Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapters 41-42

Chapter 41: That beast…

Tang Gu sat in her room in a daze. Her mother knocked on the door from outside. 

“Time to eat.” 

Tang Gu placed the picture on the table into her drawer before getting up. 

Her mother looked into her room from the entrance and didn’t spot anything. She only saw a few pens laying messily on her table. 


Tang Gu was an art student, and she was extremely gifted. 

There was supposed to be an art competition in their school, but since she had been missing for so long due to the kidnap, she had missed the chance to compete. 

And now, not only was she lagging behind in her studies, she didn’t even go to school. As such, she might not even be able to graduate. 

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In the portrait, a couple was making out on a couch. 


It was the scene just before Yu Chibei was arrested, and they were kissing on the couch. 

The woman’s back was bare, and her slender arms were proactively circled around the man’s neck as she delivered her supple lips to the man. When the man kissed her, there was a trace of a smile on the corner of his lips. 

Tang Gu touched the man’s smiling lips, and couldn’t help but smile at the image. 

When her parents saw this scene, they broke down in tears. 

Two days later, the police came again. This time, they brought a psychiatrist with them. 

Tang Gu sat on the sofa. Her gaze was lowered, and she appeared quiet and serious. 

She was extremely beautiful. She had thin brows, a small nose, and cherry red lips. Her eyes were very big and bright. She wore a white dress that accentuated her fair skin, and her black fair fell casually on her shoulder, making her appear innocent yet attractive. 

The psychiatrist was female with short hair, and had a strong aura. 

She was different from the cops. All her questions were about details of Tang Gu’s ordeal. . 

For instance, she asked, “What were you doing when you were with Yu Chibei?” 

Tang Fu’s face flushed. She bit her lip and hesitated for some time, before she looked at the psychiatrist, Liang Youqin, and replied, “I don’t want to answer this question.”

Liang Youqin could vaguely guess the reason for Tang Gu’s blush, so she politely avoided the question, and moved on to other questions. 


However, Tang Gu’s parents were instantly reminded of the portrait that Tang Gu drew when they heard this question. They were so triggered by her response that they looked like they were going to cry again. 

That beast… Was actually doing those shameless things with their daughter every day!

Chapter 42: No… No…

“All the promises that he gave you are fake.” Liang Youqin gave her a tiny smile, “He knows that he will surely be arrested, and will surely be imprisoned. Hence, all his promises to you are not real. They were just tricks to entice young women.” 

Tang Gu was somewhat agitated, “No! That’s not true!” 

Liang Youqin knew that Tang Gu would not be able to accept her words at this stage, and she would only recover after some time. Hence, she gave Tang Gu an assuring smile, “Give me some time. I’ll slowly prove to you that he was just building up a false image for you.” 

Tang Gu was so angry that she turned and left. 

For an entire week after that, she locked herself in her room. The police and psychiatrist made visits, but she refused to see them. 

One day, when she was eating in the room, she smelled something oily and suddenly felt nauseous. She was retching as she walked towards the bathroom. 

By the time she rinsed her mouth and stood up again, she saw her parents at the entrance of the bathroom. 

She saw the stunned expressions on their faces. 

It was only then that Tang Gu came to a sudden realisation. She looked down at her belly. 


She had already forgotten when her period last came. 

However, her mother had already walked up to her and grabbed her wrist, “Let’s go. We’ll visit the hospital.” 

Tang Gu was so frightened that she stepped back, “Mom…” 

Her mother glared at her with tears brimming in her eyes. “You’d better not dream of giving birth to it! This is a b*stard child! Impossible! So long as I am alive, I will not allow this b*stard to survive in this world!” 

“No… No…” Tang Gu sobbed and begged her mother, “Mom… No… Please…” 

Her mother dragged her out resolutely towards the door. Tang Gu tried to pull her father’s sleeve, “Dad… Please… I beg you… Dad… No…” 

Yet, Tang Gu was still forcibly dragged to the car and brought to the hospital. 

And the test results showed that she was in the early stages of pregnancy.

Moreover, she was close to a month pregnant. 

Her parents immediately scheduled an abortion for her. No matter how much Tang Gu cried and pleaded with her parents, it was futile. She could only listen to their arrangements. However, she requested for her parents to return home to pick up her art materials, as she wanted to draw during the time when she was hospitalised. 

Her father went home, leaving her mother with her. 

“I want to use the washroom.” Tang Gu said to her mother, who was watching her closely. 


Her mother followed closely behind her, “Alright.” 

She went into a cubicle and from under the door, she saw her mother hesitate for two seconds, before rushing into the next cubicle, preparing to quickly do her business before continuing to watch Tang Gu. 

Tang Gu made use of this chance and dashed out without any hesitation. 

The moment she fled the washroom, she could still hear her mother’s scream, “Tang Gu!!” 

Tang Gu continued running ahead. When she reached the entrance, she hailed a cab and shoutled, “Go! Quickly…” 

The driver looked at her from the rearview mirror, and gave her a terrifying smile. 

The goosebumps on Tang Gu’s skin rose when she saw that face. 

It was Monkey! 

“Unlock the door!” She tried to open the door, but to no avail. 

At this moment, Monkey had already started the car and started to drive off. 

This d*mned woman! If it weren’t for her, he wouldn’t have become an eunuch! 

If it weren’t for her, the relationship between Boss and him wouldn’t have deteriorated to this extent! 

It was all because of this troublesome woman! 

Monkey glared at her with hatred in his eyes, “It’s all because of you, b*tch!” 

He slammed down on the accelerator, looking as though he wanted to die together with Tang Gu. Tang Gu was so scared that she shouted till her voice was hoarse, “Ahhh!!!”


When the director stopped the filming, Tang Gu came down from the car and looked in Cen Luan’s direction. The latter was touching up his makeup in preparation for the next scene. 

He looked even more manly than before. His cold and rigid face was darker, and there were some stubbles on his chin. He was dressed in a prisoner’s garb, and his hands were cuffed. However, his figure was still very tall and muscular, and even if he was just standing there, his towering figure could not be ignored.

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