Deep Kiss

Chapter 22. You Wanted To Do Me.

The weather was getting warmer, but the wind by the river was still a bit chilly. He Shuyu held Chi Xiuyuan’s hand and walked beside him with a cup of hot milk tea.

The girls passing by to buy milk tea would peek at the two of them, then put their heads together and whisper. It was followed by an ambiguous smile that, if it had to be described in words, would probably be a three-letter acronym [1].

SHIP! I ship this couple!

He Shuyu was unaware of the “darkness” around her, as she took a sip of her milk tea and yawned a little.

Seeing this, Chi Xiuyuan said in a low voice: “Sleepy? Should we go back?”


The former shook her head, “The wound on your face hasn’t been treated yet. We’ll go to the hospital first.”

After coming out of the police station, she wanted to take Chi Xiuyuan to the hospital, but she hadn’t eaten since noon, and her stomach was rumbling with hunger.

When Chi Xiuyuan heard that, he had to take her to eat. She really didn’t have much appetite, so she stopped for a cupcake and bought a cup of milk tea nearby.

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In front of her partners and subordinates, she was a cold-faced president who said “no” to everything and was teased as a cold-blooded capitalist.


Now, she was like a noble ragdoll cat, softly leaning on his shoulder, no different from a 17 or 18-year-old innocent and cute little girl.

Unable to resist, he naturally had to compromise and said, “Don’t be disgusted when you go.”

“I don’t think you’re afraid I wouldn’t like it either.” He Shuyu took up his words, and a few more smiles appeared between her eyebrows.

The thing she had been thinking about for so long was about to come true, so she obediently sat down in the passenger seat and took two more sips of her milk tea.

She was still a little sleepy, but she was fine.

When Chi Xiuyuan pulled her seatbelt and was about to sit down to drive, He Shuyu tugged on the collar of her shirt again.

Not understanding what the latter wanted to do, he had to cast a bewildered look.

She raised her face to his and said, not quite satisfied, “Boyfriend, you’re not being romantic at all. Shouldn’t you take the opportunity to kiss me when you’re pulling my seatbelt?”

The word “kiss” in its purest form made the temperature of Chi Xiuyuan’s body, which had just receded, burn up again. He was so parched that he wanted to get away from the woman in front of him, who was always able to light a fire in his face.

But the sweet smell of lychee in his nose made him lean down and give her a peck on the cheek.

Her lips, which were lychee-flavoured, would have made him lose control if he kissed them.

After the slapdash touch, Chi Xiuyuan quickly pulled away from He Shuyu and started the car without a second thought.


The latter was clearly not satisfied with the shallow touch, but the fact that her little friend was running away made her quite happy. She had to accept his not-so-subtle kiss for the time being.

The neighbourhood was definitely in the bottom ranks of Jiangcheng, with no property and a complicated mix of people coming in and out.

As usual, Chi Xiuyuan parked He Shuyu’s car in a nearby car park. The latter did not stop him, but dropped her empty milk tea cup after getting out of the car and stood in place with his hands outstretched.

Chi Xiuyuan, who had always had a low EQ reflex, didn’t let He Shuyu down this time. He consciously crouched down in front of her, allowing her to lie on his back and then steadily picked her up.

He Shuyu pressed herself against the side of his ear and puffed a small breath. She felt the latter’s suddenly stiffening body and smiled naughtily like a bad child, “Chi Chi, this is the first time you’ve carried me.”

Her name for him was always switching back and forth between boyfriend, little boyfriend, and Chi Chi.

Chi Xiuyuan couldn’t stand her blowing in his ear. His voice was strained, “Don’t make trouble!”

His voice was low and husky. His words didn’t sound like a warning, but rather like he was trying to seduce her into continuing her bad behavior.

He Shuyu knew she should quit while she was ahead. So, lest she shame her little friend too much, perhaps he would leave her on the main road and run off on his own.

Of course, the child would definitely be reluctant to throw her down, but at most he would not carry her anymore.

He Shuyu could not let go of such a good benefit.

The street lamps were dimly lit. There was one that went out a few times, wavering as if it might go out at any moment.


Chi Xiuyuan walked steadily, step by step, and He Shuyu’s hand around his neck slowly tightened; the former thought she was afraid and said soothingly, “I’m here.”

He didn’t say anything about not coming again or sending her home right away.

He Shuyu pressed her head sideways against his ear and whispered, “I’m not scared. I just feel like “why didn’t I meet you sooner?”

She had lived a lonely life at the age of just twenty-six.

Before she was fifteen, she was the proud daughter of her family. While He Jinshu was certainly not close to her, he would not have been like this. Her mother… would occasionally show routine concern for her.

