Debugging in Book Series

Chapter 7.2

  Since it was considered to be a prestigious university in the Astral Realm, President Yi had always been very proud that Xiao Jun was able to get into the university. When happiness overtook him, he added, “Yes, my eldest son is also studying at Gese University.”

  Despite hearing that utterance, both Duan Chi and the staff remained silent.

  Before long, they led the calm Duan Chi further into the castle.

  On the other hand, the staff was itching to wipe away his cold sweat.

  Before both parties came to an agreement, the research institute would never divulge any of Yi Zhou’s information to Duan Chi. Since he had been by CEO Duan’s side the entire time, whatever information he had on hand was also limited. As for CEO Duan, he had been kept under scrutiny, so he would not go out of his way to investigate this person. That was why the only thing they knew about Yi Zhou was that he was a university student, but who would have thought he was studying in Gese!?


  If memory serves, CEO Duan’s nephew and two other juniors were also students from that university.

  What if they were to run into Yi Zhou on campus, and should they be attracted to Yi Zhou’s blood as well, things would surely go out of hand!

  Unaware of what exactly he was fretting about, the guests in the vicinity let their gazes be drawn to them, albeit wittingly or unwittingly.

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  As soon as they reached precisely in the center, the screens illuminated the stage as it began displaying the happy memories they had shared over the years. Just at that moment, the music came to an abrupt stop before transitioning into a conversation.


  A girl sobbed, “I really do love you, but the thought of you getting engaged just leaves me in despair. So why don’t you just let me die?”

  Awkwardly, a boy persuaded, “Sigh… C’mon, don’t be like this. A wonderful person like you will surely find someone who cherishes you in the future.”

  The girl asked, “If she weren’t in the picture, would you have liked me then?”

  The boy replied, “Yes, I would have.”

  In a split second, the girl bawled, “With this, I’ll die with no regrets…” 

  She mumbled, “How I wish I could hug you like this forever.”

  As the audio reverberated across the vicinity, the faces of the members from both families took on a ghastly expression and hastened to have someone switch it off.

  Much to their dismay, nothing the staff members tried to do actually worked. No one seemed to have any clue as to what was programmed into the nearby AI that was guarding the power source as if its life depended on it, leaving them with no chance to unplug the system.

  As time passed, the latter portion of the audio content grew increasingly explicit as the speakers were pretty much kissing each other at this point.

  The boy questioned, “What do you think you’re doing?”

  The girl reassured painfully, “I’m sorry. I just want something to remember you by so that I can slowly get over you.”

  Yet, the boy had fallen into silence.


  The girl added, “You should go. I don’t want to trouble you anymore since I’m sure you are annoyed with me by now.”

  The boy sighed, “I wouldn’t.”

  For this moment today, much effort was spent designing numerous stages, so much so that the family and friends of both families were present.

  At this juncture, Xiao Hui could only watch things unfold, ashen-faced with shock.

  Sure, she had intentions of stealing Jin Yumeng’s boyfriend, but that was only so when the time was right. Yet, things had somehow escalated at a less opportune moment!

  Moreover, her family had always done business with the Jin family. With a stunt like this, the Jin family might take this chance to terminate cooperation, and the Yi family would surely not lend her a helping hand!

  With that in mind, she dashed onto the stage, crying and apologizing to her friend incessantly.

  As he held onto his girlfriend’s hand tightly, a pained expression crossed Yi Jun’s face as he explained that he had indeed pushed the person away at that time.

  On the sidelines, Jing Xi came forward to help persuade her, yet he chimed in with various f*ckboy quotes. “He was so touched by her tears and deep love for him that he could not help himself to comfort her.”

  Yi Jun concurred, “Yes, yes, yes!”

  Jing Xi remarked, “He did mention that he would like her if you weren’t in the picture, but that is only an assumption. After all, the one he loves is you.”

  Yi Jun once again concurred, “Yes, yes, yes!”


  Jing Xi commented, “The kiss was also an accident, as he was too stunned to have pushed her away. That’s why he will be sure to keep that in mind in the future.”

  Yi Jun agreed, “Yes, I will keep that in mind!”

  As for Jin Yumeng, she had been simmering with anger the last couple of days.

  All in all, she was absolutely furious with herself for not being able to see him in his true colors, as well as for experiencing a painful end to their relationship. Upon hearing such an utterance, it dawned on her that he had not come to realize his mistake. Hence, she yanked her hand free and pushed the crying Xiao Hui onto him.

  “There is no need for any assumptions. From this moment on, I will be withdrawing from this relationship to give both of you what you want.” After saying so, she cast a cold eye on him and went on to burn his boats with her parents in front of all the guests. “Don’t worry, my parents have always taught me that one must have integrity. So all members of the Jin family will never rekindle former romances once they have moved on!”

  As his tears were on the verge of streaming down his face, Yi Jun frantically attempted to grab hold of her.

  Whereas, President Yi and his lover gathered around her, attempting to dissuade her from doing so.

  Once again, Jin Yumeng broke free of his grasp and gave them a sidelong glance before smashing the cake placed on the side in their direction.

  Having used all her strength, the cake landed on the several individuals who were crowded together. Only Jing Xi managed to dodge in the nick of time.

  Noticing what a sorry sight they had become, all he uttered were two somewhat insincere words. “Oh my.”

  For a fleeting moment, he deemed this a rare sight, and quickly whipped out his phone to take a picture of them.

  After hurling the cake at them, Jin Yumeng turned on her heel and walked away.


  It went without saying that her parents no longer had any reason to remain at the venue, so they went after her. Likewise, the guests reckoned it would do them no good to stay any longer and began to trickle out of the castle.

  Although President Yi and his lover were only smeared with some cake, they were far too ashamed to see the guests out. Therefore, they stood rooted to the ground for a good while.

  Since neither of them was that foolish, they could not help but think of their eldest son’s actions. In hindsight, they came to realize that it was Jing Xi who broke the news about Xiao Hui to Xiao Jun. With this in mind, they turned sharply to look at him. With faces covered by cake, both Yi Jun and Xiao Hui eventually came to understand what had actually occurred and also turned to stare in his direction.

  Regardless of their poses or expressions, Jing Xi found that the photo was just what the doctor ordered. As such, he instructed System to save it in his collection.

  “Look, hasn’t the female lead broken up with the scumbag? Now, where’s the next bug?” asked Jing Xi while locking his phone. As soon as he raised his head, he met four pairs of red-rimmed eyes in midair. If looks could kill, he would be dead right now.

  Despite knowing his way of doing things, System had never expected that he would be able to stir things up to this extent.

  “… We can talk about that later,” it sincerely wondered, “I just want to know how you will be able to resolve this.”

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