Dwarf in the Future

Chapter 11: Study Life

“Sir, do you want to cultivate him?”

Hearing his question, Zhuang Yu’s excitement cooled down. She flipped through the various medical records in her hand and shook her head in doubt, “No, it’s the same medicine healing fluid. Your spiritual power is too polluted, so I didn’t dare to change the medicine casually. However, the instrument data just now showed that the spiritual energy state has indeed improved a little.”

Fan Xiangnan’s joy and hope that had just risen in his heart dashed. He lowered his head to think about it and guessed, “If the medical chamber is suddenly effective, is it related to the secondary pollution caused by the red tin ore? Just like the old saying goes, break it and then rebuild…” 

“Impossible!” Zhuang Yu immediately refuted his conjecture and her expression became serious, “Sir, the damage caused by the red tin ore is severe and irreversible. I don’t recommend that you risk yourself just because of a little speculation. This sudden improvement, I am more inclined to think that it was a result of the body’s self-repair.”

Fan Xiangnan also realized that his guess was too dangerous. He frowned, sighed in his heart, and said, “I’m sorry, I was too anxious.”


“I don’t blame you, but my improvement this time really has nothing to do with the mutant red tin mine.” Chu Rong waved his hand. He finally felt the long-lost relaxation of his mind. He couldn’t think of the reason why, so he shook his head and didn’t think about it anymore. He wiped his body with a bath towel and put on a bathrobe. He was just about to ask regarding excavation and retrieval of the imperial warship when he met Qiao Zhiya’s gaze.

Oh. That’s right. There’s still this bald chicken.

“Give him a mind soothing medicine.” He stepped out of the cabin, gave an order to Fan Xiangnan, and walked to Qiao Zhiya. He raised his hand and flicked his forehead. Like playing with a toy, he pulled his ear, hooked his lips, and turned away in a good mood.

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Hidden back to his room following the route in his memory, Qiao Zhiya, with a sullen face, walked around the room for a while before he completely calmed down. He sat cross-legged on the floor in front of the bed and began to recall the things he felt in his dream.


He was pretty sure that the uncomfortable sensation he felt from the White-Haired Monster before was caused by the black dots in the white light cluster, but what were those black dots? Those were not like dark magic nor something emanating from ore… Moreover, the white light cluster that made people feel warm, what was that? They were somehow similar to magic but not exactly the same. Were they the power of human cultivation here?

Someone suddenly knocked on the door. He regained his senses, got up, and opened the door. He looked in doubt at the tall man standing at the door.

“I was sent by the chief. He asked me to send these to you.” The tall man took out two space buttons from his pocket and put them in his hand. He then raised his hand to give him a Federal Army salute. He then squeezed a smile, trying to make himself look kinder, and said, “Thank you for your rescue. Please, accept the gratitude of a small team.” After that, he stopped and saw that he didn’t respond, he turned around and walked away stiffly.

Qiao Zhiya watched him leave with a puzzled look. He glanced at the two storage supplies in his hand and scratched his head. What did the big guy just say?

He closed the door and returned to the bed to sit down. He looked at the two storage supplies in his hand and took a closer look. The first larger storage item contained daily necessities and fruits, as well as a few small boxes that he didn’t know what they contained. Inside the second one was filled with something green like a hill.

What was this?

He picked up the second storage item with the plant mark, looked inside for two seconds. Then, he opened his eyes in shock and quickly took out the things from inside. He said anxiously, “Qiuqiu? What are these on you? Are you okay? “

The magic plant ball, which was covered with a pile of unknown medicine, moved. It listlessly raised its strong vines, then collapsed on the ground like heaving a sigh of relief.  It withered and shrunk, quickly turning into a pile of withered grass in a twinkling of an eye. 

Qiao Zhiya was distressed to see it. He hurriedly pulled away the dead grass containing all its exhausted strength and retrieved the plant ball the size of a young pea. He touched it gently. He felt really guilty and said, “Thanks for your hard work this time. I’ll feed some magic power to… Huh?”

The magic pool that was half full before going to bed was completely now dry, like he just experienced a magic exhaustion. He was stunned. He thought of when he used wood magic power to devour the black spots in his dream. Thinking about the matter, he frowned deeply, then shook his head to temporarily suppress this thought. He took out an intermediate wood magic stone that was picked up in the warship from the storage ring and closed his eyes to absorb it.

