Dwarf in the Future

Chapter 16: Take Him With Me!


Qiao Zhiya lightly slipped back to his room, recalling the unfamiliar white military uniform worn by the young man next to the White-Haired Monster. He realized that there might be a guest on the warship and the White-Haired Monster didn’t want the other party to see him, so he didn’t dare go out again.

Sitting on the floor next to the bed, he took out the small mecha and inspected its legs. Sure enough, he found that the adapter shaft at the knee of the right leg was installed reversely. He raised his hand and scratched his hair. He searched again using his light brain, looked for the detailed illustrations of all kinds of toy small mecha, and reinstalled the adapter shaft.

During dinner, there was some noise from outside the corridor. He recovered from his concentration of assembling the small mecha. After thinking about it, he did not go to the dining hall. Instead, he used the nutrient prepared by Zhuang Yu in the space button to serve as his meal for dinner and then continued putting together the other parts of the small mecha.

Later, entrusted by Zhuang Yu, Tan Shengwei sent him some mental soothing agents and physical repair fluids. He also told him not to run around these days and drink the medicine on time.

Qiao Zhiya looked at the dusty military uniform on his body and the exhaustion on his face. Although he was wondering what they were up to, he smartly did not hold him back to talk more. After thanking him, he drove him back to rest.

Before going to bed, he took out a mental soothing agent and a physical repair liquid to drink as usual. He felt the comfort in his mind and the languidness in his body. He squinted his eyes and lay down in bed.

After talking with the White-Haired Monster that day, Zhuang Yu began to let him drink these potions, two a day, for ten days in a row, so as to stabilize his health. Although he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with his body and the need to drink medicine in order to stabilize his body and mind, the other party was all kind-hearted and he didn’t want to disappoint her. In addition, after drinking the medicines, his body would be more comfortable, so he did as he was told.

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The plant ball moved, drew out a thin vine, and stuck it in. It then stretched the vine’s tip comfortably and bounced happily in his palm.

Spiritual power medicines were really useful for improving magic cultivation! In the past, he went to sleep after drinking the medicine and the effect of the soothing agent was too faint, so he never noticed this! He thought that if his aptitude in this life could be promoted to the primary level, it was already the gods’ favor, but he didn’t expect that there would be such a surprise waiting for him in the future!

He was holding the ball excitedly and fell on the bed, pulled the quilt around him, and rolled on the bed a few times.

It should have occurred to him that the medicine that the White-Haired Monster gave him last time should be spiritual! There was also the green fruit that made him comfortable after eating it… Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! If it was really what he thought, then, did that mean that as long as he worked hard and supplemented with spiritual potions, his aptitude could gradually improve and he would gradually become an intermediate magician, advanced magician, a great magician, or even a magic magister, and then draw the most advanced magic array to help the White-Haired Monster cure his strange diseases?

What’s more, he heard that there was a saint magic magister above the grand magic magister.1[T/N: I’m more or less just guessing with these ranks. Sigh.] According to legend, the saint magister was omnipotent. If he could become a saint magister, did it mean that he had the chance to use the most advanced forbidden incantation in the legend, tear up the space and go home directly?

As he thought about it, his eyelids slowly became heavy. He yawned, shrank into the quilt, and slowly raised the corners of his mouth—Mama, Papa, I will try to get back to you.

After the morning class ended the next day, Qiao Zhiya again received the news that the afternoon training class was cancelled. He nodded in understanding, returned to his room, solemnly took out an intermediate wood magic stone, and an ancient magic pen.  After confirming the magic power in the magic pool, he rubbed his face to cheer himself up and began to draw the magic array.

First, he used magic to cut the magic stone into a round with flat sides. Next, he poured magic into the magic pen and began to draw down.

He first drew a gentle healing magic array. Because there were no magic elements in the air, this process of drawing was relying on his own stored magic power and the speed was a bit slow. This was also the reason why he could only practice at the primary level first. The intermediate and advanced magic arrays required too much magic power and his magic was simply not enough to support the completion of the entire magic array.

When drawing a magic array, the input of magic must be even and cannot be broken. The more even the magic power, the better the magic circle effect was, and vice versa. If the magic power was cut off, the magic circle was directly invalidated. Fortunately, most dwarves were very patient and it was not too difficult for them to control the uniformity of magic.

Half an hour later, the last stroke of the magic circle was connected to the first stroke. The magic circle was completed. A burst of white soft light rose and the formation lit up. The magic in the magic stone was pulled by the magic array and began to flow slowly along the lines of the circle diagram, releasing a gentle wood healing breath.

It’s done!

Qiao Zhiya’s eyes brightened and touched the magic stone like a treasure. He then pressed his excitement to make up for the magic power in his magic pool. He carefully turned the magic stone to the other side, took a deep breath, and picked up the magic pen again.

After another half an hour passed, the soft light rose again, the magic stone heated up for a moment, and then a refreshing and purifying air mixed with healing breath spread out, clearing the mind and eliminating fatigue.

