Deep Kiss

Chapter 21. He Wanted To Kiss Her But He Didn’t Know How To Control It.

He Shuyu’s look was not really malicious. It was probably because she hated that Chi Xiuyuan had a big thigh to hug and didn’t know how to rely on it.

Chi Xiuyuan’s heart was like a lonely and inferior spinning satellite in the universe suddenly being attracted by gravity. It involuntarily approached the unreachable planet, knowing that if it got closer, it might be smashed to pieces. But he still couldn’t help but feel the warmth he had never felt before.

The sudden grip on the back of her hand made He Shuyu raise his eyebrows slightly. She wanted to see what excuse her little friend, who had hurt himself, could find to excuse himself from the bruises.

After holding her hand, Chi Xiuyuan, who had been more concerned about her than affectionate, did not say anything. Instead, he looked up at her and reverently kissed her long, slender fingers.

If you had found the most precious treasure, you should cherish and value it.


He Shuyu’s eyes widened slightly, dumbfounded for a moment.

The incandescent light above her head seemed to burst into a dizzying glow. She curled her fingers up uncontrollably and, to the shocked eyes of the female officer behind her, kissed Chi Xiuyuan heavily on the lips.

After an unknown amount of time, a heavy cough sounded behind them. The female officer had consciously closed her eyes and turned to face the blinds.

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“I’ll take the man with me. I’ll let my lawyer handle things after that.” She pulled Chi Xiuyuan up from his chair. When she met the curious gaze of the female officer next to her, she nodded to her and said, “Thanks for taking care of him.”


This was to thank the female officer for not letting the arrogant Bai family members get their hands on Chi Xiuyuan before she arrived.

The female officer was a little embarrassed and shook her head, “I watched all the surveillance. It was another group of people who provoked him in the first place.”

That being said, she had just educated Chi Xiuyuan for a long time. She told him that he should not always try to use force and violence to solve things when he encountered them……

Chi Xiuyuan lowered his head slightly and stood behind He Shuyu. He also followed suit and said thank you.

He was as good as a quail, and Lu Cenxiao couldn’t hold back his laughter. He took two steps over and took a business card. He stuffed it into Chi Xiuyuan’s shirt pocket and patted him on the shoulder, saying, “Next time you encounter this kind of thing, call brother directly.”

Chi Xiuyuan’s ears were a little hot, and he whispered “thank you.” Then, after thinking about it, he whispered, “Thank you, brother!”

His three words greatly pleased Lu Cenxiao, who laughed unceremoniously and gave He Shuyu a smug look, “It’s still your little friend who knows how to behave. In the twenty years we’ve known each other, I’ve never heard you call me “brother.”

He Shu Yu glanced at him and simply said, “Thank you, brother.”

Lu Cenxiao’s eyes widened in surprise, but the former didn’t care what his reaction was. She pulled Chi Xiuyuan and headed out the door. She could still hear Lu Cenxiao calling out behind her, “No, Old Yu, if you call out to me again, I’ll record it and send it to Old Shu ……”

The voice faded away. Chi Xiuyuan was getting hotter and hotter, and the hand holding He Shuyu was sweating a little.

He Shuyu’s friends probably knew about the huge disparity between them, but they were all friendly to him. He knew that this may have depended on the way He Shuyu treated him, but there was no denying that he had a soft spot for her friends.

He had been beaten up tonight, but for some reason, his heart was not only not sad, but also a little warm and sweet.


Chi Xiuyuan looked at the smartly dressed woman beside him, who obviously looked like she was coming out of some kind of formal occasion. He was suddenly a little nervous, “How did your meeting go?”

Tonight, He Shuyu was supposed to have dinner with him, but she left because she suddenly had an important meeting. He didn’t want anything to go wrong because of his incident.

When He Shuyu saw that he was still in the mood to care about this, she glanced at him sideways, “It’s all your fault. The meeting was messed up. Tell me, how are you going to make it up to me?”

Chi Xiuyuan’s heart instantly lifted. He had never encountered such a thing before. He was a bit panicked, and the delicate mood that had just risen immediately faded away to nothing.

She knew what he was thinking when she saw his expression, and knew that she had scared him by joking too much. “The meeting ended successfully. You didn’t affect anything.”

The words calmed Chi Xiuyuan’s apprehensive mood. She took another step forward and moved closer to him, “Besides, your business is more important than anything else. It’s just a meeting and a collaboration. Without this one, there is another.”

She said the most beautiful words of love in the world in a calm voice. Chi Xiuyuan’s heart was completely out of control, pounding and beating harder than ever.

Chi Xiuyuan thought, “There must be no one in this world who can escape He Shuyu’s tenderness.”

At least he had fallen under her blatant shelter.

His mind was completely out of control, and his body seemed to have a consciousness of its own. When he came back to his senses, Chi Xiuyuan found that he had held He Shuyu in his arms.

Her body was soft, and the perfume she wore today was gardenia-scented. It was light but tinged with her unique elegance and sophistication.

He Shuyu smothered a laugh, not knowing what she was laughing at, but she laughed happily anyway.


