Debugging in Book Series

Chapter 7.1

“All Jing Xi uttered were two somewhat insincere words. ‘Oh my.’”

  They collectively sunk into silence as Jin Yumeng watched him with an intent gaze.

  Even though they had known each other their whole lives, one might not deem their relationship estranged, but instead, it had always remained subpar. As of late, she always felt that ever since he set himself free, he seemed to have become an entirely different person.

  A couple of seconds later, Jing Xi asked, “Done with your mental preparation?”

  Having been kept in suspense repeatedly, Jin Yumeng no longer felt as taken aback as before. “Just give it to me.”


  However, Jing Xi wondered, “Do you know why my dad has never liked me?”

  Upon hearing such a question, Jin Yumeng was rendered stunned and at a loss for words.

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  Jing Xi’s eyes surveyed her from the top down twice over before asking, “Are you alright?”

  As her eyes became red-rimmed, it took Jin Yumeng a long time to snap out of her stupor. Yet, she spoke with an unprecedented calmness, “Send me a copy.”


  Before her voice had completely faded away, Jing Xi handed her a piece of paper. “You want to break off the engagement?”

  Instead of continuing the conversation, Jin Yumeng countered, “Shouldn’t I?”

  Jing Xi answered, “You should.”

  With a momentary delay, he refuted in a gentle tone, “But what would you do if he were to explain that he had only accepted her hug because he wanted to comfort Xiao Hui, and he was too stunned to have pushed her away when she kissed him? Since both of you have been together for so many years, your family and friends will no doubt try to badger you into calming down and getting over it. So if you were to return home and insist on breaking off the engagement, your parents would most likely call Xiao Jun over and have him apologize after getting to know the reason. After all, the invitation cards have all been sent out.”

  Thinking over his words, Jin Yumeng could not resist from biting her lip.

  She knew that the only reason the two families organized the engagement party with all the fanfare was mainly for their aim to forge an alliance through marriage. Only a tiny fraction accounted for their love for both of them.

  Raising her head calmly, she inquired, “What are you planning to do?”

  On seeing this, Jing Xi could not refrain from praising her inwardly before extending his hand in her direction once more. “What I have in mind is that there is no point in leaving them with any dignity since they have disgusted you so much. So wouldn’t it be better if we tarnished their reputation entirely?”

  Without any further conveyance, Jin Yumeng finally took the paper from him.

  Wiping away all her tears, she sorted herself out swiftly and ordered a cup of coffee. Only then did she turn to look at the person before her. “Tell me.” 

  With that, they conversed for half an hour before going their separate ways.

  As one day bled into another, the engagement day finally arrived three days later.


  For an occasion such as this, it was held at a renowned castle on Howe, where the two families spent the night. 

  As a family member, Jing Xi was required to get up very early in the morning. Just as he was fixing his suit in front of a mirror, he caught sight of his stepbrother making his way over to borrow his aesthetic surgery apparatus.

  Apart from Yi Jun, that stepmother of his had also tagged along.

  Even though the orthopedic2 整形: It also refers to plastic surgery. techniques were relatively more advanced, quick and convenient in this era, it would still hurt to go under the knife.

  However, the aesthetic surgery apparatus could only make adjustments to one’s features temporarily. The extent of orthopedic changes available to the users was minimal, but it could last for approximately eight hours. That was why some individuals preferred to use it before applying their makeup to make themselves look more attractive.

  Having witnessed first-hand the recent changes within Yi Zhou, both of them sneaked out to purchase the same apparatus to try. Sadly, their attempts left much to be desired.

  Initially, they intended to give up, but they still could not resist approaching Yi Zhou at the thought of today’s occasion. Either way, the apparatus had its limitations, and they had makeup artists with them, so they were not afraid of Yi Zhou going out of his way to make them look hideous.

  Unbeknownst to them, Jing Xi came prepared and had long since purchased the apparatus.

  After hearing their intention of coming here, he whipped out the apparatus and handed it to them. Much to his surprise, they insisted on having him execute the procedure, to which he agreed and chuckled with glee. Without a moment’s delay, he switched on the apparatus and set it at the highest setting.

  In a split second, Yi Jun let out a yowling cry. “Argh, it hurts!”

  Puzzled, Jing Xi halted the procedure. “Does it hurt that much? I’ve always used it this way, but I don’t think it hurts at all.”

  His baffling words left Yi Jun bereft of speech. 


  He could not help but curse inwardly, ‘Does your face even have any pain nerves?’

  Jing Xi persuaded, “Look at my results and think of how you only need to brave through the pain today.”

  Agreeing with his point, Yi Jun gritted his teeth and braced himself for the pain. “Come on.”

  In spite of Yi Jun’s blood-curdling screech, Jing Xi only stopped after using the aesthetic surgery apparatus for five minutes.

  The lover’s eyes swept over her son’s face, discovering that he had indeed become somewhat more attractive. Making up her mind, she was adamant about giving it a try as well. Hence, Jing Xi began yet another procedure for five minutes before watching them leave without a flicker in demeanor. In his mind, Jing Xi could not help but sigh, “How unfortunate that my warm family lifestyle will be coming to an end today.”

  Upon hearing that, System was rendered speechless and thought in disbelief, ‘You call that warm?’

  At half past nine in the evening, guests began to arrive in dribs and drabs.

  Jing Xi assisted in receiving guests for a moment before running off to hang out with some newly acquainted friends.

  When Duan Chi arrived, one look was all it took to spot a familiar figure amidst the crowd — Clad in a slim-fit suit, two buttons of his shirt were left undone, and as for his tie, he either took it off impatiently or simply forwent it in the first place. Reveling with those around him, he appeared to be the embodiment of a libertine.

  Before long, the staff had also spotted him and could not refrain from gasping at the sight of individuals with their arms around Jing Xi’s shoulders. Not a second went by that he did not fear CEO Duan going berserk. 

  Fortunately, CEO Duan’s bracelet did not go off after waiting for a moment.

  Yet, Duan Chi merely caught a glimpse of Jing Xi before diverting his line of sight elsewhere, only to see the two families stepping forward to welcome him.


  Under the envious glares of everyone else, both President Yi and President Jin sported a smile that looked like a flower as they enthusiastically made their way before him.

  After congratulating them drily, Duan Chi’s eyes swept over the bride-to-be’s delicate features. Noticing that her smile did not quite reach her eyes, he was sure someone had infuriated her.

  With that, he turned to Yi Jun. “This is the groom-to-be?”

  With a smile, President Yi introduced, “Yes, this is my son, Yi Jun, and he’s currently studying in Gese3 You pronounce it as “Geh-seh.” University. After his graduation, he’ll be taking my place as the president.”

  Duan Chi asked, “Gese University?”

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