Debugging in Book Series

Chapter 2.2

  Just as it responded obediently, Jing Xi continued to watch the wolves’ battle from the sidelines. At some point, he asked, “How long before the police arrive?”

  System noted, “Five minutes since they are making their way here by an aircraft.”

  While gauging the time, Jing Xi began stretching out his limbs.

  As soon as the sharp pain dissipated, his body gradually adapted to the new changes. Unbeknownst to System, he jumped off the roof. One great thing about being a Class-S agent was that jumping at the height of a three-story building was easy peasy for him.

  Noticing he was heading towards the wolves, System asked warily, “What are you doing?”


  Jing Xi simply responded, “I just wanted to try…”

  Without giving System a chance to shriek, he bit his index finger so hard that it broke his skin.

  Since they had to debug all six storylines, there was no doubt they were required to stay in this world for quite some time. At this moment in time, he was unsure whether he was able to avoid all Lupinus Mutants in the future, so he thought he might as well try fighting them now.

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  Waiting for the right moment, Jing Xi ripped one of the wolves’ belts off and tied their claws together before distancing himself from them hastily.


  Even so, this sort of handcuff was far from enough to bind them for long as they managed to break free. 

  However, the lapse of several seconds was enough to provide the police with a window of opportunity. With a bang, both of them were shot with a bullet.

  As compared to the bracelet, the anesthesia used by the police was incredibly potent. Alongside the increased blood flow during the excitement phase, their bodies grew numb within five seconds before hitting the ground one after another.

  Once the aircraft descended, the police came rushing out.

  After adjusting his breathing, Jing Xi wiped the sweat off his forehead, only to see the wolves struggle to crawl in his direction. Though the sight appeared to be quite touching, he remained standing still.

  Working hard to crawl over, the two wolves that tugged at your heartstrings grabbed his trousers and held out a trembling finger.

  “Once… Just once…” One of them croaked, “Let me lick just once.”

  At the same time, the police arrived and worked together to hold them down hurriedly before dragging them away.

  “No—” The wolves dug their claws into the ground while screaming in sheer despair, “Just once! Once! Aaaah!”

  On seeing that, both Jing Xi and System were rendered speechless.

  As the police crammed them into the aircraft, Jing Xi could not help but ask, “Is that what that male lead of yours is like as well?”

  “Of course not!” System boasted, “The male lead had been brought up with stern discipline and is exceptionally rational. Even if he were consumed with desire for the female lead’s blood, he did not try to get close to her and could still rein himself in!”


  Jing Xi refuted, “So he reined himself in, to the point where he eventually got married?”

  System explained, “That is only because he fell in love with her.”

  Following the police, Jing Xi boarded the aircraft as well. “I understand. After all, there’s still the enticement of her blood, so I doubt he can leave even if he wants to.”

  As an employee of the Transmigration Department, System was a diehard fan of these stories.

  Without further ado, it attempted to reason with him. “You can’t just judge the male lead so negatively based on the actions of these two wolves. Let’s just say, even if the original host of your current body were to meet the male lead first, he would still end up with the female lead…” 

  Before System went on at length about that, Jing Xi put on his seatbelt and instructed, “Determine the whereabouts of all the Lupinus Mutants in this city and keep an eye on them at all times.”

  After giving a yes response, System began somewhat agonizing over the vast amount of results that came up from its search for the necessary information. On the other hand, it was deeply distressing to think of the trouble Jing Xi might stir up.

  “Let’s just avoid them whenever we can in the future,” System cautioned earnestly, “When one mentions a book series, it implies that there is a possibility you might meet the same person again in the latter part of the storyline. If you were to cause a relatively bad accident, it might have a chance of affecting the subsequent plot in the book series. So please keep that in mind.” It added inwardly, ‘And make sure you do what you are supposed to be doing!’

  Sitting back against the chair, Jing Xi relaxed and rested his eyes before dismissing System with an “Oh” response.

  Yet, it began to feel somewhat relieved at the thought of how Jing Xi was, after all, once a Class-S Agent and had permitted it to take charge of the monitoring out of his own accord.

  Several minutes later, its “heart” was again in its mouth. “No, you can’t alight from the aircraft. Another Lupinus Mutant is just about to arrive at the police station!”

  As he remained seated in someone else’s police car, Jing Xi inquired the Artificial Stupidity1 人工智障: It’s a play on the term artificial intelligence (AI) and is used as a derogatory name for any AI that failed to perform its designed role. You can read more here: sincerely, “I believe this is beyond my control? Why don’t I get rid of these police officers, and we can commandeer this aircraft?”


  After a slight pause, System suggested, “… Could you not just knock them unconscious?”

  Based on their conversation, Jing Xi could pick up on the fact that the person was not some average Joe. With that in mind, he opened his eyes instantly.

  Much to their dismay, the aircraft was traveling so quickly that it had landed safely on the ground in a blink of an eye. Just then, the doors opened with a swoosh.

  At the exact same moment, a hovercar came to a stop at the police station. The door opened, and there, a tall man stepped off the vehicle.

  One look was all it took to determine that this man was exceedingly gorgeous. A glint of charm mingled with intense fierceness in his long slender eyes, causing people to distance themselves from him. Yet, they could not help but let their eyes be drawn to him.

  After alighting from the hovercar, he turned to look at Jing Xi.

  Jing Xi asked, “Who’s this?”

  In despair, System stated, “Duan Chi, CEO of Silver Fort Financial Group. He happens to be the male lead’s uncle, as well as his most prominent goldfinger2 金手指: It refers to cheat codes that certain players would use in games. In some context, you can use it to call someone unfairly awesome. … Eh?”

  Noticing that there were no ear-piercing ringings, it began flipping through the original text. “Your blood is generally effective towards a large portion of the Lupinus Mutants. Could it be that he just happened to belong to the minority?”

  Thinking over its words, Jing Xi’s eyes surveyed the man standing before him from the top down twice over. “I doubt so. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be trying to burn holes right through me.”

  System yelled, “I got it!”

  In an exuberant moment, it gushed, “Not only is this person exceptionally strong-willed, but he also detests being influenced by messy things. This is also how he has always educated the male lead. Look, don’t you think he’s incredibly outstanding? He’s also vastly different from the other two, who only want to lick you once!”


  Amid System’s smug voice, Jing Xi retracted his gaze and made his way into the police station. Before he knew it, someone had shoved a glass of warm water into his hands. Without a moment’s delay, he took a seat on a chair soundlessly.

  Disbelief was written clearly on the police officers’ faces as soon as they verified his identity.

  An eighteen-year-old human with Class-B genes. How did he even manage to survive whilst in the grasp of these two Lupinus Mutants?

  Just when they were about to ask him, they received footage of the earlier occurrence.

  Similarly, Duan Chi received the same footage from his assistant as well. Lowering his head, he spent some time watching the entire video. The moment they were done, Duan Chi and several police officers turned to look at the victim.

  At that juncture, Jing Xi had a glass in his hands as he returned their gaze. In their eyes, he appeared both harmless and innocent.

  With that, both parties looked at each other for two seconds.

  In the next moment, Duan Chi’s bracelet began to emit a familiar ear-piercing ringing.

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