Deep Kiss

Chapter 26. END

Living with He Shuyu was both unexpected and somewhat logical.

Chi Xiuyuan did not ask about He Shuyu’s relationship with Uncle Ji.

Chi Yu and Chi Qiu were not in his world for a while… The world consisted of just the two of them.

He Shuyu was still busy, sometimes arriving home late at night. She often had cross-country meetings to attend, so Chi Xiuyuan would usually wait for her and make her a midnight snack.

He thought that the rent was about to expire on the day of the mid-term exams. He wanted to go to the district and move all the rest of his things there, and he also wanted to thank Uncle Ji for taking care of him all this time.


After packing up his things and restoring the house to its original state, he went to knock on Uncle Ji’s door with his suitcase.

He didn’t know if Uncle Ji was home or not. He waited for a while, but no one came to open the door. He was just thinking that he would come back next time to say thank you when the door suddenly opened.

It was not Uncle Ji who appeared, but Ji Qiuyu, whom he had met that day.

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When Ji Qiuyu saw that he wasn’t moved in the slightest, a little reluctance sprang up on her face. She even said loudly in the hallway, “What did He Shuyu give you that made you so devoted to her?”


He could hear the malice in the other party’s words and knew that she had no good intentions in saying that.

So he didn’t even turn around. Ji Qiuyu was very unwilling. “What she has now should be all mine! She’s just a thief who stole my life!”

Chi Xiuyuan could hear the catharsis in her words. He even felt that the other party’s words were not deliberately addressed to him but simply an accumulation of emotions that had reached an extreme level and suddenly burst out uncontrollably.

He calmly looked at Uncle Ji, who was coming up the stairs. He swept his gaze over his changed face and calmly said, “Everything she has now is something she has worked hard to get. It has nothing to do with you.”

Ji Qiuyu’s emotions seemed to crumble even worse when she heard these words, and she shouted almost hysterically, “What do you know? If she hadn’t been unwilling to give me my life back, why would my grandfather have disowned me!”

“Everything is her fault! She stole my family and had to steal everything my grandfather left behind to continue to be her glamorous Miss He, while I was left to work my ass off for someone else. I have to buy a bag and have to think about whether I can sustain my expenses afterwards. It’s all her fault!”

Chi Xiuyuan listened calmly. He nodded to the pale Uncle Ji and left the rental house where he had lived for more than six months with his suitcase.

He was not qualified to judge what had happened in the past, but he would stand firmly by He Shuyu’s side. No one could control what had happened twenty years ago, but everyone could adjust their mindset to face the future.

Chi Xiuyuan did not tell He Shuyu what had happened in the afternoon. After returning home and putting his bags in order, he received a call from He Shuyu.

The latter said she was hungry and wanted to eat a cupcake.

Chi Xiuyuan knew that she didn’t really want to eat. She was just acting like a spoiled child, and wanted him to pick her up from work. It would be better if he could bring the cupcakes with him.

After living together, he knew more and more about some of He Shuyu’s little habits, and he also knew that calmness and elegance were for outsiders to see.


In private, she still had the temper of a little girl.

After taking a shower and changing his clothes, Chi Xiuyuan drove out.

He had chosen to live with He Shuyu, and he had been more open-minded in some ways and did not feel ashamed or uncomfortable driving her car.

Of course, sometimes when he drove to school, he would be looked at differently by people who knew his family’s situation, or he would be talked about in private.

Those comments were no more than a trifle to him compared to some of the humiliations he had suffered, so he didn’t make it harder on himself.

And he would take care of his girlfriend to the extent that he could.

After driving downstairs to He’s Group, Chi Xiuyuan was still a little nervous.

This was the first time he had come over and had to go to the president’s office. Immediately afterwards, everyone would know that he was He Shuyu’s boyfriend.

It was always apprehensive to step from one’s own life into another’s.

He Shuyu couldn’t bear to see him in ordinary clothes and had almost given him a whole closet during this period.

Chi Xiuyuan was more or less aware of her consumerism, so he did not resist.Instead, he studied more seriously.

His young but handsome face attracted many people’s attention.


