Dwarf in the Future

Chapter 15: Small Mecha

These were the basic skills of the dwarves. 

The people on the ship suddenly became busy. Qiao Zhiya, who could have moved freely,  was restricted from walking around. The teachers who taught him courses were also changed from Lin Zhen and Tan Shengwei to two other logistics staff who were not busy.

Since knowing the identity of the White-Haired Monster and his group of soldiers, Qiao Zhiya has learned to pretend to be blind and deaf and just obey orders, not asking much. He was now being accepted. Everyone was kind-hearted and treated him well. In addition, if he acted without regard to the immensity of heaven and earth and only messed around, that would not be good.

His new teachers were older and good-tempered uncles. They taught with great dedication. Seeing that Qiao Zhiya learns fast and well, they came to love him very much. Besides teaching, they were also trying to tell him more about the life of ordinary Federal residents, so that he could have a general impression of the outside world in advance and be able to better integrate into the society in the future.

Qiao Zhiya was very grateful for this. In order to repay their kindness, he began to help them do some trivial things as much as he could within the scope of their permission, such as helping to clean special areas with cleaning robots, learning to distribute food in the kitchen, helping to transport things and maintain equipment, and so on.

Diligent and well-behaved young people were the easiest to win everyone’s favor. Qiao Zhiya quickly got acquainted with the people in the logistics department and gave out another batch of small gifts made by his usually itching hands. 

A few days later, just after the logistics department suddenly became busy, Qiao Zhiya was stopped by a gray-haired old man in the kitchen pantry.

“I heard you have a lot of strength?” The old man asked with a serious expression. Although he had just seen him lift a machine that even a housework robot could not carry, there was still a trace of disbelief and doubt in his eyes whenever he looked at his thin arms.

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Ohlausdl, “…”

Qiao Zhiya followed the old man into an area he had never entered before. Along the road, he passed two doors that needed ID cards to pass through. He saw several groups of serious soldiers passing by and finally arrived at a hall larger than the dwarven sacrificial square.

“It’s amazing…” He looked at the various instruments and workbenches in the distance, densely scattered in the hall, as well as the large piles of parts and shuttles scattered in them. His eyes were almost shining bright.

This, these parts, if he was not mistaken, should have originated from the metal giants, that was, the mecha! He would never mistake the shape of that elbow joint! And the foot—

“Shut up and keep up.” The old man said, interrupting his exclamation.

He returned to his senses and followed the old man toward the inside, but his eyes uncontrollably looked around.

Not only people but also various robots shuttle in the hall to help humans handle some trivial matters. Judging from everyone’s actions, they should be cooperating to test the performance of the machinery parts. The hall was not quiet; the sound of instruments, humans, and metal collisions were mixed together, but there was a strange harmonious beauty filling the entire place as if everything here was made to be like this.

He thought of the hard-working people outside the dwarf smelting furnace and a wave of pride rose in his heart— the same, all the same, everyone’s love for machinery and creation was the same! He was proud of his love for machinery!

There were some faint, strange energy factors in the air. He suppressed his excitement and distinguished them carefully. He was once again astonished.

It’s actually spiritual power! All the people who were working here have actually released their spiritual powers, instead of usually restraining them in their bodies like the White-Haired Monster and his usual group of people.

Lin Zhen told him before that it was very impolite and dangerous to casually release spiritual power out of the body. However, in this hall, everyone had no scruples at all and could freely release their spiritual power!

During this time, he also discovered that each person’s spiritual power gave off different feelings— some were gentle, some were lively, but most of them were warm and harmless.

“Come up.” The old man’s voice came again. He reluctantly retracted his gaze and followed the old man to the elevator in the corner of the hall.

As the platform rose, the scene in the hall became more and more comprehensive with the increase and widening of his field of vision. The rows of gray mecha standing on the edge were also exposed. He became increasingly excited, causing the tips of his ears to shake with excitement.

“Come with me.” The old man retracted his gaze and motioned to a passage opening on the wall in the middle of the hall.

Qiao Zhiya quickly followed, but couldn’ t help looking back from time to time.

They walked down the corridor to the deepest room. The old man opened the door with a swipe of his ID card and took the lead to enter. He then pointed to a very large machinery part in the corner that almost reached the ceiling and said, “Help me move that instrument.” Afterwards, he pointed to a flat instrument that was not far away from it.

Qiao Zhiya immediately understood the reason why the old man called him over—the equipment was too large, the room was too narrow, and the transportation space was not large. If they used the space button to carry it over, they couldn’t accurately move it to the right place. In addition, it was easy to damage the instrument. The large handling equipment could not also enter while the small one could not bear the weight of the machinery part. If they used manpower, people who were too tall couldn’t stand up straight while holding the equipment, making it hard to fully use their strength. On the contrary, he’s short compared to them, but it’s just right.

In some respects, having this embarrassing height but being able to help move machinery parts

was also great.

He rolled up his sleeves, stepped forward without saying a word, found a strong point, easily picked up the equipment, and gently placed it on the instrument. He then clapped his hands, smiled, and looked at the old man, “Grandpa, it’s done. Is there anything else I can help you with?” 