She grew up with her grandfather and had many playmates and friends who spared no effort to help, but no one could fill the loneliness within her.

Once, she thought that perhaps she would work day in and day out for the rest of her life.

Or maybe she would marry Luo Hanzhou, who also had few expectations of love and marriage.

But the world was a wonderful place, and she met Chi Xiuyuan.

It was impossible for her to just work for the rest of her life, and Luo Hanzhou was the only one who could be a single dog.

Chi Xiuyuan’s pace didn’t stop, but he tilted his head and rubbed the back of He Shuyu’s hand with his chin. “If it was earlier, maybe it wouldn’t be like this now.”

He was once even more stubborn, more arrogant, and more uncaring.


He would not have bent over backwards for He Shuyu, although she had the face, money, and figure.

Because when he was young, he abhorred so-called rich women.

He was still young, but in these six months, he had worn away his once sharp edges and realised that people are not all the same.

The two laughed in unison. He Shuyu reached out and pointed to the small building with a few stray cats hovering in front of it, assuming the air of a general on the march, “Chi Chi! Hurry up! Faster!”

Chi Xiuyuan jogged up with her on his back and unconsciously laughed out loud with pleasure. When he laughed, he affected the wound on his lip, so he took a small breath.

When he said it didn’t hurt, he was just coaxing her. How could it not hurt after being hit so hard?

The two of them walked up the stairs hand in hand. He Shuyu’s feet were lit by the torch of Chi Xiuyuan’s mobile phone, carefully shining the light.

The stairs were cramped, but He Shuyu did not show any discomfort. She was not at all like a young lady who had been clothed and fed since childhood and had not been exposed to the lower echelons of society.

When she entered the house, the living room and kitchen were immediately visible, and the other door opened into the bedroom.

Chi Xiuyuan thought of his own clothes that he had dried last night and hadn’t picked up. He put the phone into his trouser pocket, gave He Shuyu a pair of shoes, and hurried towards the balcony, saying, “You sit for a while. I’ll go pack and clean up…. “

Although the relationship between them had already been established, he still didn’t have the cheek to tolerate the other party looking at his more intimate belongings.

He Shuyu somewhat guessed what he was thinking, but she didn’t walk around. Instead, she sat on the sofa to take a look at the place that was full of traces of Chi Xiuyuan’s life.

On the round table in the living room, his books were stacked neatly in a pile. Next to it was the pencil holder, with markers of various colours neatly tilted to one side.

A palm-sized timepiece stood obediently next to a mug with SpongeBob SquarePants on it.

A thin blanket was folded neatly on the sofa ……

“What are you looking at?” Chi Xiuyuan drew a piece of paper to wipe his wet hands and coincidentally saw He Shuyu’s gaze fall on the thin blanket on the sofa.

As he spoke, the latter picked up the thin blanket and pressed it to her face, only to look up a moment later at his shocked gaze and say, “It smells so good…… Chi Chi’s soap scent.”

With a “snap”, Chi Xiuyuan felt as if he was in a steamer and was covered in hot air.

Did this woman actually know what she was doing?

Chi Xiuyuan pursed his lips, the line at the knot in his throat tightening to the extreme.

The culprit who was making him so uncomfortable was looking at him with her eyes squinted.

How could a young man in the throes of love bear to see her like that? But then again, he was all about restraint.

What He Shuyu expected did not come. What she got was a heavy thud. Chi Xiuyuan shut himself into the room and also muffled his voice: “Have your secretary come to pick you up ……”

What an indifferent man.

He Shuyu didn’t feel guilty in the slightest. She walked to the door clutching the thin blanket and said pitifully along the doorway, “Chi Chi, Secretary Qiu is a serious man. Can you bear to let me go with another man in the middle of the night? “

“Maybe he has some messy fetish and couldn’t find a chance to make a move on me before and this time I just happened to send myself to the door….”

Secretary Qiu, who had just finished his work at home and was planning to take a shower, sneezed heavily.

He Shuyu continued, “A woman as soft as me is powerless to fight back when she encounters danger…..”

With his back against the door, slightly gasping for air, Chi Xiuyuan remembered the day of New Year’s Eve when He Shuyu effortlessly took down two big men in his home. When he heard her bullshit outside the door at that moment, he could not hold back and curved his lips.

She didn’t hear any movement, but she didn’t get a refusal either, and she said again, “Chi Chi, do you know what you looked like just now?”

Chi Xiuyuan couldn’t help but prick up his ears. The next second, there were fireworks exploding in his ears and a glorious explosion before his eyes.

“Like you wanted to do me…”

Clearly separated by a door, it was as if she was whispering in his ear.

[1] KDL is a three letter acronym. It means to ship a couple together.

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