Dwarf in the Future

Chapter 26.2: Adaptive Education (2)

How did he become more stupid the more he goes to school? 

The first night of their cohabitation passed very harmoniously. On the second day, Chu Rong went to the military headquarters early. Qiao Zhiya, who had been found alone, was taken by Tan Shengwei to register as a temporary Federal resident and obtained his temporary communicator and welfare subsidies.

“Your communicator is bound to your identity card, don’t lose it.” Tan Shengwei helped him wear his communicator on his wrist, taught the basic operation, and then transferred an amount to his account. He said, “This is your subsidy this month. Underage plus a third-degree disability— a total of two subsidies is equivalent to 5, 000 Federal Units. This amount will be issued at the beginning of each month. Because you’re not sure of your specific date of birth, the government has set your age at 17 according to the bone age test. You can still get a one-year subsidy for minors. After a year, the only subsidy you can get is the one for the disabled, which is 3, 000 Federal Units.”

Qiao Zhiya nodded and silently remembered the amount, ready to check the average living expenses here.

“Adaptive education will start in three days. The Chief has enrolled you to the Adaptive Educational Institution run by the Alliance Welfare Department of the Military Department. The teachers are all veterans, and no one will bully you. After the adaptive education is over, you will be sent to the nearest junior college to receive language and basic knowledge education. After graduating from junior college, you will be able to obtain official Federal status.”

Tan Shengwei briefly described the following arrangements, smiled, and patted him on the shoulder, “Adaptive education and junior college courses are relatively simple, you can do it.”  

“En.” Qiao Zhiya nodded energetically, smiled at him gratefully, and his eyes were full of anticipation— he was finally about to officially step into this strange world.

It took three days to figure out the general expenses of this place. On the morning of the fourth day, Qiao Zhiya got in Chu Rong’s car and they drove towards the Adaptive Educational Institution run by the Military Department.

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Vkdnb uswa lyap?

Ckys Hbkuy eked’v wdelapvyde obu bl pweeldzu pyke vbkp, cwv bl dseele sclekldvzu yde wdnsdekvksdyzzu ytalle vs bkp kdpvawnvksdp.

“Ebyv yal usw eskdt clkdt ps sclekldv?!” Gdnlpvsa Ubw wdlmrlnvlezu lmrzsele.1[Iakp Dkyd: Gdnlpvsa Ubw, yal usw sd xldsrywpl?! Ebu ps xsseu? Ebyv kp kv vbyv usw alyzzu oydv?]

Ckys Hbkuy zssjle yv bkx yttaklhle yde nsdqwple. Tl alxlxclale vbl MA plaklp bl oyvnble ulpvlaeyu yde pyke, “Ebu yal usw clkdt wdalypsdyczl swv sq dsoblal?”


Ancestor Chu choked, fiercely took a look at him, and stopped talking.

The suspension car stopped at the Adaptive Educational Institution on the periphery of the military headquarters. Chu Rong watched Qiao Zhiya get out of the car and enter the school gate with a dark expression. He closed the car door only after making sure that he was picked up by the assigned teacher and drove towards his own office building in the military headquarters.

The Adaptive Educational Institution, as the name implied, was a school for newcomers to the Federation to adapt to the rhythm of federal life. The enrolled students were even complex as most of them were indigenous people on marginal planets found by the military. Some of them have strange appearances, and Qiao Zhiya was not conspicuous as he mixed in with them.

Following the student number and classroom number he received in advance, Qiao Zhiya’s gaze swept through the students who already arrived in the classroom. He tried his best to reduce his sense of existence, found a corner, and sat down.

Ten minutes later, as the bell rang, a white-haired and straight-backed old man walked into the classroom. Qiao Zhiya immediately sat upright and prepared for class. He learned from Tan Shengwei that all the instructors in this educational institution of the military were retired old military officers. They came here to teach voluntarily and freely, and they were highly respectable.

After the old man stood on the podium, the students in the room consciously quieted down. The old man nodded his head in satisfaction when he saw it. He didn’t say any nonsense, he just entered some letters on the teaching panel and started teaching directly.

When Qiao Zhiya saw the familiar row of letters, he immediately realized that the old man was going to teach some basic communication words first and then other lessons.

However, he had already learned the language, wouldn’t it be a waste of time to learn again? He hesitated but still respectfully took out his electronic tablet, followed the lesson to consolidate his basic knowledge, and decided to wait until the end of class before going to talk to the instructor about it.

The bell rang, signalling the end of the class. Qiao Zhiya collected his things to keep up with the old man who was about to leave. When there were fewer people around, he called the other party and asked, “Laoshi,2[老师 translates to ‘teacher.’] I have learned the common language to the extent that I can communicate easily. Can I change to another fast-progressive class?  

Upon hearing him, the old man stopped, glanced at him from top to bottom, frowned, and reached out his hand to him, “Show me your student card.”  

Qiao Zhiya hurriedly handed over the card that he had only received this morning.

If today was the student’s first day of school or if he possessed a third-degree disability, there was no problem with the arrangement of entering the primary special class.

The old man’s expression relaxed. After confirming there was no problem with the school arrangement, he returned his card, thought for a while, and said, “Come with me and take a test.”  

Half an hour later, the old man was holding a small test paper answered by Qiao Zhiya. His facial muscles were trembling. He slapped the table, “You have learned the Common Language to this extent, how could you still be here?!”  

Qiao Zhiya’s eyes widened, wondering why he suddenly became angry.

“You…” The old man noticed his look, put down the test paper, and turned to look closely at him. Seeing his obedient, clever, and ignorant appearance, he became increasingly mad and wanted to scold the stupid Military Distribution Division for delaying this child’s studies. He got up and said, “Your Basic Common Language has passed the test. What you lack is some common sense test in daily life. Come with me.”  

Another half an hour passed, and the old man was about to shout abuses in the street.

“Familiarity with daily devices: Excellent. You only lack some common knowledge regarding the use of public facilities and public transportation… These things can be easily learned if you find someone to explain them to you. Sending you here is only a waste of time!”  

Qiao Zhiya looked at him worriedly— the older man’s mood fluctuated too much which was not good for his health.

“Um, Laoshi…” He said worriedly, ready to persuade him to calm down, but was directly interrupted by the old man.

“Go to the second classroom on the fourth floor and attend that class. Take a copy of the textbook and go back to read it. Prepare for admission to junior college. You don’t have to come here tomorrow.” The old man waved his hand and struck a big X to the Indigenous Resettlement Division of the Military Department in his heart. He called a young teacher and motioned him to leave with the young teacher.

Qiao Zhiya decisively shut up, thanked the old man, and left with the young teacher.

After making up for his common knowledge regarding public facilities and public transportation for a day, Qiao Zhiya, who only enrolled for one day, took the student card that had been stamped with the graduation red badge and walked out of the school. Because he had already graduated, he was no longer eligible to enter the library of Adaptive Educational Institution.

He sat down at the edge of the flowerbed outside the school, took out the textbooks he received and flipped through it. He looked over many courses and finally settled on the mineral encyclopedia under Natural Sciences, carefully opening it for a closer look.

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