Debugging in Book Series

Chapter 2.1

“Liu Xi asked, ‘Who’s this?’”

  Jing Xi contested, “Didn’t you say their feelings outweigh their hunger?”

  System explained, “That is only so when facing just one wolf! When there are two or more of them, they will exude threats to other fellow wolves, resulting in them contending with each other to take down their prey! On top of that, they will become twice as violent!”

  Jing Xi had always been adept at grasping the key points. After summarizing that series of words, all he could come up with was two words — Feeding Frenzy.

  At the same time, System was having a bit of a meltdown.


  Sure, it might have been known that partnering with Jing Xi would not be easy, but the last thing it expected was for things to be so difficult. To think they would be doomed to perish as soon as they had just begun. Eying the Lupinus Mutants’ bloodshot eyes, System asked, “Are you not going to run?”

  Jing Xi decided, “No, I’m not.”

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  In a split second, Jing Xi’s body was teeming with overpowering energy, as if they had opened a sluice gate to release strong flowing water just to fill a cup.

  Watching the sluice gate close on its own automatically, System scanned Jing Xi’s body as it tried to figure out how he could even endure the entire process without emitting a single sound.


  After all, it was never as simple as drinking water when one’s genetic level soared dramatically.

  During the process, tremendous amounts of energy would travel through the body, modifying every inch of bone, meridians, and flesh. One could only imagine what he must have gone through.

  Yet, not once did Jing Xi bat an eye. If his back were not drenched in a cold sweat, System would have assumed he did not possess any nociceptors1 痛觉神经: It is also known as pain receptors, and they transmit pain messages along the spinal cord and eventually to the brain. You can read more about it here: .

  System notified, “Your genes have risen from Class B to Class S. Your body will not be able to take it if it goes any higher.”

  Even so, Jing Xi merely gave a sound of acknowledgment.

  The conversation between one human and one robot progressed at the speed of thought, but in reality, only several seconds had passed.

  During that lapse of time, those two Lupinus Mutants stood motionless as their eyes riveted on their prey. Similarly, Jing Xi did not make a move and watched them calmly, ensuring to breathe as lightly as possible. When confronting a beast, it was unwise for anyone to have their backs towards them. The most advisable way was to face them head-on.

  While sizing each other up, both sides were ready to jump at each other’s throats.

  As time passed, the ringing from their bracelets grew increasingly ear-piercing.

  One passer-by after another turned to look their way, only to find that a human was faced with two Lupinus Mutants. Immediately right after, they could not help but exclaim in surprise.

  Much like a sudden clap of thunder, this sound broke the tension instantly, pushing the two Lupinus Mutants over the edge with a snap.

  Without a moment’s delay, they charged toward Jing Xi.


  On seeing this, Jing Xi took half a step back before lowering and tilting his body to the side to evade their attack agilely.

  Concurrently, System opened up the map of the entire street in his mind, marking out several routes for him. After casting a quick glance, he dashed to the nearest store and leaped onto the rooftop with ease.

  From behind him, footsteps, along with the sound of the wind, began to draw close.

  Even so, Jing Xi had not made a move to look back, even after Jing Xi’s feet landed on the roof. Pivoting on the ball of his left leg, he threw a half-round kick to one of the Lupinus Mutants, who followed him onto the rooftop.

  Despite only using 10% of his strength, the Lupinus Mutant, who took a hit right to the chin, flew backward with a groan and came crashing down onto the streets with a loud bang.

  As the loud cheering cascaded all around them, Jing Xi raised his hand in time to grab the other wolf by his neck. Not a ripple disturbed his calm countenance as he instructed, “Activate the hypnotic sound waves.”

  At this moment, System hastened to execute the order.

  The sound waves were essentially soundless, but one could only use them after combining them with mental power. The stronger mental power was used, the more effective it would be.

  Of course, Jing Xi’s mental power was terrifyingly powerful. Without any hesitation, he looked straight into the other’s bloodshot eyes and laughed compellingly. “Go on and fight it out. Whoever is the victor will stand a chance to have me all to himself.”

  Upon hearing that, the Lupinus Mutant’s intent eyes glazed over, and his mind began to drift to a trance.

  At this moment, a figure emerged from the sidelines, which turned out to be the wolf who had fallen before. Making a return, he looked over suddenly with animosity evident in his eyes.

  Just as that wolf stabilized its body from leaping onto the rooftop, it was caught off guard and knocked off the roof once more. 


  The wolves fell and landed in a heap on the ground. Needless to say, this “Food Frenzy” scene soon went from “who could eat the fastest” to “who could have the prey all to himself.” This battle left wreckage in its trails, turning objects in the vicinity into sacrificial offerings like soybean pulps2 豆腐渣: It is also known as tofu dregs. It refers to the insoluble residue that remains after pureed soybeans are filtered during the process of making tofu. You can read more here: . The crowd exclaimed once more before dispersing swiftly.

  System asked, “Shall we go?”

  “I’m not leaving,” replied Jing Xi, flexing his wrist to savor the strength he used earlier. “Their human and wolf forms have dissimilar strengths?”

  System answered, “Yes, they are more powerful in their wolf form. As for their human form, they are approximately as strong as an S-Class agent.”

  Watching the battle, Jing Xi questioned, “Why are they still in their human form?”

  “That is because the bracelet contains medicine. When it detects a change in the Lupinus Mutants’ hormones, it will automatically inject the medicine into their bodies to suppress the transformation. Additionally, it is also a mild stimulant, but it is just that the dosage is small, so the effects are not obvious,” System explained scientifically, “The bracelet also has an alarm and GPS tracking feature, so the police will probably be arriving soon.”

  Jing Xi shrugged his shoulders and proclaimed, “Whatever that happened today is your fault.”

  Shocked, System asked, “Why?”

  Jing Xi explained, “Since you know that this body is special, the first thing you should have done was to determine these Lupinus Mutants’ whereabouts, so I can avoid them in time. If I were the one who possessed the storylines, no trouble would have befallen me.”

  “……” System reminded, “Were it not for your insatiable gluttony, we would not have encountered them, alright? Besides, when I wanted to send you an account of the storyline, weren’t you the one who stated that there was ‘no rush’? I have to notify you of the storyline first so that I can follow your subsequent plan. What’s more, it is not like you have given me the right to make a decision on my own.”

  In any case, it also wished to be an emotionless system that could convert all the information into data transmission before transferring it to Jing Xi. Under normal circumstances, it could just be on standby, but the management forbade it from doing so and insisted that System dictate everything to Jing Xi, as well as keep an eye on him at all times. When things came to this, what else could it do? Its hands were tied as well!

  All in all, it was all Jing Xi’s fault for prioritizing his desire to have fun. Had he not done so, then why would the management get all uptight about this?


  Much to System’s dismay, Jing Xi turned a dead ear and proclaimed, “I will be giving you a bad review.”

  Immediately right after, System began to wail in self-pity. “My fault! It’s all my fault, so don’t give me a bad review.”

  Upon hearing such an utterance, Jing Xi was exceptionally pleased. “I want you to take the initiative to give a clear account of everything that occurred in the report. While you’re at it, be sure to criticize how vexatious this rule is.”

  Only then did System come to realize his intention of having it take the blame.

  Now that it was given access to manage Jing Xi’s energy, System would have to submit a report to the management every time the access was utilized, in order for them to know precisely what Jing Xi had done. That was why he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to file a complaint. From the looks of it, he was not fond of these terms either.

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