Dwarf in the Future

Chapter 7: Good Man

It turned out to be so simple to use magic to find mines!

Part of the feverish pointed ears rubbed the skin of the chin and slid down. Shoulders becoming heavy, a slender body fell into his arms.

Chu Rong reached out to catch the person, his forehead bulging with blue veins, and raised his hand to grab Qiao Zhiya’s shoulders, pulling him up. His cold gaze swept across his uncomfortable face and frowned. He simply took out the silver net again and fixed him on the wall. His fingers pressed his eyebrow, “Don’t faint. Stay awake. Pay attention to the changes in your body. If you don’t want to become disabled, just stay with me. “

Qiao Zhiya’s body was forced to straighten up, and the heat flowing in his body rushing towards his brain seemed to have found its way, no longer surging chaotically. It smoothly reached the brain. Then, after a moment of hesitation, it rushed forward and surrounded his shallow magic pool.

His head felt swollen and burning, but strangely comfortable.


Qiao Zhiya’s expression gradually calmed down, but the sweat on his forehead became more apparent. He vaguely heard what the White-Haired Monster said, but the changes in the magic pool left him no time to care.

After the heat flow reached the magic pool, the magic left in the pool was contrary to the gentle tolerance of wood and earth magic. It was almost ferocious and dragged the strange heat flow into the depth of the magic pool.

Compared with other dwarves and elves, his magic pool was as barren as a small dry pit because of being a mixed blood, thus, there was no need for cultivation. However, currently, this small dry pit changed and began to deepen and widen bit by bit under the influence of the heat… 

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If he had a tail, Qiao Zhiya would have been wagging it excitedly in circles now, but unfortunately, he didn’t. Therefore, he just shook his ears as fast as the wind. He also unconsciously leaned back like a domestic pet that was extremely happy.


Under his joyful and excited gaze, Chu Rong’s expression slowly darkened and deeply frowned.

“What’s the matter?” In his excitement, the Qiao Zhiyan talked more. Although he knew in his heart that the other party could not understand his concern and kindness.

Chu Rong glanced at his shaking ears and shining eyes. He hesitated for a moment, raised his hand, and gently rubbed his sweaty forehead.

Qiao Zhiya blinked and looked up at his outstretched arm, pausing. Instead of glaring like last time, he leaned over awkwardly, gently rubbed against his palm, and then continued to look at him with gratitude and joy to express his intimacy.

It’s over.

Ancestor Chu retracted his hand and fell silent.

He seemed to use a spiritual power purification fluid to turn a bald chicken with no spiritual strength but with S physique— who still looked intelligent and energetic— into a bald chicken with no spiritual strength but with still S physique— whose brain seemed to be broken.

The mecha stopped at the right time. Fan Xiangnan took off the protective shield and looked back, “Sir, the black mine is here.”

No one paid attention to him. The two people were squatting in the corner, one of them reflecting deeply and the other one was excited, with bright eyes as if seeing his savior. They were inside their own world and have no time to deal with the outside world.

“Sir?” Fan Xiangnan was puzzled. He ordered the team members to stand by and walked to Chu Rong’s side. He hesitantly reached out his hand and patted him, reminding, “Sir, the black mine is here. Do you want to go down immediately?”

Chu Rong returned to his senses and took a deep look at Qiao Zhiya, who looked very abnormal after taking the purification liquid. He put away the silver net, got up, and threw a green fruit and a protective cover. He responded to Fan Xiangnan, “Go down and find the mineral distribution as soon as possible.” Afterwards, go back to the warship to cure the brain of this bald chicken.

Although Fan Xiangnan was a little bit confused about his unusual mood, he didn’t ask much and turned around to issue orders.


“Are these for me?” After Fan Xiangnan went away, Qiao Zhiya immediately came up to Chu Rong, holding the green fruit and the protective cover, and asked happily and embarrassedly. The White-Haired Monster was so good— unexpectedly giving him things again. He would write them all down and then double his repayment!

The young man’s soft voice stirred his eardrum. Chu Rong looked down at his white palm he had stretched out. With a cold expression, he picked up the protective cover, buckled it to his wrist, and grabbed his waist, “Let’s go. Don’t run around and hold us back when we go down.”

Everyone got off the mecha, checked their protective clothing and mining tools, and entered the mine which had become a ruin.

Qiao Zhiya retracted his hand, which poked curiously at the warm yellow transparent protective cover around his body, turned his wrist to look at the storage ring that was assigned to him with mining tools, trotted over to catch up with Chu Rong, who was tall and long-legged, and followed him like a small tail. Behind Chu Rong, Qiao Zhiya’s head turned back and forth, then his eyes lit up and he pulled Chu Rong’s arm, “The hole is over there! The entrance has not been blown up.” After that, he took the lead and ran over there.

His team members were secretly observing when they saw this. They all looked at Chu Rong, waiting for orders.

“Follow him.” Chu Rong moved his arm that had just been pulled and followed Qiao Zhiya with a seemingly cold expression.

There were some broken stones at the entrance of the pit. Qiao Zhiya moved them away. When he turned around, Chu Rong and others had caught up. With shaking ears, he got in first, and under the cover of the dim underground, he took out the high-grade earth magic stone and absorbed it quickly.

The dwarves’ excellent ability to mine was related to their common possession of earth magic, but Qiao Zhiya was different. Because his magic pool was too shallow to practice magic, he received a special mining course designed for him by his mother when he was young.