The old man hid back his widened eyes without a trace, trying to keep a neutral expression, and waved his hand while saying, “No, but I don’t have time to send you out now. You can stay on the side for a while.” After speaking, he went straight to the instrument and began to record the machinery part’s data.

Qiao Zhiya was stunned for a moment, remembering the training class that was temporarily canceled today, and cleverly found a corner to sit down. He took out a half-finished toy mecha, immersing himself in tinkering it and trying not to disturb the elderly.

Seeing him like this, the old man’s eyebrows twitched and turned his attention back to the machinery part.

It took an hour to inspect the parts. Meanwhile, the mini-mecha in Qiao Zhiya’s hands gradually took shape.

“Let me see.”

 The old man’s voice suddenly rang above his head. Qiao Zhiya’s hand shook, causing the small mecha’s arm which was not yet fitted properly to fall to the ground.

“Your hand is unsteady like this, it’s outrageous!” The old man scolded him, bent over to pick up the arm of the mecha, and fiddled with it. He looked at him and asked, “You melted it by yourself? Where did the materials, tools, and abrasives come from?”

Qiao Zhiya, in a daze, honestly replied, “The uncle in the kitchen gave me some broken parts that had been replaced on the machine. I borrowed the melting tool from a brother in the cleaning robot management department.” Naturally, there were no abrasive tools1[T/N: The abrasive tools here refer to materials that are used to shape or finish a workpiece into a desired or target shape.]. The toy parts were all manually hammered out in reference to the pictures found using his light brain. These were the basic skills of the dwarves.

The old man said nothing. He returned the small arm while also taking the body of the small mecha to take a closer look. He then signaled that he could also take it away, still without saying a word.

Qiao Zhiya collected the small mecha but he didn’t know what he meant by not speaking. Afterwards, he was sent out, still feeling some anxiety.

“The movement axis of the leg joints is wrong.”

Standing in front of the last door that Qiao Zhiya needed to pass, the old man suddenly spoke. He then pushed him out and mercilessly closed the door.

Qiao Zhiya staggered two steps and looked back. He scratched his hair in confusion, stopped for two seconds, and turned to walk towards his room.

It was almost dinner time and there were more people walking in the hallway. Qiao Zhiya minimized his presence and walked against the edge.

As he turned into the corridor of the E1 area, he faintly heard the voice of the White-Haired Monster. His eyes lit up, thinking whether the other party had come to see him, and hurriedly ran towards the sound.

“Marshal Chu, Your Excellency the President missed you very much. The day for the release of the purification liquid is coming. You never went back, so everyone is very worried.” The handsome young man in a white military uniform said gently, his concerned tone sounded very sincere.

“Thank you, Colonel Xiang, for your concern, but everyone knows my situation. It doesn’t matter whether I drink the purification liquid or not. Anyway, there will be no improvement.” Chu Rong replied calmly. His words were polite but his tone was strange, making people want to beat him up as soon as they heard it.

The person called Colonel Xiang was obviously one of the people who wanted to beat him up. With a light smile on his face, he changed the topic and asked, “I heard that you caught a group of mine thieves? How can we trouble you to handle such trivial matters by yourself? Just command the corresponding functional department, so they could be the ones to deal with them. “

“Therefore, I’m very grateful to Colonel Xiang for coming.” Chu Rong said lightly.

Colonel Xiang was taken aback and after thinking for a few seconds, he realized that Chu Rong meant that he was the “corresponding functional department” that was called to deal with “trivial matters.” He almost didn’t maintain his composure and punched Chu Rong on the spot.

He, Xiang Hui, the most excellent successor of the Xiang family, the grandson of one of the four marshals of the Federation, and the most outstanding talent of the Military Department. How could this spiritually lacking waste dare to compare him to a grassroots soldier? No wonder the elders in the family mentioned Chu Rong as if they wanted to get rid of him. It was just that this piece of shᴉt truly deserved it!

Looking coldly at him, Chu Rong suddenly moved his eyebrows and then frowned. He looked sharply in the direction where light footsteps were coming from. Why was the Bald Chicken not training at this time and just wandering in the corridor?

Qiao Zhiya, who followed the voice, saw the familiar tall figure at a glance. A smile bloomed on his face. Just as he was about to run over, he was frightened by the cold gaze that the other party sent him. Only then did he find out that there was a stranger standing beside him. His mind turned and he quickly turned away.

Xiang Hui also heard the sound. As soon as he was about to turn his head, Chu Rong moved sideways, blocking his line of sight, and then somehow bumped into his shoulder.

The villain Chu Rong complained first and coldly asked, “Colonel Xiang, you seem to be dissatisfied with me?”

“Of course not!” Colonel Xiang immediately retorted. His attention shifted, stepped aside, and forgot what he wanted to look back on. He began to change the subject, trying to turn the atmosphere back. This time, he came with a mission and wouldn’t dare to really tear pretenses with Chu Rong.

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