Dwarf in the Future

Chapter 2: White-Haired Monster

“So short.”

Qiao Zhiya snapped out of his daze after seeing that the black metal giant wasn’t moving. His hand moved to his storage ring to take out his hammer. However,  the metal giant was faster. It didn’t wait for him to take out the hammer nor let him think about how to escape. A large soft silver net suddenly fell from the sky, covering him firmly, then quickly gathering him, and hung him to the chest of the metal giant.

Everything happened within a few seconds. When he reacted, he had already been swallowed by the “big mouth” that opened in the metal giant’s chest, and then the silver net was retracted. When the lights came on, he appeared in a room that was filled with strange instruments with a few people. 

“What’s your name?” A cold, low voice sounded in front of him. He blinked hard and pressed down the discomfort caused by the sudden exposure to light. His heart went back to his chest after realizing that the ‘giant’ was only a controlled machine and not a living thing, but he tensed up again after hearing this human voice.

In the previous half month, he had seen many strange machines in the hands of the bad guys in protective clothing, but none of them were as shocking and surprising as the one he was in now. Falling into the hands of the bad guys in protective clothing, he could still find a way to dig a hole and escape. Now that he was swallowed in the stomach by such a terrible machine, he didn’t know what to do.

Fight them head-on?

The enemy’s strength was unknown and the risk of a head-on fight was too great.

Temporarily lurk while waiting for an opportunity?

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Thinking of this, he stepped back continuously until he hit a cold metal wall  and he couldn’t help shivering because of the cold.

Used to being treated as a master, Chu Rong’s patience was not good. He squinted at Bald Chicken who was sticking to the wall and had been ignoring his questions. The slender fingers pressing on the light brain strengthened, his eyes flashed cold with a dangerous light.

Maybe it was not a good habit to pick up small animals anywhere. Now, whether to throw it away…


Qiao Zhiya froze for a moment, his body full of defenses stagnated for a few seconds, and glanced down at his stomach. His dirty little face unconsciously tightening, his pointed ears hidden in his hair were slightly red.

At the important moment of confronting the enemy, he actually, unexpectedly… He was ashamed of the patriarch’s teachings, he was not a qualified dwarf warrior!

He held his stomach and raised his eyes to look at the White-Haired Monster who had been staring at him, his eyes became fierce, trying to regain the momentum he had maintained before.


Chu Rong raised his eyebrows almost unnoticeably. His eyes flashed and he immediately dispelled the idea of ​​throwing the person back again. He moved his fingers and took out a nutrient from his space button and threw it over. He simply said, “Eat.”

This was still a bald chicken with big eyes, the color of the pupils was weird and beautiful, it’s a pity to lose it.

The familiar tube was very similar to the unpalatable food given to him by the bad guys in the protective suit every day. Qiao Zhiya frowned, turned sideways to avoid the nutrient thrown towards his chest. His gaze changed from defensiveness to hatredthis White-Haired Monster was really in the same group as the bad guys in protective clothing!

His eyes widened again, but the look in his eyes was too unpleasant.

Staring at his light brain, Chu Rong once again considered the possibility of throwing people away.

“Sir, they showed resistance.”

The dark-haired gentleman who had been staring at the screen and the instrument console suddenly said, his voice was as kind and soft as his appearance, like a gentle leaf swaying with the wind. Qiao Zhiya’s pointed ears moved and he couldn’t help turning his head to look at his direction.

Chu Rong paused with his fingers on his light brain and narrowed his eyes. He fixed his gaze on the tips of Qiao Zhiya’s ears showing out of his hair. He suddenly changed his posture, his gaze deepened for a moment, and he turned towards Fan Xiangnan. He waved his hand and said perfunctorily, “Blast them.”

“Yes.” Fan Xiangnan responded, pressing his fingers on the operation panel and a series of instructions were quickly issued.

Qiao Zhiya’s eyes widened.

Following the movements of the black-haired man, after a string of unfamiliar texts flashed across the massive screen in front of the instrument table, a circular metal gray platform suddenly appeared on the ground, sweeping away the stones and vacating the space. Its muzzle pointed at the center of the stone fortress. A bright light flashed, followed by an earth-shattering explosion.

The ores cracked and shattered. The fire and smoke roared away. He could almost feel the scorching heat generated by the sudden explosion of the powerful force. The protective suit bad guys who used to oppress him hurriedly threw away their weapons and fled. The inaccessible stone fortress he had seen countless times— where the bad guys in protective clothing lived and wantonly bullied other people—became a twisted charred scrap iron after the bombing, with fire and smoke roaring together. 

It was completely different from the power  and attack methods of the magical world. This machine was violent. The love for machinery in the dwarf’s blood surged out. His eyes twinkling as he stared at the large screen that could show the situation outside, breathing slowly and heavily.

It was so beautiful. After peeling off the cloak of fear, the metal giants that moved flexibly and attacked wildly in the air were almost in the perfect state that could be expressed by machinery. It was the art that every dwarf wanted to chase!

Mom, it turned out that this was a paradise— a machine-made paradise!


Chu Rong looked at Bald Chicken who was unconsciously approaching the mecha console. His eyes fell on his unkempt hair that covered his shaking ears. He pinched the outer shell of the light brain with his finger and once again ordered, “Go and help finish it.”

