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  • Deep Kiss

    Chapter 2. Kissing Must Be So Sensual

    He Shuyu was unaware she had already been labelled as a pervert, and she was so disinterested in the second half of the dinner that she left the table early.

    Mr. Su did not dare to keep her, but after she left, he asked the manager about Chi Xiuyuan. When he found out that he had resigned, he frowned but didn’t say anything.

    He Shuyu was controlling and arrogant. It was not that no one had tried to go against her, but they all ended up failing and were warned.

    Over time, those who tried to take the easy way out had given up and dared not play tricks in front of her.

    This was the first time she had handed out her business card in full view of the public and to a poor university student at that.

    He Shuyu did not take Chi Xiuyuan seriously; it was just a small incident at the dinner.

    It was a rare occasion when she was a nice person, and she was only a bit excited about it. It wasn’t so much that she couldn’t forget it.

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    “F*ck off.” He Shuyu unceremoniously threw the ball at Wen Shu.

    The latter laughed and jumped away, but then persisted: “Didn’t you say you were celebrating my return to China today? Why are you two still playing riddles with me? If I remember correctly, Zhiyao, your brother is Sister Yu’s fiance, right? Does your brother know what you’re talking about? “

    Luo Zhiyao also threw a ball at him without ceremony.

    Next to her, Lu Cenxiao, looking at the action said, “I’m afraid you don’t know, but Old Yu gave a business card to a Jiang University student and said she would wait for him to contact her. At that time, the scene was so ambiguous that I could not wait to push them to bed! “

    All of them had grown up together as children, so they knew that He Shuyu wouldn’t be angry about these little jokes.

    Wen Shu immediately said, “What the f*ck?” 

    His eyes lit up with the fire of gossip.

    Coincidentally, at that moment, there was a knock on the door of the private room, and their order arrived.

    He Shuyu couldn’t stand these gossipers who got up in arms. She walked to the other side of the tee with her cue and waved her hand in disgust.

    “Zhiyao, you get out of the way. How can I play while you’re sitting on top of the table?”

    Seeing her intention to change the subject, Luo Zhiyao tsked twice and didn’t continue. She obediently moved away from the table.

    But then she poked her head over and said, “This stance, isn’t it to clear the stage with one shot?”

    Wen Shu and Lu Cenxiao stopped playing. The former quickly said, “No, no, no! What’s the point of playing if you’re playing like this? Today is a special welcome back to my home country, so don’t spoil the fun here, Old Yu.”

    “Come, come, come, sit here. Just watch us fight. You’re in charge of directing.”

    He Shuyu was partly pushed and half-supported onto the sofa, and the cue was taken from her grasp.

    Wen Shu showed a pleasant smile and said, “Good girl. If you have a bad stomach, go drink your porridge. It’s wrong for you to spoil the fun with this one-shot.”

    The end of the year was very busy for her. He Shuyu had gone directly to the airport today, straight after a meeting with the company to pick up Wen Shu upon his return. She hadn’t had the time to get dinner.

    When she arrived, they were busy ordering her her favourite congee and pastries from Lanting Xuan. 

    He Shuyu was somewhat amused, but she indeed did not like to move around.

    She simply half-reclined on the sofa and listened to the three of them arguing. They argued loudly about who had broken the rules and who had cheated. She vaguely felt like she had returned to her most youthful years.

    Suddenly, her gaze fell on the waiter who was opening the package for her.

    The teenager from the banquet was so distinguished in appearance that it was hard to forget him in such a short while.

    He Shuyu thought that he would call after the party. She had told her secretary that if he did call, she would tell him it was just a joke and that he didn’t have to pay for the dress.

    But she never heard from him, so she realized he was quite stubborn; she didn’t bother to care anymore about it.

    She thought that that was the end of their encounter.

    The boy was only eighteen years old, and he had a slender figure.

    At that moment, he was half-kneeling in front of the coffee table. The not-very-bright light from the box shone on the side of his face, revealing cold, hard lines and the tight corners of his eyes.

    He looked like he was trying to get out of the door, He Shuyu thought with amusement.

    She squinted at the boy’s long, slender fingers as he quickly unpacked the takeaway, but the faster he unpacked, the messier it became.

    There were calluses on the tips of his fingers, a few scars on the back of his hand, and a band-aid on the nail cap of his right index finger. 

    They were the hands of someone who had worked a lot.

    He Shuyu lifted her hands, which were flawlessly white and as warm as jade.

    She earned money and was more than willing to spend it on herself. Even if she sat in the office every day and signed, she had not grown calluses.

    The teenager hadn’t grown into a man yet, but his palms were bigger than hers.

    Perhaps it was because he didn’t want to be around people who had offended him, but the knot in his throat was taut.

    Like that day, the collar of his shirt pulled at his skin and the transparent buttons looked like they might fall open at any moment.

    A kiss.

    It would be so sensual.

    “Do you work here?”

    He Shuyu’s shallow tone broke the awkwardness between the two parties, along with the tension and the silence that cut across the entire booth.

