Debugging in Book Series

Chapter 1.2

  Being someone who was gentle on the outside but tough on the inside, the female lead believed that only strong opponents could ever bring out her true strength, so she went up against the other clan members vigorously. Yet, her boyfriend initially assumed that she was very delicate, so he found this discovery to have gone beyond his judgment. Feeling out of sorts, he had a dalliance with the female lead’s best friend and was caught right-handed by the female lead when they were kissing.

  All it took was one summer vacation to have been walloped hard in terms of family, love, and friendship. Riddled with wounds, the hardened female lead entered the university campus and ran into the male lead, who had also made his way to the city for university.

  Meanwhile, the scumbag repented and made an effort to atone for his actions. Tapping on his identity and status within the city, he intended to have the male lead be aware of the overwhelming odds against him. However, the scumbag ended up in a scuffle with the male lead before cutting a sorry figure and withdrawing awkwardly. After a series of events, the male and female leads lived happily ever after.

  System exclaimed, “This is the outline of the story, and the entire process is incredibly sweet!”

  However, Jing Xi went straight to the point and queried, “Where is the bug located in this world?” 


  System revealed, “The female lead’s father has yet to get into an accident. The scumbag did not have a dalliance with the best friend, so the male and female lead did not break up and are getting engaged. That’s why you have to think of something to stop them.”

  Upon hearing that utterance, Jing Xi lost interest and drawled, “I’ll play it by ear.”

  System could not help but curse inwardly, ‘Here it is! That bloody shortcoming of his!’

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  Ekvb vbyv kd xkde, Fupvlx pvlyekle kvplzq yde alpktdle vs kvp qyvl. “Fwal.”

  Gqvla vyjkdt vbl zypv ckvl sq vbl elzknkswp qsse, Kkdt Dk vbalo vbl csm kdvs vbl ckd. “Ekvb obsx es R byhl y alzyvksdpbkr kd vbl pvsau?”

  “Mbyv pnwxcyt,” Fupvlx pvyvle, “Zsw yal bkp lzela byzq-casvbla obs oyp csad vs y ekqqlaldv xsvbla.”

  Slnyzzkdt vbkp cseu’p lhldvwyz “elyvb,” Kkdt Dk iwlakle, “Fs R oyp kxrzknyvle cu vbl pnwxcyt yde oldv swv sq zwnj yv vbl zyvvla ryav sq vbl pvsau?”

  Fupvlx alprsdele, “Ls.”

  Gqvla rywpkdt qsa vos plnsdep, kvp hsknl oyp, sdnl ytykd, vkdtle okvb twkzv. “Zsw ekle, cwv R okzz byhl vs pvyav qasx vbl xyzl zlye’p aynl.”

  Jing Xi instructed, “Go ahead.”


  “The male lead originates from the Celestial Lupin Clan,” System continued, “Those of the Celestial Lupin Clan possess both a human and a wolf form. Their wolf form can grow to over twenty meters in length, and its sharp claws can easily tear these flying vehicles. Even so, it is rare for them to have enemies in the Astral Realm, as they are thankfully gentle and seldom get into fights.”

  It coughed and added, “However, they have about a one-in-a-million chance of a genetic mutation, which leads to a 24% increase in average strength, a 33% increase in intelligence, … Yet, the death rate is as high as 90%.”

  That was to say, they might be powerful, but they could perish at any time.

  Jing Xi pondered, “What went wrong?”

  With that, System attempted to give him a scientific explanation. “Under normal circumstances, the wolf’s olfactory nerve1 嗅觉神经: The nerve is a solely sensory nerve and conveys the sense of smell. You can read more about it here: is directly linked to the cranial nerves2 脑神经: It is a set of 12 paired nerves in the back of your brain that helps you with senses and movement. You can read more about it here: . Whereas in mutated wolves, that part is also linked to the forehead. When they catch a whiff of a certain scent, their dopamine, ghrelin3 饥饿激素: It is also known as the hunger hormone and basically increases a person’s drive to eat. You can read more about it here: , and melatonin4 梅拉多宁: It is also known as 褪黑素 and is found in plants and animals. It is a hormone that plays a role in the sleeping cycle. You can read more about it here: will all be affected at the same time. The first two will spike dramatically, while the last one will fluctuate intensely. As soon as they inhale the scent, it is highly likely for them to be addicted to it for life.”

  With a smile, Jing Xi asked, “The ‘certain scent’ refers to…?”

  System answered most succinctly, “Blood.”

  Jing Xi continued to probe for answers. “Having the same blood type won’t work?”

  System answered, “No, it would not.”

  Yet, Jing Xi laughed once more.

  To put it simply, the moment this minority of wolves encountered that particular scent, they would become obsessed with nothing but the smell. If they were unable to get their hands on it, they would become depressed, violent, and self-destructive. Sporting a smile, Jing Xi speculated, “There’s no way the ‘predestined’ setting can be laid to waste just like that, so let me guess… the male lead is also a mutated wolf?”

  System responded, “Yes, you are right. The mutated wolves here are called Lupinus Mutants.” 

  Jing Xi guessed, “So the female lead is willing to be his walking blood bag?” 


  System explained, “Lupinus Mutants’ feelings outweigh their hunger, so a single drop of blood is able to keep them satiated for a week. Moreover, it would be safer for them to enter a blood pact.” 

  Thinking over its words, Jing Xi thought inwardly, ‘Dang, they sure know how to have fun.’

  The Celestial Lupin Clan were already formidable, yet Lupinus Mutants had pushed their strength to a whole new level. However, this sort of existence would only remain so loyal and faithful to a single individual, to the extent where they had nothing to live for if the other were no longer in their life. Boy, was this type of wild puppy so pitiful that you just want to lavish love and affection on them.

  After ruminating over this matter, he returned to the previous topic. “So, how did I die?”

  In the space of a few moments, System remained silent before speaking evasively, “Well… The thing is that there are so few Lupinus Mutants around… Both you and the male lead are studying at the same university and just happen to be in the same social circle… When he came over during the summer holidays, those buddies of his were so bored that they also… tagged along.”

  Upon hearing that utterance, Jing Xi immediately took back his words and questioned, “So what you’re trying to say is that I just happened to be the ‘predestined’ one for a certain Lupinus Mutant and was sucked dry because that person couldn’t take it?”

  System corrected, “…No, you were sucked dry by two wolves.”

  Its words halted Jing Xi dead in his tracks and threw him into a trance, as he weighed out the amount of information he received from this sentence.

  Just when System was about to proceed to the next part of its explanation, two short ear-piercing ringings resounded from the side.

  When it looked over, System was rendered horrified at an instant. “On your left! On your left!”

  As its voice faded into silence, Jing Xi turned his head and caught sight of two tall young men standing at the entrance of the small store on the street.

  Even though both of them had on a bracelet that was emitting the ringing sound, it seemed that they could not hear it. Instead, they were watching him with an intent gaze.
  “That bracelet is specially designed for Lupinus Mutants to monitor their hormonal changes, and this ringing sound is a signal to notify them that they have encountered a special scent.” Without a moment’s delay, System burst into tears and exclaimed, “Run! Otherwise, this special blood of yours will become their lunch!”


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