Deep Kiss

Chapter 23.

He Shuyu managed to coax him out of the room, and she temporarily held back her impulse to say something that would scare him away.

She used a cotton swab soaked with iodine to disinfect Chi Xiuyuan’s wound.

Apart from the corner of his mouth, he had been bruised in several other places on his outstretched hand.

In the past hour or two, the wounds had turned blue and looked a bit gruesome.

He Shuyu had lost her sense of humour. She was tense and it was unclear what she was thinking.


Chi Xiuyuan sensed that she was angry and wanted to say something, but didn’t know how to speak.

“I wanted to ask before. What is the relationship between that man and you?” He Shuyu was the first to ask.

She had always taken care of Chi Xiuyuan’s emotions, and the two of them got along very well. She respected Chi Xiuyuan’s thoughts, but there were some things she should know and had the right to know.

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Then, he met an investor. It was a woman whose husband had died shortly after her marriage, and he climbed into that woman’s bed. He even made her want to marry him without a second thought.


For money and to move up the ladder, Chi Qiu came home to divorce his wife, who had just given birth to a son. He never returned home after that.

It was only when Chi Xiuyuan was six years old that his marriage was revealed, along with the fact that he had a son with his ex-wife, because that woman had found out.

Bai Qiong came to their house and humiliated them, and they became the laughing stock of the neighbourhood.

Chi Xiuyuan closed his eyes as he spoke. He had thought that he would never have anything to do with Chi Qiu again in his life.

But six months ago, his mother had a car accident, and he had no choice but to go looking for Chi Qiu. Chi Yu bumped into him, and the latter was extremely excited about humiliating him. Chi Qiu not only didn’t say anything when he found out, but also told him to get out of his sight.

Before he could finish his sentence, a cool finger pressed against his lips, and he raised his eyes to see He Shuyu’s slightly worried face.

He took a small breath and buried his entire face in He Shuyu’s arms.

His mother had been very strict with him since he was a child. Only his grandmother would intercede for him in front of her, but it didn’t help much.

Apart from his mother and grandmother, He Shuyu was the kindest person to him.

“No one can bully you from now on.” He Shuyu said.

Chi Xiuyuan’s eyes warmed up a little, and he gave a small hmph when the former added, “Don’t think about all this unhappiness. Go and take a bath… oops, the medicine I just gave you was all for nothing. I’ll give you another one later.”

It was her usual tone of voice. The little discomfort in Chi Xiuyuan’s heart instantly disappeared, and he remembered the way she had played the trick when she had just insisted that he take off his shirt to give him the medicine.


His heart was hot and his mind was a little hazy, so he said smoothly, “You go wash…… first.”

Only after the words were said did he realise something was wrong.

Pleasure had already crept up to the corners of He Shuyu’s mouth as she said, in mock doubt, “You don’t have any of my clothes at your house…. Do you want to lend me your clothes? “

The suspicious tone of voice made the atmosphere ambiguous again. Chi Xiuyuan sat up from the sofa. He went back to the house and rummaged through the cupboard until he finally found a shirt that had not been worn.

He handed the shirt to He Shuyu, his ears already red. At the moment, he was looking away with an uncomfortable expression, “I haven’t worn this shirt, if you don’t mind-“

“Disgusting!” His words were interrupted by He Shuyu before he could finish.

Probably because he didn’t expect her to be so decisive, Chi Xiuyuan froze and heard her add, “I’ll wear the one you’ve worn.”

He Shuyu did not feel that her words were inappropriate, but Chi Xiuyuan’s whole body was about to burn up.

Once again, he realised what an unwise decision it was to take He Shuyu home.

He simply could not resist this woman.

Chi Xiuyuan’s whole body rolled with heat. He shoved the clean shirt into He Shuyu’s hands without any further ado and said fiercely, “Wear it if you like. I’m going to cook dumplings. “

Seeing him fleeing once again, He Shuyu hummed softly and went into the bathroom with the shirt.


When her body was tainted with Chi Xiuyuan’s soapy fragrance, He Shuyu walked out of the bathroom, rubbing her hair.

Chi Xiuyuan had already put on his shirt, and the hot dumplings were just coming out of the pot.

He loved dumplings, and He Shuyu loved his handiwork.

Chi Xiuyuan put the dumplings on the table. Hearing the movement in the bathroom, he looked up to greet He Shuyu, when he was caught off guard by a pair of long, white legs.

She was slipping on his black plastic slippers, her snow-white skin shining as if it were glowing against the black.

Her calves were still slightly stained with water, and as she walked, the water beaded down from above and onto her jade-like ankles.

Chi Xiuyuan did not dare look upwards. He closed his eyes hard and rushed into the house like a gust of wind, his voice becoming hoarse. “You eat first. I’ll go and take a shower. When you’re done, go back to bed. I’ll sleep in the living room at night.”

The room was so small that he inevitably had to pass by He Shuyu’s side in order to go back inside, but his already restrained eyes still glanced at her transparent shirt.