Especially since it was after work hours, many people were coming from the company lift to the car park. They saw him getting out of the car that He Shuyu usually drove, so they became more curious about him.

Chi Xiuyuan did not look their way as He Shuyu told him the code for the CEO’s lift. He entered the lift with a feeling of apprehension.

After the curious and inquisitive eyes of the crowd were shut off, he quietly breathed a sigh of relief. He felt that being He Shuyu’s boyfriend was really a test of one’s endurance.

However, he did not know that after he entered the president’s lift, the staff of He’s Group were burning with gossip.

Recently, the president had been wearing a smile, and she had been much more amiable than usual. During meetings, the directors of various departments were not as stressed as before, and they were all speculating whether the president had met something good.

Then came the gossip from somewhere saying the president fell in love. 

Unfortunately, many days passed without this rumour being confirmed. No one suspected of being the president’s boyfriend had come to the company, so the rumours had slowly faded away.

But, today, just half an hour ago! A stunningly handsome man went into the CEO’s office.

And now, another peerlessly handsome young man had entered the president’s exclusive lift!

The workers, who were usually eager to get off work, instantly wanted to go for a walk around the president’s office.

Chi Xiuyuan was about to exit the lift with the cupcake in his hand. The moment he looked up, he happened to see two people standing outside the lift, and he was stunned.

One of them was naturally He Shuyu, while the other was a man he had never seen before.


The other man was dressed in a suit and wearing gold-rimmed glasses. He had straight features and a somewhat cold and faintly detached look between his eyebrows.

But at the moment, he was talking to Shuyu with his head sideways. He had a smile on his lips, and his coldness and detachment melted away.

Chi Xiuyuan was instinctively alert.

He knew several of He Shuyu’s close friends who played well with her, but had never seen this man before.

The latter had an aura of reserve that could not be ignored just by standing there. Perhaps it was because he had been in a high position for so long that he did not need to say anything, or even look at him, to bring him a sense of oppression.

He Shuyu also noticed Chi Xiuyuan standing in the lift and immediately smiled. She walked into the lift and hugged his waist, smiling sideways at the man behind her, “Luo Hanzhou, meet my boyfriend, Chi Xiuyuan.”

After saying that, she looked up again and said to Chi Xiuyuan, “Chi Chi, this is my friend I grew up with, Luo Hanzhou. He had been abroad before and recently planned to return to China.”

When Chi Xiuyuan heard her introduction, he was slightly relieved but did not let his guard down. He still said politely, “Hello.”

Luo Hanzhou stepped into the lift and shook his hand, smiling politely as well, “Hello, I’ve heard Shuyu talk about you before and brag about your cooking. Next time, I’ll have the chance to visit your home as a guest.”

Chi Xiuyuan nodded, “Okay.”

He did not sense hostility in this man, but knew that the other party was sizing him up with a sense of scrutiny.

He didn’t know why Luo Hanzhou had caused him to be wary, but he didn’t want to show weakness. Instead, he was not as nervous as he had been when he entered the lift earlier.

Luo Hanzhou smiled again and said to He Shuyu, “You’ve found a good boyfriend.”

This was an acknowledgement of the first meeting.

He Shuyu threw him a rightful look and said to Chi Xiuyuan, “How about going out for dinner with me tonight? There’s also Lu Cenxiao and the others.”

They had met one after another, but they hadn’t eaten together.

Today Luo Hanzhou returned from abroad, and Wen Shu had set up a reception banquet.

Chi Xiuyuan knew that she wanted to introduce him to her friends and also intended to declare their relationship. His heart suddenly softened, and he nodded, taking her hand.

Luo Hanzhou obviously didn’t want to eat this pot of dog food, so he laughed and looked away.

It was He Shuyu who drove the car. Chi Xiuyuan wanted to drive, but Luo Hanzhou drove He Shuyu to the driver’s seat and instructed him to sit with him.

On the way, Luo Hanzhou said a lot of things and asked a lot of questions. It was done politely and comfortably, showing his high quality and congeniality.

Chi Xiuyuan also realised later that he was getting to know him, and his heart had a little subtlety.

