Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapters 29-30

Chapter 29: Did you cry? 

“Mom…” Ye Fu was feeling aggrieved, “I don’t have any money left. I gave you all the money that I earned previously from filming. Right now, I haven’t finished filming, so the pay hasn’t been settled…” 

“Don’t you know how to ask for an advance from the director?” Xu Shenglan suggested, “During filming, the director will definitely not be stingy. You can ask him for it.” 

“Mom!” Ye Fu was getting angry. “If I do this, it’ll be hard for me to survive in the team. I don’t want to ask for an advance. Moreover… Ye Luo is not a child anymore. If he wants to get married and buy a house, he should earn his own money and…” 

Before she could finish her words, Xu Shenglan interrupted her in a furious tone, “Earn his own money?! If he had the ability to do so, would I have to ask you for the money?! Alright, Ye Fu, you’ve grown up, and your wings have hardened. You’re far away, so Mom can’t interfere with your life anymore. But you’d better remember this. You came out from my body, so you’re indebted to me for your entire life! I gave birth to you, and raised you up with so much difficulty, so can’t I just ask you for a bit of money? What do you mean by this? You don’t want to give me the money?” 


“Mom…” A sob escaped Ye Fu’s mouth uncontrollably, “I’m your daughter, not your debtor. Why is it that everytime you call me, it’s to ask for money? I really am broke…”

Originally, she still restrained her voice, but now, she had completely forgotten that the movie king was next door. She cried and heaved as she said, “I also want to give you the money, but I really don’t have it… Please, can you understand my situation, don’t do this to me everytime… This makes me feel like I’m just a money-making machine… Mom… I really regret that I’m not your son, but just a cheap daughter instead…” 

She hung up, then started sobbing in the cubicle. 

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The fruit wine was green, and the mouth of the glass was a red cherry. Ye Fu took a sip, it was very sweet and very nice. 


She continued sipping the fruit wine, and she couldn’t resist turning her head to the side to look at Cen Luan. He was sitting on the sofa, his legs were crossed, and he gave off the aura of a natural aristocrat. 

He was holding a glass of wine in his hand, and he whispered something to the waiter. In front of them the screen was playing a foreign movie. Amidst the dim lighting, his side profile became even more defined, and even his light eyes reflected bits of light. 

She didn’t know when the waiter had walked away. 

Their surroundings dimmed, and Ye Fu stared at the screen in front of her. She had subconsciously drunk five cups of fruit wine, so she was feeling bloated. Hence, she got up to go to the restroom. 

When she came out, the delayed feeling of drunkenness overtook her. 

Even though the alcoholic content wasn’t high, Ye Fu’s tolerance level was extremely low. She shouldn’t have drunk so much, and she wouldn’t drink so much under normal circumstances too. However, she did so today, though she didn’t know if it was because the man who was sitting beside her made her feel safe, or if it was because of the irritation from her mother’s call. 

In any case, she was a good drunk.

“Are you drunk?” Cen Luan was waiting at the entrance, and when he saw her unsteady footsteps, he quickly went up to hold her, “Is your tolerance so weak?” 

Chapter 30: Be good, I’ll give it to you now

“I’m not drunk,” Ye Fu was feeling rather dizzy, but she knew who the man in front of her was. She pushed his hand away, “I… I’ll walk on my own. Don’t… You don’t have to hold me.” 

And the next step she took, she almost fell. 

Cen Luan held her, “I’ll send you back.” 


Ye Fu was buried in his chest, and when she heard his strong and steady heartbeat, her tears suddenly fell. 

She was a good drunk, she would never cry or make a scene when she got drunk. Even now, she was crying, but she was silently doing so. Unlike others who would bawl out loudly, she was only tearing quietly. 

Cen Luan took a piece of tissue paper and helped her wipe her tears, then carried her up, and brought her all the way back to the car. 

After getting into the car, Ye Fu seemed to have mistaken him for someone else. She struggled as she pushed against him, “… Director Chen… I… I want to go home, my mother is… She’s waiting for me…” 

Cen Luan held her hand in place, and perhaps it was because he used too much force, so Ye Fu yelped. “Director Chen… I don’t do that… Let me go… I just want to act… I don’t sleep with people…” 

The last sentence almost caused Cen Luan’s heart to be bulldozed. He lowered his voice, and moved closer to her as he asked, “Which Director Chen? That one who films dramas, Chen Yuemi?” 

When Ye Fu heard his voice, she opened her eyes dazedly, “Movie king… I’m sorry… I seem to have… Have mistaken you for someone else… I’m sorry…” 

The young woman’s lashes were thin, and her tears hung at the corners of her eyes, making her appear exceptionally pitiful. 

Cen Luan lowered his head down and kissed her eyes, “Don’t be scared. I’m here now, and no one will dare to bully you from now on.” 

Ye Fu pouted, as she looked at him with an aggrieved expression through her drunken eyes, “You… Today… You… Did… Bully me…” 

“When?” The corners of Cen Luan’s mouth unwittingly curled up into a smile. 

“In the bathtub… We were supposed to just do a simulation. Do you know how to act? You just… Really just… Entered me, and it made me feel so uncomfortable.” Ye Fu complained loudly. 


When Xiao Xiaohong, who was driving, heard this, she was so shocked that she almost drove the car into the barricades. 

Oh god, she had heard a shocking piece of news!



They… When they were filming… They did it?! 

“Where did you feel uncomfortable?” Cen Luan’s voice was low, but there was a hint of a chuckle in it. 

Ye Fu thought about it carefully. Her brain was in a daze, so she could only rely on her memory as she said, “… It wasn’t that it was uncomfortable… It was comfortable too.. Just that… It’s too big, and too deep, I…” 

With a few simple words from her, Cen Luan immediately had a reaction. 

Ye Fu frowned as she asked, “… What’s that?” 

She reached out to touch that hard and warm thing that was poking at her butt. 

The man’s voice was hoarse, “Stop fidgeting.” 

In front, Xiao Xiaohong was trembling as she drove the car back to the hotel car park. Just as she was about to speak, she heard Cen Luan’s instructions, “Leave the car keys, and get off.” 


Xiao Xiaohong grunted a reply, then swiftly alighted from the car. 

Cen Luan put Ye Fu in the backseat, then lowered his head and captured her lips. He asked in a seductive tone, “I’ll make you feel good later, okay?” 

Ye Fu seemed to have thought of something, so she shook her head, “No.” 

Cen Luan kissed her lips, “Be good, say that you want it.” 

Ye Fu shook her head, and before she could speak, Cen Luan kissed her again. He undid her bra, and used his finger to flick her sensitive n*pple, then lowered his head and put the nub into his mouth, licking it first, then grazing it softly with his teeth. 

“Be good, say that you want it.” His bewitching voice sounded. 

Ye Fu was kissed till the area between her legs were wet. Her n*pples were licked and bitten by the man, making her feel both pain and pleasure. The man’s other hand then probed into the area between her legs, and making use of the slippery nectar, he slid in all the way. 

Tears slid out of her eyes, and her voice came out like a sob, “I want it.” 

The man’s thin lips curled up in a smile, and his voice became even hoarser, “Be good, I’ll give it to you now.” 

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