Dwarf in the Future

Chapter 20: Desire to Win

Why did these two people seem to just be playing?

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I’m sorry for not updating last week. I almost dropped it because of the said CR’s domineering attitude over QZY that I read in NovelUpdates review. I actually have no idea how this novel and their relationship would progress, so those negative reviews just pulled my mood down. I’m sorry. Anyway, this novel will be updated sporadically and hopefully, with the same frequency I promised.


Three seconds later, Qiao Zhiya was pressed by Chu Rong’s leg to the ground, face down.

“You’re too slow.” Ancestor Chu ruthlessly commented.

Qiao Zhiya was in a daze for a moment and didn’t understand why he fell on the ground. When he returned to his senses, he heard what he said, his unwillingness and desire to win blossomed at the same time. His eyes turned sharp and thought about what he had learned during hunting with his mother in the woods. First, relax the body. Next, wait for the suppression behind to loosen. After that, immediately fight back!



He was pressed face up on the ground this time, facing Ancestor Chu’s cold face, “Good idea, but the action is too rigid and there are too many flaws.”

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“Sswtb yvvynj.”

“Jye raleknvksd.”

“There are too many superfluous movements.”

“Weak points are directly sent to the enemy, ignorant!”


“The strength is great but the force action is too obvious. The enemy is neither a wood stump nor will just watch you attack. When you attack, the opponent won’t just stupidly stand and let you hit.”

The sound of beating on the mat frequently sounded. Qiao Zhiya’s clothes were soaked and his breath gradually became unstable. However, his expression remained calm, his eyes even grew more aggressive, and his attack became increasingly strategic.

Chu Rong calmly stood opposite him. Aside from his clothes and hair that were messed up a bit, there was no sign of him fighting at all.

The members of the small team who pretended to be training were full of envy, admiration, and sympathy for Qiao Zhiya— envy for getting Chu Rong’s personal guidance; jealous because he was not only instructed personally, but also received a one-on-one actual combat teaching; admiration for his bravery and perseverance; sympathy… seeing the little white rabbit being abused by the devil, normal people would sympathize.

The atmosphere seemed to be tense.

Qiao Zhiya slowly adjusted his breathing and stared straight at Chu Rong, who was calmly standing opposite him.  His hands clenched into fists. Suddenly, he rushed forward again without warning and his speed was fast like a shadow, only leaving an afterimage.


Glancing at their duel, the squad members unconsciously stopped their own training and turned to watch as he passed by— this speed was worthy of an S-level physique talent, so fast!

He could hear the sound of his own heart beating and the wind was pouring into his neckline as he ran,  taking away the heat after exercising. Qiao Zhiya looked at Chu Rong’s always calm eyes, pursed his lips, and suddenly changed his course. After a sharp bend, he directly slammed his body into the opponent from the side and back.


The onlookers headed by Tan Shengwei couldn’t help exclaiming. They bluntly gathered in the opposite combat zone and frowned in empathy — it was too reckless to run into him directly. Wasn’t it directly looking for destruction?! What’s the use of speed? With the Chief’s1[T/N: I’m not sure but I just realized that it would be more appropriate if it’s capitalized.] ability, this kind of reckless attack could be perfectly avoided by turning sideways and it could also be used to kick the opponent out directly using the strength of the opponent’s rushing. Why did Qiao choose this attack method and be abused? Was he a fool?

As expected by the squad members, Chu Rong didn’t respond much to Qiao Zhiya’s course-changing attack. He didn’t even turn his head. He just avoided the attack when he noticed the wind approaching and then raised his leg to make a counterattack.


Qiao Zhiya, who had entered the range of his attack, suddenly turned around, faced the leg he kicked, and then reached out and grabbed it!


Chu Rong was a little interested in his difficult turning. He retracted his legs in time to avoid his “strong King Kong claws” and his body retreated a few steps back due to inertia. When Qiao Zhiya saw this, his eyes flashed, stopped decisively, and rushed towards him!

Not seeing the expected street fighting scene, the onlookers became stupid. When they saw the next development, they became even more stupid— what’s the matter? How did they get into a fight? And look at this posture, why was the Chief still entangled by Qiao?

Chu Rong was indeed entangled by Qiao Zhiya. It was a kind of personal entanglement. The opponent seemed to have finally discovered the shortcomings of the leg attack and began to use the sticky strategy. He did not give him the space and opportunity to stretch his legs at all. He cunningly stuck to his side and back, occasionally stretching out his “powerful King Kong claws.” The attack style became tactful and sticky from the beginning.

—Like a candy that couldn’t be thrown off  once stained with it!

Once again, Chu Rong sidestepped the opponent’s hand touching his pouch on his side. He rushed forward and tried to open the distance between the two, but he was stuck again. During this action, a scent of plant fragrance drifted over.

Cunning Bald Chicken!

He thought in a good mood, no longer seeking a chance to kill with one blow, but patiently and strangely “entangled” sideways with the other party.

The onlookers are a little confused — why did these two people seem to just be playing? Weren’t they supposed to fight? Where was the picture of you punching me and I teasing you?

In the eyes of outsiders, Qiao Zhiya, who seemed to be playing sticky with the adult, was not at all at ease this time. He carefully adjusted his position, predicted the opponent’s escape route, minimized the attack range, and then took advantage of their height difference to find opportunities to attack the opponent from a tricky angle.