    Chi Xiuyuan had not expected to meet He Shuyu here.

    Luo Zhiyao had booked the private room, so naturally, her name had also been filled in.

    Before he came here, he had been repeatedly told by the head waiter that all the people in this room were big shots, so he should be careful and not offend them.

    Which of the people who came to Infinity were not big shots?

    If you could get a special explanation from the head waiter, you were a big man among big men, and the old boss of Infinity couldn’t afford to offend you.

    Chi Xiuyuan had already lost one well-paying job, and he couldn’t live without a second one, so he nodded his head.

    “What about the job at the Jun Rui Hotel?” He Shuyu pointed to the sofa next to her, gesturing for him to sit down.

    She was used to looking at people from a higher standpoint, but she didn’t feel like the young man in front of her needed to grovel to her.

    Youth should be unbridled; there was no need to be restrained like she was always trying to be.

    Chi Xiuyuan’s brow knitted, but he sat down obediently.

    He Shuyu had not known that he had resigned.

    When he heard this bit of information, he was slightly surprised, but he didn’t make a fool of himself by showing it.

    “Not quite right. I resigned.”

    When the words left his mouth, he saw the woman, bathed in the room’s glow, curl her lips.

    “And it’s a good fit here?” He Shuyu inquired.

    Compared with a decent hotel waiter, a young master selling liquor in Infinity sounded immodest. In fact, there were times when the guests were rather brutish. How could he not be taken advantage of at all?

    Chi Xiu Yuan didn’t know what the smile on her lips meant, but he lowered his eyes.

    “It’s more appropriate than the Jun Rui Hotel.”

    After the dinner, those colleagues could no longer treat him with their usual good hearts. Chi Xiuyuan didn’t want to live amid other people’s speculation and gossip.

    Infinity was a big brand and they did serious business. The people who came were a bit more sophisticated, so no one dared to take a casual shot at the people here.

    It just so happened that he was doing well here and the head waiter had given him a pay raise.

    When he didn’t hear any more questions, Chi Xiu Yuan glanced to his right. He vaguely saw He Shuyu holding the porridge and blowing on it, slowly eating it.

    The woman sitting beside him was beautiful. A type of beauty that Chi Xiuyuan had never seen before.

    A simple white turtleneck jumper [2] hid her long, slender swan neck. Underneath were nude, wide-legged trousers, with high-heeled boots of the same colour wrapped around her ankles. She was tightly covered all over her body.

    She wore a watch, a gold and pink Patek Philippe, on her left wrist, allowing the light to reflect the scene inside the watch.

    The spoon used to scoop the porridge was stained with the lipstick from her lips…

    Chi Xiuyuan averted his eyes.

    He moved his lips to say goodbye.

    “Have you eaten dinner yet?” The woman beside him suddenly asked.

    Chi Xiuyuan subconsciously shook his head, and there was an additional pastry, still smoking hot, in front of him.

    “Lanting Xuan’s plum blossom cake. It tastes good. Would you like to try it?”

    When he left the booth with the pastry box, Chi Xiuyuan was still a bit muddled.

    It wasn’t that he had never taken a tip from a customer in the box, but it was the first time someone had given him a treat.

    Through the pastry box, Chi Xiuyuan could feel the heat emanating from the inside out and the sweet smell of the pastry.

    Having eaten his dinner and promising not to be hungry tonight, he suddenly felt his stomach fluttering.

    “Sh*t! He Shuyu, have you really left the nun’s temple? You can still ruffle the brother around? Look at the way that little brother went out; his soul was lost! You’re such a sl*t!”

    As soon as Chi Xiuyuan left, the fire of gossip burning in Wen Shu’s heart was completely released.

    She glanced at him and didn’t say a word.

    Lu Cenxiao was also not shy. “Look at this. He didn’t contact you after that night? Tsk, it’s rare.”

    Luo Zhiyao laughed along with him, “In order to capture, one must loosen the reins to grip them better!”

    “Come on, why are you the only one with a lot of conspiracy theories? Besides, what’s the point of trying to get a little bit of sex? Isn’t it more exciting to flirt?”

    Wen Shu didn’t think so. He was a playboy himself so he didn’t like He Shuyu’s nun-like life.

    What’s more, if others didn’t know that He Shuyu and Luo Hanzhou were an engaged couple with only a marriage contract and no relationship at all, didn’t their childhood friends still know that?

    Even Luo Hanzhou could happily expand his territory overseas and not come back to see her as his fiancée for a few years. How could He Shuyu not find a boyfriend? 

    The corners of He Shuyu’s eyes rose slightly, and she gave Wen Shu a warning look, “Shut up.”

    The latter laughed twice and opened another pastry box on the table, biting into a piece of cloud cake with a distinctive taste, “It’s so sweet.”

    He was looking for a fight.

    [1] The phrase “out of the nun’s temple” was used to describe the fact that one would no longer avoid relationships or be bashful or shy about the opposite sex.

    [2] Just in case you guys aren’t aware (like me since I live in the tropics), a jumper is just another name for a thick, (usually) wool sweater worn in the winter.

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