Dwarf in the Future

Chapter 28.2: Hiding His Wife in a Golden House (2)

How could it be not known?

Qiao Zhiya was rendered stupid. He looked at the poster and at Chu Rong, who was already walking away fast with his long legs. He moved a little hesitantly, followed in a panic, and his thoughts were instantly a mess— he shouldn’t have been discovered. He participated in the auction anonymously. A1 also said that as long as he was anonymous, others would not know the real identity of the auctioneer. Confidentiality could be guaranteed, and the robot would not deceive people.

Nonetheless, what if it was discovered? In case he was found out, with the White-Haired Monster’s strange temper… His heart beat fiercely. He clenched his fists and felt even more in turmoil. Originally, he decided to sell the giant sword in order to get the money to buy pharmaceutical tools as soon as possible, but now it seemed that method seemed to be too hasty.

If it was found… then, then…

Just be honest? However, if he was to confess… The magic storage ring, mutant red tin ore, magic power, magic array, secondary mutant red tin ore, the weapon forging— those things that could not be identified with spiritual power… He counted his secrets in his heart, his heart beat faster, and his ears shook uneasily.

Unknowingly, he had already concealed so many things from the White-Haired Monster. At first, he just wanted to hide the origin of the black hole and his peculiar magic power… Could he just confess about the magic power without mentioning the black hole?

He slowed his pace, looked at Chu Rong who was walking ahead, his expression slowly stiffened, his lips tightened, he hesitated, and then accelerated his pace to follow.

It was completely different from this world’s power system. It was his last card. It was something that would be investigated in detail once it was revealed. Could he really divulge it? What would the White-Haired Monster do once he knew? Would he think about something else? Additionally, the military forces behind the White-Haired Monster…

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The palms of his hands were slightly sweaty. He was a  bit annoyed when he thought of the things he had explained when communicating with the Famous Brands. He just thought that anonymity could hide his identity from the outside. Model toys should not be noticed by any big people, but he ignored the possibility that they could be seen and recognized by acquaintances, although he had very few acquaintances here.

The auction was going on in full swing, but inside the box was extremely quiet. The exquisite and interesting model accessories were bought out. In a blink of an eye, only the last page of the album was left. Chu Rong finally noticed the unusual silence of the person around him. He looked away from his light brain and asked, “There isn’t anything you want to buy?”  

“No, there isn’t.” Qiao Zhiya shook his head and turned the page of the catalogue to conceal his distraction. He looked at him, saw that he seemed to be in a good mood, and started to hesitantly speak, “Chu Rong, if, I mean if, if I made a mistake—”

“200, 000! Chu Yan, are you not done yet?! You’re addicted to robbery, aren’t you? You took a set of phantom swords at the last auction, and this time, you should let it go for a change!”  

A hoarse voice of a young man in the period of puberty suddenly came out of the loudspeaker. On the screen, at a box window on the second floor of the hall, a delicate young man angrily pushed away the shielding glass and shouted angrily at a box diagonally opposite.

Qiao Zhiya’s question was choked back. Chu Rong was also distracted after hearing a familiar name and looked at the box the young man was looking at with a dark expression.

“250, 000.” Another voice of a lazy youth sounded, and the shielding glass on the box window diagonally opposite was pushed open. A handsome youth poked his head out and said angrily, “Of course, ah! For a change, when I buy this sword, I’m going to dye it and put it on the Pink Princess.”  

The Pink Princess was a set of mecha models whose target customers were girls— nothing aggressive. It was just a beautiful and expensive toy. No matter how powerful the weapon that was installed on it, it would be just a waste.

The auctioneer on the stage paused, and the guests in the hall were all frozen. They turned to look back and forth at the two teenagers who were arguing. Suddenly, there was a loud roar.

“Young Xiao and Third Chu are on it again. There’s definitely a lot of excitement!”  

“I knew they had to come. Since we can’t even buy the items they are interested in, let’s just watch the excitement.”  

“The price increased to more than 200, 000. It must be nice to have money. It’s worthy of being a famous dandy among the four families.”  

“That dandy is also better than you. We can’t match in terms of proper military academy preparation and talent.”  

“It’s rare to see such humble descendants of the four people. Pei, pei, pei!1[Onomatopoeia for spitting. The speaker is being sarcastic.] Take it! Don’t be such a weakling if you have money!”  

The delicate young man was so mad with Chu Yan’s “Pink Princess” that he almost died in anger. He patted the handrail of the box’ glass cover, and said angrily, “300, 000! I want to see how much money you have! Your second brother is back, I don’t believe he will let you spend so much!”  

“400, 000. It sounds like your brother didn’t come back. Oh, by the way, your brother came back from illness. He said he was going to help my second brother share the inspection task. As a result, he became ill as soon as he went. He looks so delicate. My second brother who has been on the battlefield can’t be compared.” Chu Yan refused to give up at all. His tone was deliberately careless which made him feel more furious.

“You!” Listening to the whispers of the people in the hall, the delicate young man turned red. Knowing that continuing to argue would only make his eldest brother appear more ugly, he gritted his teeth and glared at the auctioneer, shouting, “500, 000!” It looked like they were going to overwhelm each other in price.

“600, 000.” Chu Yan continued to raise the price and was so calm that he was angry.

From the beginning of these local tyrants’ opposing farce, Chu Rong’s aura began to be wrong. Qiao Zhiya watched him slowly tap the table with his light brain. He then looked at the handsome youth’s face on the screen, which was six or seven points similar to Chu Rong’s. A guess rose in his heart and he asked, “Do you recognize that youth?”  

“It’s more than recognition.” Chu Rong replied with a sneer, turned on his communicator, dialed a certain number, and coldly ordered, “Room 233. Get over here.”  

The handsome youth on the screen suddenly paused, turned sideways towards the box, and pressed something. His body became visibly stiff. Without warning, he directly threw down the beautiful young man who roared out 700, 000, lowered the shielding glass, and disappeared.

Qiao Zhiya looked at Chu Rong’s cold expression. He was well-behaved as he reduced his sense of existence— this action was indeed more than just recognition.

The opponent ran straight away, the handsome young man was taken aback, then he smashed the handrail even more angrily, and shouted, “Chu Yan, you f*cking cheated me again! You wait for me! Next time I meet you, I will beat you to death!”  

There was no movement in the box diagonally opposite. The delicate young man couldn’t sing a one-man show, and he felt bad for the hundreds of thousands he had spent. He turned around and closed the shielding glass hard!

Without the excitement, the customers in the lobby withdrew their gaze and talked enthusiastically for a while about the grievances between the Chu family and the Xiang family. After meeting their desire for gossip, they turned their attention back to the next auction.

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