Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapters 27-28

Chapter 27: Does it taste good? 

That night, after filming ended. 

Ye Fu didn’t dare to meet the movie king’s eyes at all. After she got changed, she quickly left the filming site. 

Xiao Xiaohong had bought a cup of milk tea for her to warm her hands. Ye Fu took the milk tea, and her ears were still crimson red as she sipped the milk tea. Her cheeks were flushed pink, making her appear innocent and cute. 

The actor who portrayed Monkey, Song Yu, walked over and opened his car door as he asked her, “Shall we go to the karaoke tonight?” 


Ye Fu shook her head lightly as she smiled, “No thanks, I can’t really sing.” 

“It’s fine. It’s just the few of us, you know all of them.” The “them” he was referring to were the other actors who played the “robbers”, including Boar and Bull. 

Ye Fu pursed her lips and didn’t say anything else. 

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This sounded a little ambiguous. 


Anyone who couldn’t hear anything from his words was an idiot. 

Song Yu waved his hands at Ye Fu in a friendly gesture, “We’ll sing together when the opportunity arises another time then.” 

Then, he turned and left. 

Ye Fu’s hands, which were still holding onto the milk tea, were frozen. She didn’t dare to turn to look at the movie king’s face. Her entire mind was still fixated on the movie king’s low voice, with the ambiguous words that would cause one’s mind to run wild. 

 “Don’t move. Just sit here obediently.” 

Xiao Xiaohong started driving. However, for some strange reason, she attentively turned off the lights in the back, and even raised the divider up. 

Ye Fu: “…” 

She subconsciously crossed her fingers, and because she was nervous, her mouth kept on sucking on the straw. 

“Does it taste good?” Cen Luan, who sat beside her, asked. 

Ye Fu nodded her head hesitantly, “… It tastes good, just a little sweet.” 

As she said that, she garnered her courage and turned to look at him. It was dark in the car, so she could only vaguely make out his features. His facial features were well defined, and the light eyes reflected some light because of the lights outside. 

She was struck by that light. Somehow, she recalled the scene in the bathtub. When she turned and hugged him and begged him, his eyes also reflected the same light. 


Her throat went dry, as she asked nervously, “… Do you want some?” 

What she originally meant was, the assistant could buy another cup for him. However, when these words fell on Cen Luan’s ears, the meaning changed somehow, “Can I?” 

What did he mean? 

The man had already reached out to take the milk tea in her hands. The moment when their fingers touched, Ye Fu seemed to be burned. She swiftly released her hold, and saw that the movie king had taken her straw… and took a sip of the milk tea that she had drunk. 

Chapter 28: Afraid that you would leave with him

Ye Fu’s entire face was crimson red, “… I… I used that…” 

Her voice was hushed, as she didn’t dare to let Xiao Xiaohong, who was in the driver’s seat, hear that. 

Cen Luan seemed unconcerned. After drinking the tea, he pursed his lips, “It’s not too sweet.” 

“How can that be?” Ye Fu’s eyes widened slightly, “It’s red bean flavoured, so it’s very sweet.” 

Every time when filming ended, Xiao Xiaohong would get her a cup of super sweet red bean milk tea. According to her, whenever a woman was tired, so long as she drank a cup of sweet milk tea, her energy would be revived. 

“Do you like sweet things?” Cen Luan turned his head as he asked that. He was extremely handsome, but he was usually indifferent, and had a cold aura that made him appear unfriendly. 

Ye Fu nodded her head lightly. 


Recently, after their many interactions during filming, Ye Fu felt that the distance between him had shrunk. However, the two of them… because of that thing, there was an unspeakable embarrassment that created another barrier between them. 

Hence, she didn’t know how to face him at all. 

If the movie king was drunk last night and misunderstood that they were filming, then today… he wasn’t drunk at all, but, but… treated her that way. What did he mean by that? 

She didn’t dare to ask. 

In her mind, the movie king Cen Luan was as unreachable as the North Star. However, their paths crossed because they were collaborating on one movie. Apart from happiness, all she felt towards the movie king was gratitude and admiration. 

Like a little fan who had met the idol whom she had fangirled after for many years. 

Her feelings for him were like this before they started filming. 

However… After these few days of filming, she clearly knew that her feelings towards the movie king had changed. She seemed to have regarded him as Yu Chibei. 

That man who was extremely terrifying when angered, but pampered her limitlessly. 

She liked him, yet feared him too. 

“I’ll bring you to drink something nice.” Cen Luan said to Ye Fu, then instructed Xiao Xiaohong, “Go to Dongxing.” 

Xiao Xiaohong replied, “Roger.” 


Ye Fu bit her lip lightly, “… Didn’t you say that you were tired?” 

Cen Luan couldn’t resist himself, as he reached out to pinch her ear, “I was lying.” His voice was low and seductive, “I was afraid that you would leave with him.” 

“… No, I didn’t want to go.” Ye Fu didn’t dare to look at him afraid that he would see her crimson face.

“Then, do you want to go with me?” Cen Luan’s fingers slid down onto her face, then hooked her chin and turned her face over to him. 

Ye Fu’s face was flushed, and she bit her lip without saying anything. 

“Be good,” He used his thumb to caress her lips, “Don’t go away with other men.” 

Ye Fu was rubbed by that rough thumb, and her body started trembling uncontrollably, “… Okay.” 

Ye Fu’s phone suddenly rang, breaking the amorous air around them. She looked at her phone, it was her mother. 

She immediately turned her phone to silent, but didn’t pick up the call. 

When Cen Luan saw this, he asked, “Why don’t you answer it?” 

“I… I’ll answer it later.” Ye Fu’s smile was somewhat forced. 

Cen Luan couldn’t help but think, Who was the caller? Why was there such a resistant expression on her face? 

The car stopped in the carpark, and Xiao Xiaohong alighted first to see if the private room had been booked. 

Cen Luan said that he needed to use the restroom, hence Ye Fu also hid in the female toilet and returned her mother’s call. 

“Why are you calling back only after so long?” On the other end of the phone, Xu Shenglan’s voice sounded impatient.

“Mom, I’m working outside. I just finished work.” Ye Fu’s voice was soft, “What’s the matter?” 

“What’s the matter? Is this how you should speak to your mother?” Xu Shenglan’s voice was thunderous, and through the phone, it was so sharp that it hurt Ye Fu’s ears. “Your younger brother is getting married soon. He needs more than fifty thousand dollars as down payment for his house. You should hurry up and find a rich man to marry, so that you can cover this amount. I’ve been worrying about this sum of money that my hair is all white. Your father has also fallen ill, and we don’t even have money for him to see the doctor…” 

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