Dwarf in the Future

Chapter 25.1: Be Even (1)

“You…  want to fight me?”

After a simple rest, the warship finally set sail in the dark, left this remote border mining star, and flew towards the prosperous planet at the centre of human civilization.

When Chu Rong pushed the door to enter, Ren Moze was sitting at the table fiddling with some toy-like small component. Seeing him coming, the old man only nodded as a greeting, and then continued tossing the part with his head down.

“Qiao Zhiya has no spiritual power.” Chu Rong sat opposite the old man and straightforwardly said, “You1[您 equates to courteous ‘you.’] shouldn’t give him false hope. It’s too cruel.”

Ren Moze’s hands assembling the component paused and raised his head to look at him. His eyebrows were slightly knitted, “He has no spiritual power? Never had?”

“No, he had. It disappeared after being injured, and it may or may not recover in the future. “When Chu Rong heard him ask this. He thought of Ren Moze’s closed and indifferent nature. His tone was a little more relaxed as he continued, “He has an S-level physique aptitude. Mecha fighting is the most suitable path for him. Mecha manufacturing can be a hobby, but cannot become what he depends on for a living.”

He could see Qiao Zhiya’s love for machinery manufacturing, but in the face of a reliable future and cruel reality, this passion could only be abandoned with regret.

“There’s still the possibility of recovery.” 

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For a child who had nothing, dreams may be the most precious thing he had now, and should not be stifled by indifference just for any high-sounding reason.

“So it’s all the same.”4[Kris Xian: Thank God, he sobered up! I almost wanted to smack Chu Rong’s head.] Seeing that he listened to his words, Ren Moze lowered his head and began tinkering with the component again.  His tone suddenly changed and said with some ridicule, “Marshal, you are now like a parent who is overly worried about your child, unwilling to let him take a different and difficult road. You want to pave and prepare everything for him and firmly protect him under your own wings.” 

When Chu Rong heard what he said, his face became darker, and he started knocking on the table in irritation. He replied,  “I can’t have a child as old as Qiao Zhiya.”5[Kris Xian: Slight spoiler (I guess): I read in some reviews in NU that Chu Rong initially, really treated our Xiao Qiao as a child, though I don’t know to what extent.]

“Yes, you don’t even have a girlfriend.” Ren Moze mercilessly taunted him, reached out to the manipulated component in front of him, gestured for a moment, and said, “Look.”

 Chu Rong regretted for countless of times that he, at that time, had found such a nasty old man who now got a hold of himself and was annoying him!

He glanced at the strange small component, pinched it up with disgust, looked at it twice, and asked casually, “Is this a new weapon slot design? How much weapon integration can be improved?”

“10% increase.” Ren Moze also answered casually, and took out a small mechanical doll to play with.

Hearing this, Chu Rong got serious, took a closer look at this small component, and confirmed, “Is it an increase of 10% from the original basis?”

Ren Moze nodded, showed him the test results collected in the morning, clicked on some data, and said, “Look here, but 10% is only a theoretical value. When it is officially applied to the mecha, this value may drop a little. The sensitivity of thunder brown ore is not as good as spiritual power.  It’s a pity that this change has been made.”

“That’s also a great improvement.” Chu Rong gripped this small component, quickly calculated various values in his mind, and said, “A 10% increase in integration can probably increase the weapon’s performance by 2%-5%. Not bad. Who researched this component? I’ll give him a bonus later.”

Ren Mo took a look at him and replied, “It’s the Qiao Zhiya you look down on. I copied this change from the doll he made.”

 “Qiao Zhiya?” Chu Rong froze for a moment, then became angry, and retorted, “I don’t look down on him. He will become an excellent mecha fighter, which I have always believed.”

“Your prejudice and denial of his interests are the same as you looking down on him.” Ren Mo picked up the mechanical doll and shook it before his eyes. He said, “His excellent mechanical design and creative ability are much stronger than the S-class physique you admire. Marshal, you need to get off your high-horse6[高高在上的眼睛 means having high face-value standards, or being aloof and remote.]. Observe that child carefully with an equal attitude as he is better than you think.”

 Chu Rong frowned, and didn’t think he had ever been on a “high-horse.” Only in the face of enemies and annoying people would he put on airs and deliberately anger them. Regarding Bald Chicken… he’s not annoying for the time being.

When all was said and done, Ren Moze had already experienced a lot and could easily see through his thoughts. He didn’t get bothered entangling with him. As soon as the topic turned, he poked his blind spot, “You want to reverse the situation of mecha driving relying too much on spiritual power, but why do you firmly believe that mecha manufacturing is just a game that only spiritual power talents can participate in? Isn’t this also a notion of being biased to spiritual power? Human beings have invented a wide variety of machinery, but these rely too much on spiritual power in the production of the most powerful individual weapons. Don’t you think it’s ridiculous?” After that, he left the little doll on the table, got up, and left.

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