In the end, He Shuyu couldn’t take it anymore and scolded him with a smile, “People who don’t know would think you’re my father. You’re asking so many questions. Why don’t you go check the household registration?”

Only then did Luo Hanzhou push his glasses back, “Your father doesn’t do anything, so I can just barely be the one.”

The fact that he could bring out He Jinshu, in jest, showed how good the relationship between the two was.

Chi Xiuyuan’s heart wasn’t as wary as it had been at first. After all, he also felt on this journey that Luo Han Zhou was treating He Shuyu like a brother treating his sister.

Compared to a certain green tea he had met this afternoon, it was gentle and sweet.

When the three of them arrived, Wen Shu and the others were already waiting inside.

Not surprisingly, Luo Zhiyao had brought Shen Yuen over, and the two were glued together eating fruit.

When the former saw Luo Hanzhou entering, she instantly straightened her back from Shen Yuen’s arms and sat up straight, like a student being called out by the teacher in class.

Shen Yuen also restrained his movements and was the first to call out to her brother without the slightest hint of delay.

Wen Shu hemmed and hawed, and together with Lu Cenxiao, they shouted out, “Brother Hanzhou.”

Luo Hanzhou had known for a long time that Luo Zhiyao and Shen Yuen were together. He criticised the former and was extremely friendly towards the latter.

More than a year had passed, and he had turned a blind eye to the two.

Wen Shu knew that He Shuyu had already taken the handsome boy and had wanted to meet him at his home several times, but He Shuyu had always turned back with the words “you’re scary.”

When he finally met him this time, he put his arm around Chi Xiuyuan’s shoulders and stuffed a big red envelope in his pocket, leaving the latter scrambling to figure out what to do.

He Shuyu waved her hand, “Take what you are given. He usually takes advantage of me. Don’t be polite to him.”

Wenshu gave her a tsk. Chi Xiuyuan was no longer polite, but he also easily called out Brother. This call made Wen Shu very comfortable. He happily patted his shoulder and said he would come back to send him a car.

He owned a racing club and usually bought cars like a stamp collector. He bought every single one of the world’s limited-edition models. Luckily, he had money and made a lot of money, otherwise he would be broke.

All of He Shuyu’s friends were very friendly to Chi Xiuyuan and did not think less of him because of his ordinary family background.

Chi Xiuyuan knew that this was all due to He Shuyu’s and their great characters, and he kept a low profile himself.

The meal was a delightful one. Chi Xiuyuan was slightly flushed and his gaze was a little misty after being plied with a few glasses of wine this evening.

He Shuyu, on the other hand, had a weak stomach. No one would let her drink even if she wanted to, so she spent the whole night with walnut milk.

When he had been drinking, Chi Xiuyuan looked very different from his usual self.

He Shuyu helped him into the house. When she saw him half-lying on the sofa, looking a little dazed, she couldn’t help but be happy. She reached out to poke his cheek. The soft feeling made her love it, so she reached out and rubbed it again.

The latter probably couldn’t stand her recklessness, so he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his arms in a daze. He rested his chin on the side of her shoulder and gently kissed the outline of her ear.

He Shuyu was so tickled by his kiss that she could not stand it, and smiled as she tried to avoid it, but he held her tighter.

The latter exhaled hot breath in her ear, not knowing if he was drunk and confused, and said vaguely, “Shuyu…… like you…… I like you so much.”

He Shuyu had always known that her young boyfriend was reserved and often shy and embarrassed. When she suddenly heard his confession, she was surprised and happy. She cupped his chin and said, “What did you just say? Say it again.”

Chi Xiuyuan didn’t know whether she understood or not, but he just lowered his head and kissed her. This time on the eyelid, in a soft and gentle manner.

He Shuyu could not stand his teasing, not to mention the fact that they had been vegetarians ever since that day.

She wrapped her arms around Chi Xiuyuan’s shoulders and smiled as she nibbled on the knot in his throat, which stiffened slightly under her light bite. The kisses faded from their gentleness and fell like a storm.

The room was warm as the two of them clung to each other.

 [End of text]

[1] Fuel-efficient lamp – Someone who is not easy to deal with

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