Deep Kiss

Chapter 1. This is My Contact

The first time Chi Xiuyuan met He Shuyu, she was at the Infinity Club.

She was surrounded by a group of high-profile people in suits, pinching a lady’s cigarette.

The people around her wore simple suits, but she wore nude high heels studded with small diamonds, like an elite white collar worker.

“Ms. He! I’m very sorry! The new waiter doesn’t know any better and has soiled your dress. Please be generous and don’t bother with him; we will pay for the dress!”


The manager in charge of the dinner party wanted to bang his head on the ground, just begging He Shuyu to ignore the red wine spilled by the waiter.

He knew that this humility would not get him anything in return, because He Shuyu was never short of people who were attentive, smiling, and eager to please.

Her high-fashion dress cost at least seven figures.

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The cloak-like design of the gown covered the woman’s delicate figure. The white skin was covered and concealed, tickling the heart, yet no one dared to offend.


The light from the crystal chandelier shone from above.

Her eyes drooped slightly, causing a dense shadow, and the young man’s long, taut fingers were reflected in the dark brown pupils beneath the shadow.

A pale wave of light flashed under He Shuyu’s eyes as her slender fingers held up a tall glass.

The red wine glowed in the dazzling light of the ballroom with a compelling hue, seeming to merge with the dazzling ruby on her index finger.

The extreme brilliance and the flawless white set each other off, a contrast of lust and purity.

The dinner party was quiet. He Shuyu was not the star of the party, but she was certainly the focus of everyone’s attention.

“I’m sorry, Ms. He. I didn’t watch the road and bumped into you and soiled your dress. I will pay for it. “

The cold voice was like a taut string that could flow intoxicatingly with the gentlest tug.

The apology was unwillingly given, and the stubborn mention of the compensation he could not afford was not sincere.

And rightly so, since the real culprit was enjoying an unwarranted amount of leisure in the guise of a victim.

True enough, it was He Shuyu who ran straight into him with her red wine.

He Shuyu took a sip of her wine, her eyes darting to the side of Chi Xiuyuan’s face.


From her angle, she could see the young man’s cool brow, his high nose, and the deep sockets of his eyes.

A mixed breed. She judged.

The dinner today was attended by celebrities from all walks of life, and the waiters were all dressed to the nines.

Chi Xiuyuan wore a straight suit. The buttons of his shirt tied tightly in front of his throat. 

The collar pulled at the skin around his neck, and the slow, delicate tightening of the shirt’s buttons at the knot of his throat rolled. As if it was inviting her to untie him from this undeserved restraint.

It was very sexy.

He Shuyu lowered her eyes, her gaze lingering for a moment on the pale lipstick mark on the goblet.

No one knew what was on her mind, but she brought the glass with half a mouthful of red wine left to Chi Xiuyuan, who was still bent over.

The latter’s lips were tense, but he knew that he had to bow under the eaves of the house [1].

He flexed his fingers slightly, then slowly released them. He was straightening up to take the goblet when He Shuyu suddenly moved her index finger.


Her slender white fingertips looked round and full in the dazzling light of the banquet hall, like a glaze covered with honey, noble and sweet.

A subtle electric current ran through him. It was a touch so brief that almost no one noticed it, but it caused Chi Xiu Yuan to tighten his grip on the cup holder.

As if not noticing his momentary loss of composure, He Shuyu obediently let go of his hand and allowed him to take the goblet. However, she asked the secretary beside her for a business card in full view of everyone. Then she lifted his shoulders and pushed the card into his suit pocket.

Whispering, “Here’s my contact information.”

As she had hoped, she saw his lips tighten. He Shuyu smiled softly and nudged the teary mole at the end of his eye.

“The dress is eight million. I’ll be waiting for you.”

The host of the dinner party hurriedly arrived, ending the hustle and bustle in a few short minutes.

“Ms. He! Children don’t know any better; don’t spoil the fun over this little… thing. “

The middle-aged man in a suit smiled and  tried to make amends. He lowered his posture to such a degree that it could not be seen that he was also a star-studded presence at this party.