Fan Xiangnan glanced at him unexpectedly, wondering why the chief who always liked to stay behind to issue commands suddenly wanted to go to the center of the battlefield to join in the fun. However, he quickly complied with this command and tapped his fingers on the operation panel. After a few times, the picture on the screen flashed and turned into the scene around the mecha. His fingers moved and a shield fell above its head, lighting the indicator on. The black mecha that had been standing still suddenly soared into the air, over the barbed wire fence outside the barren ground, and flew towards the center that was blasted into ruins.

The picture on the screen suddenly rose up and then quickly approached the group of gray mechas that had just performed the violent aesthetic actions. 

Qiao Zhiya unconsciously held his breath and was unable to look away, almost thinking that he was the giant he was in, flying freely in the air, relying on his powerful strength to step on the ants under his feet.

This felt great! It’s so exciting! So it was really possible! Machinery could also fly! The patriarch also said that his vision was whimsical and advised him to keep his feet on the ground, but it was clear that these metal giants now—


His excitement stagnated for a moment. He frowned, feeling a little weird in his ears, and couldn’t help but tremble, but found that he couldn’t shake off the strange feeling. He couldn’t help but frown and look behind him uneasily— Mom, someone really pinched his ears while he was not paying attention…

“Like mechas? Haven’t seen them before?”

He did not know when he appeared behind him, looking at him condescendingly, his deep eyes were cold, and the fingers of his right hand were pinching his pointed ears arrogantly. He kept on kneading them despite seeing him look back. 

“…” Qiao Zhiya touched his arm again.

He actually forgot that he was now on the White-Haired Monster’s territory. Although it seemed that this guy was not with the bad guys in the protective clothing, but seemed to have hatred with the other party. Even though they were fighting, he could not take the opponent lightly. 

His ears quickly turned red and they trembled pitifully, but they couldn’t shake his grip. The big eyes that were full of excitement just now were all defensive at this time. The fierce expression and the dirty face matched together. It looked like he was bluffing at first, but the defensive posture of unconsciously crossing his arms in front of his chest disclosed the fear in his heart. 

What an interesting bald chicken.

Ancestor Chu was once again in a better mood, although it could not be seen on his face. 

He released the pointed ears. His face frozen to a perfect but serious and cold expression, moved his hands on the top of Qiao Zhiya’s head, measuring his height, and then moving it to the same level on his chest. It looked serious, but in fact, it didn’t imply a good intention, “So short.”

Qiao Zhiya’s eyes flashed with bloodthirsty red light, his hand flashed, and a pocket hammer appeared in his hand. Although he didn’t understand it, but this insulting action… The last one who dared to do this kind of gesture was a two-meter tall elf. This White-Haired Monster was really a bad thing!

Chu Rong did not discover him holding a hammer as it was blocked by his clothes. After the comparison, he retracted his hand and took out a tube of nutrient from the space button and handed it over. This time, it was the fruit flavor that children liked. He faintly said, “Eat, so you can grow tall.”

Qiao Zhiya paused when he was about to  lift his hammer.

No matter where you were, giving food was an act of expressing friendship. After excluding the possibility of the White-Haired Monster and the bad guys of the protective suit colluding, aside from the unfriendly expressions and attitudes of the other party, the act of giving food itself had a kind of positive meaning.

He glanced over at the dark-haired man who was manipulating the metal giant. He frowned and he was a little hesitant—the dwarf’s super-precise instinct told him that this gentle temperament and good-sounding person should not be a bad person, so the White-Haired Monster who was with him…

“Sir, it’s finished. A total of 201 black mine slaves have been rescued and a 112 mine robbers have been arrested.”

Fan Xiangnan’s voice sounded, interrupting Qiao Zhiya’s thoughts.

Chu Rong shifted his gaze from the top of Qiao Zhiya’s head, threw the nutrient into his arms, strode to the screen, and looked at the mine robbers and slaves surrounded by gray mechas, and said, “Tie them all together and bring them back to the warship.”

Fan Xiangnan nodded, tapped his fingers on the keyboard to give instructions, then looked at Qiao Zhiya, who was frowning and clutching the nutrient, and asked, “Then he…” This child seemed to have also been stolen and became a slave taken by the star thieves. However, it was unknown how he managed to escape early and happened to encounter them. 

Hearing this, Chu Rong looked sideways at Qiao Zhiya.

Qiao Zhiya, who was looking at the nutrient, noticed their gaze, and reflexively defended himself, holding the nutrient and leaning back against the wall again. Although giving food was indeed a good act, but what if this was a sugar-coated cannonball? His instinct told him that the White-Haired Monster’s eyes were not pure when he saw him.

“Well? He’s very protective of food.” 

Chu Rong’s gaze stopped at Qiao Zhiya’s messy hair and dirty face. He sat back in the operating chair and raised his legs, “Feed him, wash him clean, and bring him to me.” Being able to escape from the star thieves alone, this big-eyed Bald Chicken should have something on his body. 

The author has something to say:

Their first impression.

Ancestor Chu: Bald Chicken, come here and eat.

Qiao Zhiya: Stay away from me, White-Haired Monster!

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