When other dwarves were learning how to use magic to detect minerals, he was memorizing the properties and ground manifestations of various minerals. When other dwarves were practicing magic to judge the size of the ore, he had already followed his mother and afterward, started to do things himself.

Practice was the best teacher. Over the past ten years, he has relied on experience and strong learning talent to crush all his age-peers. He has proved with his strength that even without magical support, dwarves can still be good miners.

Now that he arrived in a strange place, almost all of his accumulated mineral knowledge was useless. He had to start everything from scratch. Fortunately,  there was a way for him to change his magic cultivation ability in this strange place! Those magic mining methods that have been learned but never used can finally be applied now!

Thank you, White-Haired Monster!


Repaying his grace, since the White-Haired Monster wanted the crimson ore, then he would help him dig out all of them!

It’s a pity that there was no magic element in the air here. He could only replenish his magic power with the magic stone given to him by the White-Haired Monster— the debt has increased again.

After his small magic pool was filled up, he shook his head to shake off the pain in his heart, put the lightened magic stone back into the storage ring, and looked back at Chu Rong, who was the first to enter the pit and strode towards the depths. When I walked, I tentatively found out the magic power.

As a result, everyone walking behind saw a small figure covered by a warm yellow protective cover, trotting forward like a big moving light bulb.

The team members were silent— so the commander took the kid with him and buckled him with the most advanced protective cover to make him a light bulb.

“What are you doing in a daze? Are you not as strong as a minor kid and you need him to help you clear the way?” Chu Rong glanced at his subordinates, with a murderous expression on his face.

Everyone shook their heads and hurriedly chased after Qiao Zhiya—the chief seemed to be in a bad mood.  They had to be extra careful.

In a blink of an eye, Chu Rong was left behind. The “light bulb” was no longer visible and all his subordinates ran away, leaving only Fan Xiangnan beside him.

“Go back and let them double the intensity of their training.” Ancestor Chu said, displeased.

Fan Xiangnan responded, glancing at the team members who rushed forward to block the tunnel, and shook his head— the fortitude of these newcomers was still too weak. The chief only frightened them a little bit and they had already forgotten to reserve escape routes during operation.

The magic of the earth element penetrated into the rocks without any obstacles and smoothly dug deeper. It felt amazing.  Qiao Zhiya could even feel the gentle feedback from the earth.

After walking for a few meters, when he was about to reach the depression where he had stayed before escaping, a very familiar feeling of discomfort came back to his senses along with the magic. He stopped, eagerly took out the mining tools, adjusted to the feeling, and chiseled towards the stone wall.



The stones shattered and peeled off, revealing a darker inner lining.

He paused, tentatively covering the mine hammer with magic, chiseling towards the stone wall again, and then deliberately letting the magical power lead him to the area that made him feel uncomfortable.

There was a louder cracking sound than before. The next second, the gravel shattered and a crimson stone was exposed.

Qiao Zhiya’s eyes lit up.

It worked! It turned out to be so simple to use magic to find mines! No wonder his mother said that he took a path that was hundreds of times more difficult than an ordinary dwarf.

After a few more punches, the rubble fell down, and the whole red stone was exposed. He happily stepped forward and peeled off the crimson stone the size of his arms. He looked back and searched for Chu Rong. He happily ran past the crowd and presented the stone to him, as if offering a treasure.

The team members who witnessed the whole process of smashing the stone were all stunned silly. They looked at the dusty rocks on the ground and then at Qiao Zhiya’s thin arms. Their eyes widened— who said that the rocks associated with red tin ores were indestructible and that they could not be easily destroyed  with ordinary tools? What was going on?

Some unbelieving squad members also took out a hammer and smashed it towards the stone wall. After seeing that there was only a little crack on it, they shamefully blocked the crack and pretended that nothing had happened.

Fan Xiangnan looked at the mutant red tin ore in Qiao Zhiya’s arms, estimated its weight, and was a little stunned— this child looked thin and weak, but he didn’t expect him to be so strong.

“As expected. S-grade physique.” The cold and calm voice broke the crowd’s strange silence. Chu Rong took the stone presented by Qiao Zhiya, casually looked at it, placed it in the special mineral space button, and patted Qiao Zhiya on the shoulder. His eyes showed relief, “Good, it’s similar to how I was back then.” Even though you didn’t have mental power, as long as you have a strong physique, you can stand at the top.

Thinking about this, he felt more assured that he had picked up a good bald chicken. A faint smile even appeared on his face.

Qiao Zhiya was greatly encouraged, smiled happily, and then ran back to the place where he had just dug. He picked up a hammer and knocked on the stone wall. Then he pulled out a bigger, heavier, and darker looking red ore from inside.  The red stone slammed in front of Chu Rong with a “bang” and continued to look at him as if offering treasures.

Team members and Fan Xiangnan: “…” It felt like a dream.

Chu Rong’s eyebrows raised. He lifted his hand and waved the dust splashed by the stone in front of him. After a pause, he took a cyan fruit from the space button and handed it over to him. With an unfathomable expression, he continued to praise, “Very well, you have good prospects.” It was a bald chicken worth cultivating.

Qiao Zhiya, who didn’t know his inner thoughts, took the fruit with joy, wiped it on his body, and stuffed it into his mouth. When he chewed, his cheeks bulged, looking harmless and cute.

Everyone, “…” No, liars were indeed deceitful. This kid was a monster!

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