In the past, his magic power pool was shallow and his magic power was not enough. He had never directly fed the magic plant with magic. This time, he could finally fulfill his master’s responsibilities and he couldn’t stop feeding it. The ball was also very happy and soon became energetic, waving the fine vine affectionately against his arm. The pea-sized body was visibly fattened.

The two of them fell asleep in the middle of the night and got up late the next day.


“It’s been an hour since the first class started. You are late.”

The expressionless Lin Zhen, who was waiting outside the door, saw him come out and threw him a nutrient for breakfast. He then looked him up and down. He took out an electronic textbook and put it in his hands. He motioned him to go with him and said, “Starting from today, you will learn the Common Language with me in the morning and train with a small team in the afternoon. The course schedule is on the first page of the book. Please, strictly follow the stated instructions. I don’t like students who are late. You’re not allowed to do this again.” 

Qiao Zhiya couldn’t notice any malice and the style of the clothes the man was wearing was similar to that of the White-Haired Monster. Qiao Zhiya followed him out unprepared and unsuspectingly. He looked at the e-textbooks in his hand and wondered, what was he going to do?

A quarter of an hour later, Qiao Zhiya looked at the translucent screen that rose in front of him and the familiar letters on it. He then looked at Lin Zhen, who was standing by the table, and finally understood his intentions. He raised his hand and gestured—Where was the White-Haired Monster? He wanted to see him.

Lin Zhen ignored his actions and started teaching directly.

Qiao Zhiya paused, put his hands down, hesitated for a moment, and honestly followed the lesson. His father said that we should respect our teacher. That enthusiastic lady in white clothes seemed to be able to cure the White-Haired Monster’s disease. When he sees the White-Haired Monster Move, he would ask about those things.

Lin Zhen was secretly observing him and nodded in satisfaction when he saw him. Although his face was still expressionless, his teaching tone was a little more gentler. A student who was obedient and knew how to behave was much more pleasant than a student who made unreasonable trouble.

The lunch at noon was finally no longer a nutrient, but a meat steak and a little vegetable with fruit for dessert. Qiao Zhiya rushed to finish eating his food. Just as he was about to find the White-Haired Monster in the afternoon, Lin Zhen took him to a training room and gave him to the captain of a small team, Tan Shengwei.

“Take him to do some basic adaptation training first.”

Lin Zhen left after giving an instruction. Qiao Zhiya raised his head and looked at the tall and strong man in front of him and the familiar teaching record board in his hand. He vaguely realized that his studies were not yet over.

The busy study life lasted for several days. During this period, Qiao Zhiya finally knew the names of the White-Haired Monsters and his group. Except for White-Haired Monster’s people— who also seemed to be very busy— he had completely no chance to see the White-Haired Monster when he went out early and returned late.

Another two days passed.


Conference room.

After finally arranging the mining team and the investigating team from the Chu family, Chu Rong leaned back in his chair, sorted out various things in his head, looked at Fan Xiangnan, and asked, “That kid, how’s it going?”

“He adapted very well. Lin Zhen said that he is very talented in language. With his current progress, he should be able to learn basic verbal communication in a week. The feedback from the training room is also good. According to the data analysis recorded in various training equipment, his physique may be above S, not the S measured at the beginning.” Fan Xiangnan reported briefly, hesitated, and asked, “Sir, do you want to cultivate him?”

Chu Rong nodded and did not conceal his appreciation and interest in Qiao Zhiya, “He is very good. He has survival instincts like a small animal. He also has an appropriate temperament and physical talent. He’s worth cultivating.” 

It’s rare for the chief to give such a direct and positive evaluation of a person, which showed that he was really optimistic about the potential of the other party. Fan Xiangnan agreed with him very much in his heart and he supported Qiao Zhiya’s admission. The child was indeed very pleasing, but… He glanced at his own chief who seemed to have begun planning in detail how to train his new subordinate. He braced himself and reminded, “But, sir, in case that the child just accidentally separated from his parents and was unfortunately caught here by the mine thieves… Also, he’s underage.”

Chu Rong’s brows raised and looked at him coldly and quietly. Once again, he assumed an unreadable expression.

The author has something to say:

︿(⊙v⊙)︿Learning languages; Ancestor Chu started to kidnap children.

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OMG, OMG! It’s like Death Progress Bar and My Husband is Suffering From a Terminal Illness combined. In DPB, the MC also studied due to the ML’s insistence. In MHISFATI, the ML was also a yandere but a true little soft cinnamon inside, just like our Chu Rong. I was internally screaming while translating the last two chapters. So cuuuuuute!

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