Unknowingly, based on the evaluations said by Chu Rong before, he quickly changed his aggressive attack method, carefully maintained the current situation of fighting, and did not dare to show a little bit of flaw that would allow the opponent to fight back.


Very stubbornly wanted to win, this was the only thought in his mind at the moment.

The fragrance of plants in the air seemed to thicken. Chu Rong’s evasive movements stagnated for a moment and his brows deeply furrowed.

As he was concentrating on his movements, Chu Rong in front of him suddenly changed the rhythm of the battle. He speeded up his offensive, no longer pulled the distance, but turned and pressed closer to him while bending his knees.

Qiao Zhiya couldn’t react in time. In shock, he retreated as a conditioned reflex. He stabilized his body before trying to approach once again but it was too late. Chu Rong had already taken advantage of his escape and retreated three meters away.

He failed and was again defeated.

He clenched his fist, ignoring the carelessness he had just done, quickly adjusted his body direction, rushed forward again, and swung his fist.

Chu Rong easily dodged his attack, raised his leg and kicked, but he didn’t think that it was only the opponent’s false attack. Qiao Zhiya slipped behind him, then bent down and supported the ground with his hands, turned around and kicked his joints!

The onlookers once again exclaimed in surprise— this was the move that the Chief had used before! Qiao actually used it! He was also able to perfectly imitate it! This learning speed was amazing!

His spiritual power began to get restless, feeling a little uncomfortable, but this did not affect Chu Rong’s pleasure at this time. He avoided the leg swept by Qiao Zhiya and was about to turn around to teach the young kid an unforgettable lesson. However, the sound of wind came from his side and back and a force collided on his back.


The two collapsed on the mat. At the last moment, Chu Rong twisted his knees, knocked Qiao Zhiya’s palm to his waist with his knee, and quickly pressed against the fragile spleen of his abdomen. Meanwhile, Qiao Zhiya pressed his other leg with one hand, pressed his body on him, head down, teeth threatening to stop at the pulse of his neck, and the other hand on his face, making an embracing binding posture.

The two people were able to control each other’s life and death at the same time,  but none of them could go further.


Time seemed to freeze for a few seconds.

“Ehem.” With a low cough, Tan Shengwei moved his eyes away and at the same time, motioned to the other team members to quickly go away. He turned around, pretended to look at the scenery, and reflected on himself. He must be too impure to think that the posture of the confrontation between the Chief and Qiao was “terrible.” This was extremely wrong.

The other party’s rapid breathing sounded by his ear, the warm breathing around his neck, and the place where the knees were pressed together were rising and falling— it was the chest vibration brought out by the other party’s breathing. The slightly astringent smell of grass around his body faintly brought a hint of bewitching smell.

The spiritual power locked in his brain boiled uncontrollably. He returned to his senses, raised his hand to lift Qiao Zhiya off his body, got up, and quickly said, “So far today, the attack just now was good and there’s progress.” With that, he raised his hand to press his forehead and strode outside the training room.

Qiao Zhiya was lying on the mat, looking sideways at the tall figure walking away. He remembered the uncomfortable sensation he had just vaguely felt and frowned, forced his almost detached body, and quickly followed him.

The onlookers watched them leave one after another without knowing why. They were full of curiosity. Some of them wanted to follow, but they were yelled back by Tan Shengwei and went on to continue their training honestly.

Tan Shengwei stood at the door of the training room, glanced at Qiao Zhiya’s back, and at the honest squad members. He was relieved2T/N: ‘Seems like we’re about to welcome our first passenger on the ship.]— a group of things without eyes! The Chief and Qiao obviously felt that the posture just now was too humiliating and they could not stay any longer, thus, they ran. What were they foolishly jeering for!

Chu Rong had long legs and walked fast. He soon disappeared.

Qiao Zhiya stood in front of the intersected corridor and remembered the White-Haired Monster pressing his forehead before leaving. He became increasingly concerned about the discomfort he felt before. After thinking about it, he walked towards the medical room.

When he came to the door of the medical room, he saw a small familiar pouch at the corner of the door and the bad feeling in his heart became more intense.

“What’s going on? Why did your spritual power suddenly start to fluctuate?”

Zhuang Yu stood outside the healing cabin, while injecting new healing fluid into it, and anxiously asked Chu Rong, who was taking off his clothes with his back against the healing cabin. She was a little frightened by this sudden unexpected situation.

“It should have been triggered by the excitement of fighting.” Chu Rong calmly replied, took off his last clothes under the curtain, drank a soothing drug first, and then laid down in the healing cabin.

The cabin’s door automatically closed. After a slight beep, the indicator light on the instrument began to flicker regularly. Zhuang Yu took out her notebook and quickly set it up to the complicated operation panel of the instrument. At the same time, she took out her internal communication device and called all the assistants who were not usually assigned here to help and come from the laboratory.

No one noticed Qiao Zhiya standing at the door. The atmosphere in the medical room was stifling and tense.

Qiao Zhiya held the small pouch and felt the uncomfortable feeling remaining in the air for a moment. His expression slowly returned from tension and worry to normal calmness— the purification array suddenly speeded up for some reason and some of the black spots that were about to struggle were dying. Therefore, the White-Haired Monster, the target who was attacked by the black spots, began to feel uncomfortable.

After figuring this out, he touched the hospital bed on the other side and sat down. He laid down secretly, covered himself with a quilt, and closed his eyes— now, the time was right, maybe he could help the White-Haired Monster.

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