Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapters 45-46

Chapter 45: Be good, wait for me to be released

By the time they were done with their make-up, the machines have also been sent to the next filming destination. The group went over in their cars. Director Xu prepared the camera positions, got the filming assistant to prepare the clapper board. Then, Cen Luan stood in the centre of the set. 


The man was tall, and his chin was littered with stubbles. He was wearing a prisoner’s outfit, looking extremely pathetic, but his eyes seemed to be burning. 

He had found Monkey’s hideout. 


Monkey had never expected that he would be able to find this place. He dragged Tang Gu towards the back door, trying to escape, but the back door was also surrounded by police officers. 

The moment he opened the door, he was subdued by the police. 

After Tang Gu was saved, she lowered her head and sobbed quietly. 

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Yu Chibei checked her body and after confirming that she was fine, he pulled her into his arms again, then pressed his chin on her head, “I wanted to see you.” 


He said this softly. 

Tang Gu cried even harder. 

He smiled, “Don’t cry.” 

A police officer behind them said, “I’ll give you another minute.” 

Yu Chibei reached out to wipe her tears, “I have to go.”

Tang Gu wailed as she shook her head, her fingers gripping his hand tightly, “No…” 

Yu Chibei caressed her face, “Be good, wait for me to be released…” 

“Don’t go…” Tang Gu bawled loudly as she hugged him, “Don’t…” 

The rims of Yu Chibei’s eyes were red too. He hugged the young lady’s trembling body, and his voice was extremely hoarse, “I’ll come out, my baby… Don’t cry. Be patient and wait for me. I’ll surely…” 

Before he could finish speaking, he heard the young woman saying amidst her sobs, “I… I’m pregnant.” 

He froze. 

Tang Gu pulled away from his embrace, as she wheezed from crying too hard. Her eyes were red, and her mouth opened and closed, as she repeated her words. 


“I’m pregnant.” 

Her tears fell in large drops as she looked at him and said slowly, “It’s your child.” 

Yu Chibei stared dazedly at her stomach. This sudden good news was a pleasant surprise for the man. His eyes turned red, as he knelt on one knee and then reached out to touch Tang Gu’s flat abdomen. 


His child. 

His lips broke into a smile. Then, he laughed. He laughed so hard that he even started tearing. 

He remained in a kneeling position and lightly circled his arms around Tang Gu’s waist and placed his face on the young woman’s belly, savouring the moment. Then, he couldn’t resist kissing her belly through her clothes. 

Tang Gu was still crying. 

Yu Chibei stood up, and reached his hand out to wipe her tears. His voice was hoarse, but there was a gentleness in it, “I hope it’s a girl.” 

He touched Tang Gu’s face, then smiled gently, “She’ll surely look like you. Beautiful, and lovable.” 

Tang Gu shook her head as she continued to sob. 

“Be good,” Yu Chibei stuck close to Tang Gu’s ear and softly uttered an address, “When you need money, you can go to this place.” 


He gave one final kiss to Tang Gu, then said to her, “I’m leaving now. Don’t cry anymore.” 

Chapter 46: Wash yourself clean and wait for me

Monkey, who was being escorted to the police car, suddenly heard two police officers discussing Tang Gu’s pregnancy. Immediately, his gaze shot towards Tang Gu and Yu Chibei. 

That woman was actually pregnant?!

Does Yu Chibei deserve it?! 

Does Yu Chibei deserve having a child?!

Yu Chibei had taken away all possibility of him becoming a father. Even if he served his time in prison and was freed eventually, he would never ever be able to reproduce. 

On what grounds should Yu Chibei have a child then?!

Monkey’s gaze was fixed upon the couple. When he saw Yu Chibei and Tang Gu kissing, unwilling to pull away from each other, his hatred intensified. He turned his head and saw the pistol on the police officer’s waist. 

Instantly, he pulled it out, aimed it at Tang Gu’s belly, and took a shot. 

When the first shot sounded, the police officers were so shocked that they ducked down. However, Yu Chibei instinctively shielded Tang Gu, covering her short figure under his body. 

About four or five shots were fired. 


By the time Monkey was subdued, Tang Gu realised that the large patch.of red was blooming on the man who protected her. 

Her eyes widened, and her world beside her seemed to have become muted. 

The police officers rushed over. Someone was shouting in a frantic state beside her ear that the gun from Monkey had been taken away, and he was restrained on the ground by police officers. 

Someone pulled her back, shouting something inaudible to her. 

Tang Gu stood there in a daze, her eyes remained fixed on Yu Chibei, who had fallen to the ground. He was still smiling, and his thin lips seemed to be saying, “Be good. Don’t be afraid.” 

However, she couldn’t hear a single word. 

Her tears fell in large drops onto the ground. 

And mixed with the blood that spilled. 

Her world suddenly spun, and in the midst of it, she closed her eyes and fell to the ground. 

The entire world shrank into an extremely tiny shadow. 

The man lay in a pool of blood, while the woman lay a small distance away. Around them were a group of shouting cops, the sirens from the police cars, as well as the perverse and elated laughter from Monkey, who was still pressed on the ground. 

The scene ended. 


Tang Gu hid in the washroom and cried for a long time. She couldn’t pull herself out of the scene. 

The others had already packed up and left, but she was still crying. 

She was trying to contain herself, but she remained upset. 

Cen Luan had already changed out and came over, but at the entrance of the washroom, he could already hear her restrained sobs. 

He walked in. Sure enough, Ye Fu was so surprised that she covered her mouth and didn’t dare to make another sound. However, the footsteps sounded strange. The person had walked all the way to her cubicle before stopping. 

She said softly, “… It’s occupied.” 

The man was tickled as he knocked on the door. 

Ye Fu sniffed, then said loudly once more, “It’s occupied.” 

The knocks on her door continued without stopping. 

Ye Fu couldn’t help but open the door of her cubicle. And the sight of the movie king appeared before her eyes. 

Her eyes widened from the shock, “… Movie king, this is the ladies.” 

Cen Luan raised a brow, “There’s no one else here.” 

He turned his body and walked in. Ye Fu was so surprised that she took a few steps back, “You…” 

Before she could say anything else, the man had pushed her against the door and kissed her. 

“Wooo…” Ye Fu pushed him back in surprise. The door of the cubicle wasn’t locked, so she was scared that someone might walk in on them, and her entire body began to tremble. 

However, the man had already moved his hand into her top, grabbed her br*ast through her bra, and his finger dipped in to flick her n*pple. 

Ye Fu arched her chest and moaned, “… Haaa… Ahhh…” 

She bit her lip, not daring to make another sound, but the man looked down and captured her lips, silencing her moans. 

“Are you feeling better?” After the man finished kissing her, he pulled his finger back, then turned and hugged her from behind. 

It was only then that Ye Fu realised that he was consoling her. 

But… Why did he use such a method? 

Ye Fu’s face was crimson red. 

“Be good, go back first. I still have something on.” He kissed her lips, then whispered amorously in her ear, “Wash yourself clean and wait for me.”

Ye Fu’s face flushed even more, and she looked down. The man touched the corner of her ear, then turned and left the washroom. 

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