The bare white of her neckline caught his eye, and a current of electricity instantly ran through his already tense body, leading inexorably towards a certain place.

Not daring to look and not daring to think, Chi Xiuyuan almost sprinted to get his clothes from the house and then rushed into the bathroom.

When the door was shut with a heavy thud, He Shuyu walked slowly and deliberately to the frosted glass. She looked at the hazy figure inside and pressed the tip of her tongue against the groove of her teeth for a moment before smiling wickedly, “So I’ll go back to bed after eating?”

When she heard a muffled gasp, the satisfaction on He Shuyu’s face increased. Without waiting for Chi Xiuyuan’s response, she walked towards the table and said, “Chi Chi, it’s not good for your health if you hold it in for too long.”


She didn’t think about how Chi Xiuyuan would react to these words. Instead, she dutifully picked up the dumplings on her plate and finished them one by one.

He had made these dumplings at her house the other day, when he had twisted the meat and rolled out the skins himself. They had been wrapped together.

He brought home a bag full of his dumplings, and the ugly dumplings she had made had all gone into his stomach.

She smiled again when she thought of her little boyfriend seriously eating all the ugly dumplings she had made.

When the dumplings were almost finished, there was still no movement in the bathroom.

He Shuyu picked up the hair dryer that Chi Xiuyuan had prepared and placed on the living room table to dry her hair. Her mobile phone rang. Seeing that the caller ID was Secretary Qiu, she answered the phone and said, “Just leave the stuff outside the door.”

Secretary Qiu, who was outside the door, hung the birth control supplies in his hand and the clothes He Shuyu would wear the next day on the door handle. He yawned and went downstairs to drive away.

He Shuyu was wearing only a thin shirt, so she didn’t think to go out and fetch her things herself.

She walked to the bathroom, where the water had long since stopped, and knocked on the door. “Chi Chi, I asked Secretary Qiu to bring something over. You can pick it up at the door later. I’m going back to bed.”

She didn’t know if the words “back to bed” had struck a chord with a certain shrinking turtle, but a muffled response came from the bathroom.

He Shu Yu went to the kitchen to rinse her mouth and then entered Chi Xiuyuan’s room in a good mood.

The bed was not big, but it was big enough for two people to sleep on. The room was full of traces of his life. The covers were neatly folded and there were some suits hanging on the clothes rack that he wore when he worked at Infinity.

He Shuyu didn’t poke around much as she got under the covers and watched videos on her phone.

There was a movement in the living room. It was Chi Xiuyuan coming out of the bathroom.

He remembered what she had just asked him to take and went to the entrance to open the door.

The corridor was dark and he couldn’t see what was hanging on the door handle.

When he saw the luxury logo on the bag, he guessed that it was most likely the dress He Shuyu was going to wear.

He smiled silently, but the curve of his lips froze when he saw the other bag.

He opened the bag in disbelief.

The three words [1] Durex rushed into his eyes, causing him to feel disorientated for a moment. For a while, he didn’t know whether the item in front of him was a figment of his imagination or the real thing.

His breath, which had finally calmed down, became heavy again. The woman who had said she would go back to bed was now leaning against the door with her arms over her chest, watching his reaction with great interest.

This time, he had a full view of her.

The sheer white shirt didn’t cover much, but it was more than a little seductive.

The hem of the shirt covered her hips just enough, but it was as if everything was visible.

Chi Xiuyuan had never felt such a visual impact before.

His nose felt slightly hot, and when he reacted, he was already wrapped around the neck by He Shuyu, who had approached him.

The woman’s faint soapy fragrance wafted over, seemingly tainted with his scent.

This cognitive impact was in favour of He Shuyu’s body, which was so soft that the thin shirt could not cover her curves.

As their skin pressed against each other, the overly soft sensation made Chi Xiuyuan’s body grow hotter and hotter, knowing that it could not be controlled at all.

Chi Xiuyuan grabbed the woman’s waist as she leaned in front of him. He struggled to control his breathing and gritted his teeth in her ear, “Do you know what you’re doing?”

He Shuyu was indeed scalded by the burning breath he sprayed on the side of her neck, but she was not afraid at all. Instead, she pressed herself against him again and kissed his jaw like a pampered child. “You’ve even taken me home.”

The implied invitation in her tone broke the bonds, and Chi Xiuyuan could no longer control his disobedient body. He pinched her jaw hard and kissed her heavily.

He Shu Yu wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, leaning into his arms as if overwhelmed.

When she was finally picked up by the waist and placed on the soft bed, she raised her legs to trap the man. “Chi Chi, you can’t regret eating it,” she said, her eyes as smooth as silk.

In response, she was kissed even more passionately, and the wind and rain rained down on her [2]. It overwhelmed the average quality of the bed, but it lasted through the night.

[1] The Kanji for Durex is composed of three characters.

[2] Likening his actions to a storm.


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