The two of them continued to walk outside. After a few steps, they suddenly heard the sound of a chair being heavily kicked to the ground, followed by someone rushing out of the room next to theirs.

The momentary meeting of eyes made the other man stop in his tracks. The man had a mask on his face, and from his eyebrows, he looked to be in his early thirties, dressed in a suit.

He Shuyu noticed that his eyes were not on her, but on Chi Xiuyuan, beside her with a tight frown.

She had come in a hurry all the way here. She only knew that Chi Xiuyuan had gotten into a conflict with someone else, but she was not sure why he had suddenly struck.

At the moment, the man’s reaction let her know that the two parties most likely knew each other.

Chi Xiuyuan’s family only had his grandmother and his mother lying in a hospital bed, and most of his relatives had broken off contact with them after the accident six months ago.

Looking at the dress of the man in front of her, she knew he was not someone who was short of money and would be here at the moment. Most likely, he was a relative of the other party in conflict with Chi Xiuyuan.

“It was you who beat up Xiao Yu?” The man suddenly spoke. His tone was not quite good, and anyone could hear the questioning within.

He Shu Yu instantly frowned. Chi Xiuyuan’s face had long since turned icy cold the moment he saw the man, but the man added: “You immediately go and apologise to him! Say that it’s all your fault and take all the blame! You were the one who started it all!”

He seemed to be completely oblivious to Chi Xiuyuan’s sneering eyes and was about to continue, when He Shuyu suddenly interrupted him, “Sir, aren’t you afraid of oxygen deprivation if your mask is covered so tightly? If your brain is not clear, please go see a doctor. The police department does not treat cerebral palsy.”

Her mocking words instantly shut the man’s mouth. When he reacted to what she had said, his eyes, which were obviously wrinkled above the mask, revealed a bit of disbelief. He was just about to speak, but then he suddenly thought of something and cast a shocked look at Chi Xiuyuan, or to be more precise, at the hands they were holding.

He said “you” several times in a row, but failed to utter a coherent sentence.


Behind him, the woman in the cheongsam frowned at the situation in the corridor with her expensive bag and gave a questioning look to the lawyer at her side.

Just now, they were communicating with Chi Yu in the conference room, asking for specifics, when the latter threw a tantrum, kicking and smashing, screaming for Chi Xiuyuan to be killed.

Chi Qiu couldn’t stand his temper and slammed the door, bumping into Chi Xiuyuan and He Shuyu, who were leaving.

When the woman saw He Shuyu facing her, she changed her irritated expression. She immediately put on an elegant smile and said, “President He, what are you doing here?”

She knew He Shuyu, of course, as she was a member of Jiangcheng’s gentry circle.

The Bai family was a rising newcomer in Jiangcheng. They came from a nouveau rich family and were intent on squeezing into the innermost circles of Jiangcheng. If they could get in touch with He Shuyu, those gentries who were so high-minded would have to think highly of the Bai family.

He Shuyu glanced at her lightly, but didn’t answer or respond. The latter was embarrassed and a little annoyed, but she did not dare show it.

Bai Qiong was still thinking about climbing up He Shuyu’s ladder and reorganised her words before she was about to speak. But at that moment, He Shuyu’s lawyer, who was also the chief of the He Group’s legal team, hurried in.

Lawyer Xie saw several people standing in the corridor. After gesturing to the police officer beside him, he walked over without changing his face and said, in a low voice, “President He, I have understood the situation clearly. The surveillance at Lanting Xuan is very clear. It was the other party who physically assaulted him first, and it involved a heavy dose of personal insult….”

After listening to these few words, Bai Qiong, who was still dreaming of climbing up the ladder, suddenly changed her face. Only at this time did she notice that there was another person standing beside He Shuyu, who had a six-point resemblance to her husband.

By the time Lawyer Xie had finished briefing He Shuyu on her work progress, her face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

Chi Yu had only said that she had beaten Chi Xiuyuan, not that He Shuyu was with Chi Xiuyuan at all!

What was the relationship between this little bastard and He Shuyu? How come they were standing together? And …… even holding hands?

When her thoughts reached there, Bai Qiong instantly looked at Chi Qiu as if she had lost her soul.

She and Chi Qiu were both married for the second time.

The difference was that she was widowed and Chi Qiu was divorced.

He Shuyu didn’t care what the others were thinking and said, “Xie Lu, I’m confident in your ability to do your job, so do what you have to do. Some people should indeed pay for what they did.”

Her tone was light as if she was talking about something insignificant, and it was indeed insignificant to her.

Bai Qiong’s complexion turned ugly to the core.

She opened her mouth to speak, but He Shuyu didn’t give her the chance to speak at all. She raised her hand to touch the side of Chi Xiuyuan’s face, feeling the lines on his face soften slightly under her touch. She coaxed in a low voice: “No one can bully you.”

When she touched him, Chi Xiuyuan’s heart almost stopped.

The moment he got into the passenger seat of the white Bentley, he leaned over and kissed He Shuyu.

He just wanted to kiss her, and he didn’t know how to control it.

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