with her in it.

He Shuyu suddenly felt a little soreness in her eyes. Her fingers trembled gently as she whispered a response.


Chi Xiuyuan gladly held her hand and reverently kissed the back of her hand, then gently slipped the proposal ring onto her finger.

A clap of applause rang out from all around as Wen Shu, still looking cynical, whistled and teased, “Old He, from now on you’re a married woman.”

He Shuyu was rarely shy as she pulled Chi Xiuyuan up and reached out to wrap her arms around his waist.

Good-natured laughter spread, and the fragrance of roses quietly took over every corner of the garden.

She didn’t know who made the mistake of sitting in front of the piano in the flower room and playing the wedding march.

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