He Shuyu was not too angry over this trivial matter in the first place, let alone the fact that she had caught a child on a whim.


In the afterglow, the young man, who had not yet completely shed his youthfulness, was already being led away from the banquet hall by the manager.

She swept a glance over the middle-aged woman with a high frown on her face not far away, absentmindedly turning the ruby ring on her index finger. 

“Mr. Su has dealings with Ms. Zhang of Jiaxi Industries too?”

Mr. Su was still making amends and apologizing, not reacting for a moment to what her words meant.


Chi Xiuyuan had resigned.

The manager didn’t want to fire him, or even restrain him. He had resigned on his own initiative.

The manager’s words were still ringing in his ears.

“Little Chi! I’ve seen Ms. He many times over the years, and I’ve never seen her with a male companion other than her secretary. I’ve never even seen her hand out her business card…”

He didn’t let the manager finish his sentence and directly resigned.

He had been working as a waiter at the Grand Hotel for six months. He worked five shifts a week for five hours at a time, and it was a well-paying part-time job for him.

But now, this part-time job was no longer a viable one.

Chi Xiuyuan was eighteen years old, not eight. He knew what He Shuyu meant when she handed out her business card.

If he hadn’t thought of going astray when it was the hardest time in his life, how could he let himself fall into the abyss when he was about to reach the dawn?

It would be better to start all over again.

Chi Xiuyuan unbuttoned his suit and was about to enter the changing room. When he put his hand on the door handle, about to open it, he heard a sour remark.

“Why do you think that boy, Chi Xiuyuan, is so lucky? It’s not enough that Ms. Zhang of Jiaxi Industry is interested in him; even Ms. He is interested in him! Isn’t he just a good-looking guy? He’s 18 years old; he’s probably not even hairy yet! “

“No, I just passed by the manager’s office and happened to hear him resign with the manager.”

“By the way, what’s up with Zhang, from Jiaxi Industry? I have heard that she has some …… special fetishes ……”

“What could be wrong? I don’t know, she just liked his face. Before the banquet started, Zhang’s secretary asked me about Chi Xiuyuan. You tell me, even with what’s going on in the family, isn’t it just fancy to judge whether it’s good to make a move?”

“But now that Ms. He has taken a fancy to Chi Xiuyuan. How much more does Ms. Zhang want to lay her hands on him? She will only be able to drink her hatred…”

The conversation that followed was not listened to by Chi Xiuyuan.

He sat in the back garden of the hotel where few people came, the cold winter wind blowing across his brow.

Chi Xiuyuan had heard a lot about Zhang, not only when he was looking for a part-time job at the hotel, but also when he was helping people order and pour drinks in the clubhouse. The company’s president, Ms. Zhang, had a terrible reputation in Jiangcheng.

She was a strong woman who started with nothing, and this should have made her the object of everyone’s praise.

But she had abandoned her husband and daughter, and she also played a lot of dark games. She was too daring and used props on people. It was even rumoured in the circle that she nearly killed someone in bed.

Not only that, but Chi Xiuyuan had heard that Zhang had laid hands on high school students. It was a rumor, so far. No one knew the truth.

With his head bowed, Chi Xiuyuan took out the hot gold business card he had stored until now in his jacket pocket.

The business card was ornate, but the content was simple: just a name and a string of phone numbers.

He should express his gratitude for this card right now.

As they had just said, He Shuyu’s three words were able to scare off Zhang of Jiaxi Industry. Otherwise he might have soon been “enjoying” the pampering of wax candles and leather whips.

After all, Zhang was a pervert.

But Chi Xiuyuan was not happy, nor did he feel any gratitude.

The way He Shuyu handed out her business card was too skillful. Not to mention, the way she looked at him with interest, she might as well have been a …… pervert.

[1] A cultural joke – many homes in the past were relatively short, so people would have to bow their heads, or they would hit the eaves. Of course, they had to adapt to their environment and lower their heads in order to avoid injury. It means “don’t place yourself at a disadvantage to lose more in the long run for something that may be of minor inconvenience now”.

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