Dwarf in the Future

Chapter 26.3: Adaptive Education (3)

How did he become more stupid the more he goes to school? 

Two hours later, the sky was already dark. Chu Rong parked his suspension car at the school gate, got off, and walked towards the empty school. He glanced around and saw a familiar figure almost completely obscured by trees sitting beside the flowerbed.

He frowned, changed direction, and walked over. He stood in front of the other person and asked, “Why are you here? Didn’t I ask you to wait for me in the library?”  

Qiao Zhiya was concentrating on reading. After hearing a familiar voice, he was stunned for a while before returning to his senses. He hurriedly looked up at him and said with a smile, “You’re here. Have you eaten?”  

How did he become more stupid the more he goes to school?

Chu Rong disliked his expression, bent over to pull him up, and carried him to the suspension car.

After they went home, they had dinner made by the housework robot. Chu Rong took Qiao Zhiya, who had been eager to speak, to the sofa and sat down. He looked at him and asked, “Come on. How’s school?”  

Qiao Zhiya, who finally found the opportunity to speak, took out his student card, organized what he wanted to say, and simply said, “I graduated, and the teacher asked me to report to the junior college.”  

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Qiao Zhiya became happy when he heard him and immediately nodded. He already had a self-study plan planned out in his heart.

The life of sending the child to school ended after only one day. The next day, Ancestor Chu went out alone surrounded by a cold aura to the military headquarters.

After confirming that he had left, Qiao Zhiya ran back to his room, unlocked the guest room’s light brain without “children” restrictions in accordance with Tan Shengwei instructions. He opened the shopping software with complete categories and searched “jade.”

A large number of search results popped up and jades of various qualities were shown in arrangement, so pearlescent that they were almost blinding.

Qiao Zhiya shook, his eyes almost shining light in excitement. He moved his fingers, chose original uncut jade, selected high-quality, searched, and sorted according to the price.

Another pile of jades that hadn’t been completely peeled from the stone shell came out. He carefully selected a piece of jade that was suitable to be carried with him and added it to the shopping cart. He tapped the light brain with his communicator, bitterly paid for it, filled in the receiving address and contact information, and placed an order.

Two hours later, the jade was sent over.

After signing the delivery through the receiving box of the door, Qiao Zhiya —successful with his first online shopping experience— excitedly took the express box to the coffee table and carefully opened it.

It was awesome! Such a precious magic stone could be bought and delivered at home!

He fiddled with the stone curiously, scanned the delivery note in the box, and calmed down again— but jade was really expensive. The Federal currency in his hand was only enough for such a small piece while he could only look at the better and more beautiful ones.

Compared to other planets, the cost of living in the Federal Star was generally high. His monthly subsidy of 5,000 Federal Units was enough to live on, but if he wanted to buy something more expensive, then he would be left with nothing to eat with.

Although magic stones were only ornaments in this world, these were actually very expensive ornaments. With his current financial resources, he simply could not afford it.

Corresponding to the attributes of the five elements, the magic stones were called golden jade, emerald green, sapphire, ruby red, and black jade according to their colors. Among them, black jade was the rarest and most valuable because aside from top pure magic stone, earth-based magic stones had other grades that were brown in different shades, which was not pleasing at all. In this world, these were excluded from the classification of jade as they didn’t think they belonged to the same type as the black jade.

In fact, this was very beneficial to him because his magic pool did not require both his attributes1[Reminder: Qiao Zhiya has both wood and earth magic attributes.] to absorb magic. When he wanted to replenish his magic power in the future, he could buy just the worthless earth-based top-grade magic stone here instead of purchasing another emerald jade.

Nevertheless, creating magic arrays on jades was the best method to treat Chu Rong’s disease, so even if it hurts, money should still be spent.

In the end, he still had to find a way to make some money.

With thoughts in a mess, he took out his hammer, gathered his magic, and began to shell the jade out of its stone coat.

After extracting the jade, he put away his hammer, used magic to polish it which looked strange to what he expected, and then took out his magic pen. He went through the intermediate healing magic illustration method in his mind, took a deep breath, and carefully drew on one side of the diamond-shaped jade.

Chu Rong’s spiritual power outburst last still left him with lingering fears. Although Chu Rong had adapted to the effects of the primary magic array during the last treatment and would no longer be spiritually unstable, now that he wanted to change to a higher level, he could not ignore the risks after the upgrade.

The magic potion had not been produced yet. How to prevent the other party’s spiritual power from being stimulated by the purification array was what he needed to consider the most now. After some thinking and flipping through the array book, he chose to increase the number of healing arrays on the magic stone and drew a soothing array.

The soothing array was created by his father in order to comfort an injured magic beast. It was more complicated. Fortunately, his aptitude had been enhanced to intermediate level, otherwise, it would certainly be unsuccessful.

After drawing two healing formations and using half of his magic power, he realized a problem— he now had nothing to replenish his magic, that was, before making money to buy earth magic stones to supplement his magic, the array formation of this high-grade magic stone would not be done.

But… he glanced at the jade, which had almost spent all his assets, and his ears slowly turned red.

A dwarf had always been very attentive, but now he had made such a low-level mistake, and there was no way to remedy it… If his mother came to know about it, she would definitely scold him.

His face tensed and stuffed the jade back into his storage ring to hide it. He sat and reviewed for a while. Suddenly, he seemed to think of something, got up, and ran towards his room.

The computer still had the jade search results interface. He sat down, exited the page, moved his fingers, and entered the name of the earth-based magic stone below the top level— the brown stone.

Selecting a variety, a lot of information about the sale of original earth magic stones came out, including some advanced ones. He wrote down their approximate prices, entered “metal dolls,” and clicked ‘search.’ He began to check the approximate prices of this world’s metal dolls.

A large number of well-made metal dolls popped out. He was stunned and then closed the page deeply shocked— compared with those cute and beautiful metal dolls, his hand-made dolls couldn’t be sold with just a glance…

While frustrated, he remembered the pile of mutant red tin ores that he had not handed over to Chu Rong in order to hide the existence of his storage ring. His eyes lit up and he was once again busy typing and searching.

This time the page was loading for a while before the result popped up. However, what came out was not a merchandise sale interface but an auction interface. It showed that an auction house named “Famous Brands,” which would auction a batch of mutant red tin ores next month. A vast number of mecha creators were welcome to bid.

Below this auction information, there was a purchase link to the auction invitation letter. He clicked it and was appalled by the 10,000 Federal Units-worth invitation letter. He immediately withdrew and just stared, wide-eyed.

Were the prices in this world this terrible…

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