It was a success! Awesome!

He carefully held this middle-grade jadeite, which looked very delicate and beautiful after drawing, and imagined what the White-Haired Monster would look like after receiving this gift and bent his eyes.

The magic power in this intermediate magic stone was enough to support the operation of two primary magic arrays for three months. During these three months, he would practice hard and strive to replace the White-Haired Monster with a better magic stone in three months!

He put the magic stone into the storage ring. Just as he was about to take out the small mecha that had been slightly modified yesterday and study it again, the door was knocked. He went forward to open the door and was surprised to find that the old man from yesterday was standing outside.


He had doubts in his eyes.

Old Man Ren’s face trembled, still unable to adapt to his intimate address. He said, “The machinery part is stuck again.”

Actually… Qiao Zhiya blinked, raised a bright smile, and replied, “I was just about to find something to do and you came, Grandpa. It’s great. The afternoon training was canceled. I was just feeling a little lazy and wanted to help.” 

Old Ren’s face trembled again. His eyes moved away from his face. He turned around first to leave and said without looking back, “Don’t dawdle, keep up!”

Qiao Zhiya moved his ears and followed obediently.

The machinery parts got stuck in another corner of the room this time. There were faint traces of changes on it. Qiao Zhiya couldn’t understand it, so he just moved the part that seemed to be heavier to the instrument. He then consciously went to the corner of the room to sit down and took out the small mecha to tinker.

Old Man Ren stared at the top of his head for a while, then turned and walked to the instrument.

After a busy afternoon, before dinner, Old Man Ren sent Qiao Zhiya to the door of the last restricted zone. He said abruptly, “There is a problem with the modification and the weapon slot will be stuck.”

Qiao Zhiya was stunned, turned back to ask, but the metal door just closed.


As usual, he walked along the edge of the corridor. He recalled the weapon slot structure of the small mecha and his brows were twisted into a knot. It seemed that it would really get stuck. The weapons in this world were relatively large and the space was too small… It seemed that it’s time to hammer the machinery parts again.

In front was the corner from F1 to E1. He was eager to change the mecha and couldn’t help speeding up his pace. When he was about to turn, he suddenly heard a slick call coming from the cross corridor on the side of F1. He frowned and his expression tightened.

This sound…

The sound of footsteps came and several slaves who were rescued were now being escorted by soldiers.

The warship was built according to the huge stature of men. At  a glance, Qiao Zhiya saw the excited middle-aged fat man walking among a group of long-legged soldiers. He clenched his fists and his eyes were filled with fierce light.

—The person who just called him was actually the middle-aged fat man who was trying to trouble him in the pit back then!

The bad guy who impeded him! The hoodlum who tried to hurt him several times! Shameless trash!

When he first arrived here, he didn’t understand anything and was very confused. It was this person who took advantage of his ignorance, pretended to be a good person, and approached him, defrauding his trust and then trying to do evil.  If he hadn’t stopped the ore with his only remaining magic power,  he was afraid the other party’s sneak attack had already succeeded.

Rat! 2[卑鄙小人 translates to a despicable person with low social status. In this context, it’s a curse.]

After the middle-aged fat man approached, he was sure that the figure he saw was really him. He pulled the soldier in white clothes around him more excitedly and shouted excitedly, “That kid! My family! He was caught with me! I thought he encountered an accident in the explosion but I did not expect to meet him here. Take him with me! I’ll take him back to the Empire!”

The officer in white immediately looked at Qiao Zhiya. However, the man in black on the other side frowned, pulled the middle-aged fat man hard, and said, “Shut up! Don’t make any noise!” 

The white-clothed officer immediately stopped the black-clothed officer’s hand and said, “He is not a prisoner but a poor slave who has been rescued. Your attitude is detrimental to the image of the Federation.” 

The black-clothed officer’s expression tightened and he almost could hardly restrain himself from beating this man up— this was the warship of their head chief. What qualifications did a group of unwelcome guests have to dictate here? Ridiculous! 

“Yes! I’m a member of the Empire and the soldiers of your Federation have no right to move me!” The middle-aged fat man immediately became proud when he saw someone supporting him. He threw off the black-clothed officer’s hand and pointed his finger to Qiao Zhiya, who was standing still, and said, “That’s my child, I want to take him away. Your Federation surely doesn’t want to detain an Empire’s person.”

Qiao Zhiya watched his performance without expression, knowing that it was too late to avoid him at this time and the situation would only be worse for him, so he took the initiative to step forward. In the eyes of the middle-aged fat man who was slightly surprised and then immediately satisfied, he suddenly accelerated, clenched his fists, avoided the officers on both sides, and punched him in the stomach!

—Dwarves paid back their graces and were kind-hearted in nature, but they were all also petty creatures. They protect their shortcomings and hold grudges. As long as they had the opportunity, they would take revenge!

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