Debugging in Book Series

Chapter 4.1

“I am determined to become a dandy.”

  The original host’s name was Yi Zhou.

  An eighteen-year-old human who was also a second-generation rich kid1 富二代: It refers to the privileged children of wealthy Chinese, who seem more interested in spending their parents’ wealth than making their own billions. .

  What’s more, he had a scumbag for a father. In pursuit of personal gains, his father decided to get engaged with the Zhou family’s daughter, who was also Yi Zhou’s mother. Furthermore, he even went as far as to utilize a robot to create life right on the day of their engagement. However, before they could tie the knot, it was a shame that a financial crisis struck first, during which Miss Zhou proposed to hold the wedding twice. Yet, his contemptible father continued to wriggle out of his duties. Only after looking into it did she come to realize that he already had a lover he loved dearly. Under a surge of furor and rage, she had a blazing row with him, only to slip and fall down the stairs.

  Since they were arguing at the Zhou family’s residence, Father Zhou just happened to walk in on this shocking scene upon his arrival. In hopes of catching his daughter, he rushed up the stairs with all his might. Amid the chaos, he managed to trip over something, sending him tumbling down a flight of stairs and breaking his neck. As a result, he died on the spot.

  Due to the financial crisis, Zhou Clan Corporation had been teetering on the edge of collapse. With the death of its backbone, the company soon declared bankruptcy.


  Since Miss Zhou’s mother passed away years ago, her father was all she had all these years. After being hit hard by all that had occurred, she chose to commit suicide. 

  On the same day, Yi Zhou, who had been sleeping in an artificial uterus, was finally born. With that, all the remaining wealth belonging to the Zhou family was then passed on to him.

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  Kkdt Dk dseele bkp blye. “Usdvkdwl.”

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  Kkdt Dk iwlpvksdle, “Pke bl sod ydu pbyalp?”

  “No, he did not. Back then, his contemptible father tapped on the Zhou family’s influence to start his own business, so Yi Zhou’s grandfather did not own any shares in that company. However, he did have the contemptible father transfer 5% of the company’s shares to Yi Zhou before he passed away,” System revealed, “That man may be scummy, but he is smart. All these years, the company had grown exponentially, to the extent where his contemptible father became a renowned wealthy businessman. With a 5% stake in the company, it is sufficient for Yi Zhou to be kept well-fed for the rest of his life. Even so, it was merely 5 percent. When you return home for dinner, you will hear that the contemptible father intends to let your little brother join the company for an internship.”

  Upon hearing that, Jing Xi let out a sound of acknowledgement. 


  Thinking over its words, he surmised that he could not depend on his father, and his remaining relatives had all departed this life. Although he had plenty of money, he was somehow stuck with such an unlucky body. No wonder the original host was willing to give up his life to sign a contract with the Administration Bureau. 

  He wondered, “Does he know what happened in the past? What is his personality like?”

  System answered, “No, his grandfather did not wish for Yi Zhou to live in hatred and hoped for harmony in the family as he believed it brings success to everything. So he only told Yi Zhou that whatever occurred back then was due to an accident.”

  “As for personality-wise, he is aloof and somewhat unreasonable but is kindhearted and has never done anything bad.” After a pause, System shared, “Oh, right! He has taken a fancy to the female lead’s best friend, but it is a shame that the other party has only been stringing him along.”

  With a grin, Jing Xi speculated, “Is that the one who stole the female lead’s boyfriend?”

  “Yes, that’s right. She came from an ordinary family and had long since been consumed by jealousy at the sight of the female lead’s princess-like lifestyle.” Without further ado, System took this opportunity to suggest, “Look at these people around the female lead. One is a scumbag who will cheat on her sooner or later, while the other is her hypocritical best friend who wants to steal her boyfriend. Wouldn’t it be better for us to get those two together so that the female lead can be with the male lead, who is a Lupinus Mutant?”

  Yet, Jing Xi remained noncommittal. “When will my brother get engaged with the female lead?” 

  System reported, “It is already well under way, so there is still half a month.”

  Jing Xi instructed, “Keep an eye on that wolfling at all times. Don’t let him meet the female lead in advance.”

  Caving into its curiosity, System asked, “Why?”

  Nevertheless, Jing Xi answered, “That’s because I’m afraid he might snatch her away.”

  Based on the current plot development, the female lead and his little brother had yet to annul the imminent engagement.


  If she were to trigger the Lupinus Mutant’s ‘only one’ trait, she was bound to inform his little brother as well. Under the premise of being a couple, she might just decide to separate herself from the male lead entirely. Should his brother be faced with threats from a Lupinus Mutant, he would surely come to cherish the female lead more than ever. In that case, it would significantly reduce the probability of him cheating on her.

  That was why it was best for things to remain the way they were before he began executing his plans.

  With that, he enjoyed his lunch before taking a nice walk home.

  The planet they were currently residing in was Howe. Though it might not be a capital planet, it was still ranked amongst the Astral Realm’s first-tier planets.

  There, the planet offered a perfect climate, stunning views, and an abundance of resources. With these favorable factors, it was not only livable for humans but also for other species. As a result, it gave rise to high population growth. Set in the densely populated central district of the city, skyscrapers abound. Rows upon rows of such buildings littered the sky as though they would give anything to utilize all the space they could get their hands on. Protected from the bustle of the city, the place where the original host resided was a utopia-esque wealthy suburb.

  The suburb was also home to many detached villas with massive gardens.

  As we said goodbye to those summer days, flowers began to bloom brilliantly and warmly. Not long after the plants were watered, Jing Xi arrived home and was greeted by faint rays of rainbows that lined the only path to the house. 

  He walked ahead and followed along the path unhurriedly before taking a step into the house, only to be welcomed by a butler.

  “Welcome home, Young Master.”

  As the greeting faded into silence, Jing Xi’s eyes swept over the butler. One look was all it took to determine that it was artificial intelligence (AI).

  According to System, apart from the AI, the family had also employed several servants. In contrast to AI, humans were endowed with the ability to think, so Jing Xi had long since figured out what was the matter with this family. On the whole, they would not go as far as to treat Yi Zhou lightly, but it was still far from a warm welcome. Hence, only the AI would take the initiative to welcome him home.

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